Scenes From My Day

The outdoors can be so dirty.  Dusting ensued.

20080509 - Dusting outdoors

This lucky spider survived the dusting.

20080509 - Spider

Its web hangs perilously on the oleander, which is no longer dusty.

20080509 - Oleander

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  1. Are you SURE you are just shooting with a point-and-shoot? I would love to know which you are using. The colors are brilliant and it does beautiful depth of field work. NICE. LOOOOOOOOOVE the spider shot and I can’t wait to show Dacey when she wakes up. She loves/hates spiders. She’ll love this!

  2. I just had opportunity to come across your darling little blog last week and simply had to tell what a delightful read your blog is. My husband and I are also apartment dwellers and several of the lovely ideas you have written about are projects we are going to be trying soon. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I had never even thought of doing an outdoor clothesline in our apt until I came across your pictures! Thank you for sharing the teeny glimpses into your precious family’s life! Oh, and happy mother’s day! :o)

  3. smallnotebook says:

    Thanks Megan – I’ve had this point and shoot Canon Powershot A610 for a couple of years. I like that I can stick it in my purse, but it really needs a lot of natural light for it to do well. That’s why almost all of my pictures are outside, or next to a big window. We’re shopping for an SLR so I can do indoor pictures too.

  4. smallnotebook says:

    Amy – what a kind, cheerful note. Thank you! I am glad to get to visit your blog too. I see you have written all kinds of helpful information, and the posts on Celiac are so timely for my family right now! They are exactly what I have been wanting to find. – Rachel