Question: How Do You Organize Magazines?


“Do you have any ideas or tips on how to organize magazines? Or purge them? I have the tendency to save certain ones for a long time because of a few articles, but then cannot find what I am looking for later…meanwhile the magazines start stacking up.” –Erin

I love bringing a big stack of magazines with me on vacation and getting to browse through them with my feet up on the couch. But what should you do when they start to pile up at home?

Do you save them? Give them away? Clip pages?

I have a file folder with a few articles to keep. Sometimes I’ll reach for my camera and take a photo of a page in a magazine or book to remember it later.

What tips do you have for Erin?
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  1. I usually pull the important pages out and then pass on the rest of the magazine to a friend or family member who might also be interested. Magazines are expensive and I figure as many people as possible should get enjoyment out of my $5.
    If it is a magazine I subscribe to I keep the whole thing but I put them in binders with little bar-shaped thingies. They have 3 holes punched in one side and then a big long slit to slide 1/2 the magazine through, when you close the magazine it stays in place. They’re quite handy. I haven’t had to buy any lately though and I’m not sure where I got the last ones. Maybe an office supply store.
    Good luck with your magazine collection :)

  2. I ran into this problem recently. I made seperate folders in my filing cabinet and clipped articles and recipes out to file them, then recycled the rest of the magazine. There were a few magazines I wanted to keep, so I purchased magazine holders (or you can make your own out of cereal boxes) and keep them in my closet.

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  3. I’ve never posted here before but I love your blog and I have a good idea for this one! I have a magazine exchange with some friends. Every few months we fill up bags with whatever magazines we have lying around and trade with each other. That way we have new reading material and spend less money on magazines. When we’re finished reading our pile, we bag it up and pass it on to the next person.

  4. I read through magazines, rip out pages I want to keep, and then throw the magazine away. I hate clutter.

  5. I tear out things I want to remember or research. I have folders in my cabinet for “websites to visit”, “recipes”, “home ideas”, “childcare ideas”. Then I toss the magazine.

  6. I pull the pages I like (sometimes it seems like almost the entire mag) and I have notebooks and folders of various types for the pages I pull out.

    If enough of the magazine is left, I save it in a shopping bag. When the shopping bag is full, I take it to Half Price Books. I don’t make a lot of money (usually around $2 for a bag full of magazines) but considering I get most of my magazines as gifts or free subscriptions, it’s a bargain.

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  7. I save magazines in a stack and take them to the laundromat. I read them, rip out any pages I want to keep (and the address sticker), and leave them there for others to enjoy. Keeps me entertained and gets them out of my life!

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  8. I tear out what I’m interesteed in and put it in my to do file. If I haven’t looked into it (a website or tip or recipe to file) within a week, it gets recycled because it’s not that important to me. The magazine gets passed on right when I’m done. There’s nothing left in it for me anymore anyway.

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  9. I’m a clipper too—I keep everything I clip in binders under different categories with a Table of Contents so I’ll be able to find it easily. The recipes are in another binder. As I use them, and if I don’t like how it turns out, I chuck the recipe.
    I keep all of my issues of the New Yorker though…they’re stacked on a bookshelf. They provide good readin’ because after a year, every article is new to me anyway.
    My Mom has every issue of Martha Stewart Living from the early to mid 90′s (As she says, “From when it was still helpful!”) and she still refers to them.

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  10. I immediately pull out what I want to keep and put it in a binder. The binder has categories like “decorating”, “crafts” “food” etc. I get rid of the magazine as soon as possible. Occasionally I go through the binder and recycle pages I haven’t used.

  11. Sandra Gonzales says:

    I scan the pages I want and donate my magazines to the library once I’m done with them.

  12. I pull pictures and scan the ones I love.. I keep the magazines that are too chuck full of ideas and organize them.

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  13. I like to keep them out in a basket for about a year and then I begin the clipping stages. I have an accordian file, sorted by theme, and have found that is a great way to keep those articles that I loved or inspired me. Another way to re-use my magazines is to place them in a basket in my guest room for visitors to enjoy!

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  14. Clip and but in a binder! I have InStyle magazines saved and stacked next to my desk for a decorative effect. Also for decoration its nice to hang them on towel bars…pretty and unique!

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  15. I too rip out articles, photos, tips and recipes that inspire me. I have a huge three-ring binder at home filled with those plastic sleeve pages. Whenever I come across a gift idea or decorating idea, I cut out the picture and put it in the plastic sleeve. The plastic sleeve pages make it easy to flip through the pages of my binder without wearing out the magazine page/photo. I also organize the pages by: decorating inspiration (living room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom), ideas for the holidays (Easter, Christmas, Halloween), kid party ideas, gift ideas, craft ideas, etc. When I’m finished with the magazine, I take it to my son’s preschool where the teachers can look at the magazines in the break room, when they’re finished, they let the children cut out pictures to create art projects.

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  16. it seems like lots of people here are clippers, and so am i! the only magazines i keep in tact are knitting/crochet pattern magazines, because while i may only like certain patterns now, my tastes may change and i may want to make a different one later.

    i do love the idea of a magazine exchange as well!

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  17. I travel frequently, so I stash them in my carryon (unread) and read on long flights. During the flight I clip articles/pages I want to keep, and when I get home I scan them. I have a whole file of articles in PDF form tagged with keywords so I can find them. Works great, and I really look forward to my magazine time on the plane!

  18. I too, clip clip clip. Whatever doesn’t get clipped gets recycled or given to the preschool my friend’s mother runs – they’re great for art classes.

  19. This summer I found myself overwhelmed with magazines I subscribe to. I gathered all like kinds together, put them in boxes and gave them away at a garage sale. They went like hotcakes!

    Other ideas–give to Dr. and dentist offices, old folks homes or see if teachers at school need magazines to cut out of, etc.

    Like you, I always pull an article or a picture of something that really catches my eye. I have a binder of those, grouped by subject areas: clothes, decorating, house ideas, vacations, etc.

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  20. Well this is a bit ruthless: My magazine shopping was definilty based on only one or two articles within an entire magazine, I realized that for the price of two or three magazines I could buy a really good book on the topic or even better get free books from the library, I called it quits on magazines… at the time it was a frugality question but it has become a way of life. Slowly but surely our collection shriveled with each house purge and we are down to about four magazines in the house… TOTAL!!! I used to clip and discard and then I would have piles of clippings stored away in boxes… but seriously if I haven’t tried a recipe in five years what in the world would make me try it now!!! So out went the clippings in a ruthless declutter and freed up gaps and shelves all over the place – lovely!!! I have never looked back.

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    • Agree with you…can go to the internet for ideas, recipes, even read some magazines that are your favorites. download pics and article and save time and money!

  21. I LOVE my magazines, so I have a sort of compromise. I keep all my MS Livings and Everyday Foods, but I only hold on to a backlog of 6 Real Simples. When I hit more than 6 I go through and tear out anything I want for ideas, recipes, inspiration, etc. and it goes in a binder. I need to start a second binder now. Any other magazines I can pretty easily let go of, but my favorites are a treasure for me and I love to see them all lined up in magazine files on my office bookshelf.

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  22. I do love magazines. They are quite expensive here in Switzerland so i have really thought about how i use them. I will for sure read them first and tag what i like. For magazines that i dont keep, such as home magazines I then rip out the pages and file them away in my file folder.

    For scrapbooking magazines I keep 1 year of them. When they first come in I read them. Then do a second run attaching a post it to what inspires me. I actually write on the post it why it is i like it. Then it will sit out on my craft table for awhile before being put in my magazine holders. The magazine from that month last year then comes out and i go through what i have put a post it on and then if i still feel inspired looking at it i will then tear it out and put it on my inspiration file cards that are on a binder ring sitting on my craft table. That way i will never have a problem with where to store all those magazines.

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  23. Fortunately, a number of my magazines are now on Coverleaf where I can view the magazine and save any articles online. For those magazines not in Coverleaf, I put a large post-it on the cover with the page and article titles I want to refer to again listed.

  24. I keep a year’s worth of my favorite magazine. When the new one comes in the mail I take the one out from that year last year and look at it again and then recycle it, when I’m done reading the new one it goes back in the pile to save for next year. It is great because I just have a stack of 12 and I reread them too so I feel like I’m getting more out of my money.

  25. I also tear out any articles, recipes etc that I want to keep. I read the magazine when it arrives in the house and at the end of the month when new issues come out, I purge them with a tearing session and pass the rest of the mag onto my mom or friends and they send me their used mags. I have a selection of files (gardening, knitting & crochet, funnies, interesting, sewing and crafts)with plastic sleeves in them – the articles go into the plastic sleeves in their relevant files with the title page of the article facing front so I know what it is. About once I year I clear these files out. Recipes have an independent filing system.

  26. I clip them and usually try to save them somewhere (where they usually get lost), but with my newfound love of Evernote (thanks Rachel) I think scanning them and organizing them into files online would be a great way to go!

    Another thought is to go to the magazine’s website and you can find a lot of the same articles/pictures there without ever having to buy the magazine.

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  27. I love magazines! I’ll keep the “really good ones” forever. The other ones, I’ll tear out what I want and file it away (I have a home and recipe binder). Then the rest of it goes into the recycle bin.

  28. I have a 3 ring binder with sleeve protectors that I put cut out articles in (it’s divided up in topics like health, home, etc) and then give it away or recycle it.

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  29. I’m all about getting rid of hte clutter, too. So, I go through & tear out anything that interests me. I have a notebook of home decor ideas that I like so that whenever I get around to remodeling our kitchen, for instance, I’ll have a ton of photos of things I like at my fingertips. Recipes are put in clear sheet covers & filed in a 3-ring notebook. I have files for my kids- craft ideas, good articles, etc…and then I go through at hte end & cut out images that my daughter (& sometimes I) like to use for collages. In the end, not much is left- so the rest goes in the recycling.

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  30. I do exactly the same as V. Higgins above (no need to repeat it). I just have several 3-ring binders based on topic (decorating, gardening/plants, recipes, etc.)

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  31. i have a magazine bucket. if it gets full, i have to mercilessly purge. if i haven’t read that parents’ magazine from feb of 2008, am i really going to read it now? also, i keep current magazines in the bathroom. it’s my uniterrupted time, it makes the magazines last longer, and i don’t use 30-60 minutes to just read a mag when i could be working or chasing kids or whatever.

    as i read, i tag something i want to keep. then i put the mag in my file shelf. when i purge that shelf once a week, i review the tags. if i can’t remember why i tagged it or i don’t care anymore, i untag it. the tagged articles, i find online and bookmark and then i pass the mag on to a friend. if i can’t find it online, i try to decide if i need the information badly enough to clutter my small file box with.

    i even got rid of my collection of everyday food mags. i had almost every issue but reviewed all the issues, tagged the recipes i wanted to keep, found them online, and then passed the collection to my excited sister who loves the magazine but with her college budget couldn’t justify renewing her subscription.

  32. If no one has mentioned it yet this sounds like a perfect use for Evernote! Then donate or recycle. Daycares and art teachers love old magazines.

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  33. I subscribe to quite a few mags, but only through’s deal of the day. (Usually about $4 for a year) I rip out articles and recipes and save them in folders or binders. Sometimes this becomes overwhelming, especially when I already have plenty of recipe and craft idea pages, but for me, it’s better than saving the whole magazine.

  34. I used to be really bad about keeping magazine “in case I want to look at that article again”. I had a whole drawer in my filing cabinet filled with them.

    Now, I rip out any articles I want to save “for future reference” as I read the magazine, then recycle the rest of it immediately. If I don’t, they tend to end up in piles around the house never to be read again. I keep the articles I save in a file folder next to my computer, so they are easily accessed when I want to look them up again.

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  35. I saw a really neat idea the other day. If you have a few magazines you read often, or you want to keep handy, try a wine bottle rack. You can roll the magazine and stick a magazine in each slot. And since most wine racks are insanely decorative, you could probably find one to match the room you keep the mags in.

    As for having tons of magazines, tearing out just the articles you want and filing them is my suggestion.

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  36. While I am reading a magazine i turn down the corner of pages or articles i think I want to look at again or keep. Then, when I’m ready to get rid of the magazine I just glance at the turned down pages to see if i want to cut it out. Usually i only want to keep it half of the time or so. I also don’t have to re-read the magazine looking for the tidbits i want to keep because they are already earmarked.

  37. I go through my accumulated magazines periodically and tear out anything I want to keep. If it’s an entire article I place it in a binder. I have a couple of binders each with a different subject. Once I tear out what I want I recycle the magazine.

    I have three magazines that I keep each issue of, two of which are out of production :(. These I keep in magazine holders from Ikea.

    For magazines that I don’t tear anything out of I donate to the local public library. Just dropped off a handful today, in fact.

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  38. I used to tear out the articles, projects, ideas, or photos I liked, but found that I spent too much time trying to organize them in a way that would make sense later. Now I just take a picture with my camera. I can get a clear enough shot that I can still read small print. I then organize the items in folders on my computer. Much more efficient for me AND I can give away the entire magazine for someone else to enjoy.

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  39. I don’t buy magazines because they’re expensive. I find that most information I enjoy is freely available online like in blogs such as this one.

    One exception is my Scrapbooking magazines. I have a small pile (less than a dozen) in a cupboard. I bought them all second-hand for a small fraction of the retail price, or on special (at a discount).

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  40. Magazines are definitely a little luxury for me – I used to have a cute basket with them displayed in the living room – my toddler had a fight with them and won. Now my magazines are in a cute fabric bag that I keep in my bedroom closet. It’s actually a better system because they are ready to tote for a longer car ride (when I’m not driving) or when I know that I’ll be waiting for something or someone. I cut out and save recipes to put in recipe binders and decorating ideas o in homekeeping binders. The rest get recycled to friends and family.

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  41. I pull out all of the advertisements and any articles I don’t plan to read. Not only does this enable me to read a magazine more quickly, but it also takes up much less space in the magazine rack. I also tend to read with a small notebook beside me. That way I can jot down any important URLs or other tidbits I want to keep handy for later.

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  42. I have been trying to find an answer to this. I have limited my subscriptions to three magazines, and try to only keep the last two or three months on hand. I have plowed through the older editions, pulled out what I wanted, and recycled the rest. Now I just have to deal with the pile of tearouts – electronic versions just don’t cut it for me.

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  43. I store magazines in cat litter containers with the tops cut off. They are the perfect size. I use Tidy Cats. Mine are haphazard, but you could put all the same magazine together. I reread some, use some for cutting up for crafty stuff. I’m a bit of a pack rat, so I hate to waste perfectly good reading material and awesome graphics.

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  44. I usually try to give them away to friends first, and then donate to a community center where art, writing, or esl classes are held. Besides that, I recycle them!

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  45. I used to tear out what I wanted and keep them in binders before passing them on to friends but I discovered that my friends like whole magazines, not ones with holes :).

    Now I scan them and tag, tag, tag them so I can find what I am looking for…do I want a chicken recipe or an idea to freshen up my family room?

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  46. In India, its fairly easy . I’ll snip the articles I want …sometimes i clip pictures for collages and projects. The rest get sold! Yes! a smallscale junk dealer will actually come home with scales to weigh it and buy it off you.

    From there, its get recycled into paper bags….which again is great for the environment. As for that lill cash that I get it goes into my change box and is handy for paying for home deliveries ( another big trend in India and its always free!)

    But I do tend to pile up my readers digests and Good Housekeeping. Need to use some of your tips for that ….mmmmm maybe bind them ?

  47. I read my magazines with a pad of sticky tabs and tab pages that take my interest. I then plan to scan them in and tag with keywords and file in different folders.

    I used to rip and keep in plastic sleeves… I still like this idea s flicking through a book or file is much nicer than flicking through a computer folder.

    I do like to keep magazines intact adn then give to friends or donate to thrift shops as this is where I pick up the odd magazine too and there is nothing more annoying than seeing a cover article only to have it ripped out.

  48. Here’s my favourite ways to organise magazines

    and this is how I organise all the pages I tear out :)

    Marcia Francois, Organising Queen´s last post…An Outlook tip that will save you LOTS of time

    • Coverleaf ( is a great source for keeping old magazines – you can save them digitally to avoid the clutter build up in your house! Saving them online allows you to clip pages that you like, so it’s easy to get back to them when you need them. It also allows you to share things with your friends, so you don’t have to worry about coping something or getting the page back. There are lots of great magazines on Coverleaf, and there are plenty more coming in every day. If you want to avoid the clutter all together you can opt for just a digital subscription, or get a FREE digital edition of all the Coverleaf magazines you subscribe to in print – all you have to do is enter your information and you’ll get the digital issues. It’s a great resource!

      • Thank you so much for posting this!!!! I originally found out about them on another blog and then forget the website name, I’m a magazine junkie and trying to pare down but it’s much easier to get rid of them when I can go back to view the ones I love online.

        Thanks again!!!

  49. I keep 2 magazine article binders. One is used for recipes that and the other is used for decorating/fun articles. I store recent magazines in a basket under our coffee table b/c I don’t always have time to read/cut out magazines as soon as they come in the mail. As soon as the basket gets full, I start cutting or throwing away.

  50. I rip important and interesting things from magazines once I have read them.
    First, recipes go right into my recipe binder.
    Then I have an Idea Binder where I keep pictures and articles ripped from magazines. They organized by topic – Decorating Ideas, Craft Ideas, etc.
    If I need to keep a whole magazine, I actually made some magazine holders from old cereal boxes to keep them neat.

    Cara Mirabella´s last post…Thrifty Thursday

  51. Meant for the Comment to be for everyone – enjoy!
    Coverleaf ( is a great source for keeping old magazines – you can save them digitally to avoid the clutter build up in your house! Saving them online allows you to clip pages that you like, so it’s easy to get back to them when you need them. It also allows you to share things with your friends, so you don’t have to worry about coping something or getting the page back. There are lots of great magazines on Coverleaf, and there are plenty more coming in every day. If you want to avoid the clutter all together you can opt for just a digital subscription, or get a FREE digital edition of all the Coverleaf magazines you subscribe to in print – all you have to do is enter your information and you’ll get the digital issues. It’s a great resource!

  52. I actually purge them a few weeks after reading them. I scan any pages/articles I want to keep into Evernote on my computer, and then donate the magazine itself to the local library for someone else to enjoy. After years of hoarding magazines, I realized I rarely, if ever, go back and read them. So now I no longer keep them in the house to clutter up my space!

  53. For food magazines (Cooking Light), I remove all the pages I don’t want, put the cover on top of the pages I’m keeping and the Index on the back of the stack facing outward and put them in a plastic sleeve and file them by month. That way I have all my September back-issues together, holidays, spring, etc., so I can pull a stack and peruse. Then all the recipes are “in season” for more fresh and tasty cooking!

    Craft and fashion mags that I’m not archiving I keep in a big basket and invite my friends over for collage nights. We pick thru them and sometimes collage and sometimes just chatter. But it’s fun either way!

    I have a couple magazine holders in my “office” (a walk-in closet with more crafts than clothes) with my back-issues of Home Companion, September Vogues, ancient and new Victorias, Martha’s Holiday special editions, etc., any mags that put me in a creative mood or drag me out of a funk. They are here to stay. (My poor husband.)

  54. The magazines I have the most difficult time parting with are the ones with tons of good recipes. I recently started using Evernote to keep track of recipes I wanted to try from my “cooking” magazines. I made notes named: “recipes to try: beef”, “recipes to try: vegetarian”, and so on. Then in a chart I wrote the name of the recipe, the main ingredients, which magazine it was in, and the month/ page #. Then I can store the magazines away in order (and out of my way) – then find it again quickly when I am ready to try a recipe. After trying the recipe (and if it is a success), I make a separate note detailing any changes I made to the original and take the recipe of the “to try” list.

  55. i just leave them laying allover the place :P

  56. I usually tag the pages that I want to scan and then copy the files into my online folders. I have hundreds of design ideas and it can be really helpful to show someone “this is what I want the room to look like.”

    If the magazine is mostly in tact I’ll donate it to my grandparent’s assisted living facility where most residents can’t read well and don’t care if the magazine is out of season.

  57. Recycle bin. :)

  58. I only subscribe to a couple of monthly magazines and I keep those in a neat stack. There’s about 5 years worth in the stack!

    I also have a box of magazines which are years old and no longer published, but I can’t bear to part with them. :-)

    John | English Wilderness´s last post…Garden Spider and Prey

  59. I think you have to be ruthless – pull out what you like from the magazines and make your own new one with the clippings. And throw out everything else otherwise they take over… though sometimes if I haven’t found anything to pull out I’ll take them to my local Chiropractor to put in their waiting room.

    Elise´s last post…Crystal Costa interviewed for "Cupcakes & Conversation …"

  60. I stopped buying magazines a long time ago. I realized that reading them just made me want to buy things! Or I felt guilty about not doing the special exercises, cooking the new dishes (when my family will happily eat the same meals over and over anyway), not watching my wrinkles, et cetera.

    Even magazines like Real Simple contributed to this feeling of “not being good enough”. So i stopped buying them. Really, they usually say the same things every month, so I’d rather read a new novel. No clutter in my house or my brain.

  61. I’m another binder person. Rip it out, put it in a binder under whatever catagory I assign it.

  62. I clip a lot of pages and recycle the rest. Some magazines stay with me because they’re beautiful. I tried to scan some of them but that’s too much work to do it with more than one magazine.

    If a cooking magazine has a register with the recipes I scan that and clip it to evernote. I can search the register and know in no time where to find a recipe I was looking for.

    Claudia´s last post…Schoko-Kokos-Cookies mit Walnüssen

  63. At one point I was getting so many magazines in the mail, I dreaded opening the mailbox door. Slowly I dropped a subscription here and there to get them under control. When going to the doctor’s or anywhere requiring waiting around, I grab up a couple. Read them while there and leave them behind.

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  64. I haven’t had a chance to read all the responses, so it might’ve been offered already, but I’ve begun scanning articles, photos, recipes into my computer and separating them into different folders. Same with catalogs with things I might want in the future. I have a stick dedicated for this which I plan on downloading these folder to so it doesn’t fill up my Documents section. I peruse them every so often and always find stuff I forgot about!

  65. I used to keep articles and recipes etc in files but I realised I never go back through them and I can always find what I want on the internet on any subject anyway. So now I buy less and either throw or give them away when done. I just couldn’t justify keeping all the pieces of paper.

  66. I bought a bunch of those cheapo IKEA magazine files, labeled them, and keep them in the high up part of my closet that I don’t use on a daily basis. Once in a while, I’ll need a recipe or inspiration and I’ll pull down a magazine file.

    Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog´s last post…Renozilla

  67. I love magazines as well, put they take up way too much space. I use two solutions:

    For new information or advice:- I clip the info and store it in a large binder by category (eg. Travel, Recipes, Health, Beauty)

    For images or pictures: I created a Look Book (a hardcover notebook that i covered in beautiful paper) where i paste my various inspirational and fun images.

    The rest of the magazine I try to donate.

  68. I read the mags and then scan the articles I’m interested in. Then I save them under different categories. So I have magazine articles saved under travel, food, beauty, home, health, finance, style and such. It’s a system that works well for me.

  69. I used to clip and file ……… but I found I rarely went back to clipped articles, so I only clip things pertaining to a current project.
    I keep magazines for a few months before I purge (some longer than others) ….. but while I have them, if I want to remind myself what I wanted to find again in each edition, I put a sticky note on the front or write on the front the page number and a few words of description (eg., mushroom omelette p.26) Then when I think, Oh, where was that recipe?, I have a prayer of finding it.

  70. I clip and file, religiously. I keep magazines stacked by my bed, with scissors, a small box cutter, and my file box. I have files for the things that interest me – recipes, party ideas, decorating, gardening, travel, projects, gift ideas. I also have pens and sticky notes. I cut out the picture or article and put a note on it, and put it in the appropriate folder. Every few months I go back through the folders and toss what is no longer needed, but I find this really works well.

    Leslie´s last post…Well so much for that….

  71. I have two things that I do/did. I had purchased a scanner for my business receipts that turned out to be perfect for magazine pages as well. I clip, scan, then toss….most of the time.
    This is the scanner I purchased and love:
    Here is the great program I use to catalog and keep up with all of my notes and clipped magazines articles:

    Also I recently started designed furniture and the magazine problem was the first one I had to tackle. I promise this is not self promotion, just how I solved the problem:

    Dave Livingston´s last post…Legs for the reclaimed scrap tables

  72. It depends on the magazine. I keep some as there is a lot of info in them. With these, I have a file of the indexes and the magazines are all in order by month and year. Or, I just started scanning the indexes into my computer and keep the magazines organized as above.

    For the others, I pull the pages that I want to keep and make file folders for them under tabs for recipes, crafts, etc. I give the old magazines to the retirement home in our area.

  73. I usually go through my magazines every few weeks and take out any article that I want to save and put them in file folders labeled for different types of articles, such as Heath, Hair, Make-up, etc. So I know exactly where they are when I want to refer back to them. I do keep the last 4 or 5 months of magazines in the magazine holders from Ikea which are great to hide the clutter and you can name them for each magazine. This makes my husband VERY happy because he thinks I have too many magazines and is always telling me that it’s ridiculous how many I still have. But I love magazines so I won’t stop.
    Libby´s last post…Hello

  74. I run into this problem all the time! I’m glad I’m not the only one. Usually, I keep my favorite magazines under my coffee table to peruse when I am bored.
    Van´s last post…Getting Through the Day at a Boring Job

  75. I am a total magazine junkie! I love magazines because they are a quick read for inspiration and do not take the time commitment that a book does and as the mother of 5 kids I just don’t have the time for books much (although I am trying to find the time because reading is important!) that being said I recently decided that I need to pair it down some with the magazines, I had baskets of them in just about every room.

    First course of action was to cancel my subscriptions to anything I was not really enjoying, next was to see if any of the magazines had free digital issues that I could read on my desktop or iPad (some of my techy magazines did!) and I canceled those paper magazines.

    Now I am on the task of going through 5 magazines a day (fun!) and using my iPad camera and evernote I am organizing articles, blog topic ideas, recipes, etc that I find worth keeping. It is amazing to find that most magazines thatni have been keeping around only have 2-5 things in there that I deem worth the keeping!

  76. I started pulling out the pages I wanted and putting them in a file folder – then the file folder turned into a binder – now that I have my document scanner the binder has turned into a browsable folder on my computer where the pages I no longer need can be deleted or the articles I kept can be read again – that way I can pass on everything to family and friends – those who like them printed get the magazine pages – those who are going digital like me can be emailed – it works and everyone gets what they like

  77. I used to pull pages out of my magazines – recipes, exceptional articles, sites to visit – but I ended up with massive piles, and couldn’t find things when I wanted them anyway. So I started flagging pages as I read. Then later, when I have some down time, I hope online and visit the coordinating website. A search usually pulls up the article. At that point you have several options:
    – Pin it onto Pinterest
    – Email it to yourself (where you can organize in inbox folders)
    – Clip it with a program like Evernote, etc.

    I’ve regained my sanity, I can then pass on magazines intact to friends, and it’s a clutter-free process!

  78. When we moved from an apartment to a new house, I wanted to decluter a lot but could not part with my interior design and other home magazines. So i made binders filled with plastic sleeves and pulled out those pages I enjoyed looking at or reading as well as those with good ideas I may want to consider. I now have a few of them, some are just color ideas, others are for decor or how tos. looking at htem is almost as though looking at a brand new magazine only I like everything and there are no ads to confuse me. That is what works for me.

  79. Magazine expense and storage used to be a problem for me. I now limit myself to two subscriptions, Family Fun and Country Living. I only keep the current issue and might possibly clip one or two ideas from CL. FF is available digitally, so I no longer clip from them. The old FF magazines get put into a craft bin drawer for collages or donated to the early childhood teachers at school. The old CL magazines get left in waiting rooms. Or I put them out with the recycling.
    I catch up on fashion and makeup when I get my hair cut! The salon has all those magazines!
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