Herb Parade

I figured if the Dervaes family can grow their urban homestead on a 1/5 acre city lot, then I could probably fit a few more herbs on my patio. As if I needed a reason to have more plants.  It’s getting a little bit crowded out there.

Garlic chives
20080426 - Garlic chives herb

Chocolate mint.  I need to find a good recipe to use this.
20080426 - Chocolate mint herb

Spearmint (Southern iced tea necessity)
20080426 - Spearmint herb

20080426 - Basil

I love the baby basil leaves with their spring green color this time of year.
20080426 - Basil 2

Somehow this red salvia came home with me as well.
20080426 - Red Salvia

20080426 - Lavender herb

Italian Parsley.  I use this one a lot.
20080426 - Italian parsley herb

I can’t wait to use these herbs to cook some frittatas. I especially love the recipe for Kuku-ye Sabsi. I’ve made it several times using whatever fresh herbs I had, and it’s unexpectedly delicious.

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