Live Simply By Staying True To Yourself


The following is a guest post by Emily of Remodeling This Life.

I have written before about Staying True To Yourself. At the time that I wrote that post, it was about how it can sometimes be a challenge to be who you are in the face of criticism. But the concept of being different and willing to be true to yourself extends to so much more in life.

A willingness to be different by being who I am as an individual has been key to living simply. For me, it has helped me let go of any inclination to do what others do — which could cost me more in terms of money, time, and sanity.

One of the hardest, yet most rewarding things I have done in my life has been to accept that I can live no one else’s life but my own. I have to live my life by staying true to my heart, my budget, my time, and my family’s needs. Once I embraced that, it made it easier for me to say no when others wanted me to say yes. It made it easier for me to only spend what I have, on things that I need or love.

Having the confidence to live like no one else but me has helped me keep on my path of simplicity and frugality. Making the most of what I have instead of extending myself beyond my means makes for a simple life. I don’t spend time, money, energy or resources that are beyond me.

Isn’t that what simplicity is all about? Staying true to who you are – living with what you have and making the most of it?


Emily blogs at Remodeling This Life about living simply, frugally and fabulously, all a part of her family’s downsizing journey. 

She’s a stay at home mom to two who enjoys writing, running and all things home and family.

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  1. Thanks for having me today, Rachel!

    Emily@remodelingthislife´s last blog post..DIY Patio Project

  2. Michelle says:

    We often talk about living within your means financially, but I think it’s so important to live within your means when it comes to energy and time commitments too. Thoughtful post!

  3. Wow, it’s amazing how those few words can really make you stop and think. Sometimes there are changes I want to make in my life, like something so basic as changing our formal dining room into a playroom for our kids, but I find myself shying away from it because I think, “What will other people think?” And I think, “We should have a formal dining room for guests.” But then when I think of living my life as my own, and staying true to my family’s needs, I realize that having a room that is only for company once in a blue moon is kind of ridiculous! Why not have a room that we can enjoy every day, regardless of what other people might think? Thanks for giving me the push to live the life I want rather than submitting to silly conventions. :-)

    KaseyQ´s last blog post..Spiritual Sundays: Finding Financial Peace

  4. I really needed this today. I have been struggling lately, knowing what I want and need to do, but something inside me fighting it because I *think* I am jealous of my friends who run around and meet up all the time and have pretty different lifestyles from me. The truth is that the envy is an illusion. I’m really not envious of that lifestyle but the “different-ness” factor does its best to put a thorn in my side and rob me of my simple joy. It’s been a tug of war for me, but I know that this is what it’s all aobut, staying true to myself and my lifestyle and letting go of anything that clutters and detracts from that. Thank you for saying it so succinctly and for giving me someone/something to say “yes, I am not alone here.”

    Prairie Chick´s last blog post..Bed & Breakfast

  5. I love this post. Once we can quiet ourselves enough to see what we really want, it is so liberating to say no to everything else.

    Juliet´s last blog post..Let us now set aside childish things

  6. Wow, Emily! Such great words. Thanks so much for sharing.

    I can say in all honesty that something about hitting my thirties finally allowed me the freedom to embrace who I am as a person, who we are as a family, and just rejoice in the different-ness that we all possess. It makes such an amazing difference in the level of joy I can experience, just knowing that I am completely comfortable in my skin and not apologizing for the choices we make as a family.

    Thanks again for sharing such great truth today.

    Megan@SortaCrunchy´s last blog post..Simply Thrilled

  7. Now, if I could just get that thru my children’s minds that being who you are is okay and special! Grow into liking your own skin.

    Then, again… i guess that is what youth is about… the journey to finding who they are.

    Thanks for such a nice post.

    Christine´s last blog post..Day 6: It’s Thursday Night! I love em’!

  8. Denise says:

    B.E.A F.U.T.I.U.L.L.Y. put Emily. I am in the midst of some personal changes, and this post was very inspiring. Thanks! :)

  9. Thank you for this most inspiring post today. I am going thru so many personal and emotional issues right now and your post was what I need at this time. I love you blog and read it every day and have signed up for the daily emails from you. You are simply amazing to me Emily and I thank you for your gift of words and hope.

  10. What a wonderful post! My first intention in life is to BE ME. I haven’t always done this. I haven’t always been true to myself. And I have paid a high price. But no more – I’m not so much a people pleaser anymore and that one thing has simplified my life tremendously.

    Thank you for adding so much to my day!

  11. I needed this tonight. I really did. THANK YOU.
    I’m linking to your site on my blog this evening.

    Cherry Tree Lane´s last blog post..lots going on….instead…..a picture.

  12. Thank YOU all for the very nice comments. We all need to stick together and encourage each other. Which is why I love the blog world.

    Emily@remodelingthislife´s last blog post..Link Love and April top Referrers

  13. An excellent read. I have never heard it put in the manner of living within your means from an personal energy standpoint. It is an excellent way to put it that I am sure to re-iterate constantly. Our actions define who we are from every standpoint: Socially, physically, emotionally, and financially. However, our financial being is often directly/indirectly effected by our social and emotional actions. If we concentrate on our energy from the begining, the rest will fall into place! Thanks for the pick me up, i needed it!

    Doctor S´s last blog post..Get Promoted: Work On The Weekend

  14. What a wonderful post. You are an inspiration!

    Nicole´s last blog post..SUN & BLOOMS

  15. This is so wonderful. Right now I am trying to find my true self. I really dont know where to begin. I have lied all of my life. i have a nicotine habit that only i know about for over 30 years. i have a gambling habit that keeps me lying to my family, and i don’t know why iam this way. I always wanted to fit in with the hip girls but i was rejected a lots. I think this might have some affects on me.I have tried to expressed my feeling but then my ego and defense get in the way.I don’t want to hurt my family so i keep lying to them.your message make me think about what is my true values.i need help quick!