Managing Daily Responsibilities, and Actually Doing Them

My MacBook is my favorite tool, and my biggest distraction.  I’ve been keeping my running To Do lists on the computer, but it is so easy to see the next item on the list, and then spend the next hour doing something completely different on the internet.

It’s time to switch things up.  Simple Mom hosted a series on her Home Management Notebook.  Be sure to download her Daily Docket.  I’m going to print it out and keep it in a page protector on the counter. I have a few dry erase markers that I can use to check off the items, and then wipe it clean for the next day.

Go take look at it. Even if you have a home notebook already, I bet you find something helpful.

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  1. I am in love with her notebook series. I am trying to get mine set up, too. Mine probably won’t be all art-y and cute like I bet yours is going to be (you artist, you!), but hopefully it will get me in GEAR to get things done everyday!

    I found Simple Mom through her comment here on your blog (can’t remember which post) and I am SO GLAD. Love her.