Sneak Peak at August


I’ve been thinking lately about the importance of preparation.                         

Not just making plans or lengthening my future project list, but taking action to be organized and ready for what comes next.


Preparation is key for me to stay organized.  It’s like how my morning routine is easier, and my whole day goes better, when I start the night before.  My goal for August is to better prepare my family for everyday events and “what-if” emergencies. It’s time to put these plans into action.

August is such a hot month, and I’m going to take advantage of every breakfast on the patio and lazy summer nap possible. But even though it feels like the heat will never end, I know September’s not far away, and with it comes fuller days and more activities. I want to spend a few minutes each day in August taking simple steps to be more prepared and organized.

What will you do in August to prepare?

  • Create a daily routine?
  • Plan for school?
  • Make a menu plan?
  • Clean out clutter?
  • Get ready for a move?

Let’s do it together! Send me an email or share in the comments what you are going to do in August to prepare. If you write a blog post about something you’re doing, send me a link and tell me about it (but you don’t need a blog to join in).

Are you ready? Let’s get prepared!

p.s. feel free to copy and use these as you like –
prepared-green    prepared=yellow
prepared-blue     prepared-orange

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  1. Hi! I think I am going to attempt something similar – Get up at 5am in order to have ME time and preparation time in the morning before everyone else wakes up. I need to find more time in the day – and hopefully by getting up earlier it will help!

    J :)

  2. We are moving into a new home Saturday. I feel like I have a clean slate and I’m so looking forward to starting some new routines. Of course, I will have unpacking and decorating to do, but I also want to prepare menu plans in an effort to loose my baby weight (and then some). I’m so inspired by your site and will be referring to your words a lot as I make my way through this change. Thank you.

  3. I am moving in a couple of weeks also, so I want to do a lot of prep for our family life once the move is done – meals, exercise, family time, christmas prep…. I think maybe one change at a time!! Looking forward to the inspiration from your posts :-)

  4. I’m sorry… but I’m really getting into the dog days of summer! It’s wonderful! Actually, we are just winding down from all of our organized activities of the summer – vbs, summer school and bible camp. The next 3 weeks are going to be about just enjoying being outside. Wisconsin are long and hard – summer is great.

    The only thing that I can say that I’ve done recently is started to look at the back to school ads. I have my daughter’s school supply list handy. Today I picked up some things at Walgreens. 5 cent highlighters and 5 cent file folders. Love those deals.

  5. I absolutely love your website and I read it every day! I have found so much helpful advice. Thank you for your work!

  6. I feel like I’ve been researching and experimenting with simplicity all summer. This fall I’d like to fully implement all the wonderful things I’ve learned. So August will be the perfect time to straighten the paths.

    (Don’t you feel like the new year starts in September rather than January? Clearly the influence of the rhythm of the school year.)

  7. I’m helping my daughter to prepare for University in September.
    -She needs a few household items, bedlinen etc and we’re determined not to spend any money. Most items will come from our house or her grandparents houses, its a fun challenge. :)

  8. This is a great idea. I have a 10K and a high school reunion in the fall, and I need to decide how to get ready for them. Also, I’m thinking of doing a No Spend Month (single girl version).

  9. We’re definitely preparing for school and I’m planning to make a menu plan (although that’s been a goal of mine for months!). I think that realistically I’ll be preparing to be prepared. I’d like to set up some organizational systems in terms of things I need to get done and establishing some ‘goals’ rather than just ‘to do’ lists. Great idea!

  10. i’m so excited about august! both my kids will be in school (K and 2nd) and i will have several hours BY MYSELF for five days a week. i am giddy.

    the plan is to get up at 6, wake and feed everyone and get them out the door by 7:10 (first bell rings at 7:20). then me and my iPod will go for a walk. i’ll shower and dress, then settle down to work (i have my own photography business). i’ll try to get back to some flylady routines so i can keep the house up, too. i pick the kids up at 2ish and we’ll come home and do homework and then fun stuff. i plan to not work on photo work once they are home. i am so looking forward to this new routine!

  11. Ok, after hearing everyone’s plans, now I’m REALLY looking forward to next month. I have a lot to learn from you guys!

  12. Here is what I am planning ~ REST! This will help me to have the energy
    I need for the upcoming school year. I have a 2nd grader, so we will now be adding homework to our daily schedule in a few weeks!

  13. Just sent you an email about this!

  14. Wow, love your blog! Very inspiring. My August plans are:

    1. School Supply shopping (list is in hand).
    2. Go through kids clothes, donate as needed. Restock as needed from either hand-me-down supply or Goodwill.
    3. Finish painting kitchen.
    4. Start getting back to the early morning school routine starting mid-month.

  15. My goal is to stay consistent with chores on a daily basis. You can read about my plan at

  16. Nice goals with good solid plans, Monica & Jana!