Small Space Solutions: Look Up for New Storage Opportunities

high storage

The space close to the ceiling is prime for storage. It’s out of your way, and out of your line of sight — perfect for things you want to keep but don’t use very often.

We add a top shelf in almost every closet.

In the kitchen, we store bulky items on top of the kitchen cabinets. (The space wasn’t being used for anything else.)

The apartment-beige paint above the cabinets looked rather dismal, so we covered it with a roll of matte gift wrap from Paper Source to add a shot of cheerful color.

Take a look around your home, and especially look up. Where might you discover some new storage spaces?
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  1. Hi, Rachel.

    What did you use to attach the gift wrap to your wall? Such a good idea. And I might have to copy that color in my own kitchen!

  2. Thanks for this! Our apartment has the same little space (which, thinking of it in terms of this post, isn’t so little!), and I’ve always wanted to figure out something to do with it. We have a glass cake display like you do, but I would never have thought of leaning a framed print up there. Ours is visible from the living room, so figuring out the right things to display is key.
    I think it’s a prime place for a collection- your formal platters, a quirky object you hoard, like glass from the 1930s. Just not anything you need too often.

  3. Erin, we just used little pieces of double sided tape. I’ve heard it can damage paint, but it hasn’t seemed to be a problem for us.

  4. I think this is a very creative idea for renters, or those who can’t otherwise change their rooms! My husband and I are about to move into a church parsonage and we may not be able to permanently change paint colors, so I’m thrilled to add this idea to my creative notebook.

    Thanks very much!

  5. genius with the gift wrap! Seriously genius!

  6. oh, yes! we do lots of “looking up.” we have a lot of people living in a small house, so we try and pair organization with decluttering!
    i like your wrapping paper idea. contact paper is another good one!

    nicola´s last blog rearranging

  7. I live in an owned house (we’ll own it in a bit less than 30 yrs), and I still love this paper idea. Adding a punch, without the pain or permanence of wallpaper? Awesome!

  8. I just decided to put more houseplants in our living room ( and they will be going on top of our bookcases.

    Joy (from Just Plain Joy)´s last blog post..Friday’s Fun Find: Etsy

  9. We use under-the-bed storage. I bought some plastic bins and they just slide in and out. They stored toys or shoes under our kids beds, and blankets or seasonal clothes under ours.

    momstheword´s last blog post..

  10. The 365 challenge is becoming quite popular. The increase in folks committing to it is encouraging and I’m wondering if I too can do it, faithfully.

  11. This is a super cute idea! I have so many large items that I never had a place for. I am so going home to do this!

    Amanda´s last blog post..Toilet Paper at Sam’s Club

  12. Love the pic. Had to comment to tell you that I have the same cake stand! :) It was a gift.
    Here it’s holding the first lemon meringue pie I ever made.
    You know that it doubles as a punch bowl, right? Just need to make some punch someday…

    Jackie´s last blog post..Cassoulet those winter blues away (and Happy Inauguration Day!)