A Guest Post Today at Simple Mom

If you aren’t already reading¬†Simple Mom, you really should see what it’s about. Every well-written article offers a new way to bring more balance and productivity into the day. It’s like having your own personal home-management coach. And she’s nice.

Hop on over to read my guest post, 7 Benefits of Imperfection.

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  1. Great post Rachel
    -trying to achieve perfection at work and at home has been a weight on my shoulders for years. I’m only just learning to cut myself some slack an it feels much better

  2. just once I’d like to comment on your posts and not leave letters off ..lol :)
    the word should be ‘and’

  3. hey, quit trying to be perfect! :) I get the chance to experience how good it feels to not be perfect at least 70 times a day.

  4. Hi Rachel, I enjoyed your guest post at Simple Mom so I looked at your blog. I love your personality. The pictures in your posts are too cute also, especially of your daughter.

  5. great post! nice to “meet” you! i really enjoyed browsing your blog today and look forward to more!

  6. Thanks Suzanne and Emily! Those are kind words.