My Favorite Place at Home


Everyone should have a place of her own.

The spot that’s just mine is my desk. What you can’t see in the picture is that it’s two feet away from the bed, so I have to squeeze through there. It’s completely worth it.

In our last apartment, my work space was the dining room table, and every time we ate I had to push my stuff over to the side or move it to the floor to get it out of the way.

On my desk I keep my computer, my correspondence notebook, and the only clock I own, which I’ve had since I was little.

my-tote-bagSometimes my desk is clean, sometimes it’s not, and other times it has only the illusion of clean, which is still good enough. On the wall close by hangs my tote bag, and occasionally I’ll move papers or projects from my desk and put them in the bag, so I can enjoy an instantly clean open work area.

There are no drawers, but I like having a big table to work on. A few supplies are stored in a small box in the closet, but I’ve noticed that as I’ve gradually switched over to going paperless, I need fewer office supplies too.

It’s so restful to be able to sit and work in a spot that’s just mine, without the usual assortment of stuff that collects in other places around the house.

Do you have a favorite spot of your own?
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  1. My favorite spot that is just mine? Well, before my brother-in-law came to stay until he got back on his feet (about 9 months ago) I had a little spot in the basement with my desk, big comfy chair, loveseat, and a few bookcases. Now, there’s a tv, my brother-in-law perpetually sleeping on the couch, and an assortment of dishes that are always on my desk. Hmmmm…and I’ve relocated to the kitchen table…maybe it’s time to reclaim my spot, and my house…

    Amanda´s last post…Kitchen Knives: The Basics

    • D. Edwards says:

      Good for you! As much as my brother-in-law is family, sometimes his time is up! That’s from his brother, been waiting for that one, glad it is here!

  2. No, I don’t have a spot that is “just mine”, but your lovely, peaceful space sure has inspired me to find one! I’ve been looking for a desk for a particular space in my home for a while now. Tired of all the mail/correspondence/school/schedule/etc. supplies haphazardly occupying the kitchen counter. Thanks for posting such a lovely photo.

    Holly´s last post…Birthday

  3. Yes, the entire spare bedroom is just mine, lol. Besides having the futon for guests, I have all my quilting and craft supplies, a big work table, my sewing machine set up, and a blanket for my lab Roy to chill out on.

    Even if we didn’t have a spare bedroom, I know I’d make a place that was just for me. This post reminds me of Virginia Woolf’s essay “A Room Of One’s Own.” I’m an aspiring writer, but having never been in the same place for longer than 9 months (in the past 7 years) I have yet to find a really semi-permanent space of my own. What has always gone with me are my books and those, more than any other thing, make me feel like somewhere is a place of my own. I once dove off a catamaran sailing at full speed for Jane Austen’s Emma! Waterlogged and a bit moldy, I still have it with me.

    Kait Palmer´s last post…The Challenge and The Heat Wave

  4. For our anniversary, a couple of months ago, my husband bought me a desk for work and I really enjoy it. I also love our big cushy chair in the living room for reading with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

    Shannon´s last post…Something a Little More Personal

  5. Yes, I do, but mine isn’t nearly as lovely as yours! Slightly more cluttered, in general, but I love it. It is affectionately known here as “Mommy’s Desk.”


    steadymom´s last post…How to Nurture Generosity in Your Children

  6. No, but yours is lovely! Very serene.

  7. Yes! I just set up my desk at our home. I’ve never had a home office space before. I have half of our office, but my desk faces a large window that looks out the front of our house. I can’t believe how much more productive I am now that I have a space to BE productive IN (and now that I type that out, it sounds ridiculous, but it’s the truth). My desk is all organized the way I want it, and it’s completely off-limits to the rest of the family. Yay!

    Love your blog — I’ve been lurking for a few months, now. :-)

    Damsel´s last post…On how we came to be an Army family

  8. Very nice article. As of yesterday I have begun the move into my favorite spot as well. I have a dedicated office as I am a photographer and a web developer and with that came file cabinets, stacks of papers, white board and bookshelves. I soon discovered I love working from my kitchen table. So I have begun the process of making it less and making it work from the table. I posted an article about the steps here

    I love your site by the way. I have been a fan for a while but I think this is the first time I have ever posted.

  9. you betcha! I am sitting at it right now! I have an awesome 1960′s steelcase desk I got for free on craiglist tucked into a hallway alcove surrounded by cork boards. I don’t know what I would do without it!

    juliet´s last post…Faustian Bargain

  10. i love this idea! i’ve rotated my “spot” around the home a lot, and end up taking over corners i didn’t realize i’d wanted to be mine. as we redo our home room by room (new walls, new windows, new paint and doors, etc) we’re combining our offices into one, and getting a big L-shaped desk to share.

    as i pare downt he stuff i own (a constant battle/challenge) i’m coming to realize that my half of that desk will be “mine”, but really, the spot that i’ve claimed as mine? it’s in the family room – the rocking chair that sits in front of the window and the basket next to it are my knitting corner and i LOVE it.

    maybe i’ll have to share pictures on my blog!

    robyn´s last post…Watch Cap – an introduction

  11. This is stunning! I love the idea of a huge desk but sometimes I just want to lie down.. so I tend to move my workspace a lot in our studio

  12. Hmmm….a place of my own? No, I do not…but interesting that you just posted this as I have been thinking about trying to create a space that is solely mine. I think everyone should have their own little space :-)

  13. I need a place like this. With two little ones underfoot, Mommy needs a place to escape and call “my quiet zone”. I have a desk that I finally dug out (you should have seen the junk burying it!!) and I have spent quite a bit of time at it since. I would love, however, a cozy reading/writing corner all to myself – decorated in a coffee house theme… a big overstuffed chair/lounger and plenty of mood lighting… in a quiet “kid-free” zone! :)

    Ashley´s last post…Hump day is over…

  14. I did have my own spot…until the boys wanted their own rooms about two years ago. So no more sewing…no more crafting…no more place to hide the bills and the papers that accumulate. I really miss that space that I could call my own. Just recently I’ve been trying to figure out a way to fit a small space in my room…which is tiny to begin with…but it would be better than nothing!

    Your space is lovely…and I think that tote bag is the coolest I’ve ever seen!

    Michelle´s last post…Wednesday in the Word.

  15. LOVE your spot! It looks so calm and inviting. I don’t have my own “spot” yet, but I’m working on it – first I have to declutter the house so I can see the tops of things and the seats on my chairs. The purge is on….

  16. when our house was built, there was a portion of attic space that was not supposed to be finished, but it was accidentally (thank you Lord) finished with trim, windows and blinds. we are currently laying ceramic tile and will be painting the room a surreal cobalt blue and filling it with tons of bookshelves to create a library nook. i’ll have my red velvet claw-foot chair and a little ottoman, my favorite crocheted blanket and my laptop to work my on my photography business and escape away. i can’t wait!!

    jenifriend´s last post…{13}

  17. Everyone needs there own spot. I love the deck. I can just sit and sip wine.

    Jennifer´s last post…Slept in my Makeup

  18. I live in an apartment and my favourite corner has got to be my cozy little balcony. What makes this corner special is the spectacular view of sunrise and sunset when you are lounging here.

    My bamboo chimes have an amazingly soothing sound and since we live by the coast they are just always chiming with the sea breeze:)…… Handwoven blinds, earthen pots …sipping hot tea …watching the sunset or the rain Ah! This is my cacoon :)

  19. Love the serene setting this picture invokes. AND, I love the idea of the correspondence notebook. The only problem with that is the pile of papers that come home with kids from school which probably wouldn’t fit in that compact book…Love that everything is all in one place though!

    Sharon´s last post…Back from the doctors…

  20. I have a sewing desk in my bedroom that would be considered mine but the laundry has temporarily taken that spot over. My husband and I also share a desk but if you ask him its my space and he just borrows it.

    Liz´s last post…Checking in with the 2009 goals.

  21. I so wish I read this when I first got married! When I married my husband, he already owned a home, so I moved in with him. It took a long time for it to feel more like “our home” than his home with my stuff in it.
    The turning point was when we bought new furniture for our living room. We have a chair-and-a-half in front of our living room window, and it is my spot. Nothing quite compares to sitting there in there in the morning quiet with a cup of coffee in my hand and my Bible in my lap.
    Here’s to hoping everyone is able to find a place for themselves that they love as much as I love my chair!

  22. Denise C. says:

    My very own spot, is my desk as well. It’s an antique Singer sewing table. It is one of the first pieces I bought when I was living in Dallas (back in ’02). I love it. It holds my computer, lamp, small pen cup, iPhone, and usually a book of some sort. I recently had to get foam corners for it, as my daughter loves to sit under it, and usually smacks her head when she gets up. They’re more “character” along with the dings and scratches.

  23. Wow. That looks so peaceful and wonderful. I wish I had a spot of my own. We live in a 1400 sq ft. home with 8 people in our family, so there aren’t a lot of ‘own’ spots. I am going to have a look around our house in a new mindset and see what I can come up with. Thanks for the idea. :)

    ChristineG´s last post…Weaving a Life

  24. That is a very serene work space~ love it!

    Dani´s last post…I’ll Take Johnnie Cochran for $200, Alex

  25. Wow, I like your table, it is simple, beautiful. I have a small recliner chair that is my space, I have books, my laptop and water bottle nearby, when I feed my infant or put him to sleep, I can still do other things (upto a point) Good to have that special place.


    Zengirl´s last post…10 ways to help during bad economy

  26. I am so impressed with your space. We are about to move house and I am going to have a corner to myself, with a desk and my sewing machine and other stuff! I honestly am so excited about it!

    I will have to post some pictures when I have it all set up!

    Lauren´s last post…Semi-Daily eBay | Vintage Antique Sewing Table

  27. I was just considering getting a desk of my own to have “my own space”. I have been going back and forth because mine would also have to be in our bedroom. You’ve totally encouraged me to have it! Thanks!

  28. I do…at this stage in my life I have a room. It has bookshelves, a love seat comfy sofa w/a special coffee table that holds my candle, incense burner, photo of my adult daughters & a bamboo plant. This is where I meditate, read, contemplate. Behind it is my small desk w/computer which looks out double windows to a wooded scene….face it, it is perfect (although no furniture in this room is new….all recycled stuff except the couch.