Good Reads: The Ice is Slush, My Brain is Mush Edition

Photo by Paul Keleher

I am such a cold weather wimp. I think I only left home two times this week. And now I think my brain is on hiatus as a result. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be more brave and venture out into the cold.

A little of what I’ve been reading lately:

Keep Our Lives Simple

Nurture Our Loved Ones

Learn Practical Skills

Make Smart Money Decisions

Enjoy Peace

  • Slow — from Remodeling This Life
Have a wonderful and toasty weekend!
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  1. Thanks for the mention, Rachel! That photo is gorgeous. I have to admit I love the cold and snow – for a week – then I’m happy to be by the beach :) I hope it warms up and you can venture out soon!

    Emily@remodelingthislife´s last blog post..Link Love: Baby, It’s Cold Outside Edition

  2. Hi Rachel,
    The baby gnome hats look very doable for a beginner. They are mostly knit stitch. I think most of what you would need to know are cast on, knit stitch, knitting in the round, purl stitch and knit two together. Oh and how to make pom-poms. Learning the knit stitch will cover 4/5 of that list as everything listed but the purl stitch is a variation of the knit stitch.
    I can help by email when you decide to start.

  3. Thanks for the link, Rachel. It’s been really fun to see all these fun cakes. My 4yo caught the fever, too. and was gathering his toy cake toppers last night. His bday isn’t until the end of May!

    FishMama@LifeasMOM´s last blog post..Grocery Geek: Back to Coupons

  4. Oh wow, Rachel. Here I am with chai in hand because I hate being cold, too. I’m ready to read your latest thoughts… and then I see *me* mentioned. What a treat to be with all these other great links. Thanks for the mention. I’ve already opened way too many tabs with the other links…

    Katie at´s last blog post..Blondes Have All the Fun Here, Too

  5. Thanks for your offer to help Rachel!

  6. I could not live in the cold weather. I just keep thinking how do you guys that have really cold weather get out everyday in the cold weather to take the kids to school. Florida is the state for me.

    SoBella Creations´s last blog post..Valentine’s Day Bows

  7. I am cold sensitive to the ridiculous, and used to hate winter. However, a few years back by providence I had 3 years straight of summer (moving countries and such)… and when I finally experienced a winter again, I loved it. Ever since, I have really enjoyed the changing seasons. Must be a sign of getting old ;)

    Thanks for the links to new sites… love ‘em!

    angelvalerie´s last blog post..Bad things happen in 3s