Being a Mom is Not for Wusses

Recent moments when I gasped in shock and tried not to freak out:

1. Lane eating a big handful of dirt from the potted plant. And then smiling at me with dirt in her teeth.
2. Lane flipping over the rail from her crib, turning head over heels in the air and then landing on the floor on her back. (She cried for a minute and then wanted to play with her ball. She’s ok.)
3. Lane walking around in my heels on the leather couch.
4. Lane standing on the chair and falling off (caught her).
5. Lane standing on the dining table and almost falling off.
6. Lane running free with a permanent marker.

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  1. Not for the faint of heart, no it is not . . .

  2. Sounds like she’d get along so well with my little guys!

  3. My kids once emptied out an entire bottle of baby powder in their room with a fan running. I’m still finding areas of powder a year later.

  4. I stumbled across your very entertaining blog yesterday, so I am very late in commenting on this post, but I thought I would make you feel better with something a friend of mine was just telling me last weekend… She’s married to a cowboy, they live in Montana, and have a 1 yr old little girl. Rosy was playing in the yard while Mama fed the lambs, and eventually realized that little Rosy was chewing on a stick. When Mama asked Rosy to give her the stick, she realized that her wee one had found a bird’s leg & was chewing on it. *EEWWW!* Later that same week, little one was playing on the kitchen floor, rubbing a treasure against her cheek & making little “ooohhh, I like it” sounds. When Mama asked to see what she had, she discovered Rosy was rubbing her cheek with a dead mouse that the cat had brought in! :o{ You’re right, being a Mama is **NOT** for wusses! (Disclaimer: this is a very good Mama, and they actually live a very normal life…and Mama freaked out appropriately…lest you get the wrong idea & fear for the “neglected” child!)

    Shauna H’s last blog post..PROMISED

  5. smallnotebook says:

    Shauna, that is so crazy. If there was an award that could fit this category, then your friend deserves it. I have no idea what I would have done in her shoes!