Lane Then and Now

20080305 - Lane - 2Fashion tip: A vintage element is made modern by mixing it with a current look, such as how Lane combines her ’80s-reminiscent stackable bracelets with stylish emo hair.

We went to the water fountain park, and it was not until I came home and saw the pictures that I realized just how much she has changed.

This is Lane now:

20080305 - Lane - 6

This is Lane 6 months ago:

20070818 - Lane 1 20070818 - Lane 2
20070818 - Lane 4 20070818 - Lane 3

Could this possibly be the same little girl?

Six months ago she did not know how to walk, and now she has created a walking style that is more like a little dance, with small steps and a side skip.

Six months ago she would eat almost anything we fed to her, and now she knows how to feed herself with a spoon, and she only eats foods that are yellow.

Six months ago she was learning to call me Mama. Now she has her own baby that she feeds, nurses, diapers, and kisses good night. She delights in pretending that her baby is calling her mama.

She loves to play “Where’s the baby?” She squeezes her eyes shut as if to hide, and if we don’t say anything, she will prompt us: “Baby?” Then we are supposed to call out “Where’s the baby?” so she can open her eyes and laugh hysterically. She thinks her name is Baby. I’ve tried to teach her that her name is Lane, but she absolutely will not say it. I point to myself and say Mama, and then point to her and say Lane. She points to me and says Mama, but then points to herself and insists that her name is Baby.

She still likes to wear things on her head. She asks for hair barrettes by calling them P’s, which means pretty. When we go out she dresses up with her hat, coat, purse, bag, baby, doll stroller, bracelets, and my fur scarf, which she loves.

She likes to talk on the phone, draw with pen, and go out for coffee and cake.

She says goodbye to trees and stuffed animals.

She rearranges all my stuff.

She is still brave and fearless.

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  1. Loved this post.
    I have a 15 month old daughter and am having as much fun with her as you & Lane are.

  2. smallnotebook says:

    Thanks so much Molly! I can’t believe these pictures are only a year old. I still love looking at them.