Poll: Last-Minute Guests!

You just found out guests are coming over in 5 minutes.  Are you prepared?

Do you:

A.  Feel confident that your home is presentable.  Know that you can open the door with a smile, and even offer your guests a snack.

B.  Look around, hmm, it looks pretty good.  Rearrange your piles to be a little neater, maybe check the bathroom and the kitchen.

C.  No worries, your guests came to see you, not the house.  You prefer to keep it real with a few dirty dishes in the sink.

D.  What do last-minute guests expect?  They should just be happy you’re not dressed in your bathrobe.

E.  Hurry!  Five minutes is just enough time for a frantic stash-and-dash!  Run around tossing all the papers, clothes, and clutter into any available bags.  Throw them into the closet or spare room, and shut the door. 

F.  As your guests walk in the door, boldly declare what a productive morning you’ve had since you decided to clean out all of your closets today.  

G.  Well, you certainly didn’t invite them.  Hide and hope they go away.

Which answer do you relate to the most?  Vote!

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  1. It’s pretty rare when someone just stops by. Those that do are usually very close friends :) and they already know the truth.. hehe

  2. Hm… where’s the “Hey, let’s meet at Chili’s instead” option! :)
    Actually, to be honest, I keep my front room clean all the time because I used to teach piano lessons and got in the habit of keeping it picked up so that I wouldn’t be embarrassed when the students and parents came in… Then I realized how nice it was to always have one room perfectly clean at least, so I still keep it up as much as I can! (I have three little ones… the other rooms are up for grabs!)

  3. people just stop by all the time! you’d think I’d start keeping my house looking better since it happens so often but I don’t, I just make sure I get dressed in the morning.

  4. I feel like I’m ahead of the game if there aren’t blocks and toy cars everywhere. A few dishes in the sink? No big deal; we’re “being green” and waiting to wash ‘em all together. ;-)

  5. Kelli, that would be a good option!

    Nice reason, LS. I’m pretty happy if all the kid stuff is picked up.

    Casey, you must make people feel pretty comfortable since they want to keep coming over.

    Dana, I love when my friends let me come over even if they haven’t picked everything up. I think it shows real friendship.

  6. I guess, I can make it quite presentable in 5 minutes :)

  7. I usually have notice that my guests are coming, allowing me to aim for (b) when in reality I’m not quite there…on the other hand, I know my friends come to see me and not the house, and most of them understand how littles can transform into mess making machines at a moment’s notice! :) It’s my MIL I have to worry about!!

  8. The fact that I can make it presentable in about 5 minutes means that I’m at B, but use E to get to A. Definitely a benefit of a small apartment!

  9. Holly, that is exactly my answer too! I love living in my apartment. The downside is since it’s small, a little mess can be really noticeable. There’s not much place for it to hide.

  10. That was fun! Just this morning, I had to swipe the toilet and last night I swept the kitchen. Of course, my junk pile has overtaken my stove–but it’s hidden. I don’t mind hidden junk. Lol.

  11. I like having a clean house, but it seems like when unexpected guests drop by it’s when things are not under control and I go into E mode. I wish I could have the attitude of C. :o)

  12. Love this! Great idea :-)

  13. I’m definately about 5 minutes away from presentable most of the time. With four kids (including two teenagers) the house is very “lived in.” However I was just thinking the other day how much better it is now than it used to be. I used to spend hours getting ready when someone was coming over. Maybe it is because the kids are older and help out more, maybe I’m more organized and it is cleaner, maybe I just don’t care as much as I used to!


  14. SO. VERY. E.