In Search of Soap


It all started the first Christmas Doug and I were married. I put a bar of Scottish Fine Soap in Doug’s stocking. He liked it so much, the following Christmas I gave him a year’s supply of soap. The next year, however, the kind of soap he liked could only be imported from Scotland. We looked for other quality soaps, and that’s when I started noticing that a lot of the best soaps were handmade.

I decided I could learn how to make soap. The result? A handmade bar that is, as Doug described it, as exceptional as the original Christmas bar. It’s an all-vegetable soap made of saponified olive, coconut, and palms oils, plus shea butter. ┬áIt was really easy and fun to make:

A Beginner’s Guide to Soapmaking

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  1. Hi Rachel, i dont know if you remember me, but wanted you to know that i finally got around to making soap and you recipe was wonderful!! I love it! So thanks for having this tut on here.
    Btw, i was googling recipes for soap today and somehow came across this article…its word for word from your blog, so thought i would let you know just in case you werent aware of it!

    I havent looked at the rest of the site, but the words are the same, down to using the ikea plant box ;)


  2. Where do I find instructions on adding fragrance and color to the soaps now that I know the beginners guide to soapmaking? Thanks!!