I was really happy for Doug to get out his drill and put up a new clothesline on the patio today. I use a fold-up drying rack all the time for hand-washable clothes, but it was too small for drying a full load of laundry.

We decided to suspend the clothesline above the doorways of the patio, from one end to the other so we can walk underneath it without noticing it all the time. I’ll need to stand up on a chair to hang the clothes, but they’ll dry quicker being on a line instead of a rack. I like not running the electric dryer and heating up my apartment during the summer.


The other nice thing that happened today was that Doug came home with a surprise present. He bought new clothes for me on his way home from work. Isn’t that amazing? My favorite are these summer pants from Anthropologie. He picked them out himself. I love these pants, they fit perfectly, and I’ll be wearing them every day until winter. Yes people, he is the ideal husband.

It’s a bit tricky to take a picture of your own pants.

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  1. Where on earth did you find this man?! Not only did he install a super cool clothesline for you, he also bought you some super cute pants to wear and then hang out to dry? And they fit?! GoodNESS that is a fine man. Cheers for Doug!

  2. smallnotebook says:

    Thanks Megan, that will make his day!

  3. Well good for you and your husband. One little line is saving you money and your impact on the environment.

    You’ll find your winter heating will help your clothes dry, and the moisture from them will help a little towards moisturising the cold, dry winter air.

    I’ve never owned a dryer – fresh air is always much simpler and cheaper. My gran used to love watching all the washing in her street being blown in the wind – a good drying day, she’d say.

    I spent some time in the USA and was surprised at the active encouragement in NOT hanging out laundry in the county where I lived.

    I rarely dry dishes either – life is too short for me to be doing what gravity can do! They can get put away first thing in the morning while the kettle boils.

  4. Lovely clothesline! :) I just rigged up a clothesline at our apartment, and after writing about it on my blog, a reader directed me here to see yours! Beautiful! :)

    Tammy L´s last blog post..Apartment Clothesline