McDonald’s Iced Coffee: Just Say No!

Ok, I feel compelled to speak up.

People, McDonald’s is not your friend. When they created an iced coffee drink and marketed it to you for a sweet $1.79, they were not doing you any favors. Do not try to convince yourself that they are selling you a quality product for a low price.

I first noticed what goes in one when Amy at MomAdvice listed the ingredients for us. From the McDonald’s website, these are the ingredients for McDonald’s Vanilla Iced Coffee:

Premium Roast Coffee. Light Cream: Milk, cream, sodium phosphate, sodium polyphosphate, DATEM, sodium stearoyl lactylate, tetra sodium pyrophosphate, sodium hexametaphosphate, sodium citrate, carrageenan. CONTAINS: MILK. Vanilla Syrup: Sugar, water, fructose, natural (plant source) and artificial flavor, caramel color (with sulfites), potassium sorbate (preservative), citric acid, malic acid. Ice.

I’ll spare us from checking the list for the sugar-free version. Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients for a Vanilla Iced Coffee, shall we? (The information sources are linked to the chemical names.)

sodium phosphate – it is “used to treat constipation and to clean the bowel before surgery, x-rays, endoscopy, or other intestinal procedures. Sodium biphosphate and sodium phosphate enemas are also used for general care after surgery and to help relieve impacted bowels.”

Doesn’t it make sense now why so many people are complaining that McDonald’s Iced Coffee gives them diarrhea? People are getting sick left and right, but they tell themselves it’s due to extra caffeine, and continue drinking it since they like the taste. It is not the caffeine! Don’t let this happen to you!

sodium polyphosphate – adds texture and used as an emulsifier to prevent ingredients from clumping together.

DATEM – an acronym for Diacetyl tartaric acid ester of monoglyceride, and it is used for emulsification and foaming.

sodium stearoyl lactylate – a solid powder irritating to eyes and skin, and hazardous in case of inhalation.

tetra sodium pyrophosphate – when ingested it can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

sodium hexametaphosphate – the Material Safety Data Sheet warns “do not ingest.” Synonym of Sodium Polyphosphate (above).

sodium citrate – includes diarrhea as an adverse reaction. It should also be “used with caution in patients with cardiac failure, hypertension, impaired renal function, peripheral and pulmonary edema, and toxemia of pregnancy.”

Look, I’ve only gone through about half the list, but I just cannot bear this anymore. The reason these chemicals are in the “Light Cream” is because they cost less than real cream, and people instinctively think that real cream is bad for them because of the fat and calories. The truth is McDonald’s Iced Coffee is not a drink with simply coffee, milk, and sugar.

Let’s stay out of the drive through, all right?

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  1. Oh, now you laid the smack down on that ingredient list. I can’t believe what is in those. I am working on a close substitution minus the fat grams, extra calories, and this horrific list of chemicals. No wonder my stomach was so upset all the time.

    Great post!

  2. wilsonclan says:

    I would argue about your use of the word “instinctively.” :)

    People have been indoctrinated to think that cream (fat) is bad for them.

    Succumbing to fears instilled by men who run large corporations geared at making a profit is not instinct. It could be thought of as dying a slow death… ;)

  3. smallnotebook says:

    You’re absolutely right Kristy. Indoctrination is a much better word for it.

    I know you’ve gotten a lot of good suggestions Amy, and I’m looking forward to what you create!

  4. oh, double yuck!

    I’ve never bought one and never will but good information to pass around!

    I’ve just given up starbuck lattes for the millionth time all in the name of saving some cash and calories!

  5. Major yuck!

  6. Coffee+creamer+palm Sugar= delicious ===> 0.25 USD (in indonesia)

  7. Ick. Ick. Ick.
    Good to know that I’m not missing out on anything when I avoid McD’s!

  8. What a shock – Mickey D’s serving food (I guess we can still call it food) that will send you running to the toilet.

    At least they are being consistent.

    They aren’t the only one. I am still blown away by Kraft’s Bagel-ful –

  9. I knew there was a reason I haven’t been to McD’s for a long time!

  10. Hey Move To Portugal, congrats on beating the Czechs today in the Euro

  11. Excellent post! I agree completely about the whole indoctrinated thing. People really do think whole foods are bad for them when they contain fats. It makes me ill now to think about putting crazy chemicals in my body instead of natural “bad stuff” like fat. Blech.

    • I have been wondering why I had been feeling bloated, running to the bathroom more often, and just kinda sick lately. The “ICED VANILLA COFFEE” (what a joke) was so tasty, I was getting one for me and one for my son just about everyday. Thnx for the tip on ingredients. That is all for me.

  12. Love it! I am helplessly addicted to iced coffee. I couldn’t stand coffee for most of my life but once pregnant it’s all I wanted. I opt instead for homemade caff free, organic skim, raw sugar, ice for an occasional treat. But sometimes… just sometimes I go to DD or McD and order those evil little buggers when I’m on the go.

    Now I can resist buying out. Thanks for dropping some knowledge on my coffee-crazed little self.

    • I too have also craved coffee a great deal since being pregnant. This morning I ordered a large vanilla iced coffee from McDonals and I was surprised to see just how large it was. I feel terribly wired in an extreme way and did an internet search to see how much the McDonalds Iced coffee contains. After drinking the McDonalds coffee, I will not drink coffee for the rest of my pregnancy because the risk is too great even for the inconclusive studies on caffein and pregnancy. McDonalds does not list the caffein contenet of their drinks. After reading this post I pray that my baby will be okay.

  13. I can totally vouch for the diarrhea, I had one on Saturday and then out of the blue got bad diarrhea within hours. I had consumed nothing else at the time, felt well and couldn’t understand what had happened. You have shed some light and now I am telling everyone I know too!

    Great job thanks

  14. Eeek!!! I don’t drink them because I’m casein (milk protein) intolerant, but my teenaged children do (sometimes.) I’ll let them know. Thanks.~~Dee

  15. When I was a child, my mom would often boil several tea bags to make a pitcher of iced tea. My taste strays away from tea, and I am often happy to make a pot of coffee from fresh grounds to make a pitcher of iced coffee. What we can do in our own kitchens is often so much better (in so many ways) than what we will find at any restaurant (fast food or otherwise).

  16. YUCK

  17. birni rocks says:

    KUDOS. CHEERS. thank you for this. i think people are finally starting to pay attention to what they put in their body. thank god.

  18. marley howards says:

    Well, only drunk it once and never found it to be delicious. Thanks for the heads up.

  19. maleesha says:

    Gross. Thanks for the list. Any corn-syrup pushing faceless entity doesn’t get my money anymore anyway. Coffee at home for me!

  20. Have you tried the stuff? Yuck… It tastes burned… and bitter… Not to mention by the time I got around to tasting it the price had gone up…A lot… The list of ingredients is yuck… and so it is a double yuck for me:)~

  21. Laryssa says:

    Great post! I just wrote a post about the mandatory calorie count displays in New York City, particularly as this relates to Dunkin’ Donuts. They should be posting INGREDIENTS, not calories! People would be shocked by some of the stuff in these foods/beverages. Keep up the great blog!

  22. jermangirl says:

    Wow!! I have had one or two and admit to finding them rather yummy…but you won’t find me drinking one again! Glad I stumbled across this post!

  23. I am totally in love with McDonald’s Iced Coffee….I have never had one single problem with them, unless you consider an addiction a problem? I am hooked and no matter what is in them, I will forever be a fan :)

  24. justgothives says:

    Has anyone experienced hives, just got them and can not attribute it to anything else. Felt sick after I drank it and then……

  25. Whoa… thank you so much for letting me know what my guy was telling me about that new iced coffee drink from McD’s.

    I really wished that iced coffee on the go was like what I make at home.

    now I know that i may not be able to pronounce half the list I know what those additives were doing to my body.

  26. McDonalds sucks, in everyway, on every level; for it’s workers, for the environment, for your health. Bad, Bad, double bad with sprinkles.

  27. That’s disgusting. I don’t eat at McDonalds or any other places like it because they aren’t good for you. So I wasn’t planning on going here anyway but it’s good to know so I can tell other people. Thanks for the information.

  28. I’m so glad that I found this website with the real ingredients! I have tried the iced coffee and loved the flavor, but had the terrible stomach problems within hours of drinking it. I couldn’t understand why coffee, cream and sugar caused so many issues! I’ll pass on these drinks from now on!!

    • Thanks for the information. However, coffee itself does have a natural laxative effect so I do not think the problems people are experiencing are necessarily due to the chemicals.

  29. I personally LOVE iced coffees, and I have NEVER gotten diarrhea or sick from them. So I don’t believe any of this..and I am going to continue drinking McDonald’s iced coffees and advocating for them.

  30. Probably wouldn’t be so bad for you if you’d drink no more than one or two a week. I like them too but have backed off as figured anything that taste that good can’t be all that good for you. Isn’t that the way it usually is?

  31. - I’ve been drinking the Iced Coffee almost every morning, it tastes great and I’m not getting any ill effects at all.

    The ingredients listed have been used for 20+ years in millions of different types of foods and drinks.

    Nothing new here as far as ingredients. It’s ‘safe’ to drink, not quite as tasty as Starbucks or Dunkin Doughnuts, but it’s not too shabby for a 3 minute wait and $2.

    • Paul , you have a point. Those ingredients have been used in MANY of our foods for at least 20 years now.
      I’ve also noticed that we -as a nation – have more health problems NOW then we’ve had in the last 50 years.
      Gee ………. I wonder why :0

  32. “I personally LOVE iced coffees, and I have NEVER gotten diarrhea or sick from them. So I don’t believe any of this..and I am going to continue drinking McDonald’s iced coffees and advocating for them.”

    Typical “me” generation. It didnt make “ME” sick they say. (Or not that could be noticed.) So therefore…
    “I dont give a flip if many, many others are sickened by it. Who cares? Its only a few extra trips to the bathroom. And maybe the doctors, but then we were going there anyway because we always eat processed, dead food with no nutritional value in the name of cost and convenience.”
    Starving for nutrition, the masses die of obesity related problems.
    Bow down and serve the almighty “taste”. After all, food is for the mouth, not the body right?

    “So I don’t believe any of this”

    Oh right, they just *made up* the ingredient list because they had nothing better to do. Right. Chemical additives and preservatives and adulterations are good for you. And the moon is made of green cheese, and the earth is flat.
    Hello, stick your head in the ground and fingers in your ears mentality. “I dont like it. Therefore it isnt true.”

    Or the brilliant conclusion “The ingredients listed have been used for 20+ years in millions of different types of foods and drinks. = It’s ’safe’”

    Safe? For whom?? The marketers? Certainly not for the consumers. Have you *looked* lately at the disease, illness and death rate from cancer and other disease these 20+ years?? Do you think all that happened accidentally? Too much sunshine? Ozone? The hospitals are filled with people who have been ingesting this kind of psuedo-food for years, because the FDA is bought and paid for by big manufacturers, and they know the complacent public still believes the FDA is there to “make sure we are safe”.
    Grow up and wake up. Youre mama, or your grandmama once told you “you are what you eat”. For a reason. You can fool the taste but you’ll never fool your body. It knows real food that it can digest, and trash that it cant. Keep filling it with trash and depriving it of real nutrients, and it starts failing.

  33. Omg, I wonder if any dunkin donuts uses any of these. For some reason, every time I drink coffee from a certain dunkin donuts, I get cramps and then bad diarrhea and chills. Ugh.

  34. First time commenter, but long time reader here.

    I fully agree with Connie S. about the generational issue. It’s frustrating and increasingly harmful. I see it more and more as time goes on. Yes, there is a balance to be had with everything, and it is ultimately our own choice whether or not we want to consume these things, but to pull the “it’s not hurting ME, ’cause I’m blissfully unaware” card, well…sadly, that’s just ignorance any way you look at it. I’m all for a debate with well thought out reasoning and am completely open to the opposite viewpoint provided the methods of communication utilized are above the third grade level.

    What I don’t get is why more people don’t get into making coffee at home. We picked up an espresso machine with frother for almost nothing (a semi-automatic that happened to be the display at BB&B – super discounted and no flaws!) and after about a week of testing and learning, we can make our own frothed espresso drinks in less time than it takes to brew a pot (we’re talkin’ about three minutes!). Super easy and so much better tasting than any of the drive through venues including Starbucks (can we say BURNT and over extracted?!). We never knew how good coffee tasted until we started making it at home properly. Lots of info out there, by the way, about how to properly brew coffee, make espresso, and froth milk. Want an iced latte? Just add ice. ;) LOL

    Steph @ Endorphins´s last blog post..Raw Food Chronicles

    • BRAVO Steph@Endorphins :)
      I’m with you. I don’t have an expresso machine yet , but I do have my at home coffee maker, and I bought my “to go ” hot cups with lids ( at walgreens) ,and I make my own wonderfuly delicious coffee at home & take it on the train with me in the morning.
      My family makes Jokes about my “boot leg” coffee to go but I don’t care. I keep my money in my pocket and I’m not killing myself slowly :)

  35. *+*Omg!!I’ve had 3 of those the iced coffees…the firsts two times my stomach didn’t feel too well.The last time,which wasn’t too long ago,I had a very bad reaction to it.My lips got numbed and swollen at long with my face……..then my whole body.Then my heart started beating too fast and then I couldn’t breath well.I was about to pass out but I started to rinse my mouth and little by little it went away.The next day I was itching all over!!!……….They are seriously poisoning us,I’m seriously passing out the word about this!!!!*+*

  36. I am also addicted to MC Donalds iced coffee. But you just gave me another *really* good reason to stop. That and I feel like I’m on crack for several hours after drinking one from all that caffeine and sugar. Just say “no” to Mickey D’s. Thanks for posting this.

  37. I didn’t realize there was a problem with McD’s iced coffee until last night when I had a moca iced coffee. My stomach has been cramping ever since! I think a lot of the problem also lies with the way the machines are (or are not) cleaned. McD’s has lost my business!

  38. I agree some of these ingredients don’t have to be on the iced coffee they sell, but the truth was said by a previous poster. The ingredients on that list are found in many “safe to eat” foods! What’s up with that? Well the comments made as description are taken out of context and no adequate research was made to understand the potential harm these may be causing. There are safe formulations for those ingredients as well as unsafe ones. The key here is many other foods affect different types of people and a caffeinated drink is bound to have an effect on you… is it not? If you wish to keep a healthy diet then go ahead and do so, stay away from the mcd’s but do not distort the facts. A simple wikipedia search for these “ingredients” doesn’t do justice. It is not fair to make alarmist posts like these; imagine how many other products could be blacklisted right now just because of these fears…

  39. sounds about right, tastes good, ill buy it again.

  40. Michael Cooke says:

    Everyone reacts differently to chemicals. Thank you for posting this! I was drinking it just now and was wondering why it feels like someone tainted the coffee with speed! I thought it was just a high caffeine concentration. Wow this stuff is dangerous! The effect I’m feeling is intense and on super on edge. And it’s not from the coffee its from these mystery chemicals! I’m pouring this garbage down the drain and never, never drinking anything again that is not 100% organic and natural.

  41. Great exposure! I know my husband likes those during the summer on occasion… once he asked how many sugar packets they add and he was shocked that they included 6!! He asked for them to only put one or two packs in his order but they were very hesitant to honor the request. Because of that, he hasn’t gone back for any more, and now that you’ve exposed the other ingredients, I’m especially glad for that!

    Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas´s last blog post..Happy Friday from Lovely Las Vegas!

  42. I’ve had the iced coffee at McDonald’s on several occasions and they were really yummy! :) And no, I didn’t get sick afterwards. I’m with Emily…I’m not particularly concerned about the chemicals.

  43. marlynkee says:

    I have drank these 2 days in a row. This morning at the drive thru I was asked what flavor I wanted. One of the options was Liquid Sugar ( ? ) I asked for plain. After my first drink I couldn’t finish it without adding hot coffe from the pot at work. It was soooo sweet ! Then I started wondering about calories and found your article. I think the junk in these is more of a concern now than the calorie content. Ouch and Yuck !!

  44. Wow, that is so nasty.

    People sometimes imply I’m a snob because I shop at grocery stores that are more expensive but don’t have so many weird chemicals in the foods and because I entirely eschew fast food. But seriously, who wants to eat that crap?? That’s disgusting.

    I quit eating lots of things (one might even say most things, in this prepackaged world) when I had cancer and started researching the links between food/drink consumption and pollution and cancer. Bad stuff.

    Give me real food any day!

    Sally Parrott Ashbrook´s last blog post..No-Spend Month = Spa Night . . . on the Cheap!

  45. I have been drinking MCDNL’s iced coffe’s since they first came out and never really felt nothing, but now they changed the formula to a better one. 100% arabica bean supposedly and been getting some pretty bad stomach aches lately, no wonder. got to quit! i saw a subliminal message on the fountain drink area were the mcflurry was covered by an ice cream and a baked apple pie and instead of saying mcflurry it says mcflu. Crazy!!

  46. Crystal says:

    I read this article, and it makes quite an interesting point. But shouldn’t people complete research before jumping on the bandwagon of an internet post?

    I for one was curious why McDonald’s would so blatantly sell us something that has so many ingredients that causes such horrible side effects…

    I looked into sodium phosphates for starters, and guess what folks…it’s used in almost every organic dairy items on the shelf. in the grocery store, in restaurants, etc. It is used when processing organic dairy products to keep the oil IN those products from separating.

    Just like any medication you take there are side effects. I doubt any corporation, especially one with MILLIONS to lose in the case of a lawsuit, would risk the side effects.

    Now that you know WHY sodium phosphate is used, why not look up some of the others yourself.

    • Yes, by all means, please look at ingredient labels and research them yourself. I disagree with the assumption that if a company sells you a product then it must not have any problems or ill side effects.

      For organics, if your organic food contains the same chemicals that are found in processed foods, then look for a different kind. My organic milk contains just milk. Sadly, you can’t assume that an organic label means the food is healthy for you. (These days you can even find a box of organic Oreos.)

  47. Let me tell you something about my 10 year old daughter and tetra- sodium pyrophosphate. After 8 years of staying clear of fast food chains because my daughter would complain 20 minutes after eating, of migrain headaches, then severe diarrhea, vomitting, gas and weakness. We found that most fast foods have this ingredient to promote fluffy chicken nuggets and shakes, help gel their foods and keep a nice color. Slowly we realized this adverse reaction was to all tetra sodium pyrophoshates such as instant pudding, marshmellows,whip cream, all prepackaged food and some flavors of ice cream at carvel and baskin robbins.
    Before we knew that foods contained this ingredient we couldn’t understand why our baby and now an older child, was always throwing up, wheezing or having all the symptoms I explained.
    If you don’t stop buying these types of foods including the coffee you tell the fast food chains and the FDA that we will risk chemicals for taste and good looking food even though it can cause reactions and god knows can probably kill you if eaten for long enough periods. Who knows, your child who has asthma or your child with GI problems or your self experiencing daily sympotms are ingesting small amounts of chemicals that just do not belong in our bodies.
    This has been a difficult and trying journey that we still battle and I’ve learned to eat and feed my children the foods that are whole and not prepacked while trusting no agency that they are truly out for our health!! It’s about money and their killing us in the process and we are all falling for it!!

  48. Newbie Commenter says:

    I have personally been in the drive through and witnessed the making of my so called iced coffee. They first take an empty clear plastic cup, fill it two thirds ice and then pour one-third coffee (YES, only about two or three ounces of coffee for color). THEN, they take this big gallon jug of whatever flavor you want and pump five large pumps of white stuff into the drink. Then they took a large mixing spoon and mixed it until it became a tan color and put a lid on it. So yes, you are basically drinking a bunch of creme substitute. The ingredients listed above for most will cause more of a laxative effect (as a side effect from ingesting large amounts). You aren’t getting any coffee so it really should be iced fake cream in a cup that gives you diarrhea. Anyway, if you don’t believe me witness the making of an iced coffee and you will realize the only thing real is the ice.

  49. I watched as my McDonald’s iced latte was prepared this morning. The McDonald’s employee pumped 4-5 large squirts of sweetened coffee syrup into a cup, dumped in another fluid, and stirred it up with a spoon. My $3.50 coffee drink tastes disgusting. McDonald’s is usually known for a consistent level of quality. Today’s coffee drink fell below standard. I’m going back to Starbucks. They’ve never let me down.

  50. While I agree with the majority of this article and dislike McD’s method of misleading folks, I gotta say, a lot of those ingredients are not very uncommon in prepackaged foods that, unless you lead a raw vegan lifestyle, are going to have a hard time avoiding. I have a habit of checking out ingredient labels of anything I eat and it’s enough to turn someone off from buying anything not fresh.

    Anyways, none of those are anything new – they’re very common in prepackaged food from market shelves.

    I’m not saying everyone should ignore this and eat McDonalds; I’m just saying that if people are concerned about this, they should be concerned about all packaged goods they buy, and all restaurants they eat out from.

  51. I agree. I started drinking them a month ago and I used to get one everyday Monday-Fridays before work. They started making my stomach hurt and not like go to the toilet hurt, like bad cramps. I stopped drinking them for two days to see if it was just me and I went today and bought one and took two sips and became sick. I can’t drink them anymore. I wish I would have found this before I even drank them. Not to mention the calories in them. Back to my Almond Milk. Its really good.

  52. …..I love these ice coffees, but didn’t know about the ingredients. EEEWWWWW!!!! So when I order them from know on I’ll just tell them no cream-sub. with whole milk. It’s healthier and I can still enjoy my coffee.

  53. I no longer eat at Mickey D’s due to the fact that every time I have eaten there in the past I have had the WORST stomach cramps and diarrhea within minutes of eating the food. Now I know why.
    I used to think it was the grease or oil used to cook the food. But the last time I ate there and became ill, all I ate was a McFlurry. Shouldn’t have been any grease in that, wouldn’t be surprised after reading this to find out that thier “ice cream” is really just one big frozen laxative!

  54. I have to disagree! but i drink the caramel one.
    i drink these all the time & i have never suffered from diarrhea
    i am also a mcdonalds employee & it seems harmless to me.
    cream, fresh brewed coffee, & syrup.

  55. That’s weird, I drink the Vanilla Iced Coffee’s from McD’s quite alot and I’ve never gotten sick or even felt remotely jittery…

  56. Christina Meier says:

    I’m drinking my McD coffee now. BUT… I ordered it black, with no sugar syrup and then added my own half and half at the office. It’s not bad coffee. I avoid all fake stuff if I can: no creamers, no “flavorings”, and no artificial sweeteners. There’s nothing worse than sipping or biting into something and getting that metallic taste that comes with artificial ingredients… except maybe reading about how bad those artificial ingredients are for you!

  57. Thanks so much for this info. I was looking for a recipe to make an iced coffee similar to the McDonalds iced coffee because I drink them ALL the time and want to stop spending my money on them. I had no idea that there were chemicals in the coffee. I have been drinking them since they first came out and then stopped a little because I think they changed the way they are making them and they are often WAY too sweet now. What a Bummer. I won’t be drinking them anymore. Also, I just recently started getting stomach aches which is very unusual for me and this weekend after having one I had the absolute worst cramps ever. They actually compared with labor pains when I was having my daughter. No kidding. Thanks again for posting this.

  58. Yes, I’ve always said this. They’ve managed to take a very low-calorie drink and turn it into the equivalent of a Big Mac.

  59. Thanks for tracking down the ingredients. I’ve spent some time in the past on looking up ingredients and it’s not easy… you get to the page and your item looks simple, but if you scroll down to read what’s inside each ingredient, you see how complex it really is. For instance, the grilled chicken breast fillet contains about 18 ingredients in addition to chicken.

    Linda´s last post…Columnists –

  60. ummm… its the same type of ingredients at starbucks, dunkin’s, etc. its not a mcdonalds only thing

  61. Just order the iced coffee without cream then add half of one of the small normal coffee creamers to the beverage. Thats what I do.

  62. I love McDonalds Vanilla Iced Coffee, before you belittle this drink – why don’t you take at the ingredients in all the other foods and drinks you consume. McDonalds Vanilla Iced Coffee is yummy, and is much cheaper than Starbucks! I have worked at Starbucks – and the two drinks are completely similar!

  63. Everyone should purchase a drink with natural ingredients. BEER

    Koffee´s last post…Good Reads: Snow Day Edition

  64. – i despise mcdonald’s in so many ways and won’t ever eat there. i don’t consider what they sell food. ( i am a near-vegan & eat low fat, organic, delicious foods at home) …however, I made one exception — on a long road trip i desperately needed caffeine to wake me up so I bought one cup of coffee from mcdonalds. that one cup of coffee was a disaster. For 3 days after drinking that ONE cup I didn’t feel well, and the 2nd day could not control my urination. Not only was I incontinent, but in huge amounts. I had been perfectly well before the trip, but bloating, discomfort and incontinence resulted from that one cup. I realized that what they are selling as coffee ISN’T. It’s a chemical concoction flavored with coffee. What they are selling is poison.

  65. Joshua Armstrong, RN says:

    As RN I would question whether or not the amount of sodium phosphate in, let’s say a large, iced and flavored coffee, is enough to produce a significant laxative effect. Although, I do drink a large one every once in awhile when I feel like nature isn’t moving fast enough! ;) But yeah, I am scared of the food in this country. I am not defending Mc’ds, that’s for sure.