Good Reads: The Nesting Edition

A dove built her nest in the flower planter on my patio.

Thanks so much for your encouragement about boys. Your comments are so fun to read! One little guy who comes over occasionally will sigh and tell me, “Rachel, I was just thinking about you.” Boys can be such sweeties.

For two hours yesterday, Lane and her friends played “time to go to school.” They didn’t actually play school, they just spent the whole time dressing up for it. Very much like high school. Also, Lane has started calling me Rachel when she’s around her friends. She’s still two.

My friend Megan from SortaCrunchy is now also writing at Simple Kids. I look forward to hearing more of what she has to say. Check out her post about overcoming her bossy big sister tendencies and letting her little girl play freely.


Stephanie from Keeper of the Home has a new eBook called Healthy Homemaking: One Step at a Time. Stephanie is the one whose advice I needed during the first few months of this pregnancy when I was too tired to do anything. There is always a lot to learn from her, and this book organizes lifestyle changes into achievable baby steps.

Spring cleaning is more fun with friends. Does your house need to be refreshed for spring? Join Simple Mom’s Spring Cleaning Party which starts on Monday.

We’re trying out a corn-free diet to see if that fixes some issues. This is in addition to our already dairy-free and wheat-free diet. Somehow having to give up more food is not such a big deal anymore. (But sometimes, during Lane’s nap, I still eat ice cream. Actually, yesterday that was my lunch, and it was good.)

I finally tried this black bean soup from Salt and Chocolate. It was tasty, and best of all, it was ready in less than fifteen minutes! I can’t even bake frozen french fries that quickly.

This weekend I hope to spend some time working on my patio garden, with the dove. Hope you have a good weekend!
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  1. thank you for the links. i love both my kids, but my son gives hugs and snuggles in a way my daughter never did at his young age. of course, he keeps me in shape running after him, too!

    nicola´s last blog post..on the ‘net and wool coasters winner!

  2. Re: corn-free. We are a mostly gluten free, corn free and vegan household. My husband gets skin rashes from eating wheat and corn, which has pretty much eliminated all processed foods from our diet – which is a blessing.

    renee @ FIMBY´s last blog post..May Day

  3. I’ve given up lots of different kinds of food too (gluten-free and others because of migraines), and I know just how you feel about eating ice cream for lunch. I hope going corn-free works out for you.

  4. Oh, Rachel! Thanks so much for linking to Simple Kids. I am so looking forward to taking much of what I have learned from you and Tsh and other moms who embrace simple living and applying it to an approachable, embraceable parenting philosophy. Thanks again for the link!

    I look forward to hearing how the corn-free experiment goes and if it proves to be helpful.

    Megan@SortaCrunchy´s last blog post..When It All Comes Down