Before You Leave the House Today…

Photo by lepiaf.geo

“Before leaving the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror, and remove one piece of jewelry.” -Coco Chanel

Before you get started today, before you start the rush,

take one chore off of your To Do list.

Cross it off without even trying to do it.

* Make today’s goals attainable, so that you can find some breathing space as you work through the day.

Stop for five minutes between tasks and sit and close your eyes.

Drink a glass of water occasionally.

Stop reminding your kids to hurry up, but slow down your pace instead.

Take a moment to notice the details.

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  1. What a great reminder and for today I will for sure take things a bit slower. Just gear that by tomorrow everything will be back to “normal”. Let’s enjoy a day of simplicity.

    Nimmi´s last blog post..City T(h)oursday

  2. I am determined to lie on the couch and read stories after lunch every day this week… That is the only thing on my to do list that has to stay – everything else and I mean everything else !!! can just go!

    se7en´s last blog post..Sunday Snippet: Elisha GiveAway…

  3. This is one directive I’ll be sure to do today. Why do we need to be reminded to slow down? That should be our natural speed.

    Nancy´s last blog post..Summer Fare | Potato Salad

  4. This is such a timely reminder for me– getting ready for vacation here and my list is loaded– but I need to make this week a good, reasonably paced one, and not crazy just to “get ready to relax.”


    Missy K´s last blog post..Candles for Spaghetti Night

  5. so true … thanks for the reminders!

  6. I’m ready! I love tackling something unpleasant in the morning – I feel like it sets me up for success later on in the day.



    steadymom´s last blog post..A Summer Rhythm

  7. What a great reminder to “smell the roses”. I plan on doing just that this week!

    Sharon´s last blog post..Consistency…

  8. Such good advice. And a reminder I need today–and this week!

    mrs. e´s last blog post..Gifts of Summer

  9. Awesome advice! Thank you, I needed this reminder today!

    Chele´s last blog post..Feeding Time – Love the Lord With Everything You Have and Are!

  10. love this! thank you for the reminder! I needed it too…I don’t do anything on Sundays, so Monday is a whirlwind of catching up on chores and cleaning!

    Tarena´s last blog post..

  11. And, here I was, just writing up a list of all the things I don’t want to forget to do this week. I love being reminded to give myself permission to skip one!

    Thanks, Rachel!!

    Krys´s last blog post..My New Friend, Alice

  12. going to get my glass of water right now…

    Cherry Tree Lane´s last blog post..truth be told…..yes, please.

  13. V. Higgins says:

    Love this, simple but so needed. If we could get this concept into corporate america, maybe things wouldn’t be so stressful.

  14. Just the other day I was rushing my kids out to the car and I stopped myself and said ” why am I rushing? We are just going shopping!” I could repeat this while we are brushing teeth, getting dressed, taking a walk…Thanks for the reminder to stop getting in my own way.

    juliet´s last blog post..The Madoff Follies

  15. I’ve been rushing Dacey around way too much recently. I’ve noticed I’ve been saying “Come on! Chop, chop!” Why? What difference does it make if she takes thirty extra seconds to examine our sunflowers before she gets in the car?

    Thank you so much for this needed reminder. I can certainly take one thing off of the To Do list and hopefully replace it with some down time and peace.

    Megan at Simple Kids´s last blog post..Simple As That: Simple Outdoor Water Play

  16. After a little blog break, I am ready to get on track with the important things in life :) Loved this post!

    Stephanie´s last blog post..A Time For Everything

  17. Love this

  18. Great reminders! Coco Chanel comes from a different world than me, I need to work on putting on some sort of jewelry before leaving the house. Actually I often forget to look in the mirror!

  19. Thank you! I could let my to do list get 100 items long. I needed permission to cut it short.

    Am new to your blog and lovin’ your no-spend month!

  20. Wish I was organised enough to regularly organise my inbox, the number of emails that are left to respond later that I never get around to.