How to Pick a Watermelon

Ice-cold watermelon is best on the 4th of July.  Ever wonder how to pick one that is perfectly ripe and sweet?

Look at the light stripes: they should be jagged and broken.  Also look for the yellow spot on the bottom, where it rested on the ground, because it is better for that to be small.

(Dawn shared this secret with me.  She knows about things like this.)

Have a happy 4th!

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  1. Ack! I ALWAYS pick icky watermelons…lol…they almost always are pink inside :( This is a great tip…thank you!
    *goes to check the watermelon she JUST bought from the store and hopes it has jagged stripes and a little yellow bottom..hehe*

  2. Me too Amber! I didn’t pick this watermelon out, my sister-in-law Dawn did it for me!

  3. Very useful. Thank you :)

  4. dropofkim says:

    I’ve got a couple of more hints for you. I hate paying for fruit only to get home and discover it is not all it should be so I’ve picked up some hints from my brother who was a produce manager for years. The watermelon should feel heavier than it looks. You are right on about the stripes. It doesn’t hurt to thump them either. You know a good thump when you hear one. Like cantaloupe? I love it! It should yield slightly (very slightly) on the ends and give off the sweet cantaloupe smell. Yes, I am that lady at the store, smelling the melons. One more tip, I hate to say it but avoid Wal-mart for produce unless you want to wait a couple of days for that mouth watering nectarine or whatever to ripen. If I buy fruit, I want to eat it right then.

  5. I really need that tip for cantaloupe, Kim. Thanks for sharing. (I avoid Wal-mart when it comes to produce too.)

  6. Knock on your watermelon. If it sounds really hollow, it’s a good one!