Good Reads: the Lemonade Edition


One of my summer joys is to open the fridge and see Paul Newman’s face smiling at me from a carton of cold lemonade.

I’ve written three times in a row about my favorite foods and drinks. That must be a record! Next week we’ll have a photo tour of cheeses I have loved, starting with New Zealand Cheddar (just kidding).

I’ve got quite the collection of links I’ve been meaning to share. Sometimes it amazes me how much I get to read and enjoy from other bloggers, every day for free. Here are a few good reads from a talented bunch of writers:

The Nester gives her advice on How to Yard Sale, whether you’re a buyer or a seller (and she knows).

Beauty is in the simple details: Real Life Accessories from The Inspired Room.

“How frustrating is it to see your kid fork over 5 hard-earned dollars for a junky little toy?” Stocking the Family General Store, from Like Merchant Ships.

Traveling this summer? Packing for a Trip with the Kids, from Make and Takes.

Green Cleaning Tips from Making This Home. Step 1: Ditch products that say “Poison,” “Warning,” or “Danger.”

Last week my friend and I were trying to decide what to do about sunscreen this summer since we planned a lot of outdoor play activities. It’s that dilemma of not wanting to put chemicals on our kids, but not wanting to send them out there with nothing. Just when it occurred to me to ask Stephanie what she thought, it turns out she already wrote about it: My Thoughts on Sunscreen, Part 2. Practical advice from Keeper of the Home.

Simple Mom has a week-long series on cloth diapering providing all the answers for the types, brands, and methods for anyone who’s been confused about so many different options and how-to’s.

Life as Mom has a frugal way to make chicken dinners go twice as far. So smart.

Life From the Roof gives thoughtful inspiration to help us clean out our stuff and Let It Go. That’s one of my goals this weekend, and this post makes it easier.

Enjoy your weekend, friends!
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  1. This was a really great linky post… thanks!

    I have been using Google reader and it tends to narrow my focus, you helped expand my horizons ;)

    Jennifer´s last blog post..More fabric and more jewelry.

  2. Thanks for such a good read… I had such a brilliant read around! Perfect weekend reading. Really thanks for all those links I know it is a heap of work to put one of these together!

    se7en´s last blog post..The Week That Was – 49

  3. I’m new here and feel excited about your blog. Great tips for everyday life, inspiring stuff all the way to make everyone’s life simple and nice! Thanks for being a great inspiration!

    Claire´s last blog post..Getting mature

  4. Good links. Thanks for sharing.

    I too love a cold glass of lemonade in the summer. I’ve never had Paul Newman’s. As a matter of fact, I don’t even think I’ve seen that carton in our grocery store. Have you tried fresh squeezed lemonade at home? I made it for the first time last year and it is fabulous; far better than anything I’ve had from a bottle, can or carton. Very easy to make too.

    Nancy´s last blog post..Good Intentions Gone Bad (Almost)

    • Nancy, I haven’t tried that yet. Maybe I will the next time I get a big batch of lemons.

  5. Nester’s garage sale advice was quite timely for me!! And I let a lot of stuff go!!! Thanks!

    mrs. e´s last blog post..On the Road Again

  6. Ooh I love linky posts! And those look lovely! I shall go explore them now :)

    Thank you :)

    Lauren´s last blog post..Tired Headaches – post holiday moans!

  7. We haven’t had lemonade in ages – all the nasty things going into the bottles just wasn’t worth it, and I wasn’t truly happy with handmade things I was creating. So this weekend when I was in town, I saw Newman’s. Love the ingredient list. So thank you. It’s in our fridge.
    I always enjoy your list of links. It was beyond touching to see one of my articles included. Thank you.

    Katie at´s last blog post..Create a Place for Yourself

  8. Thanks for the links – the garage sale link is perfect timing. We’re gearing up to host one soon in our neighborhood. I also enjoyed seeing some new-to-me blogs. Thanks!

    Megan´s last blog post..birthdays

  9. Thanks for the link, hon! :) I’m glad it was timely for you!

    Some great links. I had already seen the garage sale post and thought it was helpful. I really love the Family General Store post- how clever!

    Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home´s last blog post..Giveaway: Learn How to Crochet DVD