What TV shows do you like to watch?

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I know I’ve talked about not watching too much TV, but the truth is I love TV. Probably too much, which is why a few years ago I thought I didn’t have enough time to get things done, so we cancelled the cable and didn’t turn it back on. I still think it’s fun to watch certain shows when I get the chance.

My favorite show was The Life Laundry. I wish it were still on! It came on Saturday mornings on PBS after Norm on This Old House and Rick Steves’ Europe. It was like Clean Sweep, but very British.

They took everything in the house outside so they could see how much stuff they had in a new perspective. Over the weekend they would go through each thing and decide whether to keep, toss, or sell it. Later while the owner sold the rest at a car boot sale, a team would brighten up the home with a new coat of paint and make everything look nice.

It was so inspiring. At the end of the show, everyone was always happy to see their messy home cleaned up and looking spacious. All in twenty-five minutes.

Antiques Roadshow came on right afterwards, which was confusing because the Life Laundry always made you want to clean out your stuff, but Antiques Roadshow makes you want to keep everything. Just in case the old blanket on the back of your rocking chair is worth a million, because you never know.

(On a related note, Zen Habits had an article about creating a life laundry day, designating time each week to catch up on all the little things like paperwork or repairs so things get taken care of. Sounds good to me.)

So what shows do you like to watch?
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  1. I’ve never heard of Life Laundry before. That sounds interesting! Recently, I watched about 10 episodes of Clean Sweep, and that really spurred me on to clean out clutter! The main areas of our house have little to no clutter, and I don’t save much anyhow. But I’ve been surprised at how much stuff I’ve been able to round up for a yard sale!

    Tammy´s last blog post..~Hello, and Good Bye~

  2. I used to love watching Clean Sweep…unfortunately I no longer get Style Network. But I will have to see if I can find some old reruns of the british version.

    My favorite shows are usually on HGTV and Food Network. I’ve been watching way too much Designed to Sell (though I have no home to sell) and Paula Deen (why does she use so much butter?!)

  3. Hi Rachel!! My husband I love to watch NCIS, The Mentalist, and Life. Those are our three favorites. We did cancel our satellite a few months back and watch much less tv now.

  4. Sadly I’m a tv addict. I love Jon & Kate plus 8, Till Debt to us Part, Intervention, Grey’s Annatomy, Cold Case, Criminal Minds, Y&R, the Mom Show… oh I could go on and on. I too love Antiques Roadshow but I haven’t seen it on for quite a while.

    Krista´s last blog post..Food and Your Toddler

  5. Hello there!
    Ok….The Mentalist, HOUSE, Chuck and my new favorite (as of last night): GLEE!

    Cherry Tree Lane´s last blog post..faith on my doorstep.

  6. Since we got married, we have chosen to not have TV cable. I know it has saved us a lot of money through the years. However we still get plenty of channels on our rabbit ears, and at times we can be very consumed with TV shows. Don’t laugh at my favs, b/c all we get is about 5 basic channels….

    The Biggest Looser, Friday Night Lights, SCRUBS, The Office, and periodic PBS specials

  7. I love Dancing with the Stars, but is sadly ended it’s season last night. I loved Life Laundry, too. We’re a cable free household – so we’re usually watching PBS.

    Just found your blog via Like Merchant’s Ships – I’m really enjoying it!

    Wendy P´s last blog post..Walgreens’ $5/$25 for 5/20 and 5/21

  8. I like How Clean is Your House (BBC) but I have a hard time finding it. We watch Amazing Race, Survivor and CSI (Vegas, not Miami or NY). Not much tv on at our house in the summer because we are so busy with swim team plus, I’d rather be outside or doing something fun. I’ll watch tv when the weather is yukky.

    Nancy´s last blog post..Occupational Hazard

  9. Sadly, Reality TV and I are good friends: Biggest Loser, Big Brother, The Amazing Race, Survivor, and pretty much you name it. I think since I deal with teenage drama (I’m a teacher) all day, it is fun watching the middle school/high school mentality come out in adults.
    My favorites on the DVR: Grey’s Anatomy and Brothers and Sisters.
    Now I’m going to be hunting Life Laundry!!

    Mrs. E´s last blog post..The Shoemaker’s Kids

    • I can’t find Life Laundry anywhere. It’s no longer on TV, and I don’t think it’s ever been on DVD. It was only on for a couple of seasons.

  10. My favorites are The Office, Flight of the Conchords, and the BBC show Gavin and Stacy. Lately, I’ve been getting into Better off Ted, and Parks and Rec, but I don’t know if they’re FAVORITES yet.

  11. Rachel, I loved Life Laundry too! It was much more down to earth than Clean Sweep, Clean House, etc. I have been trying to cut back on the amount of TV I watch, but I rely on PBS for a lot of what I like. That is especially hard since you never know what your local station is going to be able to afford to air, really. I like Mexico: One Plate At a Time, Ask This Old House, Everyday Food, History Detectives, and American Experience. I love old British comedies and recently invested in the entire DVD set of As Time Goes By. I also set my DVR to catch Inside the Actors Studio (we still have that bad-for-you, rot-your-brain satellite). And then I love my funnies like 30 Rock and my one true, yet deceased, love- Arrested Development.

    Jessica´s last blog post..Planning a Trip (When You’re a Nutjob)

  12. I watch way too much TV – it is just about my only form of entertainment and i LOVE LOVE LOVE movies. I’m a huge Netflix member. What I watch on TV is usually anything on HGTV, discovery, TLC, Sci-Fi and Fox.
    Favorites: Castle, Firefly, Eureka, Bones, NCIS, CSI: NY, The Mentalist, and I think I am about to add Glee Club (did anyone else see that last night?)

  13. Bones, NCIS and House are my favorites. We don’t have cable or really any basic TV but we watch them on the internet. I can watch them when I have some and even pause.

    Lynnette´s last blog post..Spring Cleaning Party (Continued)

  14. Thursday night TV is like date night at our house. We put the kids to bed and dh makes popcorn and we watch Parks & Recreation, Kath & Kim, The Office and 30 Rock. I only like tv shows that make me laugh.

    Kristia@FamilyBalanceSheet´s last blog post..This week’s carnival

  15. My favourite shows right now are: Dancing with the Stars, Breaking Bad, Mad Men and Lost. I’m happy the season has ended for all these shows as it will give me more time to do other things:)

    Elle´s last blog post..separation anxiety

  16. V. Higgins says:

    When we had cable our favorites were basically Discovery Channel (Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs). I would watch What Not to Wear on TLC and Jon & Kate Plus 8, there was this cooking one where this aussie guy came to your house with you, loved that one! ^_^
    Now that we don’t have cable we don’t watch TV at all really, I’ve never liked network TV.

  17. You know, it’s funny. I used to love, love, LOVE to watch TV. Then we got rid of cable and I found that there was just enough on network TV to entertain every now and again. Now we have DirecTV (couldn’t resist the bundle deal from AT and T) and I find I hardly EVER watch TV now. Even after the girls are in bed!

    There are a few “can’t miss” shows that Kyle and I watch together. We have watched 24 from the beginning and it’s a long-standing Monday night date for us. Then when the shows are in season, we plan Tuesday night Hulu dates to watch Heroes and Chuck. This year on Hulu, watched Dollhouse some as well as Lie to Me. Life is another favorite. Okay, that sounds like more than I thought, but when you watch on Hulu, it’s only a 40 minute investment of time instead of a full hour. I swear I don’t work for Hulu. I just love them and their alien plot to take over the world. :)

    Megan @ Simple Kids´s last blog post..Be Intentional with Touch

  18. We purposely don’t watch much. But we love The Office and 30 Rock, so we watch those online.


    steadymom´s last blog post..What Do You Think?

  19. I hardly ever watch TV, unless you count Dora the Explorer and other kid shows. However, when I do get to watch, I like Chuck and Heroes. I end up watching them off the internet though because I always miss them on the dish.

    Amanda @ Mommy’s Idea Book´s last blog post..Kids in the Kitchen: 11 Tips for Cooking with Kids

  20. honestly, anytime that I want to watch TV, I can’t find anything worth watching.

  21. The only show I really follow is Project Runway( s´pose most people know what this is: Heidi Klum, designers, insane challenges, at the end of an episode one designer leaves the competition…) ´cause we get it for free over the internet where I live(don´t worry, it´s all legal). I just found your blog, it´s nice :)

    Anna S.´s last blog post..#9

  22. Denise C. says:

    I am addicted to NCIS, The Mentalist, Harper’s Island. My husband and I recently canceled our cable as well. We were spending $70 per month and never watching t.v.. =/

  23. Wish I knew about Life Laundry while it was still on!

    I watch Amazing Race, Survivor, Numb3rs, 30 Rock, LOST, and sometimes Dancing with the Stars,the Office, and House. We don’t have cable — I Tivo things and watch them days later when it’s convenient. I’ll go 4 days without TV, then watch 3 hour-long shows in a row, shrunk to 2.25 hours without the commercials.

    Amy F´s last blog post..Bring on the chickens!

  24. This is why I love Netflix – we watch seasons of TV shows this way. You don’t have to pay for cable if you don’t want, you can watch entire seasons in a shorter amount of time (no commercials), you can watch when you have time to watch… etc. If I know we are going to become obsessed with a show (Like I did with Alias), we up the membership to three dvds at a time – then when we’re over our obsession, I move the membership down to a lower level (cost). You can switch back and forth with no penalty.

    Kelli´s last blog post..Anniversary Contest

  25. We are also a cable-free household, and yet we watch WAY TOO MUCH tv. :( We love House, NCIS, The Office, American Idol (This season, anyway)… I will tell you though that one of the reasons aside from the money issue we don’t have cable is we don’t want all that “junk” pumped into our home that’s on cable these days. (Anyone see what’s on HBO after 10 nowadays?) BUT… last night I watched people making out, crazy criminal activity, and some football players talking about pushing around a port-a-potty with a kid in a wheelchair inside (don’t know if they did it or not, couldn’t handle it) while I was flipping around channels. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!? Come on! Who thinks this is appropriate for prime time?? I teach and it kills me that my kiddos tv-watching is unsupervised and they can all be seeing this. Rant over.

    EB´s last blog post..The Cost of Cloth 3

  26. We are attempting to go TV free (at least the kids are with regard to kid’s shows.) If we do watch TV we watch DVR recorded shows from Food Network or 18 Kids and Counting on TLC. My kids love that show because we’re a big family and they like to see how other big families works, especially the Duggars. I have almost convinced my dh that the TV is evil (HA!!) and that we must not have one. I have 2 weeks to convince him fully so I can sell the TV in my garage sale.

    Love your blog. Saw you on the local news here in Dallas.

    Karen´s last blog post..Hot Dog’s Trauma

  27. Stephanie McKern says:

    I love Clean House. Also CSI for my fiction fix. I am also a part time fan of dress my nest (Style Network) as I like the idea of using your favourite things to inspire the design of your space (after you’ve decluttered it, of course!)

    Stephanie McKern´s last blog post..Quote of the Day: Procrastination

  28. I like Real Time With Bill Maher. I cant really think of any other show I like to watch.

    Carla´s last blog post..Before and After (pictures)

  29. I’m a Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill junkie… not the normal “mom” shows, but I love them just the same! My husband and I also like to watch reality shows (Survivor, Amazing Race, American Idol) and crime scene dramas (CSI:, Mentalist, Lie to Me). We also watch a lot of sports. I’m one that could live without the TV (I do most of the time, unless my husband’s home), but I don’t complain when “my shows” come on! :)

    Ashley´s last blog post..Coupon preview for 5/18 newspapers…

  30. I seem to like shows on CBS (NCIS, the CSI franchise) but since they switched over to digital broadcasting, our antenna doesn’t receive their signal clearly. So, I watch more PBS now, especially their CREATE channel. My other favorite recently is Castle. As you can guess, we don’t subscribe to cable or satellite. I don’t miss the extra channels.

    Jen in KS´s last blog post..He’s doing something

  31. I’ve just been watching the one & only season of Firefly on Hulu. And I’m completely addicted. It’s my motivation to do laundry & dishes in the evening before sitting down with my new love. =)

  32. Oh, man. I love TV so much, which is bad news. But Tom works nights, so I like to keep it on for company, and then I wind up mainlining entire seasons of stuff. I’m into the Office, The West Wing, old seasons of ER. I’ve got the first season of Lost on my Netflix queue, and I’m kind of worried it’s going to eat my whole life. I watched American Idol this season like it was my job. And I just caught the pilot of Glee, which was seriously the silliest, most delightful thing I’ve seen in a really long time.

    I do leave my house occasionally, I swear.

    kitchendoor´s last blog post..I bring the music.

  33. I like “How Clean is Your House?” (only the British version), “House Hunters,” (what a dilemma to only have three houses to choose from!), “How I Met Your Mother,” and “Top Gear,” so you can tell we’re obviously fans of BBC America (esp. after moving to the US from the UK).

    I used to watch “Life’s Laundry,” and I hated how everyone always cried. It seemed a little exploitative, but usually had a happy ending anyway. I can definitely relate to the clutter problem though!

    Good for those who don’t watch much TV (we don’t). I think too many of those reality shows just rot your brain. Why must people go on tv and open up their lives to the whole world. Doesn’t anyone have any pride (or shame?) anymore?

    Cindy´s last blog post..Things Learned…

  34. Rachel, could you maybe write a post about the types of foods y’all eat when you do the No-Spend month? I’ve been looking at the articles on easy, cheap meals online, and they either tend to feature processed or they are nearly devoid of vegetables. I do know some basics—beans, rice, and whatever vegetable you stick in (with salsa, or guacamole, or curry paste, or whatever you happen to put in); tuna noodle casserole with a green veggie, etc.—but I’d feel better with a list of ideas.

    Sally Parrott Ashbrook´s last blog post..The Moments

  35. I used to watch a lot more reality TV (HGTV and TLC) but it didn’t really add value to my life after a certain point. There are a few comedy shows and a drama or two I watch when I can that I think add something to my life- even if it is just a laugh and some relaxation. My favorites are The Office, Lost and 30 Rock. I can take the rest or leave them.

    And I second the request from Sally Parrot Ashbrook!

    Andrea @ The Train To Crazy´s last blog post..So you think Seattle is rainy?

  36. Law and Order. I love it though I rarely get to watch it. No one else in my family wants to watch it! And Southland is really good. But the Office on Netflix is what my hubby and I end the day laughing with.

    katiek @ new eyes´s last blog post..Grace for a strong grasp

  37. My favorite shows on tv are Greys Anatomy and Brothers and Sisters. I love to watch Dancing with the Stars, The Office and 30 Rock crack me up, Cold Case, and anything on HGTV. I’m also a huge fan of talk shows…Oprah, Eleen, Rachel Ray, and The View! Yup, I like tv too!

  38. I used to watch Shark, CSI (all three but my fav is Miami), Ghost Whisperer, Numbers. I have never been into the reality shows so I have never watched any of them. We had cable but the kids would just have it on Disney all day watching the same shows over and over and over! Can anyone say “enough Zac and Cody already!” lol! But since we were paying over $70 a month for that we got rid of it. Plus since we have old TV’s and I have no intention of getting the converter boxes, we didn’t hook up rabbit ears to the TV’s. We have been TV free since last September or October (can’t remember which one). We have the tv for video games and dvd’s. We love to collect old tv shows on dvd plus some good movies when they come out. We watch much less TV and the box isn’t just on all day either. I never thought I could live without it, but I do just fine. Surprisingly, the kids didn’t have a cow about it at all. I guess, they realized that mom didn’t care if they whined about it, it was not going to change anything. Wish that worked with other things.

    Terri´s last blog post..Homeschool Post

  39. We just got Digital Satellite…getting ready for the change. I’m looking forward to seeing the new season of “The Closer” and “Army Wives”.

    Rona´s last blog post..Lastest Status on Outpatient Rehab

  40. Elle Myhrranda says:

    What is the name of Peter Walsh’s co-host on Life Laundry?