Ready to Retire the Washer

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We have a really old washing machine.

Doug bought our washer from a friend ten years ago. It had been in storage for a while, and it came with a big mud dauber nest on it. Doug paid about $30. It was retro 1983.

The dryer matches the washer, but Doug bought that separately a couple of years later from the classifieds. The dryer cost $25, and it’s from 1986.

I’ve been using them three or four times a week during the five years I’ve been married, and they’ve gotten the job done.

Recently the washing machine has started… lurching. You know how it sounds when the load is unbalanced and you think it’s about to die? I keep wondering if this laundry load will be the last.

We started shopping for a new set.

I watched this short video from Consumer Reports. It’s fascinating how much they will test! Someone even has the job of counting frayed threads. I got the ratings report, but it still seems like a tough decision to choose one. And my — they’re expensive.

Do you have any old appliances still hanging on? Do you have a washing machine that you just really love? And also, do your washer and dryer match?
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  1. I have a matching washer and dryer. They are both downstairs in my building and cost a dollar to run them ;-).

    As for old appliances, I have an old toaster that I really like. I don’t know how old it is, but you don’t pop the bread down. Instead it has a pressure sensor, and when you set the bread in it, it slowly lowers, and then slowly rises when done. Takes awhile to get used to not listening for the ‘pop’, but it’s pretty cool.

  2. i owned an old pair for so many years. they worked perfectly for 20 years. when i had to replace them i went w/ something abit fancier. they only last a few years. when my second washer started to have issues the washer repairman told me the best was the most generic – almost like the ones they put in washer/dryer places in town. because there are so few parts to replace – less parts to burn out.

    it’s nothing fancy – i don’t have a spot for liquid softner – and i only have 2 water levels – but it’s really working for us. oh. and i bought it used. yeah!

  3. Oh, what appliances are NOT just hanging on? We have our washer “rigged” to work. I would like it to last another year. We’ll see. (and no, our washer and dryer do not match. We scored a really nice dryer a couple years ago for free…long story) I also just had some beaters die on me. The motor burned out, but it had been a wedding present 14 years ago. My mom just bought me new ones for my b-day! At least that was easy and cheap to replace!

    Our gas grill is on its last legs, but my hubby bought a part that he hopes will make it last for another year. $20 vs $200 or more. So I was all for it! The next test will be whether our lawn mower will live to see another year. Mowing is just a few weeks away so we’ll know soon. Our last mower was given to us though, so we haven’t bought one in a long time.

  4. I inherited my grandmother’s percolator coffee pot when she died in September. It must be at least 50 years old but it works perfectly and makes the best coffee! The added bonus is that I feel like I share coffee with her each morning. She was the best grandmother in the world. I am also still using the crock-pot she gave us for our wedding in 1986. It too is in perfect condition and works great.

  5. Mine are not too old. Maybe 5-7 years or so. They were in our home when we moved in. They are both white, so that means they match right? I don’t think I would care if they matched at all, as long as they were out of sight. Good luck hunting for new ones! :-)

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  6. Our washer and dryer came with the condo we are renting, which is nice, even if they are super tiny.
    My parents just got a new washer and dryer set, and after doing tons of research they settled on the front loading one. I’m not sure what brand it is, but it is amazing. It’s a little (ok, maybe a lot) pricey, but it is well worth the investment in the amount of water and energy you will save. Happy hunting :-)

    Simplelivin’´s last blog post..March 9th Spending

  7. We inherited the washer with the house we bought. When it dies – many years from now probably we’ll buy some super-duper energy efficient model. By that time who knows what will be the washer fashion.

    We choose not to buy a dryer and instead hang all our laundry, for a family of 5.

    renee @ FIMBY´s last blog post..Culture in your neighborhood

  8. Southern Gal says:

    Our first set was made by Kenmore. I loved those appliances! I just didn’t realize how much I loved them until they broke down (about 20 years later) and we bought Maytag instead. Do NOT buy a Maytag washer unless you want to deal with stinky washer syndrome and mildew. (Google it.) Horrible, horrible thing. The dryer gave out after seven years and we bought a Kenmore to replace it. BUT the stinky washing machine will not quit! My hubby is too frugal to throw it out so I have to deal with it.

    So my experience is to tell you to avoid Maytags at all costs.

  9. My husband and I have been fortunate enough to not have old appliances anymore. First, we had apartment washer and dryer and with our house we bought matching front load Whirlpool Sport washer and dryer that work nicely. I wouldn’t say I love it only because I don’t really like doing laundry anyway, but it does the job quite well.

  10. We have a front loader, about 5 years old. Love it. I’d spend the bucks on the washer. A dryer is a dryer is a dryer, y’know? Hot air. tumbling. whoopdedoo. The washer is the work horse.

    Juliet´s last blog post..Ethical consumption

    • See, that’s exactly what I was thinking, which is why I was wondering about not having them match. Maybe as long as they’re the same capacity and color it won’t matter.

  11. Four years ago, we intended to get the most basic models. But after tons of research (yay for Consumer Reports!) and seeing the pretty shiny floor models at Lowes, we got matching hi-effeciancy energy star front loaders and we love them.
    They are on the basic end of high quality so they’ll last for years, they save us money, and if we ever ever move somewhere new I can put them in the kitchen and they won’t be an eyesore.
    Plus, I wash cloth diapers and I like knowing they are very, very, very clean. Sometimes it pays to go for quality!

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  12. We just bought our first washer and dryer after years of using the laundry room in our complex. So glad to not have to think about what someone might have washed last in there. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money (some of these new W&D’s look like cars!), but I wanted to get something that would be efficient and last. The washer we chose was a recommended buy from Consumer Reports and was the cheapest front loader I could find to boot, so that sealed the deal for me. I’ve only used it a handful of times so far, but I like it a lot. I’d recommend it to you if you are on the ground floor. CR said the one down side of our washer was the spin cycle is so strong that it should be placed on the ground floor, preferably slab. And we went ahead and bought the matching dryer because why not have them made to work together when we have to buy both at the same time? Our washer

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  13. The lurching may be caused by the washer no longer being level — you should have adjustable legs on the bottom (turn to make longer, shorter) — if not, try wedging some cardboard or wood under the legs.

    If it is not the legs, it could be that a sock or other small item got inside the washer – behind the drum. See if your washer has an access panel (maybe you can find the manual online?) to look between the sides and the drum.

  14. I had a Maytag front loader that developed stinky water syndrome and mildew. Plus heavy loads took up to 75 minutes to wash.I hated it! We left it behind when we moved even though we paid a lot of money for it. The washer we have now is a stripped down basic top loader.3 water levels,3 water temp selections and 3 types of wash. I adore this little washer!! It was at least 10 years old when we moved here and has been a great little workhorse for 5 more! The transmission is dying and we are looking for another one. When I walk by front loaders, the hair on the back of my neck stands up. I have front loader phobia. I’m afraid to ever buy one again after that Maytag we had. I want a simple/basic/stripped down top loader. My dryer is old but it does what dryer are supposed to do. I try to line dry clothes as much as possible.

  15. We purchased our first washer and dryer when we moved almost 5 years ago. We did splurge for the front loading washer since water usage is an issue in the SW but we opted for a cheaper dryer (not matching). I do really like the washer and hope it lasts for many more years (its a Kenmore). The dryer (Kenmore also) works fine but those auto sensor cycles don’t work as well as they do on other ‘fancier’ models.
    Front loading washers can develop mold and stinky smells if you don’t keep the door ajar.

  16. I don’t have any great suggestions because we have had our washer and dryer (which we bought used) for about 9 years now. I keep saying we will get a new one, but I never get around to it because I would rather save for something else, since they still work just fine. OK, not just fine because the delicate cycle does not work properly on the washer and there is only one heat setting on the dryer that works – blasting furnace hot, but we still make do just fine. :)

    I anxiously await the comments and suggestions to file away in my mind when I do have to bite the bullet and buy new ones.

    Taylor at Household Management 101´s last blog post..Mar 11, First Aid Kit Checklist For Families With Children

  17. I honestly can’t rave enough about the immense benefits of upgrading to an efficient washer & dryer. We’ve had our LG set for nearly 2 years now & I STILL make a comment now & then about how quickly the drying takes & the fact that our water consumption is so low, regardless of the near-daily loads I was doing when DS was in cloth diapers awhile ago.

    I didn’t do a ton of research when we purchased the LG’s as I kind of assumed most of the new stuff on the showroom floor was so much better than what we had & I’m not super picky when it comes to all the fancy-schmancy stuff they can do. Maybe if I had 10 kids it’d be a different. :)

    Anyways, we have the LG Tromm series, front-loading washer & dryer that can also stack if need be. Though I’m not crazy about the front-loading aspect, I appreciate it for the ability to save a ton of water compared to a top-loading washer. I think they do have water-saving top-loaders now, though. Also, the Tromm series has several different “levels” – I think we have the most basic level. But my friend has one that includes the ability to soak (like a top-loader would) as well as a sanitary cycle – which I would have loved in my cloth-diapering days. Had I paid more attention at those 2 features, I probably would have paid even more just for those 2 features.

    So, you kind of need to investigate brands & then specific features that you know for sure you would use. If there’s stuff on there that you really wouldn’t use much, then why pay for it?

    Good luck & trust me – you’ll be sooooo thankful when it takes you less than 90 minutes to wash AND dry an entire load of clothes. :)

    Vicki´s last blog post..53 Days

  18. Our washer/dryer pair came with the house and are likely 15 years old or so…the dryer died just before my daughter was born and we replaced it then. The washer was still plugging along, so we let it be. The past few weeks I have the definite impression my washer is on its last leg. It often sounds out of balance and isn’t doing nearly as good of a job at cleaning my clothes – not something I’m willing to put up with! I’m undecided as to whether my set will match at this point…

    Steph @ Problem Solvin Mom´s last blog post..Reducing the marker mess – tie dyed diaper wipes

  19. My first dryer was a hand-me-down from my parents and was older than me! I used it for a few years and finally decided to put it on the curb because it only ran super hot. It shrunk all of my clothes and I figured it would be dead any day. Plus, it had lived well past it’s expected date. Now, we have a new washer but a hand-me-down dryer from my in-laws. It works great and I’ll probably hand on to it until it dies. :)

    Leann´s last blog post..My mom was a super towel-folder, a wonderful cook, and an awesome housekeeper…

  20. When we replaced a broken dryer last year, so many people were surprised that we didn’t also buy a new washer. Why would we? It wasn’t broken! We did buy a nice, fancy GE front loader. It has very precise sensors, several different temp/time combos for different types of fabric, and a rack that inserts so that I can lay a “Dry flat” sweater, shoes, or stuffed toys and circulate different air temps around. Makes them dry much faster than the few days it would normally take during humid summers. I think the wear we save on our clothes, and using dryel for dry clean items, makes it a worthwhile buy.

  21. My washer and dryer match and they are 1976 Maytags and still work great. I run my washer nearly every day (cloth diapers) and never use my dryer. I’m dreading the day I have to replace my washer with a modern model that won’t be expected to last 10 years (built-in obsolescence).

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  22. I’d opt for the front loader because it is so much more efficient, and not so hard on your clothes (and really, spending a touch more up front for a washer–I think–translates into a good investmentin quality since you’ll pay less for water and wear out your clothes less frequently).

    I wonder if part of the “stinky washer” problem stems from the fact that front loaders have to have a good seal to keep the water in? We just leave the door cracked open when we’re not doing laundry, and have never had a problem with smells or mildew in the 7 or 8 years we’ve had it (but, we’re in the dry SW so ymmv.)

    As for matching, I don’t think it matters a whole lot, unless you want to be able to stack the two–but as long as they’re the same brand, I don’t think they have to be the same model to stack.

    You might check around for a scratch-n-dent place in your area; there’s a Sears scratch-n-dent near here, and I often get major appliances there. The tiny 1-inch scratch in the paint on the bottom left corner could knock a good $100 off the cost without actually affecting the machine’s performance. I gather that a lot of these appliances have been placed in show homes, but then whoever buys the show home wants a different X, so these otherwise new and near perfect condition appliances go to the scratch-n-dent…

  23. We have a 23 year old dryer and a brand new washer, courtesy of our landlord. I would love to scrap the dryer and use the space it takes up (in the hallway closet). Or maybe get a stackable washer/dryer set. But the landlord couldn’t be fussed about these things, so it doesn’t matter.

    The washer and dryer are both white. That’s about as matchy-matchy as it gets!

  24. Both our washer and dryer are cheap scores off of craigslist for $40 or less each, and they don’t even come close to matching. Our built in dishwasher is the clencher though. The nob is broken off so we use a screwdriver to turn the cycle onto start. Then the handle/lock is broken and needs a clamp thingy inserted into the front door to hold the lock in place so that it runs. Some may say: “Why not do the dishes by hand?” Well I have four chldren myself and I do daycare… I don’t have the time to wash all those dishes by hand. It still runs good, it just leaks occasionally, and you have to know the tricks ;)

    • Jill Whitney says:

      It’s funny how we can either complain about what we have or haven’t or make due with good humor. I love your comment.

  25. We love our washer. I think it’s capcity is enough to wash two small kids… *wink* Seriously, though it’s a H.E. top load with out a center agitator, and it senses how much water it needs for it’s load, and handles our home made laudry soap. Our dryer doesn’t match. My piece of advice for you there is to look for one capicity size larger than your washer. That way the load in the dryer is done by the time the next wet load is ready to go in. (That’s a big deal for me since 4 loads is a norm for a day.)

    • Dawn, I also have a top load HE washer & it’s accompanying dryer. I love it….of note, it is on the 2nd floor of our home. We waited for a top loader HE as it’s agitation/spin is different from front loaders (they don’t “walk” like the top loaders do). Anyway, a big plug for the top loaders. Mine are GE & the standard color is “champange”!! White is special order!

  26. Jill Whitney says:

    I have a newer set now, my parents purchased it as a gift for us when our third child was born two years ago. I greatly appreciated the generous gift, however…I had a 10 year old set from Sears that were like a no-name–but really made by Kenmore. I purchased The washer new for $200 and the dryer $180. They only had one cycle and one water level, but to be honest they got the job done and were still in perfect shape when I donated them to make room for the new pair that currently occupy my laundry room. sigh.

    The only thing that I have heard consistently from a washing machine repair man (yes, for our new set…at least they were under warranty) and from my parents who replaced theirs, is the front loaders can be troublesome. Maybe they’ve changed them now, but when my parents went into the spin cycle it was like a Mac Truck was driving by, it shook the whole house.

  27. Right now, all my appliances are 11 years old of less and they’re all white – so they match – but not too long ago I replaced an ugly black microwave that was from the late 70’s or early 80’s.

    Let’s just say it reheated, but was nothing to write home about. When I got my new one, I think I over-heated and over-cooked everything I put in it. I didn’t know what to do with all that new found power. It heated fast!

    Of course, I have gotten used to it now, so it’s no big deal.

    Amanda´s last blog post..Grocery Shopping: Get In and Get Out Fast!

  28. I bought my former, relatively new washer and dryer at an estate sale. I figured if they were plugged in in the house’s laundry room, they were probably working fine. I was right. Used the set for several years, and then moved into a house with a washer and dryer and sold my estate ones for about as much as I paid (which was $200 for the set).

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  29. Ha! So funny. The washer and dryer I’m using presently aren’t even mine. They’re on loan from our landlord! And no, the certainly don’t match. They’re ancient, but they work for the present. Would I love to have a new matching set? Mmm. Maybe not brand spankin’ new, but new-er and definitely larger (for our family of 7) would be lovely. Maybe someday. God knows what we need. Perhaps my oldest appliance would be our Stir Crazy popcorn popper which has been used very hard for the last nearly 13 years. It’s the greatest!!

    carol´s last blog post..Quote of the day

  30. My washer & Dryer does not match. I received my Washer ( a front loader) from a very nice person on Freecycle) and my washer from a friend that had just bought a new set. (Blue I think) My washer before that I had bought new…and of course started to have problems after the warranty expired. Do I car they don’t match-no. As long as they wash and dry clothes…I’m happy.

  31. Try a DING AND DENT STORE. We got a fabulous deal because of a scratch on the side. Can’t even see the scratch since it sits next to the dryer and the other side is against the wall.

    Dryer and washer are same brand, but not matching. I could care less if they were the same brand or not. Whirlpool Duet frontloader is the washer we went with—after hubby talked to a washer repair guy. Said it’s cheaper/easier to repair than others and it’s what he would choose if he was buying one. We wanted a frontloader for various reasons I won’t get into here. Hubby went ahead and bought me a large capacity dryer because the washer we bought was a large capacity and my old dryer wasn’t, which ended up being a good decision.

    If you go for a frontloader–my advice is to look at the opening size—think about stuffing and pulling out wet towels out of there over and over. I’m sooo glad I went with the larger opening.

  32. We’ve had 3 minor problems with our front loader.
    1. They can get smelly, just leave the door ajar after using.
    2. DO NOT USE special High Efficiency bleach (scam!). It is thicker and clings to the works and will hold over into your next (colored) loads. Ack.
    3. I had to remove the detergent/softener cups and wash them when they got gunky after 3 years of use.

    Juliet´s last blog post..Ethical consumption

  33. Our washer and dryer do not match–we bought a Maytag washer in 1988 along with a dryer–a different brand, same color. We had to replace the dryer a while back (had to get white) but our old almond color Maytag just keeps on plugging away. If I had to do it all over again, I would have bought a Maytag dryer in 1988 instead of getting a cheaper dryer.

  34. Our washing machine broke a few months before we moved across Texas. At the time, we lived across the street from the laundromat and could conveniently do laundry there while we were on the run to get ready to move.

    After the move, we finally broke down and bought the $15 part to fix the machine. it’s amazing how different machines use tools you’ve never seen before, can’t purchase unless you work for that company. Let’s just say, my husband and I installed the part, and essentially “fixed” the machine.

    It’s missing a few screws, and a handful of plastic pieces after our do-it-yourself job… but it works lovely. at least for now.

    another great memory with my husband that we’ll be laughing about for years.

  35. Mandy C. says:

    My old appliance is our stove. My husband and I bought it 12 years ago from classifieds. We paid $70 for it and it still works, it isn’t pretty anymore though. It is a 1970’s model Caloric. THe other old appliance that was sent to camp a few years ago was 1950’s model refridgerator. We bought it from the church for $5 and used it for about 7 years. It was small too small once our family started groing.

  36. We have an older washer. It’s a Kenmore that’s more than 20 years old. It’s still going, but I keep expecting that it’s going to poop out one of these days. It seems to still be working well. The dryer that was of the same age died a few years ago and we have a newer Whirlpool. That works great, too. The closest they come to matching is that they’re both white. That’s not important to me, so long as they do the job. I went to look at washers a couple of months ago to get an idea in anticipation of my old washer giving up some day and I went into sticker shock. I’ll keep the suggestions listed here in mind when ours finally gives up the ghost.

  37. Our washing machine is over ten years old. It was my parents but they gave it to us when they moved because their new house came with one. Our dryer is four years old. It was a housewarming gift from my parents. They don’t match but I don’t care, as long as they get the job done!

    Most of the other appliances in our house are new. Our kitchen flooded a few years ago and we used the insurance money to do a complete remodel. Since we got IKEA cabinets and my husband did all the work, we had enough left over to buy new appliances which was nice. We have however had horrible luck with garbage disposals. We are on our third one in four years!

  38. My parents finally bought a new washer and dryer. They had theirs for over THIRTY years. My dad fixed just about every part on those stupid machines!

    My sister had hers for only four years when the dryer caught on fire (yes, she cleans her lint traps) and they had to have someone come in and clean their entire house. Did you know ash from a dryer fire can eat through enamel?

    paisley penguin´s last blog post..The Stuff You Find

  39. robearsgirl says:

    My machines do not match. DH bought them separately, but brand new, the year before we got married. His dad has been in the appliance business for over 20 years, and he basically told DH which washer and dryer were the best on the market, and he went and bought them! LOL :)

    Check into Fischer-Paykel’s washing machine. Their dryer isn’t as impressive (my MIL has it and isn’t so thrilled with it), but the washing machine is WONDERFUL. I use it almost daily. It uses VERY LITTLE electricity. It uses magnetic bearings for most of the oscillating and spinning, so it’s self-propelling. And it spins my clothes out SO well that they only need 20 minutes or so in the dryer :)

    And I know front-loaders are THE thing right now. I wanted one so bad, but my FIL hates them and begged me not to get one. He said after a while they get mildewy around the seal around the door. So there are still some kinks in the design.

    Anyway, that’s my 2-cents that you didn’t ask for ;) AND I just wanted to say HI!!! :)

  40. I had a use 1987 washing machine that broke beyond repair last year. I replaced it and the non matching I-like-to-start-little- fires-when-I-dry-clothes dryer that I bought 10 years ago as a floor model with a Whirlpool Duet front loading washing machine and dryer. I love them. I got a deal on my because they were a “mismatched” set – they looked the same brand, color and type but the serial numbers were not consecutive or something like that.

    Condo Blues´s last blog post..An Easier Way to Clean with Vinegar

  41. No, my washer and dryer don’t match. While we bought the dryer new at a big box store last year (a modest model, even if it does have a sweater rack…but it’s got a broken leg and was practically thrown in to seal the deal), our washer was purchased at the ripe age of two years old from an estate sale maybe…eight or so years ago. It’s still hanging in there. The washer it replaced was doing that klunking thing and then began leaking water and oil. Ugh. I hate it when an appliance is cheaper to replace than fix.

    Jen in KS´s last blog post..Eat your heart out

  42. Ours are 14 and 12 years old ( the drier was a pressie for my 21st!! Boring or what!) The drier has been in my garage until last month when it moved to the kitchen. I have now stopped using the drier altogether (unless desperate) and air dry everything!

    Maxine´s last blog post..The Peasedown Pigeons

  43. We have two washers and two dryers, but like another commenter here they are on the basement level of our apartment building and coin operated (and we’re on the third floor). It’s not the most convenient of situations, and with another little one on the way, I really crave having one in our house/apartment, but for now, it works. The other nice thing is that you can do two loads at a time, so we usually save all the laundry for Thursday night, and my husband runs it down after our 18-month old goes to sleep, and then I help fold it when it’s done.

    As for “old” appliances, probably the oldest is our hand-me-down coffee maker, which was originally a nice grind-n-brew model. Then we got it, and it stopped grinding. Oh well – it still makes coffee, and we have a separate coffee grinder.

    Life from the Roof´s last blog post..Cash Only

  44. I absolutely LOVE my LG Steamwasher with the sanitizing cycle. It’s a front loader, so I never let it sit too long with wet clothes in it, because mold can be an issue with home front loaders. I take clothes out promptly, and leave the door open so it will dry out. It cleans beautifully, and the wear and tear on clothes is much less than with a top loader. I have my laundry in my basement so I can leave the door open without worrying about little ones crawling inside. I would hesitate to buy it if I couldn’t safely keep the door open, because these washers WILL mold if you don’t take precautions.

  45. Our washer and dryer do match but only because we purchased them new about 2 years ago. Before that we’d had 2 sets — first set came with the house and they must have been 30 years old. 2nd set we bought used; paid $100 for the set. They lasted about 12 years so I’d say we got our moneys worth.
    Our fridge is new but only because our other one malfunctioned and the water dispenser ran ALL night. Soaked our kitchen and the water ran through the heating vents to the basement. Major damage. Thank heavens for insurance.
    Our dishwasher is the appliance that’s just barely hanging on. I keep hoping it will shoot craps soon so I can get one that actually does the job. We think it’s as old as the house, about 18 years.

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  46. The dryer we have right now is about as old as I am, if not older. (I’m 28.) It is the only dryer I ever remember, as it was a hand-me-down from my parents. In the last few weeks it has started making a clunking noise, but I plan on using it until it is utterly, completely deceased. Harvest gold certainly doesn’t bother me.

  47. I have a matching set of fisher & paykel and love them. The washing machine is energy effecient and senses the water level needed for the clothes in the maching. Has many settings and handwashes. The dryer is top loading easy to get into and get the clothes out.

  48. Two old relics blessed ths house when I moved in. When it was time to ditch them, there was no how, no way I’d get in a lovely new washer next to that rusty beater of a dryer! Not only did I land a gorgeous front loader cranberry set, I also redecorated the laundry room first! LOL (talk about a 3 month delay with no washer avail… not pretty)

    Front loaders are extremely airtight and require the washing machine door to be left open to dry out thoroughly. I love mine! They are not only efficient, but are easier on your clothes and the drying time is so fast because the spin cycles are just that vigorous.

    Back on topic.. yeah, if you’re going to go glitzy with your purchase like I did, I like them to match. But then I’m anal that way…


    Donna at Extreme Home Renos´s last blog post..March update – upcoming changes!

  49. heehee! We, too, have an unmatched set that my hubby bought now…gosh…five years ago!! He found a guy in the local paper who would deliver them, so we bought the washer and dryer, totally unmatched, for a song. It was when we first bought our new home, we got the fridge from the paper, too–all three for probably $700, maybe less. My hubby is a wise man, we didn’t go into debt, nor spend a fortune and they’ve all worked just fine!!
    The dryer stopped drying briefly but my husband did something–I still don’t know what, voo doo, maybe??–and it has run great ever since! It’s like those old cars that never die, they’re so well made!! They’re not fancy but they get the job done and frankly, there are a lot of other things I like to look good–the washer and dryer ain’t one of them!! :)

    Tabitha´s last blog post..Homemade sugar body scrub

  50. I so love the LG washer and dryer set! But, we take whatever in the apartment of the property that we’re managing.

    One can dream.

    Rona´s last blog post..Our Entryway – Still in Progress

  51. My washer and dryer do match. They are about 11 years old. They are Kenmore, the washer is a pretty standard top-loader. They have run trouble-free for all the years I have owned them. I’m hanging onto my top-loader as long as I can. My sister has a front loader and the seal around the door is a smelly mess and she has tried everything to remedy it.

    Carrie´s last blog post..Making The Most of Warehouse Club Memberships

  52. It seems that there is a lot of stinky washers out there. My sister recommended a product she got at Lowes that cleans the washer and removes the smell.(We both have front loaders) I didn’t have time to go to Lowes, so while I was at Target I checked and found a product by Tide that said it did the samething. I followed the directions and it works great. I am on my 2nd month with it (use it for 3 weeks then once a month) and love it.
    I am on my 2nd set of Kenmore front loader/dryer combo and love them. The first set I had 10 years and passed them on to someone else when I wanted a bigger set. I always buy from Sears because I love their warranty program.

  53. My husband sold appliances for almost 17 years. We learned many years ago to buy the middle of the line appliances, whether it’s a washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc. Top of the line usually has all the bells and whistles that have problems.

    Last year we had to replace our almost 20 year old Maytag washer (boohoo). I researched washes for three days on the internet. I found a website, eopinions, that had reviews on most anything you are wanting to purchase. I thought I wanted a front loader washer, but soon learned they got terrible reviews. After three days, I decided to purchase a middle of the line Whirlpool washer. Whirlpool also makes Kenmore (Sears) products as well. Hubby has been to the Whirlpool factory and saw first hand how they manufacture their products. Once again, the middle of the line was the best buy.

    We purchased a new Norge gas dryer when we were first married. It was a middle of the line model and we used it for 35 years. It was still running when we purchsed a new Amana, which is a pile of junk compaired to the old Norge. I wish we had kept the old dryer until it just died. :-(

    Tee´s last blog post..IT’S SNOWING HERE IN THE SOUTH!

  54. We have the matching Whirlpool Cabrio set. I love it! My queen size quilt fits in it!

  55. I have to say I have bought the higher tech brand spanking new kenmore set back in 2000 with electronic touch pad. It went bust within 2 years. So the washer went and we bought a basic bare bones white whirpool with the good ol’ dial. And We have had it since with no problems what so ever. The dryer went shortly after the high tech washer so I bought the bare basic dial whirpool to match. Works like a charm and have yet to replace or need work on it. Now this is coming from a home that does a lot of laundry everyday. With four kids, a husband that has heavy, real dirty clothing, plus every other week washing 5 sets of bedding I would say for me this has went well.

    Not saying that I wouldn’t like to win one of those high efficency fron loading washer and dryer. Not sure how they would last. But If I won a set they would go in the basement and I could use both sets of washer and dryers at a time. Have to say though having our washer and dryer in our hallway has saved me from going up and down stairs now that I have a bad knee.

    Good Luck on your quest!
    Renee Nay

    Renee Nay´s last blog post..After

  56. I just replaced my beloved front loader washing machine. It was a Kenmore brand, made by Fridgidaire (FYI, Sears is a dept. store not a manufacturer–their Kenmore brand items come from a variety of manufacturers). After 8.5 years of 1-4 loads daily it developed a small leak. The leak did not affect the performance but it did affect my landlord’s new floor and the location meant that the labor to fix it would be comparable to purchasing a new one. I didn’t want the fanciest or the biggest so was able to get the pair for $800 on a great sale at Fry’s. Lowe’s & Best Buy had the same washer and dryer for about $550 each, so if we hadn’t found the sale at Fry’s I would have kept my old dryer (which was a hand me down older than the washer) because even though it ran a little hot and loud it was still dong the job.