38 Weeks – Let’s Talk

Today’s post is a video – let’s talk!

Can’t watch it right now? I’ll give you the scoop. I’m 38 weeks pregnant, and this baby will be here soon.

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  1. You really don’t look pregnant from the front! Loved the video, it’s great to see bloggers talking and moving :)

  2. Rachel,
    Love the video, so great to hear your voice! And I wish you all the very best – to you and to baby – in all that lies ahead in the near future…

    Lance´s last post…Tri-ing Life

  3. Aren’t you in Texas? That must be HOT! I lived there when I had my son on September 1st of the year and wow, I can’t remember feeling quite that hot in my whole life!

    Blessings to you and baby and family,


    steadymom´s last post…What to Do When Everyone is Watching

  4. Best wishes for the remainder of your pregnancy and for a safe and quick delivery!

    You look great for being 38 weeks!

    Can’t wait to see pics of the new baby!

  5. I love seeing and hearing you, Rachel. You’re the best. Best wishes in the coming weeks. Can’t wait to see the new addition!

    Emily@remodelingthislife´s last post…Teal and Orange

  6. You look so cute for 38 weeks pregnant!! I loved the video. Enjoy the end of your pregnancy!

    Andrea @ The Train To Crazy´s last post…The best snack: Frozen peas

  7. Aw, this made me smile so much!
    Hope the labour and delivery go nicely for you.
    Karen (Scotland)

  8. You are so sweet and beautifully pregnant! Thanks for saying hi.

  9. Denise C. says:

    Rachel you are so cute! Love the belly! I carried like that with my daughter.
    Good luck with labor and delivery! :)

  10. Love the video…enjoy the quiet moments (or at least as many as you can get)…things will get a bit crazy with two kids…Your daughter will be the same age as my first was before I had my second. It is a nice age difference…all the way to adulthood!

    Sharon´s last post…I’ve been given an award….

  11. You look amazing! And if I were you, I wouldn’t have put that disclaimer on there about how the posts we see will have been written B.B. (Before baby) I’d have let you all think that I was Wonder Woman! (OK. Maybe we already think that after your No Spend month!) Best wishes to you all!

    mrs. e´s last post…The Sun Goes Down On Summer

  12. GOOD FOR YOU! Enjoy the new born days (as much as you can!) and thanks for sharing your tummy with us. You look beautiful!

    Sharon´s last post…Compounded Butter is Good

  13. Loved the video! Love putting a voice to the words I read daily! Best wishes for a short easy labor. Enjoy the sweet cuddles of the new babe as much as possible. Good Luck!

  14. Wow – you look great! I can empathize with you on the sleepnessness . . . I’m up early right now reading your post because I can’t sleep . . . I should write more blog posts write now, coming up on 37 weeks in my own pregnancy and battling insomnia too!

    I didn’t really struggle with this as much the last time, but I guess every pregnancy is different. I also find it harder to get out with Eli, my 2 y.o., because we live on the 3rd floor, and sometimes just the thought of having to go back all of those stairs is just too much ;). Thank goodness he’s wanting to do more things on his own now . . . he literally has already started to carry his own weight. We also normally have temps in the 90′s in our apartment around this time of year, but thankfully we’ve been spared a lot of the warmer weather and are in a series of several cold fronts.

    I can hardly wait to see pics of your baby! Hang in there!

    Jenni @ Life from the Roof´s last post…How much is a life worth?

  15. okay, that was so fun listening to your sweet voice. i can’t wait until the day you post that your baby was born. in the meantime, enjoy these last few days as a family of three : )

  16. Aww, what a sweet video. You are adorable. Wishing you well!

  17. How cute are you? I love being able to see and hear you. Great video post! I love how open and honest you are. I would have easily thought that you were posting with a newborn and think you’re super woman (which you probably are anyway). I’m 28 weeks pregnant and it’s nice to know that you’re doing things in advance. I would have been reading your posts and wondering why I didn’t have the energy to do anything with a newborn. LOL! Thanks for being you!

  18. Oh this was so neat. You are so down to earth and it adds such a nice dimension to your blog.

    Shannon´s last post…Natural Skin Care for Mama and Baby

  19. You are so cute! I really enjoyed your video!

    Wendy P´s last post…this…oh and how ’bout some of that, too.

  20. You look fantastic, Rachel! I can’t believe baby #2 will be here so soon, that’s amazing! Enjoy you last few weeks of pregnancy (as much as you can anyway), and enjoy your sweet newborn time. :) Blessings!

    liz´s last post…what I read this summer

  21. Renee McCrory says:

    What a beautiful pregnat lady you are! Here’s smooth labor vibes for you ((((hugs!)))) Cherish these last few days it’s not often we get to be a part of a miracle!!

  22. Renee McCrory says:

    I really can spell…REALLY!

  23. Billie Jean says:

    I so enjoyed the video. You look great! I wish you & your family the best. Enjoy this special time together. My son Sevy is already 5 months old and it surely passed by too quickly!

  24. What a beautiful person you are… blessings on the upcoming birth of your baby!

  25. You are a beautiful, special woman. I am so happy for you guys!

  26. RACHEL! You are PRECIOUS and DARLING and DELIGHTFUL!! You are absolutely beautiful and glowing and just, well, precious.

    Good on you for writing in advance. When I was at the end of AJ’s pregnancy and I was still trying to keep up with a toddler in the Texas heat of late summer, I just laid on the couch. A lot.

    I can’t wait for Little Man to arrive. You’ll love having two! Treasure these last days and make sure to do a little writing just for your sweet family, too. XOXO

    Megan at Simple Kids´s last post…What We’re Reading Wednesday: August 12th

  27. Rachel,

    You are so precious!! I’m praying for you and that little one. He will be here before you know it!

    Amy Bayliss´s last post…Just another family night…

  28. So fun to see and hear you! You are precious!! I am enjoying your blog and today’s video was a great touch!

    Katherine´s last post…A Mind is a Precious Thing to Waste

  29. Rachel,

    Thank you for the video! Children are a blessing from the Lord and I wish you all the best!

  30. You are absolutely darling! I loved the video. I love reading your website and it was so fun to kind of meet you! Good luck with the new baby!! Thanks for sharing.

  31. You are just the sweetest girl ever :) Good luck and may you have a beautiful healthy baby boy VERY SOON! :)

    Lisa´s last post…The Mystery of the Secret Ingredient

  32. You look beautiful, Rachel! I did the same exact thing- prepping the blog before the baby :) You are a smart cookie! Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy!!

  33. It’s neat to finally see who I am reading about! I am a fairly new reader of your blog. I read somewhere that you live in Texas! I live south of Austin. I am also pregnant (number four) and we are also adapting to a life without gluten. It’s inspiring to read about moms who go through the same ordeals in life. Thanks for all the good blog entries and keep it up!

  34. stephanie says:

    Wow..good luck with your new family….your small notebook is about to get a little bigger…. :)

  35. Hi Rachel,
    Thanks so much for the baby update! I should have emailed to check up on you long ago because you have been on my mind and I’ve been wondering when baby #2 was due to make his appearance. I would love to get together sometime after things settle down with the new family member. I’m praying that the transition goes smoothly. It’s a lot of work to have two but the fun doubles as well.

    Lynette´s last post…Why? Why? Why?

  36. What a great site! I’m 27 weeks pregnant, totally all front, and already trying to figure out how many in-advance posts I need to create before life turns upside down. :) On an evening when I’m bloated and whiny, knowing that someone else is pregnant and a smidge overwhelmed makes it a bit easier. Can’t wait to come back.

    My First Kitchen´s last post…Get in the Zone

  37. Sandra Gonzales says:

    Your beautiful personality really shines through. Congrats to you and your hubby. Can wait to see pics of your next cute baby!!!

  38. Seeing the video of you shows how similar you and Lane look. And you are too cute! Both in looks and personality.

    Sally Parrott Ashbrook´s last post…Gluten-Free/Allergen-Free Cooking Class in Atlanta

  39. Congrats on the new baby! You look beautiful and I am so impresssed that you did a no spend month so close to the end of your pregnancy. Good luck & best wishes..

    Suzanne´s last post…Grocery Shop Tally

  40. I’ve been reading your blog for a considerable amount of time now, and then I found myself without much time left to keep reading it anymore, but today I remembered about it and came to see what was going on around here, only to find out you’re pregnant, and really pregnant! I hope everything goes well. Blessings for the entire family from Spain.


  41. Leighanne says:

    Wow, thank you! We are so happy to have this video It was so nice to see you and hear your voice. You look beautiful and I appreciate your realistic view on life…I can’t even imagine juggling everything you are dealing with.
    Thanks for sharing!

  42. You are even more adorable in video. Glad you shared the secret of your organized blogging.

    Looking forward to reading about your bouncing baby boy. You know, there is a reason they call them “bouncing.” :)

    Nina´s last post…Bird Books

  43. Very fun to see a video. You have such a calming voice. Good luck to you and your family in the next couple weeks! How exciting!

  44. What a lovely idea, it’s so nice to see you & hear you after reading your words for so long. You look fabulous & I wish lots of rest over the next couple of weeks before baby 2 arrives. Best of luck xx (ps It really is easier second time around in every respect xx)

    Victoria Leather´s last post…Summer Holidays

  45. I totally had to give a little giggle when I watched your video, because nope, you probably won’t be doing house organization in a few weeks. :) I’m certainly not whipping up meals full of seasonal, nourishing foods. In fact, I’m enjoying having meals brought to me and a husband who tells me to sit down when I try to do the dishes!

    I’m so excited for you, though! Can’t wait to hear the news whenever baby chooses to arrive, and you seem just so calm and radiant. You look beautiful! May you have a wonderful couple of weeks preparing for your new little one, and a very restful babymoon!

    Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home´s last post…Making Your Own Convenience Food Mixes

  46. blessed2Bmommy says:

    Where is the video?? I was so excited to see it, especially after reading all of the wonderful comments but there’s nothing except the title “Let’s Talk” & underneath it says “Today’s post is a video, let’s talk” & then it’s just a white page below?

    Am I going crazy?! Obviously everyone else has a site, picture or something to click on to watch your video but me? I will say I’m not the most computer savvy gal but I do know how to click on a picture(or link) to start a video. I can’t figure out why I’m not seeing anything under the post?!?

    Just wondering if someone might have a suggestion of what I can do. Thanks!!

    • I don’t know, I still see it.

      • blessed2Bmommy says:

        Wow, thanks for your reply Rachel! I was expecting to hear from someone else, not you!! That’s so sweet of you. I still see nothing, it’s the strangest thing??!

        I read you’re in major nesting mode! The car wash from your last pregnancy takes the cake!!:) At least you know you’ll be coming home to a VERY CLEAN home!—which is nice when you’re bringing a new born home. I have 5(the last being twins)& though I went through the nesting process too, my house was never as clean as yours is, so way to go!

        Blessings to you & your growing family. I’m so happy for you/y’all(that’s my very southern accent coming out!).

        By the way, I’d still love to see your video. Any suggestions from anyone else as to what I can do?