What Makes a Good Morning

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As you start your day, don’t forget to:

Sit still and be quiet, knowing that it will be night before it is this quiet again.

Show kindness to your loved ones, since they will face hard challenges today.

Smile at yourself in the mirror when you brush your teeth.

Look outside and be thankful for this new day.

Listen to inspiring music, and sing along, loudly if you get the chance.

Remember what is most important, because a thousand distractions will bid for your attention today.

In the quiet of the morning, this day offers great potential.  

Do you face it with dread, or hope?  Maybe you have so much confidence, a chorus of backup singers could be singing your theme song as you walk strut down the street.  Maybe you’ll be happy to just make it through the day.

How do you decide if your day is off to a good start?
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  1. When I wake up before the children and get at least 15 minutes of stillness – that is good – otherwise I feel forced into the day and my rebellious spirit doesn’t like being dictated to.

  2. My day is off to a good start if Owen (our three year old) has stayed in his bed all night, until at least 5:30am. Days when he comes in earlier makes for a broken sleep for me and consequently a Mum who isn’t willing to rise when she should :)

  3. I needed to hear this. Today has potential for much chaos with a sick child at home.

    Lately it’s been a good morning if I can crawl out of bed with out the super groggy feeling.

    Owen may be old enough to teach what a “6” is on a digital clock. We bought my son a clock for his bed and instructed him that he couldn’t get out of be until the clock at a six and marked the spot where the six should be (the hour position). Hope that helps!

  4. that’s easy – the day starts well when I’m the first one up!

  5. They day is off to a good start when I wake up feeling rested. Then, there is nothing better than the smell of the coffee brewing. I love my few minutes or sometimes more of quiet time before everyone else is awake or I head out the door to work.

  6. I get up earlier than everyone, too, because it’s my only quiet time. I get a cuppa, sit, pray, read, journal, email, hang laundry, everything is nice whn it’s in silence! When I sleep late, my whole day is thrown off.

    To Meegan – my friend has three boys, all early risers – she did the same as mentioned above…set an alarm clock for 6:30 and instructed them to stay in their room and play till the alarm goes off – it works like a charm You might try t in 15 minute intervals till baby boy is used to it. Good luck!

  7. During the week I’m the first one up out of necessity. I want to be sure of a hot shower before the teenage girls get up! On weekends when I don’t have to be out the door for work/school, it’s a great day when I’m the first one up. I have my diet Coke and then it’s straight to work (around the house). I can accomplish much in the first few hours of the day while everyone else is still sleeping. And on work days, it’s a good day if a favorite song plays on the radio and I sing along (loud). You’d think I was a rockstar! HA.

  8. I wake up slowly (it’s not that I’m crabby, I’m just still sleepy!), so it definitely is a good day if I can get up before the kids and make coffee or make a mocha.

  9. Rested with a few minutes alone to be quiet before kids wake up. — absolutely.

    Good idea to use the clock, avlor and Melanie.

    Nancy, you are a rock star!

  10. Oh, I’ve really lowered the bar on this one: It used to be that my day was off to a good start if I had at least an hour to myself to read and get a few chores either started or out of the way before the boy joined me. Lately, though, I consider it enough to have my eyes open before he starts calling me to get him out of bed.

  11. I wake up to the shouts of my two year old from her crib. Oy! I do manage to get in a cup of Ghirardelli White Mocha some mornings. Lol. When school starts, we’ll get back to some sort of lovely morning routine.

  12. If I can, I like to get up before Little Muffet (18 months), fix myself a pot of coffee (Kona coffee brought back from a recent trip to Hawaii), shower and settle in to read a couple of devotionals to start the day… This would be ideal… However… Little Muffet isn’t the best of sleepers and if we have had a rough night then I try to sleep in as long as possible… if she cooperates!! LOL!!!!!

  13. Rachel — I want to know what YOUR theme song is!

    I like “Ooo Child” (Ooo child, things are gonna get easier… Ooo child, things will get brighter…)

    Oh and my day is only good if I can get my hair washed in the morning.

  14. I love that song Jill! I knew someone was going to ask me. I like “You’re just too good to be true.” And also “I Will Survive” (sung loudly, with a dance routine)! And there’s a few more, but I can’t think of them all right now.

    I’m leaving for a girl’s weekend of floating down the Guadalupe River and taking advantage of the last bit of summer. See you all when I get back!

  15. Thanks for the tips Avlor and Melanie!

    Today I am going to buy the Boy a clock :o)
    (It was a 5am wake up this morning – and it’s Saturday!!!)

    Rachel, have a great weekend! Please soak up some of that sunshine for me too!

  16. The theme song comments are totally taking me back to Ally McBeal! :)

    I always set my alarm to allow for a half hour of “me” time, for coffee, reflection, writing, what have you. If it was a particularly rough night or I’m just too tired, I move out to the couch for a catnap!

    I also make it a habit on workdays (at least during the nice weather) to open the sunroof and crack the back windows on my way to work and crank a good tune to get me in the right frame of mind for the day after having to leave my daughter at daycare.

  17. I like to think that every day is off to a good start.

    When it sometimes isn’t though, is when I am rushed in the mornings. Your list is a great list to get each day started off right. I find I am best prepared for the day when I have started it in quiet preparation. And a cup of coffee…

  18. A good morning is when I wake up at least an hour before everyone else, get my cup of coffee and read blogs or work on mine. Though it’s early, it’s worth it to get the “me-time” in every day. Then I don’t feel robbed at the end of the day that I didn’t get a moment to myself.

  19. i try to get up a little earlier than everyone else, and i go read some favorite blogs (like this one). during the week i don’t have much time — my family needs to be up at 6:15 to be out the door within an hour. after they are gone, i take a walk and after i’m showered and dressed, i take a look at the to-do list i’ve printed the night before.

  20. smile, brush the teeths, and a cup of tea, perfect start of d day. :)

  21. funnyaboutmoney1 says:

    Two neat posts: good night and good morning!

    I’m afraid I end my days by falling asleep in front of the television or in a chair with a mound of work on my lap. Limp off to bed around midnight, often with a crick in the neck.

    Mornings are more constructive: Up at dawn with the pooch, blogs & e-mail for an hour, out the door for a 40-minute walk with a friend (sometimes with dog, too, depending on the heat), into the pool to cool off, shampoo hair and wash bod’ in the garden hose, water the outside potted plants, put food in front of the dog, put food & coffee in front of the human, clean up the kitchen, make the bed, police the pool and yard, brush teeth, paint face, insert contact lenses, get dressed, shoot out the door to work.

  22. Rachel, what a wonderful post! I think that many mornings I just go on auto-pilot and actually do not think of this gift that is bestowed upon me. Maybe being more present in the morning will help me throughout the day in facing the challenges of everyday living. I realize also that many of those so-called challenges are things I have brought upon myself as I have the choice to make them challenges or to just consider them minor things that will not destroy my inner peace. Thank you for helping me see this just a little more clearly. I can tell you are a wonderful person. Happy day to you and yours! ~terry

  23. Personally, I love it when my kiddos wake me up with their cuddles and smiley faces. They usually don’t wake me up until about 7:45 or 8am. Yes they sleep a bit later. My quiet time is at night, I am a night owl and it is my favorite “me” time. Early mornings…UGH!

  24. I get up slowly and putter for a few minutes
    making a small coffee and then a cup of tea- my
    babies grew up and now have babies of their own but
    I do remember getting up and being on a fast track
    for the whole day- sometimes the girls would be up
    far more earlier than my mind was—-
    hug those babies while they are still at home
    and when you get up each morning
    smile at the person looking at you in the mirror
    she will smile back at you :-)

  25. louisecol says:

    Oh, mornings are the best! First, I walk with a girlfriend, and we call it the most selfish thing we do all day. Then, make sure kids get ready for school, go over any plans for the day. And finally, everyone leave pretty early and I work from home for about an hour before hitting the office. By the time I leave the house, I have taken care of my body, socialized with a good friend, made sure my family is A-OK, and knocked off several work tasks. It is a good start!