The New Year

Thank goodness there’s a week of holiday from Christmas to New Year’s, because I am not ready to go back to real life yet. Since nobody else is doing anything either, I can coast along with an oversupply of chocolate and a week full of get-togethers.

We went to the park and played on Christmas morning, after opening stockings and gifts. Lane wore the tutu I made for her gift.

I had plans to take it easy for the new year. My only resolution I had in mind was to drink more water, and maybe drink less root beer.

Because that seemed simple.

But then… we found out we’re having a baby!

And suddenly my year looks so very different.

This picture is 36 hours after learning the news. I’m thinking I can just put this baby in a sling and keep on going. Doug is wondering if he’ll worry this time as much as he did last time.

Christmas photo

We’ll be moving soon from the small apartment we have now to a slightly bigger apartment. We don’t know where it will be yet.

I’ll consider my resolution to drink more water as checked off the list: done. That was easy. And now on to new goals of planning, packing, moving, and growing this family we started.

I love to get organized in January. Love it. So stick with me, because I’ve got plans to do some serious sorting and organizing. The plans, oh the plans! Be still, my heart.
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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a wonderful way to end this year and begin the next!! God bless you and your family!

    Jessica´s last blog post..Our Christmas 2008: Christmas Day

  2. Congratulations on your pregnancy! The second child can be a real handful so you’ll need all your organising skills!
    I’ve only found your blog recently so I’m looking forward to reading your January plans because I will be making many of my own.

  3. Hi Rachel,
    A big congratulations to you, Doug, and Lane – how exciting!!

    And…great photos, too! They both exude much happiness.

    The new year promises to be filled with new and exciting changes, and I’m looking forward to where they all take you!

    Lance´s last blog post..This Challenged Me – Part 2

  4. What a great time to learn of a new little one! Congratulations to you both!

    Mary´s last blog post..Some encouraging thoughts for those getting a later financial start…

  5. Congratulations Rachel! This is such great news! I am so excited for you and Doug! Looking forward to seeing pictures!

    Monica´s last blog post..A Christmas Carol

  6. Congratulations!

  7. Such wonderful news to hear! So will you be due sometime in August?

    Dana @ Letters to Elijah´s last blog post..Frugal Tip: Use it all Up!

  8. well, isn’t that just about the best christmas gift?! Congratulations, and praying for a happy and healthy pregnancy!

    theresa´s last blog post..Beware the doghouse…

  9. congratulations! I liked what you said about putting the baby in a sling and keep going. I love the moby wrap for this.

    Also, I know that you are a fan of all things simple and sustainable so I thought I would mention homebirthing with a midwife. I’m not sure if y’all thought of this as an option, but I highly recommend it.

    Looking forward to your organizing in January. I am the same way!

    Shannon´s last blog post..2008: A Year of Gifts

  10. FELICIDADES!! What an amazing New Year’s gift and blessing. I pray you’ll have a tranquil, pleasant pregnancy. Can’t wait to hear how you’ll fit him/her into your simple notebook life. My best to you and yours.

    Evenshine´s last blog post..Shmoo mear

  11. Congratulations! I have been reading your blog for a few months now and it’s been such a boost. This is the first time I’ve posted, but I just wanted to say thanks for being a small part of my life in 2008 and I’m excited to see how you make room in your life and home for the new little one.

  12. Congratulations! What an exciting time for you all. Your 2009 is starting off grand. Looking forward to your organizing tips too. Happy New Year!

    Jen@OurDailyBigTop´s last blog post..Our Top 10 Photos of 2008

  13. Jessica Lucas says:

    What wonderful news!!!! I’ve found one of the greatest joys in having two children is watching their relationship develop. My daughters, 4 and almost two, are inseparable. The little one only goes to her sister for comfort when she is upset – not me!

    It is my sincerest wish that Lane and her new brother or sister will be such great friends.

    As for parents… it seems your new little bundle already struck gold!

  14. Oh my goodness, I am so very happy for you! Your nesting instincts must be kicking into overdrive right now and with a new space to design/manage; what fun!
    I visit your blog often and I am always so happy to find a new post. Funny how a stranger” can become such a big part of your day ; )
    Congratulations to you both. Lucky kids!

  15. Congratulations!!!

    I look forward to hearing about all of your organizing, good luck with the move, and your pregnancy!

    Oh, and Lane’s tutu is adorable, now I want to make one for my daughter.

    maryanne´s last blog post..Rice, Ham, and Veggie Casserole

  16. Congratulations! You will have an exciting year indeed!

    Trish´s last blog post..Christmas Pajamas

  17. Congratulations to you! Boy, combining the new year with the impending arrival of another little one, and no wonder you’re in organizing mode!

    I have been too, but then I get that way every year around this time. Oh, the plans. I could tell you about the plans! I’ve been doing a lot of show and tell on my blog with my plans, and there’s more to come…

    KaseyQ´s last blog post..Happy Birthday to Me!

  18. what a great way to end your year – such fantastic news : )
    I am way happy for you and your family.

  19. CONGRATS!! long time lurker here, but this, this is something to come out of the shadows for! That is a great way to end/start the year!! Look forward to seeing your organizational ideas!!
    Congrats again!

    Kristi´s last blog post..Baby Leggings

  20. Congratulations on your wonderful blessing! :)

  21. Sandra Gonzales says:

    Beautiful! Wonderful!

    It’s weird – I don’t personally know you but my heart leapt for joy at your news. I wish you and your beautiful family the best.
    Have fun getting ready for Cutie #2.


  22. Happy news! Best Wishes in the New Year.

    Nina´s last blog post..Have you read?

  23. Your smiles say it all. Many blessings!

  24. Congratulations! What wonderful news to receive just before beginning a new year!

  25. Wow… congrats!!! An amazing way to start the New Year!

  26. Thanks for the congratulations, everyone! It’s an August baby.

  27. Congratulations!!!! What a happy holiday surprise!!!

  28. Wow — congratulations! And Lane looks great in that tutu, too.

  29. Congratulations Rachel! Blessings to you and your expanding family. Looking forward to your organizing!

  30. Congratulations! It’s exciting to plan and dream about a growing family, isn’t it? Can’t wait to see what you discover along the way.

  31. Congratulations!!!!

  32. Congratulations! That’s absolutely fabulous and I can’t think of a better way for you and the family to begin the new year.

    Nancy´s last blog post..O’Nine Baby

  33. Hate to sound like a parrot, but CONGRATS Rachel! You are guaranteed a fantastic 2009 now.

    Enjoy your New Years!

    WhenIGrowUpCoach´s last blog post..Tough (Question) Tuesday: Installment 9

  34. CONGRATS! That is such exciting news. I am so happy for your family. I adore that picture of your daughter in the tutu- so sweet!

    Amy´s last blog post..Going Without Prescription Coverage

  35. You’ve lured me out of lurking to say Congratulations!!!

  36. Congratulations and a blessed new year to you and your family. I’m looking forward to reading Small Notebook in 2009. :-)

  37. Congratulations on your growing family. Very exciting news.

    Your archives have given me a great start to planning my new year and I’m looking forward to reading about your new organization as well.

    Great tutu!

    Lia´s last blog post..Tutus, tiaras and tea

  38. Wow! What a wonderful New Year’s gift!! Congratulations to you and your family. Can’t wait to see what 2009 holds for all of us. :D

  39. What a beautiful way to end 2008. All the best!

  40. Congratulations! We recently found out that we’re expecting an August baby too. Here’s to a wonderful 2009!

    Cindy´s last blog post..Happy 10 months, Daria!

  41. That’s great, Cindy!

  42. Congratulations! What an exciting way to begin the new year! Happy Organizing, I will stay posted. :)

    Mandy´s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

  43. Congratulations!! and happy new year!

    Casey´s last blog post..Whirl Into Winter Quilt Blog Giveaway

  44. the only thing better than one kid is two! congratulations!!

    make art every day´s last blog post..The irony of Christmas.

  45. Congratulations!!

    Andrea´s last blog post..Sewing Christmas

  46. Congratulations, and best wishes for your new resolutions! Have fun!

    Jen´s last blog post..Book List for 2008

  47. Rachel, I am so happy for you! Thanks for sharing the news with us!

    The Nester´s last blog post..Bird Watching

  48. that is so exciting! congratulations. i wish you all the best in growing a baby, packing, and all that new year organizing.

  49. Congratulations and happy new year. I’m looking forward to reading about the upcoming changes in your family…

    wesleyjeanne´s last blog post..31 Days of Joy::29

  50. Congratulations! That’s exciting. I’m sometimes sad to hear about others having babies because I’m past that stage in life (just barely). My baby will be 5 in Feb. & I love the tiny baby stage. I keep telling myself that someday I’ll have grandbabies but that’s several years away (my oldest is only 14). I’m very happy for you though, definately keep “drinking water” on your list of to do’s this year!

    I am determined to clean out the clutter this year! I’m hoping for some inspiration in that area as I find now that I’m just too busy to tackle that heap of a job, so it’s a little discouraging to have that on my goal list. I’m sure when the kids go back to school next week I’ll have more time to concentrate on those things (I’m in school myself though too).

    Well, good luck with your pregnancy & Happy New Year to everyone!

  51. Awesome news! Congrats! Good luck with everything because I love reading your blog.

  52. Congratulations on your impending blessing! What a wonderful way to herald a new year….I love your blog, comment seldom, but really do appreciate the way you share your efforts and your enthusiasm for a simpler life! God Bless

  53. Congratulations~!!~ That is the most wonderful news to start the new year with! I look forward to your ideas on balancing simplicity with a growing brood~

  54. Yay! *hug* Congratulations! I’ll be praying for your health and energy over the next few months. By the way, that picture of Lane is adorable!

  55. Now THAT is a way to start of the new year! :) Congrats!

    I’m on a kick to get organized too…can’t wait to hear how yours goes.

    Sarah@Life in the Parsonage´s last blog post..Cheap Therapy

  56. Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you and your family!

    Lane is so adorable in her tutu! It’s just like the one I made for my daughter and a few of my friend’s kiddos this Christmas that was included in the Holidays by Hand festival. A great quick and easy craft, for sure!

    Wishing you many blessings in the new year,

    Steph @ Problem Solvin Mom´s last blog post..Looking back and looking forward

  57. What wonderful news! Congratulations!

    Jennifer´s last blog post..Santa’s Workshop…

  58. Congratulations times a hundred! What exciting news and what a wonderful time of year to get it! We’ll hopefully be moving ourselves soon, so I’ll look forward to all your wonderful tips and advice.

    Jessica´s last blog post..Update

  59. Congrats – what wonderful news! we’re awaiting #2 any day now, so lots of changes in store for us in ’09 as well! Definitely need to continue to do some organizing & cleaning out – will be looking forward to the encouragement! :)

    jodi @ bpr´s last blog @ CVS

  60. Congratulations! My husband and I are trying to conceive right now, and we moved to a larger (and closer to work) apartment over the Christmas holiday, so I feel very in tune with you right now. Can’t wait to hear about it all.

  61. Congratulations, what a great start to the year.

    Margaret´s last blog post..Ramblings

  62. CONGRATULATIONS! That is a blessed gift from God! Can’t wait to see how the organization will go…I need all the tips I can get! I will be praying for you and your preganancy.

    Ginger´s last blog post..Adopted Twice…

  63. Amy E. Vorro says:


  64. Again, SO MANY CONGRATS. When you are ready to do your sling shopping, let me know. I always have suggestions/recommendations!

    Megan@SortaCrunchy´s last blog post..Two Thousand Eight

  65. Congratulations, Rachel. You are glowing! May it be an easy and joyful pregnancy.

    Mary Beth´s last blog post..Happy happy after-Christmas lull

  66. Congratulations! I hope that everything goes well with your pregnancy and your move. I look forward to reading all the new organizing tips as well. Thanks for writing a wonderful blog and thanks for giving us some insight into your life every once and a while. Good luck!

  67. Congratulations Rachel :) Best wishes for a blessed new year ahead.

    Lisa´s last blog post..Resolutions, Goals and Life Lists

  68. Congratulations, Rachel!

    What a belated Christmas surprise for you & your family. I think the photo with your daughter in the tutu & mittens & jumping in the leaves (one of my favorites) is really sweet…

    Wishing you the best for the coming New Year!

    Suzy´s last blog post..Reflecting…

  69. Wow! Congrats!

    Amber´s last blog post..

  70. Eeee! Congrats! I have had so much fun reading your blog this year. I look forward to many baby posts. Nothing more fun than reading about babies. Except, well, having one… The tutu looks awesome, too. Good luck with your move!

    liz (perspicacious)´s last blog post..2008 in review

  71. Congratulations!! What wonderful news to start your new year!

    Courtney´s last blog post..To happiness and daydreaming and loving what you have

  72. Oh my gosh, congratulations! I love reading your blog, and it’ll be so fun to follow all of the new changes in store for your family in 2009!

    Sarah´s last blog it out

  73. A true gift – congratulations and have a wonderful new year!

    Alana @ Gray Matters´s last blog post..I’m Sew Excited!

  74. That is wonderful! Congratulations!

    Lindsay´s last blog post..Dec 30

  75. Congratulations! You’re glowing already!

  76. Congratuations–what a wonderful way to start the New Year!

  77. Congratulations!!! I am so excited for you and your family.

  78. wow oh wow oh wow!!! congratulations!
    couldn’t be more thrilled for you and can’t wait to follow you through the new year.

    Yay Rachel!!!

  79. Oh congratulations Mama! What an exciting way to start the new year. I am so glad I’ve found your blog this year. I really enjoy reading it and learning from you. Happy New Year!

    Kim´s last blog post..I Wanna Go Too!

  80. Christina Lynn says:

    Wow, just when a gal needed to hear some good news, you had some! What a beautiful event to look forward to in the coming year for you and your family. Congratulations are indeed in order. :)

  81. Congrats! We are hoping our baby will be here soon in the new year!

    Richelle F´s last blog post..Merry Christmas!

  82. Congratulations!! That is very exciting news. I love reading all your tips and advice and it will be great to hear what you have to say about pregnancy!

    Andrea´s last blog post..Book Clubs

  83. Felicitaciones! So exciting! This child will be blessed to be born into your family!
    P.S. the pic of Lane is DARLING!

    Shilo´s last blog post..The Screaming Banshee Meets Baby’s First Christmas

  84. Congratulations! What a wonderfully exciting blessing for 2009!

  85. CONGRATULATIONS to you and your family!

    The second child, oh my. The adjustment to becoming a mom and raising the 1st child will seem so incredibly easy compared to the day-to-day crazy life of 1+1. I’m sure you will handle it splendidly, though. :-)

    Suzanne´s last blog post..Focus Challenge – Month 10

  86. Congratulations Rachel!

  87. Congratulations!

  88. WOW!
    As a mom of 4, I can say it definitely changes when you have your second.

    Just remember that no matter what hurdles you encounter, you are giving Lane the best gift of all-a sibling, one of the most relationship’s in the world. :)

    Good luck with the move!

    Kelly´s last blog post..the after Christmas donation run

  89. That’s wonderful! Congratulations to you and your family. :)

    Kari´s last blog post..Sewing at 3am

  90. Congratulations! May God’s blessings continue to be with you!

    angelvalerie´s last blog post..New Year, New Goals

  91. How awesome- congratulations! My husband and I are trying to decide whether we (eventually) want another baby, so I can’t wait to read how it goes for ya’ll the second time around.

  92. Wonderful, amazing news! I’m thrilled for you! And yes, you’ll worry less and find the second baby much easier to just add in to your life. 1 to 2 kids was far easier than 0 to 1!

    We’ve also got some big changes coming up in the New Year, so I’ll be following along with you this January. :)

  93. I am so excited to hear your news, it’s going to be a wonderful year for you four! I wish you all the very best of health and happiness for the coming year.

    Scribhneoir´s last blog post..

  94. Congratulations! Fantastic news for you and your family. May you have a blessed pregnancy and 2009! Best wishes, Anna

  95. CONGRATS!!!!! Just get all the sleep you can now. Because with baby #2, no more “sleep when the baby sleeps”. Someone is always up!

    Enjoy and be healthy!

  96. Congratulations. What happy news.

  97. I’m a little behind in my Google Reader so I guess I get to be the 97th commenter to say SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I love to read your blog because I feel I can identify with you so much. We have a little girl close in age to Lane, who also loves to wear tutus, and we’re hoping to expand our little family soon too.

    Nicki´s last blog post..Series Schedule And More

  98. Congratulations, Rachel!! I am so glad I decided to dig through my reader full of posts instead of mark all as read after a few days away. Much love and healthy baby dust coming your way! I love the tutu you made for Lane.

    Emily@remodelingthislife´s last blog post..Happy New Year!

  99. Congratulations!

    We’re going to be greeting a new little one this year too… it’s exciting and scary all at the same time, because Hubby just got laid off… Good luck on finding a new slightly bigger apartment – my only new years resolution for this year is to continue decluttering and getting rid of stuff – that way we’ll have room for the new little one to come home!

    Blessed´s last blog post..Happy New Year

  100. Wonderful news! Congratulations to your family, and best wishes for a healthy, happy baby!

    Naomi´s last blog post..Place-holder

  101. Congratulations! What a wonderful way to start the New Year! May 2009 be a happy and healthy one for all of you.

  102. Congrats on the “new baby” news!! I look forward to reading all about it. Your daughter is a little princess. Perhaps you will be adding a prince to your delightful family. I really enjoy your blog. Keep those stories coming!!

    don_mae´s last blog post..My New Craft Calendar

  103. This is the BEST post I’ve read! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful news. And I love how you told it. Just GREAT! Congrats over & over again!

  104. Congratulations, Rachel! SO excited for you. Our kids have changed me, changed our lives, changed our house, changed our hearts! :)
    The tutu you made is adorable – what a cute picture.

    Happy New Year!

    Kelli´s last blog post..Say Cheese

  105. Congrats to you! Very exciting. I just found out I’m going down that same road again too (and my son turns 1 next week)!

    What a blessing!

    Mama Koala´s last blog post..Coupon Slump

  106. WONDERFUL!!!

    nicola´s last blog post..freebie scores

  107. Congratulations on the new addition! You sure do have a lot of planning to do now. How fun!

    Dani´s last blog post..The One Where I Play Santa Clause…

  108. I look at the picture of Lane, and I have to show my husband and mother-in-law because once AGAIN, I think she is the cutest little girl ever. My husband says, “There goes Sally’s biological clock again. It kicks up now and again.” Then I keep reading and say, “Gasp! Rachel’s pregnant again!” And he said, “Oh no. Double biological clock! Another cute child on the way!”

    Congratulations to you, your husband, and your daughter on the growth of your happy little family. :)

  109. Rachel, CONGRATULATIONS! So exciting! Look forward to seeing how your year (and pregnancy) progresses!

    Laura Leigh´s last blog post..A New Year!

  110. all i can say is…yay!! and i dont even know you =)
    but i do read your blog, so congratulations!!!!

  111. The planning is my favorite part as well. I look forward to reading what you have in mind for the new year. I love Small Notebook!

    Oh! And, congrats on the new one!

    Em.´s last blog post..New Year, New Goals

  112. Congratulations! You guys looks so happy. You are great parents. Lane will be a great big sister! I wish you so many blessings, health and fun getting organized for the New little one! I am so happy for you guys.

  113. congrats. Have fun and enjoy this year as well to fullest too. :)

  114. Congratulations on the baby news! What a great way to start the new year. :)

  115. Hi. New here. Just wanted to congratulate you on your baby and tell you how much I enjoy your site! I’ve been prowling around reading post after post. You’re really doing a service to the world.

  116. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Katie D.´s last blog post..Hiking on Tiger Mountain with my Boyfriend

  117. Congratulations. And what a terrific spacing. My oldest is not yet as independent as she’d like (2 y/o) and my youngest demands a lot of attention. Slings are wonderful things.

  118. Rachel! I was catching up since we have not seen you at BHL lately. I was hoping you were well and am THRILLED to read of your newest Blessing coming in August! Congratulations!! August babies are FUN. Happy pregnancy to you!

    Kristy´s last blog post..Enjoy A Better World