Nourishing Traditions

It may be because I’m 30 and can’t eat whatever I want anymore, or maybe it’s just that having a kid makes you more responsible, but we really need to eat better.

I’ve been hearing about the book Nourishing Traditions for a while. It’s a cookbook packed with instruction on eating traditional, whole foods and avoiding refined grains and sugars. I finally got a copy from the library. There’s a lot of information in here — I think I might need my own copy so I can highlight and write in it.

My usual strategy is to stick with foods that have as little processing as possible. Doug can’t have dairy, so we avoid most packaged foods. We eat a lot of foods that are in their most basic form like eggs and bananas, and we drink a lot of smoothies. This suits me pretty well, because I can be a lazy cook. We don’t eat fast food, and we pretty much avoid anything hydrogenated.

At the same time, though, I eat a lot of things that I shouldn’t, like bread with white flour and this Dr Pepper habit that I’m trying to kick. If I go to the trouble to cook, I usually care more about what it tastes like over the nutritional value.

Nourishing Traditions gives recipes chosen for both health and taste. Most of the dishes require planning in advance. It’s not a “dinner in 30 minutes” book, it’s the kind of book that recommends cod liver oil taken daily. It even has whole sections devoted to the benefits and preparation of cultured and fermented foods, which you don’t find very often.

I’m willing to give it a try. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  1. I’m loving your blog here; so much information and unlike some simple living blogs and websites; it’s useable.
    I’m hoping to pick up the habit of having smoothies (I have a blender that’s never been used…) and wondered if you know of a formula which allows you to switch fruits. For example 1 part water, two parts fruit juice, 2 parts fruit etc

    Thanks for keeping this blog for people like me; I put a link in my last blog post about organising – i hope this is okay with you.

    RoseĀ“s last post…Organising & Action

  2. Since I LOVE NT, and I LOVE your blog, I would really like to hear about things you’ve found in NT that work for you, if you get a chance in the future (or if you’ve written more already, perhaps you could direct me to it!). I have just recently discovered your blog, so I am still going through old posts and always discovering new things. We seem to be on parallel journeys, and it’s always nice to have more company!

    • Hi Laurie,

      Thanks for reading my blog! Two months after writing this post I discovered that my daughter has a gluten and dairy intolerance, so I gave up NT to focus everything on that. Since NT has such a heavy emphasis on dairy and we don’t eat many grains any more, I haven’t come back to it.

      Two things I think are in NT that work well for us is I make kombucha and I soak & dehydrate nuts.