How do you start the day?

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As you start your day, don’t forget to:

Sit still and be quiet, knowing that it will be night before it is this quiet again.

Show kindness to your loved ones, since they will face hard challenges today.

Smile at yourself in the mirror when you brush your teeth.

Look outside and be thankful for this new day.

Listen to inspiring music, and sing along, loudly if you get the chance.

Remember what is most important, because a thousand distractions will bid for your attention today.

In the quiet of the morning, this day offers great potential.

Do you face it with dread, or hope? Maybe you have so much confidence, a chorus of backup singers could be singing your theme song as you walk strut down the street. Maybe you’ll be happy to just make it through the day.

How do you decide if your day is off to a good start?

(Originally published August 22, 2008.)

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  1. It will be a good day if I: wake up when the alarm goes off (oversleeping is never good), drag myself out on the dark streets of this small town for a jog/walk, and if I get myself into my classroom an hour or so before my students start arriving–organization is key when dealing with HS students!

    Mrs. E´s last blog post..Back to the Farm

  2. Thanks for the reminder! Prior to getting stuck in the overwhelming exhaustion of early to mid pregnancy I was great at getting up early and enjoying “me time”. Now that I’m sluggish and not sleeping well this has been a struggle.

    Steph @ Problem Solvin Mom´s last blog post..Organizing Tip Thursday – Join the fun!

  3. I know it’s going to be a great day when I’m up at 5:30, have a great cup of coffee with my husband, and the kids wake up in good moods. I’m grateful for everyday I have with my family and even if the morning doesn’t unfold like this I have hope that it can only get better!

    Sherri (Serene Journey)´s last blog post..Have You Ever Seen A Dog Smile?

  4. I know the day is going good when the kids get up happy, and I actually get done exercising before 9:00.

    Amanda @ Mommy’s Idea Book´s last blog post..Playday Thursday

  5. My morning routine is really awful right now. I go from bed to lunch making/breakfast making/kid washing-dressing in 1 minute flat. I’m not a very nice person in the morning as a result. I have to get my act together. I know better than this : (

    Juliet´s last blog post..Voices from the net: the fascist option

  6. If I get up early, get a shower, grab some coffee and get myself around…I usually have a great, productive day. Most of the time, I sleep in as long as I can before the baby wakes up – then there’s no time to get ready!

    Rachel´s last blog post..Introducing…Small Red Kitchen

  7. Great thoughts! My day is usually off to a good start if I actually get up with the alarm and hit the treadmill. That really energizes me and helps to jumpstart my day. If I do this, I usually have time for a nice, long hot shower, some breakfast with a cup of coffee as I read the newspaper, and a kiss from my husband as we both head out the door. Now my start to a weekend day is much different…

  8. Every day is a good day IF we choose to make it such.

    Nancy´s last blog post..Spring ~ In the Air

  9. Generally, everyone else’s mood affect mine. And I didn’t realize this until you asked this question…Hmmm, that’s a lot of power I’m giving away, isn’t it?

    I think that I will start to focus more on me and what kind of day I want to have.

    Kirwin´s last blog post..A little spring in my step…

  10. Hi! I just recently found your site, and am enjoying it so far. This is my first time commenting, I think…

    Recently (as in last week) my husband and I have started getting up at 6:30 to do devotions together (this is a ridiculously huge thing for me since I’m usually next to comatose in the mornings), and then he does 15 minutes on the rowing machine and showers while I make him breakfast. He sure does feel spoiled by this, and I LOVE serving him this way. Our 6 month old baby boy usually cuddles with us while we do devos, or he sleeps in a little. But I’ve managed to get myself up either way, which is nothing short of miraculous!

    I only hope we can continue this long-term and make it a permanent thing.

    Thanks for writing!

    Beth´s last blog post..Feeling Discouraged

  11. I wake up each morning and fix my husbands lunch and coffee. I make a bottle for my son. I make a glass of choc. milk for me. My son sits in his chair for his bottle and I get on the couch with my laptop. We watch Curious George and Sid the Science Kid and I surf my blogs. Usually I have to get up 5 times to help my husband find something on his way out the door! all and all, its pretty cozy

  12. I’ve nearly always woken up chipper. Even with newborns and hardly any sleep, I somehow face each day with joy and hope. It’s something about the “newness” of the day. I get the same feeling when I’m about to write down thoughts on a blank sheet of paper. Another day is like that blank sheet, waiting to be written. At the very least during really difficult times of my life, I at least know it’s going to be a good day for the very fact that I woke up & am still alive :>)

    rebecca´s last blog post..WFMW: Bedroom Door Lock

  13. My mornings always start with my husband getting ready for work and one of us feeding the baby. It’s a good morning if we do so with a good attitude. :)

  14. I especially like the suggestion to smile at yourself in the morning. It makes you feel good to smile, which can brighten your whole day.

    Taylor at Household Management 101´s last blog post..Mar 19, How To Clean A Microwave Oven

  15. V. Higgins says:

    My hubby and I actually set two alarms, one 15 minutes before I have to get out of bed so that we start the day with cuddles. Even though it’s hard to pull myself out of bed, I love starting the day feeling close to my husband.

  16. What is funny is that on Tuesday, I wrote a blog post about getting kids off to school in the morning and it was a response to a friend exclaiming over the fact that I so enjoy having coffee and reading the paper in the morning – and that I have the time to do it. If you want to read it (and maybe get a few tips on simplifying the morning routine) it’s here:

  17. On the very, very best of days, I start the day with a cup of coffee (black) and the Scripture in the quiet before the girls wake up. I need the steady truth of God’s Word to keep my mind focused on His purposes and His kingdom before activities and obligations arise and distract.

    Megan@SortaCrunchy´s last blog post..You Capture. Week Four.

  18. My day starts with two cups of coffee!! That is a must frankly. Then, making breakfast for baby and lunch for hubby, getting them both up, taking hubby to work, coming home and playing until our first nap. In between, I catch the financial news, etc.

  19. It’s so interesting that you blogged about this today, Rachel, as I’ve been talking and talking about “trying” to get up early & make just 15 minutes of my morning be…well…mine. As of now I wake up, take a shower, put on my make-up, do my hair, get dressed, pack a lunch, brush my teeth & I’m on my way to my desk job. But starting next week I’m committed to (no “trying” allowed) waking up just 15 minutes early to do some yoga. It’ll be so hard to not hit the snooze, or cower under the covers, or have my feet hit the cold floor, but thinking of starting the morning with some stretching and some quiet and some peace and some focus is more than enough to get me going.

    Michelle | WhenIGrowUpCoach´s last blog post..Blocking Your Time (for Overly Committed, Perfectionist, Somewhat Structured Creatives)

  20. If I can shower, get make up and hair done, get dressed and start coffee before the kids get up, it will be a good day. Lately, the time change has been a real challenge. We are almost 2 weeks in and my whole family is still on standard time!

    Marci´s last blog post..No time for the morning routine

  21. Quiet time to think, breathe, create, eat and drink mindfully. A chance to look at the day outside and ponder how it will interact with my internal day. A moment to consider how best to bring my daughter gently into the new morning.

    jennifer´s last blog post..The Amazing Technicolor Dreamquilt Contest

  22. Your post reminds me that my day starts off better if I exercise then rather than later. That’s an activity to return to now that it’s getting warmer!

    Sally Parrott Ashbrook´s last blog post..Visions, Actions, & Growth

  23. Now that it’s getting warmer and outside exercise weather is enjoyable…
    my day starts off great if I do my morning routine in this order- exercise, shower, dressed, kids up & off to school, devotions, laundry, and a quick house pick up.

    kristyn´s last blog post..thoughtful fridays

  24. I think i will be printing this question of the day to tape on my mirror. These are very motivationg thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

    Theadora´s last blog post..My sunshine, my little sunshine!

  25. As typical of a Mom, I define the morning as the time between waking up and getting the kids off to school. So it’s a good morning if;

    a) wake up before my kids.

    b) wake up knowing the days appointments.

    c) get everyone to school on time.

    d) give a big smooch to hubby before he leaves for the office.

  26. I am a terrible person in the morning – saying that I’m not a morning person is an understatement. #2 is something that I really need to remind myself – I think I’ll put that on a post-it on the bathroom mirror. Thanks for the reminder!

    Mary´s last blog post..There’s a Baby in My Tummy!

  27. I just revamped my morning routine. I now look at email, update blog, exercise and then pray/meditate.
    It works for me.

    Rona´s last blog post..Menu Plan Monday – March 23, 2009

  28. A good morning is if the baby is in her own bed and not in mine. If there are no tantrums over favorite bowls and spoons. If I can have sweet conversation with hubby about the day and help him get ready. If I can get not only a sweet hug from my school boy, but also a sweet gaze and smile. Give hubby a good smooch goodbye. Get baby down for morning nap and eat oatmeal while it’s still hot.

    katiek @ new eyes´s last blog post..problem::solution

  29. At home, I eat breakfast with hubby, prepare my lunch to bring to work, prepare my son’s milk, take a bath, sometimes bathe my son (because most of the time hubby does this), then I’m off to work.

    At my office, I clean/disinfect my table, open the PC, check my emails, wash & fill my tumbler with water, check my planner, say mg daily prayer, read devotionals.

  30. I have a collection of “morning music” that I begin playing before everyone else rises. It helps me set the mood for the day!

  31. a cup of british style tea.
    (okay, really, i drag myself from the bed due to a crying child, but the tea is what brings me to my senses.)

  32. When my husband was alive, I started my mornings writing my three pages longhand. I used a fountain pen and did this while petting the cats and drinking my morning tea. I lost that routine when he died in October. I rattled around in a strange house, still doing my morning pages but it wasn’t the same.

    I met a man in the ICU, when my husband was ill. He lost his wife at the same time. He’s become my boyfriend. I’ve introduced him to tea. I make up a pot and bring him a cup. We sit on the bed and chat. It’s become his favorite part of the day. Sometime soon, I hope to bring the writing and the cats back into the picture. For now, I’m just happy to have a routine again.

    Teri Pittman´s last blog post..Goats!

  33. I am just a lazy grandmother. I wake up and stagger to the kitchen put the cereal & milk in the bowl trot back to bed with my book for half an hour . This is my ME TIME. However there is always time in my day to bead. and surf the net.

    Pat´s last blog post..Another RAW.

  34. I liked this topic but I have this huge problem of oversleeping I wish i could get rid of.


    Emoar´s last blog post..Sign me please