Leaving the city

First of all, I’d like to express a big thanks to Simple Mom for the Simple Shoe Award. Simple Mom is a fantastic blog that inspires me to be more purposeful about how I spend my day. For those of you who are dropping in for the first time, I’d just like to say welcome and I’m glad you’re here.

This weekend was all about getting away from the city and taking a break.  I don’t think it could have been possible to go further away than this:

One of the best parts about leaving the city is driving with the windows down and breathing in all the fresh country air.  It took every bit of strength in my body not to pull the car over by the side of the road and take a picture of every cow, hay bale, corn field, and John Deere tractor that I saw along the way.  The last time I saw anything like that, it was a bunny sitting up in the middle of the street during the wee hours on a foggy morning before all the commuters arrived, and it felt like my lucky day.  

The soundtrack for part of the way (the stretch of Highway 77 between Gidden and Waco) was Patsy Cline.  I usually don’t listen to her, because well, let’s face it, her songs about cheatin’ hearts are kind of depressing.  I used to have a cassette tape of her classic hits.  That tape wore out and broke long ago, but I still know all the words by heart, and they’re really useful if you want to belt them out in your car or in the shower.  I’ll gladly sing them for you anytime, especially Walking After Midnight or Lovesick Blues.

This fella looked big enough to come through the wire, so I stayed in the car. Barbed wire, cattle, and natural gas — welcome to Texas, y’all.

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  1. You’re absolutely welcome! Very deserving of you. I’m glad you had a good time this weekend – those pics make me homesick for central Texas.

    Feel free to put that button in your sidebar, if you want.

  2. I just found simple mom today and now I’ve found you, too. :) Congratulations on your award. I look forward to reading more of your blog.

  3. smallnotebook says:

    Thanks Tiffany – Your blog is gorgeous and the topics are so refreshing!

  4. I LOVE Round Top! I went there for a retreat when I was teaching. (hmmmmm, you said you were on a retreat, too. was it held in a big old house with tons of bedrooms and set up kind of B&B style?) Anyway, Round Top to me is pure central Texas. Gosh, I miss that place so much and hadn’t thought about it in a while.

    Gorgeous pictures, too.

    So you had fun, then? ;)

  5. smallnotebook says:

    Sounds like the same place Megan. It was beautiful there.

  6. I know I’m commenting on a post from early last year, but I’ve been going back through, looking for your posts about paying off the student loan debt…my sister and her fiance are tackling that now, and I thought it would be inspiring!

    I subscribe to your email feed, but I didn’t realize until today that you are in Texas! This post about Round Top hit close to home…I grew up in Washington County, right next door to Round Top! I pass through it at least once a month!