We’re Having a…


We’re having a boy!

My precious girl tries on my clothes, creates secret hiding places, and arranges my makeup into little stacks. I have no idea what I’m in for this time.

Fill me in, what good things do I get to look forward to with a boy?
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  1. Ah, a boy. I have an older daughter and a younger son. I didn’t notice ANY difference between them (other than anatomy) for about the first year. Now I’ve found that my little guy is braver, rougher, and cuddlier. Sweeter, sometimes. Other times not so much. He developed faster physically in some areas but not in others (he’s physically bigger than she was and started climbing sooner, but walked 3 months later). They’re both great, even though I’ve still got lots to learn about boys.


    Heather´s last blog post..Becca’s Okinawa Visit – The Beaches

  2. Congratulations, Rachel!! I have an older daughter and younger son too :) Let’s see…my son loves anything with wheels that he can vroom. He loves playing in water, and he’s such a snuggly mama’s boy. My daughter talks non-stop and my son is much more deliberate with when he chooses to speak and what he says. My two could not be more different, but of course both amazing in their unique ways. I wish you the best throughout the rest of your pregnancy!

    Emily@remodelingthislife´s last blog post..Happy Earth Day!

  3. Hi.

    I have four-year-old b/g twins. My son is more deliberate, most of the time. He likes to build and figure out how things work. He’s a snuggler, and he was happier and more smiley as a baby. He tends to mope and throw himself on the floor when he’s upset rather than yell and whine (like his sister). He’s taking much longer to be accident-free with the potty training. When in company with other boys, he’s rougher and louder and gets pretty manic.

    They’re both fun for entirely different reasons.


  4. Congratulations, Rachel! We find out next month which flavor we’re having…

    My son is 5, and he still crawls into my lap and tells me he’s going to marry me someday. And he tells me how beautiful I am. Boys are just awesome. :)

    Emily´s last blog post..Finding Balance

  5. Congratulations Rachel! When I was pregnant with my first I remember saying “Oh dear…I hope this is a girl, I don’t know what to do with a boy!” and now I have 2! :) I love my boys dearly and similar to Heather’s boy mine are definitely rough, cuddly and very affectionate but my eldest is also a very cautious little man.

    A bit of a tip for you…it is true what they say…so when changing diapers make sure you have a spare REAL close ;)

    Sherri (Serene Journey)´s last blog post..Guest Post At On Simplicity

  6. Southern Gal says:

    My older daughter and younger son were a great deal like Emily’s two. They are now 20 and 17 (with a younger 7 yo brother). Rebekah was a mama hen and took care of Jacob all the time. Jacob was seven months old when I heard some sounds coming from him while I was putting away groceries in the kitchen. I turned around and he had an animal cracker box pushing it across the floor making car sounds!!! Where did that come from? (Rebekah was/is a total priss pot.) He is more deliberate in his speech also. Like his daddy. He thinks it through before he says it. And when he got a little older it was anything extreme…climbing trees, riding bikes like a daredevil, playing sports. Challenges are top priority.

    I love all my children. There’s just something different between a mama and her boy(s). Can’t describe it. Daddy’s girl, Mama’s boy is true. Probably has to do with the opposite sex thing. Whatever it is, it’s caused me to ramble in your comments. Sorry.

    And Congratulations!!

  7. Congrats! I have an (almost) 3 year old boy, who is FULL OF ENERGY!!! You’ll love playing “monster trucks” (even with smaller trucks and cars). Like my daughter, my son is very inquisitive and loves to “help” whenever he can (especially in the kitchen!). Best of luck to you and your family! =)

  8. Congratulations!! I have two girls so I have no idea what you’re up to. If my sophomores are any indication– a lot of dirt and wild hilarity with a touch of sweetness that shocks me sometimes!

    Mrs. E´s last blog post..A Little Dot of Red

  9. I think one of my favorite things about having boys is seeing them with their papa. I am sure your little girl mimics everything you do and looks to you for all inspiration on being a girl. It is the same for our boys. They want to be just like papa.

    My 2 1/2 year old comes and rubs my shoulders when I’m sitting on the floor and says “just like papa does!”

    Shannon´s last blog post..Asian Inspired Slow Cooker Short Ribs with Cabbage & Carrots

  10. Entropy.

    Juliet´s last blog post..

  11. I have a 13 yo boy and a 5 yo daughter. My son was much more easily redirected than my daughter and sulked rather than tantrumed. He did his learning, although sometimes late, in incredible spurts: from crawling to suddenly running, from not talking to suddenly conversing in paragraphs and endless questions, from seemingly not even recognizing letters to reading at an advanced level, from clumsy to athlete, and on and on. My DS was a creature of inherent routine–who kept me to schedules and routines even when I was prone to let them slide: asleep at 8 every night in his own bed whether I sent him there or not.

    My DD is his opposite. She learns a steady and predictable gait. Throws incredible tantrums. Talked early. And resists all attempts at routine. I think that all children have their own incredible differences without it necessarily being about gender. Both my children love swimming, animals, the outdoors, cuddles, and reading/being read to. Good luck with your pregnancy!

  12. Congrats! I can be of no help. I have two girls.

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  13. Congrats! I had Sara first – then Eli. Girl first is better! Girls make good helpers :)

    Dana @ Letters to Elijah´s last blog post..This is Going to make your Head Spin

  14. Congratulations Rachel!! How exiting! I have a 5 year old boy and an almost 2 year old girl.

    I had heard it said that boys tend to be mama’s boys and girls tend to be daddy’s girls. Well, in my case that seems to be true. He usually comes to me when he wants something and she goes to daddy.

    One main difference here is my son has always been more stubborn. Oh sorry, that’s not really what you wanted to hear. ;) He’s also very loving. You’re gonna love having a little boy. I think it’s a wonderful thing to get to experience having both a boy and a girl.

    God bless you and your baby.

    Amanda @ Mommy’s Idea Book´s last blog post..7 Things You Don’t Know About Me

  15. Hey congrats ! :)

    Ambiome´s last blog post..Thérapie du sourire

  16. Congrats! Any child is a blessing, but boys are something special! (Of course, if you had said you were having a girl I would have said, but girls are something special! Babies are just amazing).

    I have one boy and two girls. They are each completely different, but it is interesting to see what is a difference between boy and girl, and what is just a difference between personalities.

    I have found mothering a boy to be a bit different, just because boys are rough and tumble and love to run around. But you get used to it, and really begin to enjoy it.

    Good luck, and congratulations again!

    Taylor at Household Management 101´s last blog post..Apr 24, How To Clean Hardwood Floors – Written Instructions And Video

  17. With 2 girls, all I can say is congrats!

  18. Congratulations!

    I have a little girl and my boy is due in about 7 weeks. So… I’m not much help, but I completely understand how you feel! My little girl wears my shoes, loves purses, phones, animals, babies, brushing her hair, tractors, motorcycles and cars… so who knows what surprises this boy will bring me!

    Blessed´s last blog post..Thankful, Apprehensive and Planting…

  19. My son is 5 and my daughter is almost 3, so the dynamic of older/younger will be different than yours.

    That said, your son will love you ’til the ends of the earth. He will want to protect you and take care of you when you’re sick. He’s also MUCH LESS DRAMATIC!

    I think it’s the older/younger factor, but my son is more helpful than my daughter.

    Enjoy…it’s nice to have one of each!

    Kirwin´s last blog post..Technical Difficulties

  20. You’re in for frogs and snails and puppy dog tails.


  21. Congratulations Rachel!

    xo, jenny :)

    LobotoME´s last blog post..{ the garden }

  22. Congratulations on your little boy! We have 5 boys and 2 girls. My experience with boys has been that they are very cuddly, very energetic (to the point of my exhaustion!), and VERY different from my daughters. Little boys are no nonsense- life is about trucks, airplanes, cars, and eating.
    Have fun!

  23. Congratulations! I only have one child and he is great. All I wanted was a boy. I didn’t have any idea what I would do with a girl…since I don’t have another to compare him to I can’t say boys are easier than girls but so far I am having a blast. It’s all Thomas the Train and Hot wheels and he LOVES to “wrestle” with Popps….they roll around and tickle and make faces at each other. it’s great. Have fun.

    april´s last blog post..Lots on my mind…..

  24. Robin in NC says:

    Just wanted to say congrats on the boy. I never had a son myself. I have two daughters 21 and 17. Be blessed.

  25. Congrats, Rachel. You must be so excited. No babies at our house yet. All I know about are little brothers!

    Katie at makingthishome.com´s last blog post..Avoiding Clutter in the First Place

  26. Thank you. These notes are so encouraging. I’m enjoying reading them all.

  27. Be prepared for everything in your house to be destroyed and need fixing constantly. ;) My boy is a mix of rough and tumble (and destruction) and a huge heart and emotions. Parenting him is so much fun!

    Buy shares in the Lego company too. Congratulations! :o)

  28. Oh, congratulations! My older son is the sensitive, creative thinker and my daughter is feminine-but-tough. Boys don’t fit a certain mold, but one thing is sure and sweet:

    they love their mamas!

    Meredith from Merchant Ships´s last blog post..Use What We Have: iPod Stereo Stand

  29. Congratulations!! Boys are amazingly fun. We only have a son, so I’m not sure how they’re different from girls, but I can tell you my boy talks non-stop. He started talking in full sentences at 14 months. You will learn the name and manufacturer of every thing with wheels on the road. You will also learn their purpose and if you answer a question incorrectly your boy will let you know how silly it is to think a grader was actually a bulldozer. If it moves or makes noise it’s good. Dirt if fabulous, dirt with worms heavenly. You will find yourself yelling, “Hey, I found a fat, juicy one over here!” while holding the wriggling thing up for the boy to see. It doesn’t matter you wouldn’t touch it with a stick if the boy weren’t there. It’s in our biology.

    The really cool thing is when you see them do something just like their dad, and you get this little glimpse into what dad must have been like as a young un. Use extreme caution if your boy has eyes so blue they can’t be matched against any of the paint chips at Lowe’s or even compared to the ocean or sky. Because even when they’re little, they know when you’re wrapped.

  30. I have 2 boys, ages 5 and 3, so I don’t know what a girl is all about. Except for my best friend who has a very hormonal 5-year-old girl… it’s made me really thankful for my boys!!

    Let’s see… make sure everything stays covered the whole time when changing a diaper. It’s a must!

    As long as you have dirt and rocks and sticks around, you actually don’t need toys. Boys are very economical. lol

    mikki roo´s last blog post..keepin it real

  31. I just found out this week that one of my best friends is having a boy, too! There must be something in the water :)

    Congrats, Rachel!

  32. I only have a boy – and we’re having another in 8 weeks. At 16 months our little guy loves airplanes, dogs, balls, puddles, cars, and every kind of electronic gadget he can find. Several months ago, he learned how to turn on his daddy’s touch iPod, and how to unlock our cell phones and call people. He will copy anything his daddy does, he climbs on EVERYTHING, he throws himself on the ground and bangs his head on the floor – hard! – when he is angry, he gets really excited when he gets an “owie”, and he loves giving kisses.

    Oh, and I agree about keeping everything covered when you’re changing a diaper – but because we had problems with #2 not #1! It was pretty hilarious once I got over the shock.

  33. I just had a boy. I have 4 sisters and know nothing about boys. Everyone knew how scared I was, so my Father In Law bought me an excellent book, maybe as a joke, but I read it and I am much more confident. The book is, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Raising Boys.”


  34. Well, I can’t share from personal experience of course, but I do have to say I was convinced AJ was a boy until our ultrasound, and wow! Does she ever act like one! It’s all activity, all the time with her.

    So many congrats to you guys!

    Megan@SortaCrunchy´s last blog post..five senses friday

  35. wow. tears welled up in my eyes when i read your post! i have 19-year-old twin daughters, a 13-year-old daughter and a 5-year-old boy. boys. what to do with boys. that’s what i asked myself when pregnancy number three rolled around. while i wanted a healthy baby, what was i going to do with a boy? there was a moment a litle while before the big ultrasound when i KNEW i was having a boy. how did i know? because god totally changed my heart! i began thinking, “if i don’t have a boy, i will be heartbroken” all those crazy things boys like: cars, trucks, etc., it just all comes naturally. and they’re so sweet. and they smell like a boy. it’s going to be amazing! you’re going to love discovering what having a boy is all about. into year five, i’m still loving the newness of discovering what a boy is. i get teared up often and i tell my son how thankful i am that god brought him into my life and that he was a boy!

  36. I had three girls and then a little boy. Big difference but I love every minute of it!

    Be prepared for…

    -having to check all pockets (rocks, paper, dirt, rubber balls, coins, cars, etc) before doing laundry.
    -constant physical activity.
    -wanting to be outside all the time.
    -puppy dog smells after playing
    -his deep love for his mommy
    -a more difficult time separating (going to school, camp, etc.) than your daughter. See above.
    -the cutest little tighty whities and athletic socks EVER!
    -low maintanence.
    -eating bowls and bowls of cereal when they are going through a growth spurt
    -the best cuddles EVER!
    -feeling a connection like never before
    -the excitement of raising a good man

    You will love every minute of it too!

    pam´s last blog post..happy weekend!

  37. Congratulations on your blessing.
    While there may be clear and distinct differences between them you can be assured He will be a joy and fill your life even more with love,laughter,and precious moments to cute to forget.
    Looking forward to the unfolding of your parenting adventures.
    Blessings and hugs to you .

    Terry´s last blog post..

  38. trucks, trains, airplanes, and spiderman!

  39. Congratulations! As for having boys, my son is all boy. I don’t have a daughter, but comparing to the other girls I know, he is HIGH ENERGY. And this is true of other boys his age too. Some of that may be personality, but wow, he has so much energy. When he’s tired, he crashes, but until then, it’s zoom zoom zoom until bedtime. He loves to be tossed and thrown, etc. and loves anything like that. Oh, and food. He’s such a piggy. It’s a blast!

  40. Congratulations, Rachel! Boys are the best! It’s just like girls…just faster, hardier and more tumbly! ;-)
    But boys love their mommas…and in the end…it’s just joy, joy, joy all the way around! Here goes a wish for a healthy, beautiful, happy baby boy!

  41. Congrats, Rachel! I only have a girl, so no advice I can give you. But I’m due in a month with my second – it’ll be a delivery room surprise, but I’m feeling more like it’s a boy than another girl – but we shall see! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

    Elizabeth´s last blog post..Potty training is not for the weak

  42. Congratulations! How exciting for you! My son has never been ashamed to have me come to his school, volunteer in his classroom or talk to his friends. My middle daughter is horrified by all of the above! My youngest daughter is 4 and still thinks that the sun and moon rise and set with me. Boys are fantastic (daughters too!). You will have a lot of fun with him and he will make you smile daily.

  43. As the mama of two boys (2 and 8 months) …they are awesome :) ((granted, I’m more of a tomboy than girly girl, lol))

    But boys love their mama’s!!!!! :)

    My 2 year old also LOVES to help in the kitchen (some would say that’s a ‘girly’ thing, but I think it’s great he’s learning that)…and he is a GREAT big brother – very loving, (usually) gentle (lol) ….he is ROUGH and TUMBLE though! It’s great :)

    Terra Jones´s last blog post..What will I be up to after we move?

  44. CONGRATS!!!!

    My little boy is 4 months old. He is such a sweetie pie! I’m wrapped around his little finger. Tightly. But I wouldn’t have it any other way :)

    Kacie´s last blog post..How much can we spend on housing?

  45. Congratulations! I don’t have a son, but I do have two brothers and I love them dearly. Laney will be a lucky little girl!

    Rachel´s last blog post..Crafty office supplies

  46. How wonderful! I had my boy first (his sister followed 3 years later) and let me just say, it was easier with a boy. :-) Girls can be high maintenance from the get-go, IMHO… though I wouldn’t trade my princess for the world. Wouldn’t trade my boy either, though, that’s a fact.

    Boys are rough, giggly, defiant, protectors, heroes – and they love their Mommy unconditionally, she is always the prettiest, nicest, bestest person in the whole world. Oh, and you get to learn the very hard lesson of letting them be rough and tumble – which means they get bruises and cuts and scrapes and yet they go back again and again to do the same thing that caused the pain, because it is so.much.fun. (I am just learning this now, as my 7 YO DS is really into cycling and he LOVES riding and doing tricks on a pump track/BMX track – the same bruise that would have had him in tears two years ago he now laughs about and shows off as a medal of honor… boys… just like his Daddy…)

    Laura´s last blog post..Inspiration

  47. Jessica Lucas says:

    I have two girls but I’ve heard a boy with an older sister makes him a better husband (someday). Maybe it’s because he spends his youngest years looking up to a female…

    Anyway, congrats and good luck!!!!

  48. It’s been a pleasure having a son. He’s now 17 years old but he’s still our “Little One”.
    Marcus loved to destory things. Not a good idea when he drew on our brand new TV screen. He loved the outdoors, playing lots of sports and being silly.
    Now that he’s older it’s about the iPod, cell phone and the latest clothes.
    Our husband and I decided to stop with him and have no regrets. It’s been a challenge but we wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

    Rona´s last blog post..Her Husband Rocks On! Grace for Gayle

  49. Congrats!! :)

    Ivy´s last blog post..Fun Foto Friday

  50. I’m so happy for you…I absolutely love raising boys. We do a lot of running…inside and out. I have the movie Cars memorized, as well as the names and parts of most construction vehicles. We do a lot of building with blocks and Legos and couch cushions, and I find myself picking up worms for them to hold in the garden. They love to play and wrestle with Daddy, but when they get hurt, they want Mommy. They’re probably more of a challenge physically, but it’s well worth it. Congratulations!

    Heather@WoolandFlax´s last blog post..Mess

  51. congratulations! i have 4.5 yr girl and a 16 mo old boy. they are soooo different, but both so loving and lovable. and they adore each other. but, oh, are boys active! my son could climb before he could walk. and so far this year, we have had 1 ER visit, 2 dental injuries, and 2 head injuries!
    i am thrilled for you!

    nicola´s last blog post..friday (internet) finds

  52. Congratulations! I love posts about your family.

  53. Boys are WONDERFUL!!! I have 4 boys and 2 girls. Each is a miracle and they are each so different and quite fabulous. I love being a mom to my sons. (I love it with my daughters too, but since you are having a boy. . . we’ll just discuss the great things about sons!!) The world needs strong and kind men and you have the opportunity to add to this great bunch! There is nothing better than the great hugs you get from your boy~I love watching my boys tackle a new challenge, just wait until you watch their thought process and the way their brains think!! I love how they can make new friends as easily as breathing air. They are adventurous, have such great imaginations, and I love that vroom-vroom noise they make when they realize for the first time that anything with wheels can “go”! I love laundry day when I clean out pockets to see what new things they see as treasures!! You will love cheering for them at soccer games, cheering for them at their pine wood derbies, and hugging them good bye as they head for their first prom–looking so very grown up and handsome. Each stage of life is a joy and an adventure. Get ready for the ride of your life!! Congratulations!

  54. Congratulations! I’m pregnant with boy/ girl twins too and am also wondering what on EARTH I’m going to do with a boy except kiss and snuggle him :)

  55. Nicole Miraty says:

    Baseball! Rocks! Dirt! Easier to clean parts! (Well, at least when they are young enough that you have to do the cleaning.)
    Little smushy kisses! ESPN! More baseball!
    Girls are awesome too, but the clothes fight I am in the middle of right now with my daughter is making me forget why……… ;)

  56. Congratulations! We have two boys and they are so much fun!

    Shilo´s last blog post..And Suddenly I’m the Fastest Girl in the 5th Grade Again…

  57. I’ve got two boys (under 4) and they are all about
    loving their mommy =) and did I mention dirt?

    it’s fun, congrats!

    Robin Baker´s last blog post..Good Friday

  58. Congrats, rachel! boys are so wonderful!!! I have 2 and 1 little baby girl.Boys are so loveable with mamas…there’s nothing like your little boy giving you hugs. They are so curious and loud and energetic….you won’t be bored! they love “working” with Daddy, but still come over to give mama a big kiss! how special for you to have one of each!!! What a blessing!

  59. Congratulations!
    My little boy is now 2, and I can tell you, you’re probably in for about the same as you have now with your daughter…at least for the first few years. My son is facinated with my ponytail holders…it’s probably the bright colors. But, as many mentioned above, be prepared for lots of trains, trucks, hugs, and yes, dirt!

  60. Congratulations!! We have a 16 month old boy, and currently he enjoys observing his bellybutton and other parts of his anatomy, blowing kisses, and peeing in the bathtub. :) He is the joy of our earthly lives!!

  61. Congrads! I only have girls so no advice on the boy front….except to watch out for those “boy fronts” during diaper changes :)

    Aly in Va.´s last blog post..Earth Day 2009

  62. I have an almost 30 y/o daughter and my “baby boy” turned 27 Wed. My daughter was always “Daddy’s Girl,” and my son, well, let’s just say he was firmly tied to my apron strings until at least 3 y/o, and sometimes I tease that he still is. Both kids still at home; I have 2 amazing Grandsons who couldn’t be more different from each other. Girls are great, but can be prissy, whiny, mopey little creatures, then you factor in heartbreaks, boys and the “monthly girl thing,” and I think I’d pick a boy any day of the week. On the other hand, your daughter learns to be a great Mom, friend and woman from her Mom (you), whereas the boy child learns from their father, so whichever sex our children are, for me it’s a win-win all the way around. Boys are dirtier, smellier, and get into way more icky stuff than a girl ever would, and I think there are more injuries, broken bones and blood than you have with a girl. For the most part, I believe that 95% of all boys are fearless, which will leave your heart pounding every day once he learns to walk. Congrats! to you and yours; I follow your blog daily and was thrilled to learn of your impending motherhood, and thrilled now to read it’s a boy. Your daughter is precious! Always put a washcloth or something down “in front” when you open his diaper. The cold air always makes something happen, and it’s a shocker when you get hit :-)

  63. Yea!! Congratulations! Since I have 2 boys, I have no daughter to compare with, but be prepared for stick collections, rock collections, dinosaurs, cars, trains, heavy footfalls, and this innate desire to wrestle with other boys. Really, my 1 year old started tackling his older brother at 6 months old. And while my youngest is completely attached to my hip, my oldest loves to do everything just like his daddy but still would be lost without his mommy.

  64. A boy? How wonderful! Congratulations!

  65. Boys are amazing! My baby is turning one tomorrow and I also have a three year old. They have both had me wrapped around their finger from the minute I laid my eyes on them. The bond between a mother and a son is just amazing to me. I wanted a daughter when I was pregnant the first time. I had no idea what I’d do with a BOY! Now I have no idea what I’d do with a girl. When comparing my boys to girls of the same age; boys are simple. When your son looks at you with adoring eyes and says “Mommy, you are beautiful!” I guarantee you will melt to a puddle. I love having sons; they are my true blessing.

    Although…I will say you will likely be disappointed with the selection of boys clothing and shoes at most stores. The good thing…boys don’t care what they wear! :-)

  66. Congratulations!!!

    Minnesotamom´s last blog post..Sherman

  67. Brilliant!!! We have 4 boys and 3 girls… Love them both but they are a completely different species!!! You will love just as totally as you love your daughter but in his own unique way!!! Congrats!

    se7en´s last blog post..Happy Anniversary… and Se7en Wedding Tips!!!

  68. We have two little girls so I’m not an expert on the differences… but one of my sister’s has four boys (aged 4 to 13). Her boys are SO well behaved. They are loud and rough but also fiercely protective of my girls and play so gently with them.


  69. I can’t help ya there! Got 2 girls.
    Congratulations and good luck!

  70. I have an eight-year-old son and can tell you from personal experience that boys are awesome. I would be delighted with a whole house full of them.

    Most of my friends have girls and I have noticed a few major differences. My son is much more likely to have a fit about something than the girls, but he is quick to forget about it. The girls, on the other hand, are far more emotional and frequently sulk and brood over things. My son is also much more active, but also more cuddly and tender hearted than the girls.

    Other boy traits… They somehow know how to make the sounds of every car, truck, rocket, and weapon without being taught. They will make a gun out of anything (crackers, sticks, legos… it’s remarkable. They have an uncanny ability to memorize every painful detail about their favorite things (Star Wars, sports, airplanes…) and then repeat it back to you. They are always covered in dirt and multiple bruises.

    Congrats on the boy! You are going to love it!

    Amy´s last blog post..Rock Band

  71. Congrats, Rachel and family! John’s only 2, but he’s into bugs, dirt and throwing and catching a ball. He also likes airplanes, cars and big trucks. It’ll be fun!

    Laura Leigh´s last blog post..Hey, Batt-ah, Batt-ah!

  72. Congratulations, Rachel! I have two sons — their young adults now — but let me tell you that you’re in for a lot of action and fun!

    I discovered Legos with them, and “we’d” play with them for hours and hours! They loved playing with boxes and making things out of stuff in the garage. Plus, they liked to play in the trees and they made themselves a treehouse type roost all by themselves.

    Even today — my favorite type movies are action adventure — probably due to the fact that I had two rough and tumbly but oh so sweet and cuddly little boys.

    Suzy :)´s last blog post..Tiny Homes

  73. Oh Congratulations! Hmmmm I had two boys grown now…

    As small boys… one loved cars…creating mountainous terrain with pillows and blankets to drive over.

    The other son had no interest in cars he wanted to be outside..looking for bugs, snakes, frogs.

    Funny how each child is so different..and we get to love them..just the way they are.



  74. Congratulations!! I love little boys. I have 3 girls (two older and a baby girl) and 3 boys (an older boy and 2 toddler boys.) I don’t think there is any way to tell you what you’re in for with a boy. All of mine are very different. My oldest is very smart and pursue every opportunity her can to learn something. When he was 2 I hand him a new box of markers and he colored by himself for TWO HOURS straight. I can barely get my younger boys to pick up a crayon for longer than 2 seconds. My middle ds is reflectively. he’s in T-ball right now and could less about it. He LOVES to read. When he was 3 I would find him alone by the bookshelf just looking through books. He’s started demanding (nicely) that mommy do workbooks with him for school. My 2 yod is ALL BOY. He climbs everything. He’s about everything ball. Every construction car is a dumptruck nd he can spot them from 50 miles away. LOL!!!! He’s loud, loves to wrestle and will often take his 8 yod brother down before the 8 yod knows what hit him. There is great joy in anticipating the type of personality you will be given in this child. But I make the mistake with my two older boys of setting them up to be something they weren’t meant to be (I expected them to be like my 2 yod but they never were and I fought is disappointment.) Boys are awesome!!! They will do scary things and you heart will leap out of your chest (like my 4 yod who climbs a 20 foot structure at the park and then waved at me. I thought I was going to have a heart attack.) There are just too many blessings about boys and girls that they don’t compare. Girls have their strong points but there are also lots of challenges with them (especially as they get older. All the more reason to win their hearts early.) Boys have their strong points but will challenge areas most girls would never dream. They take more risks but they do bounce. . .most of the time. Enjoy.

    Karen´s last blog post..Perspective!!!

  75. Oh how exciting a boy! Boys have some really cool toys to play with. And there is nothing like your sweet son saying “mommy you’re so pretty”.

    Sarah´s last blog post..Tot School- Farm Week

  76. Congratulations! The idea of having a boy some day freaks me out a bit, so it’s been great to read everyone’s comments!

  77. If you keep his hair short enough, you don’t even have to mess with it; a little soap and water–mission accomplished. You only need two pair of shoes max–tennis shoes and church shoes. They can wear the same clothes everywhere and look great without the extra expense of a bow. Diaper changes are super easy b/c everything is on the outside (p.s. point it down or the liquid will leak out the top of the diaper over night). They’ll help you in the yard b/c they love the dirt. Things are pretty cut and dry w/o the drama. I love boys!

    Julianna´s last blog post..Strawberry Pickin’

  78. Congratulations! That is such great news…

    I have three boys and I love it. This week I found tweezers in a bottle of liquid soap (just to see if it would sink) and a contraption in the kitchen sink made out of a spoon, a cooling rack, a scrubbing brush, and some string. Oh, and if you think it would be cool to have some 12-year-old boys write something on a sheet of paper to commemorate your son’s birthday, be prepared for the majority to write nothing and one or two to write things like “whazzzz up?”. :o)

    Jessica´s last blog post..Healthier Graham Cracker Crust (and a recipe for Chocolate Coconut Bars)

  79. CONGRATULATIONS!!! How exciting!

    I am late in responding to this but I can relate so I wanted to share. I had two girls first. Then, several years later, found out our third was going to be a boy. I was scared out of my mind. I just prayed really hard that he would be cute because I was NOT a boy mom :-) and boys scared me. God answered my prayer and I had the CUTEST little boy ever. But, he was still totally BOYISH. He makes lots of noises, laughs at bodily functions and all the stuff you’d imagine boys would do. He is almost nine now, but I love having a boy! Of course all boys are different and have unique personalities, but you’ll have a great time as a boy mom too!



    melissa @ the inspired room´s last blog post..Weekend Projects: 3 Inspiring Ideas from Blogland

  80. Congratulations!

    Four boys here and we have the most fantastic fun. Lots of fighting too, but mostly lots of fun.

  81. Congratulations, Rachel! Boys are just wonderful. I was a bit frightened when I found out my second child was a boy. What would I DO with him? I grew up with all women. But he (and his younger brother) are joys in ways I never imagined. As one friend put it, you get to see what your husband was like as a little one. So sweet!

  82. My little man just turned 5 – love watching him run around in his boxer briefs, getting upset when I call him cute (he prefers handsome), hotwheels, starwars, running around the house playing laser tag and going outside to catch bugs – hope your not squeemish!

  83. Boys! Where to begin…… They are stubborn little things and in your face. They don’t pussyfoot around when telling it like it is. First of all – when it comes to potty training,forget about everything you learned from your darling little girl. Boy Child will do it when HE wants to ONLY. Don’t be surprised if you’re still struggling with him until he’s almost three. Then there’s the talking part. Little girls babble with delight, they WANT to talk. Boys look at you stubbornly – and grunt! I was ready to consult my pediatrician when my son wasn’t talking by nearly 18 months. A few words here and there were the only rewards I got. I had read to this child since he was an INFANT. I talked to him all of the time. I still remember an incident in which we were trying to get him to ask for what he wanted. We gave him very watered down iced tea mixed with a lot of lemon and orange. He loved it. He would grunt and point. Over and over we would say “It’s tea. Say TEA.” More grunts, more pointing. Finally I said that he couldn’t have it unless he said the word TEA. “TEA! TEA! TEA!” he screamed. Total irony: he not only started talking around 18 months but by two he was talking in total sentences with good grammar and no baby talk. He’s an adult and is a marketing and communications manager. Have fun with your boy!

    Larraine´s last blog post..Saturday Challenge: Dreams

  84. I have 5 little boys! They are wild, loud and so loving.


    Stock up on matchbox cars and bouncy balls! :)

    xo, Alli

  85. I have 4 boys with one more on the way! My two oldest are from a previous marriage and they are girls(18 and 24). They all have there individual personalities, but I have to say the boys are always going. Not sure if they are keeping me young or giving me gray hair! They do play with each other so much that sometimes I don’t know when they are around, sometimes I even inherit the neighbor boy, and well after 4 boys you really don’t even know there is an extra one around!

  86. I have three grandsons and they are awesome!!!

    I love the games they make up – the oldest recently came in and said “hey grandma – let’s have a worm digging contest!”

    And so we did!

    Mary´s last blog post..Signature Gifts

  87. Boys are SO MUCH FUN!!! My little man is only 4 months old, but he is talking, cooing, laughing and is SO entertaining! He tells so many “stories” everyday. We originally thought he was a girl (before we had our “big” ultrasound) because I was SO sick, but when we found out he was a he, we couldn’t have been more happy! The Lord truly blessed us with him, as he is our miracle baby (I was told I could never have children). I always wanted a boy first, and am LOVING being Caleb’s mommy! There is truly nothing better in life than being a mommy! Congratulations!!!


    Jill Garcia´s last blog post..Telling a Story

  88. Yay! That’s so exciting! I was surprised to find how affectionate boys are. They really get attached to mama, and my little guy can be an even better snuggler than my daughter.

    He also likes to climb. A lot. On everything. He knew intuitively what a toy car should sound like and how to drive it all over everything and everyone. He is incredible at making food messes. He loves to eat dirt and rip plants out of my garden. So many fun things about boys! :)

    I find that I really dote on him. He’s just such a sweet little man, and I have quickly grown to absolutely LOVE having a boy! So will you! Congrats!

    Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home´s last blog post..Don’t Cry Over Sour Milk (Using Your Raw Milk Gone "Bad")

  89. I forgot to say above, that when my sons built that little roost type tree house out of scraps of wood and junk in our garage — they got a little carried away and thought they needed a chimney with a smoke coming out of it too! You have to keep an eye on them, because they do like to experiment.

    My sons have influenced and inspired me in so many ways, and still do so today. They’ve been the best thing that has happened to me in my life!

    Suzy´s last blog post..14th & 100th, “LOST” Episode & My 300th Post…Yay!!!

  90. Congratulations! When my son was born I entered a foreign land. I grew up with all girls. My daughter is 12 and my son is 9. He is sensitive, silly, so much fun. And he loves his mom in such different ways than his sister does! A couple of years ago he explained to me that he will always give me hugs and kisses…just not in PUBLIC. Two things that this boy brought to our house were potty humor…I think every boy must need a good stash of fart jokes, and he showed his sister how to be more adventurous. She was always curious and fun-loving, but with her brother by her side she’s not afraid to try anything…even if it is dirty or “gross”. I love the perspective they can give to each other. Although, I’ve been known to call my mom and fill her in on some of the disgusting jokes she missed out on with only girls!
    I truly believe I got the best of both worlds. Best wishes to you!

  91. I’m don’t even know if you’ll get a chance to see this after the other 90 comments, but I had to write anyway! My little boy will be five next week and he holds a special place in my heart. I always say that my little girl (3) will notice if you’re sick or sad and be there for a hug; my son tends to be more practical. I am always amazed at how his little mind works to solve problems- one day we were outside raking leaves and cleaning out the flower beds in the front, and we were taking turns- one of us would hold the bag while the other one filled it. After a few minutes, he said, “Mommy, why don’t we just hang the bag up, and then we can both fill it?” Um, duh! So I took his advice and looped it around the stair railing post. So much easier!

    I love how he is constantly fascinated by the world around him, and is always eager to draw connections between concepts and real life. He is fascinated by all things scientific- weather (Mommy, can we watch the weather channel, pleeease??), plants, animals, machines (Look Mommy, I made a LEVER!), and how everything works. I know not all boys are like that, but I’ve noticed that they do have a tendency to cut the drama out of things and focus mainly on the here and now, what they can see and touch. It makes it really fun to be their mom!!

    KaseyQ´s last blog post..My New Clean House

    • Rachel says:

      Thanks Kasey. Yes, I do read and appreciate any and all comments! What a smart little guy you have!

  92. Congratulations! I have one of each, and it always amazes me how wonderfully different they are–though logically I knew it’d be different, I’m still amazed. My children make my heart sing, they really do. I have a Mommy’s girl & a Mommy’s boy!!

    Though neither relationship is better than the other–they are bound to be different. My daughter fills me with joy and we will always be the best of friends But, I’ll always be his ‘first’ love–it’s so amazing how cuddly and cute little guys are.

    Girls do the ‘mothering’–they tend to get things done to take care of you and are ever so busy ‘fussing’ over you–the boys just stop, gaze at you and say they love you–then dash off to play whatever wonderful imaginary game he’s involved in. It’s that gaze that let’s them get away with everything! And be warned–he’ll have a special ‘loving’ look that’ll defeat any stern look you will ever try to send his way.

    It’s all so different–and both are so amazingly wonderful–I feel so priveleged to have one of each–to experience the joys of both relationships! So enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

    Elizabeth´s last blog post..Recorder Concert

  93. Congratulations!

    A little belated, I know, but congratulations none the less :)


    Well, I’ve got two, as you probably already know.
    3.5 and 6 months…

    They are funny, cuddly, rough, indestructible, destructive (!), fearless, easy, gentle, loving, noisy, and above all, happy kids.
    And so far, they have been that way through every stage of their young lives.
    The big one is normally so.. well.. typically boy-ish that I was unsure how he would handle having a semi-breakable baby (they are always a lot tougher than you think!) around, but he is his most gentle when interacting with the little one. It’s just so lovely to watch them together. They crack each other up all the time :)

    Again, congratulations!


  94. We didn’t find out ahead of time, but I wanted a boy and got one :) (Girls scare me, haha) He will be one and a half on Friday and he’s already my hero, my snuggler, I never thought I could love a man as much as his father. Congratulations!

  95. We have 2 boys & 2 girls– there are joys to both.
    I have found that both my boys have a calmer/easier disposition. Both are snugglers (even the oldest who just turned 11, the younger one is 3). They both are hair twirlers, but just my hair. The three year old will stop in the middle of any noisy, action packed playing adventure to give me a hug and tell me he loves me. My oldest saves me the spot next to him on the couch for Friday Night movies. Daddy may have his girls (and boy does he) but this mommy has her boys:)