the Haircut

20080706 - Haircut - 19

20080706 - Haircut - 24

I love to cut hair.

Once I convinced my cousin Callie to let me cut and color her hair. Did I know how? Of course not, but how hard could it be? Sorry Callie. (It was Jill’s idea.)

I know I’m not the only person to pray, “Lord, I know it’s just hair, but could you please let this be a good haircut.”

20080706 - Haircut - 29

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  1. okay, your daughter is way to cute. I’m a little partial to the huge brown eyes! And, you doing the haircutting saves money!

  2. Love the photos – they are absolutely adorable!!

  3. how cute! I wish I could cut hair, my youngest NEEDS it! it scares me too much though

  4. thanks, y’all. I was scared too Casey!

  5. She is so lovely.

  6. My dad used to cut my hair in a Dutchboy cut. Do you know what that is? Short bangs straight across and straight down the sides, no layering or anything close to styling. He approached hair cutting the way he looked at tree trimming, the more off the better.
    I think my little grand daughter is the cutest ever.

  7. Darling, just darling! I took haircut photos this weekend and I am posting them tomorrow. We decided to try haircuts outside so I didn’t have hair all over my floor ;)

  8. Those photos are precious!

    I been cutting my husband’s hair for years now. Annual savings: ~$180 :)
    I now also do my 3 year old sons – but killing him by the way he screams!

  9. Great photos!

  10. I just did cut my 15-month old daughter’s hair, for the first time ever. It actually made me wonder if I should have taken her to a salon!

  11. Gorgeous pictures! I mean, wow. I’m trying to learn to cut my husband’s hair. I think once my hands stop shaking it’ll go a lot faster. :)

  12. light bulb!!

    My daughter needs a haircut, but I’ve been putting off the appointment becuase it about $25…for a 6yr old! I bet I could do it. Right?

    Oh lordy, what am I thinkin? :) lol

  13. I think all of our husbands and children are very brave! I think I need some more practice.

  14. Your daughter is so precious that I had to call my husband into the room to look at the various photos of her. She is seriously adorable. (And I’m 28 with no kids, not exactly the fawning type. :))

  15. thanks, Sally!