He’s healthy and content, and I am so thankful.


My first baby’s birth was long, difficult, and dramatic, but this labor was quite different, happening mostly in the twenty minute car ride to the hospital. The doctor declared we would have a baby within the hour, which meant I only had a couple of minutes to transition between relief, fear, and freaking out before determining that I could do this. Six pushes later, we had our baby boy.


Now we are in those quiet few days where I get to stay in bed and relax and listen to those chirps and coos that only newborns make.

It will be quiet here for a few days too, and  then I’ll begin sharing the posts I’ve been saving up. I’ve got quite a bit in store for you, because I want you to have good stuff to read while I take a little vacation with this sweetheart.


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  1. Congrats!

  2. Congratulations! He is gorgeous – absolutely perfect!

  3. Congratulations! Enjoy your time.

  4. How wonderful!

  5. He is lovely . Bless you both

  6. He is so beautiful. Enjoy and many blessings to your family.

    Nina´s last post…Bird Books

  7. He is just GORGEOUS! And you are looking quite well, mama! Way to go!

    Kacie´s last post…Weekend roundup

  8. This is such lovely news. And such a beautiful little boy!
    Thank you for sharing this with us all.
    Karen (Scotland)

  9. What an absolutely precious little man! Congratulations to you and your lovely family Rachel.

    Enjoy a well deserved break with this new little sweetie pie :)

    Sarah Klass´s last post…Something to {SMILE} about…

  10. Wonderful pictures, and even more – what absolutely wonderful news! Rachel, congratulations to you and your fmaily. And Tom, welcome here to this world!!

    Lance´s last post…Sunday Thought For The Day

  11. Oh beautiful!!! He is too sweet and so complete! I hope you all have a happy time together!!! Totally love your family photo!!!

    se7en´s last post…Sunday Snippet: Creation vs. Evolution… A GiveAway.

  12. Congratulations, what a beautiful family!

    Tammy´s last post…Its 5.30 …

  13. Many blessings from Melbourne Australia

  14. congratulations…
    all my good wishes to you and your family…

  15. Gorgeous little Tom.. congratulations to all your family… I am sure Lane will make a wonderful big sister :)

    angelvalerie´s last post…good intentions vs inertia

  16. Tom, Fáilte go dti an domhain, (gaelic) Tom, welcome to the world, I hope that you enjoy your new big sister and your lovely parents. I wish you four all health and happiness to enjoy your blessings.

    Scribhneoir´s last post…Listening

  17. Wow! Congratulations to you all!!!
    Soak up as much baby-ness as you can from that beautiful little boy.
    Tom is just a gorgeous little thing! I’m sure Lane just fell head over heals in love as soon as she saw him :o)

    Rest up lots and please say yes to anyone who is offering their (useful) services to you and your family.

    Most of all, enjoy this new time together as a family of four…


    Meegan´s last post…Cleaned Out

  18. Congratulation! i’m glad everything went smoothly and that you’re both well.

  19. What a cherub! He is beautiful! Congratulations.

  20. beautiful. So glad the birth went well. Thomas is a great name – it’s our youngest’s middle name. Blessings for you and your family.

    Shannon´s last post…Menu Plan – August 31

  21. He’s perfect! Congrats!

  22. Congratulations, Rachel and family. He’s beautiful. Enjoy!

    Emily@remodelingthislife´s last post…Unexpected

  23. Congrats to you all! :)

  24. Julie in GA says:

    Congratulations on your beautiful son!

  25. So wonderful! Congratulations….


    steadymom´s last post…Inspiration for Your Weekend

  26. He’s gorgeous! My second delivery was very similar to yours! Glad it went well. I’m also so thankful you planned some posts! I LOVE your writing and information, but I’m glad you will be taking a bit of a break for yourself!

    Congratulations Meeks family!!!! :)

    Sharon´s last post…A new week, a new menu!

  27. So, so many congratulations! You are simply radiant. How do you look so good after just giving birth? Looking forward to what you have in store for us, though I love baby-related posts as well!

  28. he is beautiful.

    you all are.

    enjoy these days.

    kristin´s last post…i should go to golf school

  29. Denise C. says:

    Congrats Rachel and Meeks Family! He is so beautiful, and Lane will be a superb big sister! :)

  30. Congratulations – he’s just beautiful! Enjoy your new addition! BTW – how do you look so GREAT after delivering a baby?

  31. He is sooooo beautiful, Rachel! Congratulations!

    Minnesotamom´s last post…Sunday Sunshine 08.30.09

  32. Congratulations! Tom is precious! Such a sweet little face.

    Julie´s last post…Got a Boo-Boo?

  33. He is beautiful, congratulations! You are so lucky to have one of each – a boy and a girl. It’s amazing how you will love them equally, but in such different ways. Enjoy your new little man – can’t wait to see how much Lane loves on him!

    Elizabeth´s last post…Tot School: Apples

  34. Congratulations, Rachel! He is gorgeous! I had no idea you were so close to delivery! It seems like just yesterday you announced your pregnancy. Enjoy this sweet sweet time with your newborn. It goes so fast. It’s easy to get caught up in the sleep deprivation part of it, but these newborn days are so much more than that. I’m sure you’ve discovered already that you are completely in love with him.

    Mary Beth´s last post…menu planning

  35. precious…seeing that little guy makes me want to have another one.

    congratulations to you and your family.

    Kristia@FamilyBalanceSheet´s last post…Zucchini burn-out? The key is variety.

  36. absolutely beautiful!! (and one of my favorite names, too!)

  37. Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow! Congratulations!

    Sharon´s last post…New Blogger Tool – Updated Editor

  38. I was wondering if he had come! What a BEAUTIFUL boy he is. So sweet. Enjoy these days!

  39. Congratulations! Six pushes – now that’s what I’m talking about. Enjoy your time with your precious little one. He’s beautiful.

    jen@ourdailybigtop´s last post…I heart faces – before & after

  40. He is absolutely precious! Congrats!

    Ashley´s last post…In need of some inspiration

  41. He’s absolutely gorgeous. Congrats to you and your whole family. Take care and enjoy :)

    Sherri (Serene Journey)´s last post…Show Your Kids You Love Them

  42. What a handsome little guy! Congratulations!

  43. Congrats! A baby is a true blessing! Take some much needed time to spend with that precious baby! :)

    Chele´s last post…Menu Plan Monday – August 31st

  44. Congratulations to you all… wishes to you from India.. baby is looking sweet…

  45. Southern Gal says:

    He’s beautiful.

    I miss those days of staying in bed or in the recliner and just nurse and love those babies…

    Praying the adjustment to a new little life in the family will go smoothly for all.

  46. He is just beautiful! Enjoy the quiet moments in the next few days, and rest up!

    Emily @ The Pilot’s Wife´s last post…Wedding Showers and a Giveaway!!

  47. Congratulations!

    Indeeds´s last post…again with the sky

  48. oh, I have been waiting for this post. So thrilled for you. He is a precious little guy. soak up all you can. take good care of yourself too!

  49. Jessica Lucas says:

    He’s so cute. And I have to say it is totally unfair how beautiful you look;-) After giving birth, I looked like a truck ran over me! Enjoy your family.

  50. What a lovely, lovely little guy. He is gorgeous. And you all look so happy. Warm congratulations!!!

  51. Congratulations to you and your beautiful family. I always enjoy checking in on your blog; what a nice surprise to find pictures of your new son!

  52. All the best wishes for your family and the Newborn – you all look so happy and sweet!! The photos capture the moment so beautifully :-) I am totally moved…

    And you blog is so inspiring – looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us :-)

    from Finland

  53. congratulations! you both look great!

  54. Congratulations, What a beautiful baby!! Enjoy your time with him. You are blessed.

  55. Congratulations! He’s beautiful!

    Teri H´s last post…where i bean…

  56. Congratulations! He is beautiful!

    Michele´s last post…Hank the Cowdog~Review

  57. And what a little sweetheart!


  58. Congratulations Rachel! I’m so glad you had an easy delivery.

    He is absolutely beautiful and you look great too!! :-) Enjoy your time with your family!

    Amanda @ Mommy’s Idea Book´s last post…Have You Tried a SoBe Lifewater?

  59. Congratulations! He is just adorable. You have a beautiful family and I am so happy for all of you. Enjoy these very special days!!

  60. I have been checking daily to see when your sweet little man would arrive. So glad to hear that he made it and the both of you are doing good. What a blessing that has been added to your family. I have never written but I wanted you to know that you soooooo inspire me to scale down on all the stuff in our lives. You are holding the only thing that really matters. Congratulations and God Bless you all.


  61. Congratulations! He’s beautiful. And glad to hear you had such a quick and peaceful delivery (second ones are so much easier, don’t you think? ;-)

    Enjoy this sweet time together.

    Adele´s last post…Quotable Sunday


    Tammy´s last post…~Busy~

  63. Congratulations to you and your beautiful family!

  64. Congratulations and blessings! He’s adorable.

  65. He is beautiful! Congratulations to your family.

    Nancy´s last post…its all about the tomato

  66. Stunning… all of you. Enjoy!

  67. Oh Rachel. He’s so beautiful. Congratulations!

    jill´s last post…Oh. There it is.

  68. Congratulations! He is so precious!!

  69. Congratulations!

    Sarah´s last post…The case of the dead guppies

  70. Congratulations! He is absolutely perfect!

    Erin´s last post…My New Love Affair

  71. seashoreknits says:

    He is just perfect – so lovely! Thank you for sharing your joy with us – you look so beautiful too! and happy! Congratulations to you and your whole family! Welcome Baby Tom!

  72. Congratulations. He’s adorable and I hope you enjoy your time off with him.

    Buffie´s last post…Menu Plan Monday – August 31

  73. Oh my goodness…he is incredibly cute. And you look beautiful!!

    Michelle´s last post…Bench Monday.

  74. Congrats, he’s beautiful!

    Cindy´s last post…My precious boy

  75. Newborns are perfect. Congratulations on the healthy, happy birth of your son. Many blessing to you and your family as you all get to know one another. And a special hug and kiss for Lane. I hope I don’t see a new post for a while :).

  76. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW he is beautiful. Get great rest adn enjoy that bundle of joy.. A true gift form God..

  77. Great Scott he’s cute! God bless!

    Lisa´s last post…Food!

  78. Congratulations, he is gorgeous!

  79. He’s beautiful! Enjoy every minute!

  80. Congratulations!! He’s adorable!

    Kelli´s last post…New BF

  81. I was wondering about you guys last night. I’m very happy for you and your sweet little family. God bless you and your family.

  82. Congratulations! He’s beautiful and you look amazing!

    Renee´s last post…Queijo Fresco Tostada

  83. Congratulations!! He’s beautiful!

    Charity´s last post…Mmmm, Mmmm Good

  84. He is gorgeous…I mean really GORGEOUS! Congratulations!!!

  85. What a wonderful intro. Beautiful baby, congrats and you are sure deserving of time with that wonderful little one!

  86. He is delicious! Congratulations!

    jen´s last post…Mulligan, please!

  87. My first thought was, “Aww, congratulations!!!” And then, “You posted at 1:38 AM? Go back to bed!” :)

    Best of wishes for you and your family. I hope these next few days are blissful for you.

    Dee Wilcox´s last post…Hornworms!

  88. Chickybeth says:

    Congrats! I am so happy for all of you and he looks like a total sweetie:) Thank you for always giving me something to smile about!

    p.s. Excellent pictures. They are wonderful.

  89. What a doll baby he is! Enjoy all your time with him, lucky girl :)

  90. Congratulazioni!! So glad everything went smoothly after all (and quickly!)

  91. Congratulations! He’s beautiful.

    Holly´s last post…Bicycling Advice – Always Wear Your Helmet

  92. Congratulations! So glad everything went well :)
    Enjoy your time together. God bless!

  93. Congratulations to your family!! What a beautiful angel.

    Katherine´s last post…Bust Your Clutter, Free Your Life

  94. Blessings to you and your family and it’s new addition! :)

  95. He’s a blessing!

  96. He really is beautiful. Congratulations!

  97. He is absolutely perfect!! Congrats to you and your family! :)

  98. Congrats, what a little beauty!

    Ginny´s last post…My Husband

  99. He’s gorgeous! Congrats!

    Karen´s last post…In my back yard (kinda)…

  100. I knew it! That last post was up just few days too long! He’s BEAUTIFUL, looks just like his sister! 100,000 congratulations!

  101. Oh, congrats! He is so precious! I love his little smile! :)

    Lisa@WhatFeedsMySoul´s last post…taking time for slowing down

  102. I know this is just one of a long string of congratulations–but he really is so darling. Good luck to you!

    Jennifer´s last post…PJs.

  103. Wonderful news!! He is beautiful. Congrats to both of you.

    don_mae´s last post…Like A Kid In The Candy Store…

  104. What a sweet little blessing – love that first picture! I’m just going to add that I’m impressed you did your no-spend month while pregnant – I was busy going to favorite restaraunts and buying baby stuff I didn’t need in those last couple of months.

    Lee´s last post…Photo of the Day

  105. Oh he is just perfect!! What an angel! Congrat’s to you and your family!!! Many blessings to you!

    ~Carla~´s last post…Card Patterns & Happy Saturday! :)

  106. Congratulations, Rachel and family. Tom is so cute!

  107. Yay! He is just the cutest thing ever– and I mean that in all sincerity. :) Wow, what an amazingly fast delivery! Can only imagine the whirlwind you’re on now– enjoy it!

    Many blessings,

    liz´s last post…secret messages from the wood fairies

  108. So happy for you! Tom is a beautiful little baby…and I love the name. Blessings as you enjoy those lovely days with a sweet newborn. I’m praying everything will continue to go smoothly.

    Lydia´s last post…Freebie: Betty Crocker Potatoes

  109. Oh my- he is gorgeous- congratulations!

    Taryn´s last post…Homemade Craisins

  110. Alaskan Andi says:

    Oh my! What a cute bundle of boy you have. Congratulations on the new babe in your life. I am going to have to sign out as seeing these adorable pictures makes me baby hungry…and we aren’t ready for another! lol Have fun on your vacation.

  111. Congratulations to you all – enjoy every minute :)

  112. V. Higgins says:

    *squeals*!!! He is so precious!!! I hope the next few weeks are very restful and filled with those wonderful ‘new baby’ memories! ^_^

  113. Seriously, that first picture is one of the cutest newborn pictures I have ever seen. He is absolutely adorable. Congratulations!!!

  114. One of the prettiest babies I’ve ever seen! Congrats on your new little blessing!

    Angela´s last post…Homemaker Horror

  115. Congrats! He is absolutely adorable!!!

  116. As everyone else has pointed out. He’s adorable! Congratulations, have a great time with your piece and quiet.

    Anali´s last post…Look what I bought: I LOVE the farmers market!

  117. Oh my goodness, he is simply beautiful! Well done you, I wish you and your lovely little family much happiness. Enjoy these precious first days together xx

    Victoria´s last post…Summer Holidays

  118. Wow – he’s so beautiful. Thank you for sharing these precious photos with us! God bless you all!

  119. Congratulations! He truly is a gorgeous little guy! Blessings to you and your fam.

    Stacy´s last post…30 days of happiness :: 6

  120. Congratulations to you & your family! I hope your recovery goes really well. Tom is absolutely gorgeous, amazing and so precious. You definitely have a beautiful family, Rachel.

    Suzanne´s last post…Balance, Balance, Use Your Balance

  121. Oooooh!!! A big congrats!! What a precious baby.

    Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas´s last post…Persian Las Vegas: Habib’s Persian Cuisine

  122. What a beautiful boy and amazing pictures. Congratulations!

    Org Junkie´s last post…Menu Plan Monday ~ Aug 31st

  123. Kimberlee says:

    Oh goodness!! What a beautiful little boy! Congratulations to you and your family. :)

  124. Congratulations on that beautiful boy! (I love the picture of the whole family–gorgeous!) You look wonderful! Best wishes to all of you!

    mrs. e´s last post…Views

  125. Slackerjo says:

    Rachel you will have to file this post under the category “organize” as little Tom’s birth seem to be an event of the utmost organization and simplicity.

  126. what a sweet little fella! Congrats to you guys! Hope the next few days will be just wonderful – soak in all that new baby goodness!

    and you look fabulous by the way!

    jodi @ back40life´s last post…It Is FINISHED: Williams-1, Bank-0

  127. He. Is. Beautiful.

    Sweet Em´s last post…Trip/Picture Catch-up Part 2 of ?

  128. So adorable. So sweet. So angelic. So blessed!

  129. Angela Pearl says:

    He is beautiful…just gorgeous! Congratulations!

  130. Congratulations Rachel, Doug and Lane…he’s beautiful, enjoy!

  131. Congratulations on your gorgeous baby and wonderful labor!

  132. Congratulations Meeks family on this beautiful and wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing your joy with your readers. Take care and get as much rest as you can.

  133. holy cow, is he a cutie!! forget blogging. you just cuddle that boy until he thinks he’s too cool for your cuddling anymore. he is a doll. i hope you all adjust to your new schedule soon. take care!

  134. Congratulations! All the best and enjoy your time together!

    bronya´s last post…what’s the day again?

  135. Oh my goodness, look at him smiling!! He is so gorgeous. And i love the photos of the four of you together, it looks absolutely perfect. I hope you enjoy your little break and have a great time getting to know your little son. Looking forward to hearing from you when you get back to posting!

  136. So Sweet! Enjoy!

  137. Congratulations! Enjoy the babymoon!!

  138. Congratulations Rachel! He is darling :) Soak it up and enjoy!

    Nicki at Domestic Cents´s last post…Easy Finger Puppets

  139. He’s gorgeous.

    Hallelujah for a great delivery.

    Enjoy every coo.

    Rebecca´s last post…Missing at the Zoo

  140. He is absolutely adorable and you look beautiful! Congratulations and blessings to you and your family!

    Nicole´s last post…notes

  141. Congratulations to you and your family!! He is so adorable and precious.

  142. BEAUTIFUL LITTLE MAN! Congrats!

    Cathy´s last post…COUPONS {DOT} COM RESOTCKED!

  143. How precious. Brings a tear to your eye just looking at him. So happy for you and your family.

  144. Congratulations! What beautiful pictures of your family.

  145. Congratulations! All the best for you and your family.

  146. Absolutely PRECIOUS.


    Many blessings,

  147. Congratulations… he’s beautiful!

  148. vermontmommy says:

    Congratulations. What a beautiful family you have.

    What lovely pictures too.

  149. Just precious! Congratulations!

    Meg´s last post…Are You Freaking Kidding Me: HGTV Edition

  150. Sonya McKelvey says:

    Alleluia, thank you Lord for protecting this small boy and delivering him to his family, safely!

    With Joy,

    Sonya McKelvey

    Hemet, CA

  151. WOW! I could eat him with a spoon!! So sweet. Praising God that he is here and healthy. Enjoy this special time as a family!!!!

    Kelli´s last post…God’s Chisel

  152. Congratulations! He is soooo adorable. :)

    Money Funk´s last post…Let the game begin!

  153. Congratulations!!! Little Boys are so much fun, although I’m sure little girls are too (I just happen to not have any). Savor every moment with your two darlings. It’s fun to watch the older/younger dynamic!!!

    Amanda´s last post…Fabulous Links 8.29.09: Home, Kids and You

  154. He’s beautiful, Rachel! I think he might be smiling in the first photo…

  155. Congratulation on your beautiful baby boy Rachel. Your family is precious.

  156. Hi. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile. I don’t usually comment because I don’t feel like I have anything worth saying to write down but when I saw this post I just had to send congrats to you and your family like all your other readers. He is gorgeous! And you do not look like you just had a baby – amazing!

  157. Congrats on your new baby boy, what a blessing!

    Cynthia´s last post…Please don’t give up on me…

  158. Congratulations! He’s adorable. And what a blessing to have such a quick delivery. :)

    Ashley´s last post…Technology Ruins the Day

  159. Beautiful,sweet,precious..praise God for your newest joyful blessing!!!!!! :)

  160. Hey, Rachel, I just realised who you look like: a brunette Laura Linney. Has anybody told you that? :)

  161. Congrats! I’m a new mommy to a little guy, too. What a joy he’s been these past three months! Praying that your new little guy settles in nicely, and that you get through the first few hormonal weeks unscathed. =) God bless your little family!

    Lisa´s last post…Blogspot Beginnings: An Introduction.

  162. Congratulations!! He is beautiful. Enjoy your time with him. As you know they grow up really fast so enjoy these beautiful moments.

  163. He is beautiful! Congratulations and enjoy your “maternity leave” from blogging!

    Allison´s last post…Chopped Tomato & Mozzarella Salad

  164. He’s beautiful! Job well done!

    sleepy cat hollow´s last post…For Today ~ 2 September 2009 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

  165. oh he’s precious! congratulations!

    krommama´s last post…Doll Quilt Swap 7 – Received

  166. Congratulations! What a beautiful baby, AND what fantastic photos. I love the one of all four of you.

    Sally Parrott Ashbrook´s last post…Gluten-Free/Allergen-Free Cooking Class in Atlanta

  167. RACHEL!!! I didn’t even know you were expecting again… it has been FAR too long since my last visit here.
    Congratulations! You look WONDERFUL and what an angel!
    Happy Baby!

  168. Congratulations! What a beautiful baby boy! :)

  169. Oh what a Blessing! You both look amazing, truly lovely.

  170. What a precious little guy! Congratulations!

    Sarah@ Life in the Parsonage´s last post…It’s Better Than Nothing…I Guess.

  171. Utterly gorgeous and perfect! I’m so happy for you, Rachel! Enjoy that little sweetheart, and we’ll be waiting right here whenever you’re back. Those early days are just too precious to waste blogging. :)

    Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home´s last post…How to Date your Kids (and why that’s so special)

  172. Precious, and congratulations!

    Tami´s last post…Win a Wall Graphic from – Ends 09/11/09

  173. Congratulations! He is lovely! Hope you are enjoying these first wonderful weeks!

  174. He’s absolutely precious! What a sweet family!

    Marlana´s last post…Help support Children’s Miracle Network by shopping online!

  175. Rachel!! He is beautiful! Congratulations :)

    Dana @ Letters to Elijah´s last post…My kids are getting the exercise bug too! Wordless Wednesdays

  176. Enjoy your babymoon!

  177. I’m very late to this, but hearty congratulations! He’s beautiful.