The Spice Cabinet Cleanout


Apparently it only happens once every ten years.

Not too long ago I helped my Granny pack for a move to her new house. I packed up her spices and joked about how some of her spices were as old as me. I laughed too soon, because my turn was coming.

It had been a while since I checked the expiration dates on all the spice bottles. They were lined up four layers deep. As I prepared for my move, I wondered how old they were.

As I looked into the cabinet, I found:

  1. Basil from 1998
  2. Ground mustard from 1999 (it smelled a bit dusty)
  3. Garlic salt expired in 2002
  4. Parsley expired in 2003

I didn’t know it had been that long since I checked them!

The frugal side of me has a hard time tossing spices, but the practical side convinced me it’s necessary.

Practical Reason #1: No one should eat something that is ten years old.

Practical Reason #2: Spices should have a scent.

Practical Reason #3: Green herbs should not be beige.

Practical Reason #4: Expired spices don’t need to be replaced. I obviously wasn’t using them anyways.

So what’s reasonable? McCormick shares these guidelines for how long spices can be expected to last.

  • Seasoning blends: 1-2 years
  • Herbs: 1-3 years
  • Ground spices: 2-3 years
  • Whole spices (such as cinnamon sticks and peppercorns): 3-4 years
  • Extracts: 4 years (except for pure vanilla, which lasts indefinitely)

Ground spices quickly lose flavor, which is why whole peppercorns last longer than ground pepper. To keep your spices fresh longer, store them away from heat, light, and moisture. That will help to preserve flavor and color, and prevent clumping.

If your spice bottle is missing an expiration date, you can check it online:


I tossed more than half of my spices. (I spread them out to make it seem like I kept more.) The nice part is that the ones I kept are the ones I actually use.

Is anyone brave enough to check their spice cabinet? Does anyone have a spice older than my dried basil?
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  1. Rachel, I’m sure I don’t have any spices as old as your dried basil, but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that some of my unopened spices are now expired. :o I did a purge some time in the last two years and got rid of quite a few… that I promptly replaced. I still have between 30 and 40 bottles of spices (oh my), about half of which I use with some regularity.

    Basil, Oregano, Marjoram, Thyme, Bay Leaf
    Cumin, Coriander, Garlic Powder, Paprika
    Nutmeg, Cloves, Cinnamon
    Onion Powder, Pepper, Cayenne, Ginger
    Tarragon, Turmeric

    The rest I acquired during delusions of grandeur (oh yeah, that recipe looks good, I think I’ll make that…. ooo and that one, yup mmhmm sounds tasty, etc, to no avail) only to be too tired, scared or forgetful when I finally face reality. So, these spices sit and wait for me to remember what recipe that was I had in mind for them. And what day was I going to cook it? Makes me very glad I *haven’t* indulged in cardamom or vanilla bean — whenever would I make use of either?

  2. Inspired by many pantry-makeovers I’d admired on all the simplicity blogs, I cleaned out my spice cabinet last summer. Nothing old enough to beat your list, but only because we’ve lived in this house for less than 10 years.

    But I totally love that you’re willing to confess having decade-old Basil.

    • I just counted, and I’ve moved five times in the last ten years! I have no excuse. :)

  3. I’ll bite. It’ll give me an excuse to move the spices from the ancient thrifted breadbox I’ve been keeping them in (literally — when I’m done I just open the lid, throw the spice in there and close it as fast as I can so the other spices don’t come clattering out) and to admit the fact that there are some spices I *just don’t like.* I’ll be interested to see what I’m left with and how small a space it fits in — and what new purpose I can find for the breadbox!

    jennifer´s last blog post..Studio Saturday — Dinosaur Dig and Book Blitz

  4. I actually just cleaned out my spice cabinet last week and I too threw out about half of my spices. I think the oldest was from 2005, so not too bad, but we’ll see how long it takes me before I do it again! My first reaction after throwing them away was to go right out and buy more of the same. Then I thought about it and realized what you wrote above – that if I still have them, expired, I’m obviously not using them. Instead, I think I’ll just wait until I find a recipe that calls for it and then go get it. Otherwise it’s just a waste of money and space. Thanks for the info from McCormick! I’ll keep that in mind for the future.

  5. I’m almost afraid to clean mine out, knowing full well that I got most of my spices at my wedding shower in 1999. I am moving this summer though, so it will be a good opportunity to really look at them.

    Mary´s last blog post..Her intentions were golden

    • Um, I see your Basil from 1998 and raise you Nutmeg from 1996. Over half of my spices were from the last 90s, which I was expecting. A few of them have never even been opened! Thanks for the proverbial kick in the butt!

      • I’ll raise your 1996 with a Frenches from 1984 and another from 1990! Seven yrs ago I went thru Mom’s spices and tossed a few. Should’a kept look’n.
        I did find one (French’s Cream of Tartar) that has ‘HO16′ as apposed to the usual number then letter. (no you can’t turn it upside down, because the ‘1’ doesn’t look like an ‘L’…or can you?)
        What do you make of that?
        Its in a metal can, if that makes a difference. For now I think I can safely assume that as the code is even older than the ones that Spice Advice speaks of.

  6. I laughed when I saw this post. A month ago I decided to do the same thing and was quite surprised to see that several of my spices had expired in the late 90’s to early 2000’s! I tossed well over half of my supply. What was really irritating was that I several bottles of some of them and all of them had expired!ggrrr

    Oh well……live and learn. I will be much more careful now (I hope!).

  7. I should do this. I’m sure some of my Curry spices are at least 6 years old (as old as my daughter, hmmmm….coincidence? I think not!)

    Juliet´s last blog post..Voices from the net: the fascist option

  8. I have another problem that makes my spice problem worse. I’m short and my spice cabinet is narrow. My spices are all crammed into this tiny shelf and I quickly lose sight of or forget what I have. At least twice I have purchased a spice I already had!

    Nicki at Domestic Cents´s last blog post..Budget-Friendly Spring Crafts And Activities

    • Ack! I do the same thing for the same reason! It’s nice to know I’m in good company. :) When that happens, I combine spices (to heck with expiration dates — oldest spice goes on top).

  9. I know some of my spice cabinet contents are from 1998 or older as that is when I set up housekeeping and some things were given to me by my mom. I know I kept some because the spices were bought in bulk and put into jars that my sister made caligraphy lables for.
    I have an alphabetized list on the inside of the spice cabinet door that I made unpacking from my last move 5 years ago.
    I think I will start today tossing stuff I never use and replace the ones I do use when I do the shopping this week. Fortuately salt never goes bad.

  10. I couldn’t help but laugh as I read your post. I’m afraid to go check my spice cabinet. I know I have a few that are out of date. The last time I checked, I had some that were several years out of date too.

    What I find frustrating is paying an arm and a leg for a particular spice because a recipe calls for it and then not needing it again for a long time. By the time you need that spice again, it’s out of date.

    Amanda @ Mommy’s Idea Book´s last blog post..The Tale of Peter Rabbit

    • For this very reason, I took to making my own spice bottles–and to restocking as needed from the bulk section at my local natural grocer. (Well, actually, there’s a spice shop that opened near me recently, so that’s become my store of choice for spices.) That way, if I’m buying something for a recipe, I only get a small amount until I know I’m going to make the recipe a zillion times or that I love the flavor of the spice so much that I’ll use it in a lot of stuff in the future. Other pluses: the quality is usually better even than what you’d get in jars at the local Safeway and it is cheaper, too!

  11. nice work. I have lots of herbs and spices but last time I checked I use all of them. I also buy them in bulk and distribute them with friends so I honestly don’t know their expiration dates!

    renee @ FIMBY´s last blog post..Maine Maple Sunday

  12. I did this recently and it was scary. New rule in my spice cabinet ~ I use a sharpie marker to write the date of purchase on all new spices. This way it’s easy to see how long they’ve been in my cabinet.

    Nancy´s last blog post..Menu Plan Monday ~ March 22 – 28

    • Nancy, you always have good ideas for organization!

    • Nancy,
      I do this same thing. When I moved three years ago I couldn’t believe how old some of the spices were. As I packed the good ones I put a mark on them with a sharpie so I knew at a glance what had moved with us, then started dating them as I bought new.

  13. Oh, I don’t even want to look (covering eyes). I know that I would have the same scenarios. I am trying to use more fresh herbs with the addition of our little patio garden. I really should go through my dried spices though- I am sure the process would be…eye opening ;)

    Amy´s last blog post..Boxed Wines: An Eco & Wallet Friendly Choice

  14. I had to print out the McCormick and Durkee date guidelines before my husband would believe me that spice _could_ expire. There was only a culling, not a purge. The cabinet is still pretty full with large containers.

    I don’t think place like Costco and BJs should sell the large jar of spices to households, only to restaurant owners!

  15. I went through my spice collection a few weeks ago and threw away some that were several years old. Sometimes I buy a spice in order to make a new recipe, and then the recipe isn’t worth making again. : ( If you want to replace spices or buy a wedding gift, I recommend checking out or a Penzeys Spices store.

  16. I’m not too worried about the age of my spices – we only got married in 2004. It’s funny, of all the things we needed to set up housekeeping, spices was the hardest. We weren’t gifted with any spice collections, we couldn’t afford to drop $5/jar for all the different spices we wanted.

    I do have my spices openly displayed on my kitchen wall. Not only does it make it easier for cooking and such, but it helps knowing outright what we do have.

    And somehow I’m able to make Costco’s spices work out very well for me. I don’t buy all they have, but the ones I’ve bought have been steadily used.

    Leah S´s last blog post..Ruthless

  17. Excuse me, but HOW and WHEN did you hack my brain?! My spice cupboard has been nagging at me for the last month. Oh I already KNOW there are spices in there from college (Um…14 years ago!!!) Plus, I can never seem to find what I’m looking for.

    I guess your post is the Universe telling me it’s time…

    Okay, I’ll let you hack my brain one more time…right now I’m sending you “organizing zillions of Legos…” ; )

    Kirwin´s last blog post..Edit, add, appreciate

    • That’s so funny Kirwin.

      Right now all of our Legos are kept in one box. Maybe I’ll have better ideas when my kids are older.

      • I may be a bit late or off topic on the discussion of LEGO’s…we found that using one of the tall ISIS plastic stacking drawers worked the best for our kids. They were able to sort the different types and colors into however many high drawers you put together. It was on wheels and they could wheel it out of the closet to play and put it back afterwards.

        Thanks for the “umph” on the spices — just what I needed!! :-)

  18. Soooo funny, Kirwin! I hope no one is hacking my brain today. That would be quite a post!!! I cleaned out the cupboards in December, but just cleaned out the spices that I didn’t remember buying and that pack of bay leaves that had turned completely yellow…past their prime, I’m assuming. Thanks for the spice company links. I probably need to check a few dates.

    Marci´s last blog post..Menu Plan Monday – March 23, 2009

  19. I’m afraid I may still have spices from BK (before kids). From the days when I used to experiment all the time with new recipes. This is the push I need to go through and clean up. I like Nancy’s suggestion of marking the bought date with a sharpie.

    Jen@OurDailyBigTop´s last blog post..wheeeee…

  20. I just went and checked my spice cabinet – nothing too old but there are definitely a few that need to go. Why did I ever think I needed a ‘Sams Club size jar’ of paprika??? My one excuse is that sometimes the big jar from Sams is actually the same price or cheaper than what I can get a small jar at a grocery store for. I also identify with buying a particular seasoning for one recipe and then not using it up. Maybe we should have a seasoning swap. ;-)
    I do have to tell you though, I helped my mom clean out her cabinet awhile ago and found something from 1975. I think it was Alum or something….who even uses that?

  21. I hope nobody looks at my spice cabinet anytime soon… I’m not sure how old most of my spices are – at least four years (since I got most of them when I got married four years ago)… as long as they still season the food the way I like it, I guess I’m okay with it… plus, most of them aren’t even opened! (I only use a few spices – garlic, onion, seasoning salt, etc – on a regular basis!)

    Ashley´s last blog post..It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…

  22. Rachel – my dried oregano is at least as old as your basil! It’s the Sam’s Club sized one that we got on our very first trip to Sam’s as newlyweds. EEEEEK! I guess it’s time for that one to go. Evidently, we don’t use quite as much oregano as that blushing bride thought we would. ;)

    Megan@SortaCrunchy´s last blog post..As He Leads Us: On Marriage, Part Two

  23. How funny, and I can totally relate, too! What’s really bad is when you are cleaning out your spices and realize you have moved twice since they expired. Oops!

  24. I should really go through all of our spices and get them organized! My husband bought a ncie spice rack at Goodwill about a year ago. We just haven’t gotten around to labeling all of the jars and so it’s kept us from actually using it. It’s a shame, but now I’m really inspired to get this done!

  25. Lol, I love this thing. I am a monthly one.

    jaky´s last blog phone reminders, arguments and a nap in the noon

  26. Thank you! I have been milling around in spices for far too long. After reading the post, before going on to anything else I dove in and mine was probably cut in half also. Much nicer to have the ones I use and not all the specialty ones I used once. Great motivator for my day.

    Angie´s last blog post..Bump in the road

  27. Thanks for reminding me, this needs to be put into your “Cleaning Book” as a once in a year thing! I can’t say, however that the common spices are old, Basil, Sage, Garlic salt, Oregeno, Rosemary, these are things I use and have to buy regularly. I am growing them this year…I have them sprouting inside right now. ( I will dry them out and use them all winter).

  28. Oh man…thanks for the reminder! I have needed to do this for a LONG time! I hate throwing spices away as well, though you do have a good point…if they are still left over after years, do I really need to re-purchase? Thanks!

    Kate´s last blog post..Scrap Tote

  29. I just did this last week, and I thought having spices that were expired in ’04 was bad, but you definitely take the cake. :)I kind of hated to throw mine away too, but was able to buy off-brand spices pretty cheaply so it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

  30. I just purged a few weeks ago and threw out a lot. But, I went again when you put a new website (Spice Islands) to check with. Guess what? I have Paprika from 1996. Guess it needs to go!
    My husband doesn’t believe that spices get old and even showing him the websites he said….”I’ll bet they can still be used” Sheesh.

    I started writing the expiration date on the top with a sharpie the last time I culled. This should help. BUT…I, too, hate it when you buy a spice for a recipe and then don’t need it for awhile. Too bad they couldn’t offer tiny little bottles.

  31. Great reference material. Your spice shelf looks far neater than mine. No, I do not have spices older than your basil but I definitely need to thin out.

    Miko’s Girl´s last blog post..A Lazy Gardener

  32. Kimberlee says:

    Do we get a prize for having the oldest spice? LOL! I’ve got one… drumroll….

    Whole cloves from McCormick. I typed in the code on the bottom and, according to their site, they were made Aug. 13… 1990!!!! Which means that I’ve actually moved twice and moved them with me! Oy vey!

    I have a few others that are about 9 years old. This has been fun! LOL!

    • Good job Kimberlee! I also received an email from Cindy who said she found poppy seed and nutmeg from the ’80s!

  33. I need to do this, too. I’m pretty sure I have 3 or 4 jars of nutmeg that could go.

    Minnesotamom´s last blog post..Snow Steal

  34. When we moved in January 2009, that provided an opportunity to throw out the old and never used spices.

    Rona´s last blog post..Menu Plan Monday – March 23, 2009

  35. Kimberlee says:

    Oops, also found tarragon from 1993. I’m glad that spice manufacturers are now putting expiration dates on them. I think that’s why I had some old ones – they still smelled/looked good because I store them in a dark pantry. The codes mean nothing if you can’t interpret them. :D

  36. Not as old as yours, but I do have a bottle of vanilla from 1999 when I got married. I don’t know why since I know I’ve used more than one bottle over the years.

  37. Wow, I just cleaned out my spice cabinet last month. I was also amazed at how many old spices I had in there. Before my cleanout there wasn’t enough room in my cabinet for all my spices, not I have plenty of room and only have the spices that I actually use. I’m trying to keep it that way too. We’ll see how I do.

    Buffie´s last blog post..You Want How Much?

  38. Your post made me laugh because today I actually cleaned out my shelf of spices and seasonings. Not to many were expired, but I really don’t use as many as I thought. The search is on to find recipes for the random ones I have.

    Juliann Munson´s last blog post..

  39. This is not expired spices but meat!!!! i am really to ashamed to admit that my father cleaned out our freezer and discovered 23 year old beef and THEN COOKED IT AND ATE IT!!!!!!!

    needless to say i did not partake

  40. Great post! I plan on cleaning out my spice cabinet (hopefully) today. I have something, that looks petrified towards the back!

    Love the little “stairs” your spices are on, mine, sadly are all just one big pile up.

  41. I moved in January, and in cleaning out my spice cabinet I found the following surprises…

    1 – Lemon Pepper expired in 2001!
    2 – Two jumbo containers of soy sauce
    3 – 5 (yes, 5!) jars of mustard. Who needs that many containers of mustard!?

    And let’s not even talk about the bathroom cabinets under the sink…

    Rachel´s last blog post..the perfect weekend

  42. Soooooooo funny. It’s amazing what lurks in the spice cabinet. Tarragon monsters in mine!!

    Kelli´s last blog post..From the Mouths of Babes

  43. I really like the point you made that if you haven’t used it in several years, then you probably won’t miss it if you get rid of it! I don’t think I have anything older than your basil in mine, but that’s only because I returned from working overseas a few years ago and had to start my spice cabinet from scratch. I also had no idea that they list expiration dates on them . . . I’m going to have to go take a look!

    Life from the Roof´s last blog post..Menu Planning Monday: Freezer Food

  44. I have invested in a lovely rack of tupperware spice containers, they stack neatly, are labelled clearly and appear altogether wonderful in my very organized (read: OCD) kitchen. But, I have just realised that there are no expiry dates! Some of those could have been there 10 years… sigh… more cooking, use them all up then have this blog post as a date to refer to when next checking :) Thanks Rachel! :)

    angelvalerie´s last blog post..paying attention to details

  45. Oh, my! They have dates? Lol. I love that you have Old Bay. That’s from our local spice company. We buy it in huge containers around here and use it on everything.

  46. I’m not kidding when I say I “inherited” a big bottle of cinnamon when my aunt passed away, like 8 years ago, who know how long she had it for. For some reason I never threw it out and continued to use it until 2 weeks ago when it finally was all gone. When I got the new cinnamon I couldn’t believe how different and wonderful the smell was! I also know I have bullion cubes in my cabinet from the 90’s. Time for a little spring cleaning huh?!

    Stephanie´s last blog post..sprucing it up

  47. Rachel, don’t be ashamed and not looking at your spices more frequently. Who has this on their to do list? I understand that moving is a great time to purge though. My poor daughter has already lived in three houses (and three different cities) and she is just 7 years old.

    Taylor at Household Management 101´s last blog post..Mar 30, Household Inventory: Why Your Family Should Create One

  48. I have a spice tht should beet all and I actually used it today–that is why I was looking up safety issues. My turmeric is dated Oct 17/60!!! YIKES—that was when I was a wee kid. I got this spice from a grandma type person back in the 70’s before I was married. It has traveled far and wide. Needless to say I wasn’t using recipes with turmeric—-now I have found one I love so ….guess I should break down and by some new stuff!

    kim´s last blog post..Tofu Scramble from eatingconsciously

  49. Any thoughts about spice brands not mentioned in your links? I have Encore Gourmet and God Medal spice with no expiration dates.

  50. I recently just cleaned out my In-law’s kitchen… among the hordes of expired spices i discovered a package of pink sprinkles from 1987 and a metal tin of mustard seeds from 1990. No one has cooked there in a long time i guess :)

    Tim´s last blog post..

  51. Josette Bell says:

    Found your website and have to admit with much shame that I had Crushed red pepper from 1996. Found out a few moments ago on the McCormick website that it was so old. And I wondered why there was no heat when I used it a few weeks ago…hello! LOL

  52. I did find one (French’s Cream of Tartar) that has ‘HO16′ as apposed to the usual number then letter. (no you can’t turn it upside down, because the ‘1′ doesn’t look like an ‘L’…or can you?)
    What do you make of that?
    Its in a metal can, if that makes a difference. For now I think I can safely assume that as the code is even older than the ones that Spice Advice speaks of.

  53. Mom is alergic to Cloves. What would be a good substitute? The recipe (Apple-Stuffed Roast Chicken) already calls for Allspice. Should I just leave the (2) cloves out and maybe use a bit extra allspice? Or just leave out the cloves?

    • I don’t think there is a good replacement for cloves – it has a pretty distinctive flavor. I do think that allspice, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg are a good combination of flavors. If your recipe already calls for allspice, adding extra allspice may be a good bet. Adding some cinnamon or nutmeg (if you think it would work with the dish) may also add some flavor and make the dish your own.

      • I was thinking the same thing. I have two dishes that request cloves; the Honey Glazed Pork Roast only says ‘mixed pickling spices’ and the cloves for seasoning. The Apple-Stuffed Roast Chcken does say cinnamon & allspice…, so I don’t think cloves will be missed.
        Thanks Bunches!!!

  54. We have a TON of spices, but we actually cook with most of them (I think). When I want to see if we are actually using spices (or if that Japanese horseradish we purchased for a recipe we wanted to try has never been used again), I stick masking tape the lid of each jar. If I use the spice, I tear off the tape. I set a date, like 1 year from today, to throw out any spices that still have the masking tape on them.

  55. I wrote to some of the companies, like C. F. Sauer Co., and some of them offered to send me coupons for more spices! I think it was very thoughtful and a great way to encourage folks to replace old spices with their brand. I was very pleased. Those of you who want to replace the money spent on old spices (especially at today’s prices) should really try writting to the company.

  56. I have another thought, what is a good subsitute for ‘Candied Ginger’?
    I have a BBQ rib recipe that calls for that but really don’t think I want to have to spend the money on something I’ll prob only use once. What a waste.
    What do you think I should do?
    Or should I just find other uses for the candied ginger so it won’t go to waste?
    Any ideas would be welcome.

    • I’m not sure that there is a good replacement for candied ginger, but most natural food stores should carry it in their bulk bin. Candied ginger is a candy, so it keeps for a while, but if you buy it in bulk you can get just what you need. My method is to call ahead and call around until you find the store that has what you need.

  57. So I buy my spices from the bulk food store (much cheaper and not all the packaging), so how do I know when they expire?

  58. How funny. After a discussion with my sister-in-law last night, I took this task on this AM. How liberalizing it is to purge of old spices. I moved things like my baking soda & powder and salt shakers in my spice cupboard pull out too. Made more room in my baking shelf. I washed all the glass bottles and will now only buy spices in the bulk section where I can buy only as much as I need. Will store in these clean glass jars.

  59. Becky Phillips says:

    I moved into my current location in January 2006. I planned to bring the spices from my old house to this one. What I hadn’t counted on was that the boxes my spices were stored in for several months got wet. By the time I started unboxing spices, there was a nasty amount of mold and mildew growing on the box and the spice containers! I got rid of it all. Many of the things were almost new. It was a good bit of money down the drain. One more reason to dislike moving.

    Most of the spices have been replaced over time. Thanks for the reminder to check them. I just realized I’ve been in this house now 3 years! It’s obviously past time to think about this.

    Joyfully, Becky Phillips, Arlington, TX

  60. I just started cleaning out my spices today. I’ve organized in the past but never really checked the dates. I found Ground Allspice made by McCormick that did not have a date on it, so I went to the website and it said that it was made 8/9/1995. I don’t even use Allspice so I cannot imagine why I had it to begin with.

  61. I love the way tou have organized your spic closet. Where did you get those little stairs? It makes easier to see what you have :)

    greetings from barcelona.

  62. GREAT RESOURCE! I had posted a Facebook status asking how to tell what spices to throw out, and a friend sent me this link. Sadly, I had 2 garbage bags of large containers of McCormick spices from the warehouse club that had to go. Also in the collection? An entire spice rack that was a wedding gift in 1994…a few things we had used and replaced, but several were not yet even opened! Definitely an eye opener – I like the idea of saving and cleaning the small bottles and only replacing what I need as I go… Thanks for all the great tips and links!

  63. 1994 was the earliest date on mine, never cook any more since I divorced, probably been 20 years since I did any cooking. Couldn’t believe it when I checked it.

  64. I am finally inspired to clean up my spice rack . My mother gave it to me for an anniversary gift in 1979 . It still has all the original spices in it . I do dust it on a regular basis :) I would assume that all the spices are expired lol . Oh well i guess i am not a spicey person .

  65. Nancy @ Evil Cupcake says:

    My MIL gave me her old spices when we moved. The oldest one was 31 years old – just slightly younger than me!

  66. Yes, I Did tonight! I never use the ones in the back they are my grandmas so when I move in I just use the one a brought with me well todays the day 15 year old chili powder is in the TRASH!! lol

  67. From separate relative’s basements/fridges, recently found salad dressing from 1979 and corn syrup from 1984.

  68. Actually I have a spice (from my Mom) from 1982 which I just ditched last night when I realized how old my spices were (even the cans didn’t look good).

  69. I’m home for the holidays and my mom went through hers before we made cookies. The oldest one with a date… 1974. The tins looked much nicer back then.