Good Reads: the Money-Free Weekend Edition


Weekends used to be when we would spend the most money. We’d think of something we needed at home and have time to go shopping for it, we’d want to go out and do something fun, and we’d go out to eat.

This weekend we’re money-free. Here are some interesting reads I’ve found to keep us motivated.

The Envelope System Experiment from Money Saving Mom. We’ve all heard about the cash envelope system, right? This guest post goes beyond the how-to’s to explain how using it transformed her spending.

The Basics Behind a Budget that Works from Simple Mom. You can’t realistically predict an entire year’s worth of expenses. Simple Mom writes about how to make your budget flexible each month since financial needs and goals change all the time.

15 Low Cost Ways to Beat Stress from Wise Bread. Pretty much all of these ideas are on my list to do this weekend.

Groceries: Expense or Investment? an open discussion at Beauty that Moves.

Making short-term sacrifices in order to achieve long-term goals - another good one from Money Saving Mom.

Have a good weekend, friends!
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  1. What a great list! The sun is shining here and we’re about to make some paper boats and go and race them on the stream. Good fun, full of memories and it won’t cost a penny.

    Thanks for the inspirational reading :)

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