Bringing in Fall

Photo by Adam Scheuermann

It doesn’t feel like Fall yet, but I’m really looking forward to it. A break from the heat, a change in wardrobe, and getting cozy at home. Nesting — not the crazy nesting like before, but comfy nesting.

Here it means:

  • Bringing out the winter duvet cover.
  • Putting away the beach towels.
  • Giving the throw blankets from living room tents during the summer a quick run through the washer.
  • Getting out the sweaters.
  • Checking to find out which fall clothes still fit.
  • And outside, switching to a lower-maintenance fall garden. Goodbye tomato plant. So long overgrown luffa that wasn’t supposed to be in a container garden. Planting a few mums for some color in the flower boxes.

Somehow the idea of getting cozy helps me to enjoy my comfortably messy home, without feeling the need to pick everything up. It’s been really restful.

What do you do to get ready for Fall in your home?
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  1. I love summer despite the terrible heat we get here, but usually I’m excited over the arrival of Fall and the chance of wearing warmer clothes, boots, etc.
    This year, however, I’m horrified. I’m devastated every morning when I wake up to see it’s a bit colder and darker than the day before, or when the sun at the beach no longer leaves me with bright red cheeks.
    I’ve actually enjoyed this Summer, it’s not the most memorable or the worst summer of my life, but it’s the one I’m clinging more to!

    Anyway, I’ve already bought a ton of apple/cinnamon candles to use when I’m ready to embrace the new season. That yummy scent will help a lot!

  2. Way up north here (at the other end of the Tollway, hee hee), I like to put out a few mums as well, change from seashells to cinnamon sticks and plan for a bit more baking to make the house smell good. Already said goodbye to tomato plants, but I am gathering seeds for winter greens…oh! and making plans to force a few bulbs indoors. Fall…yippee!

  3. We just moved, so everything is still handily in boxes, which makes the end-of-summer crating/de-crating easier. But my routine always involves the winter clothes (drycleaning the ones that need it, laundering and storing those that don’t) and summer clothing storage, as well as the shoe exchange. My daughter’s Kindergarden requires closed-toe shoes, so we make the fall run to StrideRite or Payless and buy the winter shoe necessities. She’s so excited to wear her new shoes that she doesn’t mind putting away her flip flops!

    Evenshine´s last post…Boxes

  4. Sandra Gonzales says:

    I wash and put away flip flops. I pull out our sweaters and put them through a rinse. I have to look for our rake for the yard full of leaves. Aside from that, I will fully welcome the cool weather. I live in Houston, TX and we’ve had a really hot summer (with pretty much no rain).

    I can’t wait to snuggle on the couch with my daughter to read. She still likes Charlotte’s Web, but I’m hoping to get her into some Jane Austen books. (Or the Bronte sisters- I love them too!)

  5. I live in Canada. We live in denial until April.

    • Slackerjo,
      You are too funny!! I’m sure it is the truth,but I can’t stop chuckling over your comment!!
      Fall is my favorite time of the year.I love the show the leaves put on and love the “nip” in the air.Wrapping a sweater
      around my shoulders is wonderful after the Summer spent sweating. Ah,Autumn…the smells,the tastes,the colors!!!

  6. Here in NC, I like to start decorating for Halloween early. I love the colors of the decorations. Our weather has started changing some, but not enough to break out the winter clothes or jeans yet. I love attending apple festivals in the area! Later in the fall, I’ll switch the bedding to heavier stuff for the winter.

    Suziqcat´s last post…Happy Birthday Sophie

  7. I live in Canada and we have had virtually no summer at all!! It has been cold rainy most of the season which is quite unusual.

    I usually look forward to the cooler temperatures and smell of fall after the heat of summer but this year winter will be coming much too early.

    supreme´s last post…Gratituesday

  8. In Arkansas we experience every season, to the extreme. In addition to the changes you mentioned, I like to hang heavy curtains. I’ll take down my airy white curtains and replace them with chocolate brown lined curtains (to keep out the chill). Just that one change makes the whole house cozier. It also makes me crave hot chocolate. :)

    Songbirdtiff´s last post…Pottery Barn Inspired Kitchen Table

  9. Here in Missouri a couple of the trees have already started to change, and it makes me want get out my scarves and start baking apple pies. Not only do we love pie, but I always put the cores and peels in a little water with cinnamon and nutmeg and leave it to simmer. The house smells great!

  10. This year I will be buying sugar pumpkins. I’ve never purchased many pumpkins because I’m too cheap and they seem like a waste to enjoy as decoration and throw away. Last year I learned about sugar pumpkins. They are pretty cheap in Austin and they are not as stringy as other varieties. This makes them really easy to make into pumpkin butter for Christmas gifts and the roasted seeds are a perfect snack for fall football. Hook ‘em Horns! :)

    Sara´s last post…Mexican Hot Chocolate Throw Down

  11. I will be changing the wreath on my front door (and like Supreme – no summer in my part of Canada either!)

    Krista´s last post…Crazy Busy… But Fun Labour Day Weekend

  12. Here in Arizona we’re still in summer, but hopefully in a month or so it’ll stop getting into the 100s…and already it’s getting down to the mid-70s at night, so I’m excited to pretend it’s fall!! I’m looking forward to apple picking and baking, and some Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations. I don’t really have the summer/winter wardrobe issue that most people seem to have though, since we wear pretty much the same thing year round, just with or without a sweatshirt.

  13. Making a fashion wish list! I love boots, scarves and tights for Fall.

    Anything with pumpkin is perfect too.

    anne´s last post…Albert Einstein said.

  14. This will be my first year ever getting ready for the fall season! We moved from San Diego to Seattle last November, and then were hurled right into the worst winter Seattle’s ever had followed by the hottest summer they’ve ever had!

    Fall being my favorite season, I’m looking forward to stocking the bin by the fireplace full of logs, giving the tea kettle a good scrub, stocking up on mums and pumpkins to decorate with and maybe taking a peek at what boots are on sale this year!

    Kait Palmer´s last post…American Idol Auditions for My Bro

  15. Just yesterday, I discovered acorns on the ground! My mom and I began gathering them–I’m using them as decoration. And today, I had to wear long pants and closed-toe shoes because it was cool and rainy. Here in PA, our summer was much cooler than normal, but I feel ready to embrace the change of season. I’ve already starting planning knitting projects and I’m looking forward to cooking “fall foods” like soups, chilis and brats on the grill!

    Meg Evans´s last post…Today’s outing

  16. Fall is my favorite season!

    To get our home ready for the fall, I buy big red mums for the front porch and drink apple cider.

  17. Go pick apples! We just made our first Apple Pie yesterday.


    steadymom´s last post…Go Team Martin

  18. I know it’s fall here in Northern VT when I put away the furniture on the screen porch and start stacking firewood out there instead. I always find fall such a relief; all the summer planting and projects done, kids back to school, fans tucked away, storm windows snugged up, ready for looooong cold winter with my precious family.

    juliet´s last post…Our last shred of dignity

  19. I think fall is my absolute favorite season. I love the smells, the sights, the sweaters. Ahhhh…goodbye summer, hello Autumn!!!

    Amanda´s last post…Coffee and a Book

  20. First thing I do after Labor Day is put away my summer white clothing. I am from the old school. Heavens forbid I make the mistake of wearing white after Labor Day!! :D

    Also, get my linen clothing dry cleaned and put away for next Spring/Summer. The next thing I do is locate the car snow brush. Here in Michigan, it could snow any month of the year. Have to be prepared.

    don_mae´s last post…Tuesday’s Tutorial: “Cross-Over” Macrame Belt

  21. Waiting for fall already, I am trying to enjoy my last few days of lazy summer. :-) How are you doing as new mommy of 2 kiddos? when I had my second one 6 months ago, it took some time to get back to normal, or found a new normal I guess.

    Congratulations again.

    Zengirl´s last post…Healing the hurting heart

  22. Flannel sheets, jeans, boots, pumpkins, soups, and scarecrows–all make my fall incredibly happy! This is my favorite season of the year in the Midwest! Oh, and can’t forget football–I’m fond of the high school and college variety.

    mrs. e´s last post…Can I? I Can!!

  23. New wreath on the door, cutting back my container garden, bringing out the pumpkin pie scented candle and making yummy chili in the slow cooker!

    Juice´s last post…Shameless Self Promotion

  24. Fall is my favorite time of year….

    Canning and dehydrating my garden harvest. Washing the quilts and putting them on the line to get the outdoor fresh smell before putting them on the beds. Clean out the flower beds and sow seeds for spring blooms. Start the candle making production to gear up for Christmas gifts. Also make a couple of batches of soap. Drain and shut off the sprinklers. Get ready for football and hockey! Find the flannel bed sheets and wash them too. Dig out my woolie socks my friend made. Plan a trip to Apple Hill (near Placerville, CA) with my sister, mom, niece & nephew, and friends. Stock up on peanuts for the scrub jays, peanut butter and seeds for the sparrows, flickers & finches.

    sleepy cat hollow´s last post…For Today ~ 10 September 2009 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

  25. I just look forward to “cozy” meals, like stews, cobblers, soups, hot cider – anything that tastes better in cold weather! I’m also looking forward to buying a few sweaters this season (though I’m giving myself a bit of time to lose some post-pregnancy weight before going shopping!). But most of all, I look forward to walks in the changing autumn leaves with my sons and husband and gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas with family.

    Jenni @ Life from the Roof´s last post…How is it . . .

  26. Putting away the grilling tools and pulling out the roasting pans. Pulling out the throws and quilts and placing them around the house. Getting the house and woodpile ready for the first fire of the year. Oh, I love this time of year!

    Adele´s last post…Frugal Friday: Our No Spend Month Week One Roundup

  27. I am a summer girl to my very core. Having lived in Texas for 5 great years, I grew accustomed and would thrive in 110* weather.
    I hibernate when the weather cools off. I grew up in Chicago and cold weather and I DO NOT mix. :)

  28. Fall is my favorite time of year. In Alaska, fall is about two weeks long. Our leaves turn and then fall off around this time and then we have bare trees till the snow comes. I try to not let the cold weather ruin my favorite time of the year. When you have almost 24 hours of sunlight in the summer, you look forward to how the cold weather makes you slow down. My favorite thing with fall is lighting either an cinnamon apple or pumpkin pie candle. Of course, baking is even more better in the fall.