Inspired Reading from August

San Marcos sunset

San Marcos sunset

As we wrap up the summer, I hope you enjoy these links I found inspiring:

  • I’ve mentioned before how I miss seeing handwritten notes, and I love getting a quick glimpse into people’s lives.  That’s why I enjoyed Write in My Journal.  This new blog is a collection of stories handwritten by strangers approached on the street, and it also includes their photos too.
  • Simple Mom has written an ebook that I knew would be good when I first heard about it.  (After reading it, I can tell you it was even better than I expected.)  It’s a useful guide for spring cleaning your home anytime.  


  • On Peanut Shells and Email Archiving from 43 Folders says trying to organize emails is like saving peanut shells.  “You probably don’t have a place in your home or office where you store the shells from every peanut you ever ate. If you did, you’d definitely want to organize them by the year in which you ate them, perhaps keeping separate jars per-month or per-location where you ate the nut. You know. For posterity.”
  • Heidi at Mt Hope Chronicles shares the most amazing Girl Camp.  Four days for young girls to live in a beautiful white tent in the garden and spend time making art.  

bird mobile

  • Completely unrelated to anything, this photo is one of the reasons I truly, truly love the internet.  And this one too.

Most of all, I want to say thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts and experiences.  (Especially those who are first-time commenters!)  I read and appreciate every comment, and I learn so much from your ideas.  Thank you all!

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  1. oh no, another Sunday wrap-up! My husband is going to be so mad at me for spending so much time reading away on the internet today. It’ okay…these are all great links.

  2. Thanks Denise, but go spend time with your husband! These will still be here later. :)

  3. I just really enjoy reading your blog–with such great tips, ideas, and links. It always gets me thinking! Thanks so much!

  4. Oh my! Those pictures are hilarious!

  5. Thanks, Rachel. I love reading your blog. It’s really a lift.

  6. Thanks for the nod. :) Glad I could make you smile with those shots. I have a lot of fun taking them and my heart is warmed when they can brighten someone’s day. :)

    Doctor Beef’s last blog post..Boys and their Toys

  7. Love your blog … have completely happened upon it. And love it.

    It’s an “all in one” kind ‘a place to come and just get an “ah ha” moment!

    Naomi in Ohio’s last blog post..Borrowing, twice over