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Thanks so much for your comments and emails about our new little one. He’s just starting to open his eyes after three straight weeks of sleep. Our sleep has been enough, but not at any of the traditional times, so days blend together into nights and float by too fast. It’s been a sweet time of not paying attention to the to-do list for as long as I possibly can.

I’ve had lots of time for reflection, thinking about what our new days will look like and how I want our family to be. I’ve been making a lot of choices. Choosing to step over a mess instead of picking it up. This morning I chose coffee over a shower.

One new thing is that I’m going to stop buying soda. As I write that it feels like it shouldn’t be a big deal, but oh how that Dr Pepper habit runs deep, and I don’t want it to be that way anymore. I know if I write about it, then I have to follow through, because there’s nothing like public accountability for motivation. So here’s my simple plan for the next six weeks:
1. Don’t buy it.
2. Drink water.

Your ideas were great for organizing magazines, and if you didn’t have time to go by and read the comments about batch cooking, be sure to do that because there were a ton of great ideas there too.

Have a great day!

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  1. We don’t buy beverages… except in a rare treat! I learned to live without them as a student in digs… It was harder for my husband to kick the habit because he grew up with soda’s and juice! But once we had kids and we didn’t want them to grow up with them it was easier for us to enforce. Also – minimalist me – but I love a lean fridge that only has the bare necessities in it!!!

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  2. Good luck with giving up pop! We don’t buy it for home, but we do treat ourselves by splitting a Pepsi with certain meals when we eat out. It’s hard to resist the Mexican food or pizza & Pepsi combo! Overall, we drink a couple of pops a month and are happy with that.

    • Susan, you must be from Ohio. That is the only place I have heard the term pop used for Soda. I’m from Ohio too!

      Just keep in mind it’s memory making time with your little guy. After he’s grown you have the rest of your life to clean house.

      • I’m from Michigan and it is definitely POP! lol

        I gave up pop for over a year (until I met my Coka-Cola-addicted husband!). Every time I saw a can or saw it on a menu, I would think of all the horrible things HFCS does and it became like drinking poison and I just stopped. It is easier for me to do things if I make them extreme in my mind.

  3. Good choice! Soda is BAD for you! LOL. Plus it stains your teeth. I have a Diet Coke once a month and I don’t really miss will get past it quick.Your blog is the best! LOVE IT!!!

  4. Good for you on giving up the soda – i have been addicted on and off over the years.
    The reason I am REALLY writing is about the photo – where is it – did you take it – its so lovely. Can you tell me about it – and the flower.

    Congratulations on your new little life in your life – you sound like such lovely people.

    • That photo was taken from my apartment balcony last weekend. The flower is a mandevilla. It’s a fast-growing vine and we used to have one that had white blooms. I’ve also seen them with red. It’s one of my favorites.

  5. I enjoy your blog and subscribe to it. I enjoy your glimpses into your family. I’m trying to be a frugal and healthy grandma here. Just wanted to warn you that if you are really into soda–non-diet, there will probably be withdrawal from not only caffeine but the sugar. Just be understanding of your body’s feedback and do what it takes to get through it! Add a smidge of lemon to your water if it helps. (won’t help the withdrawal, just the taste!)

  6. Love your blog and read it each time you post! I will join you on your NO pop quest! I also LOVE Dr. Pepper and it’s my only choice of pop. There is Dr. Pepper bbq sauce now??!

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  7. Good luck with the soda – it will be fine – but prepare for the monster headache for a few days – I just dropped a serious diet coke habit – I understand!

    I feel much better now – and you will too – congrats on the little one!

  8. Okay, Rachel, if you can give up the DP, I can give up the Diet Coke. I have a HORRIBLE habit, too. HORRIBLE. I’ve been weaning myself off and am down to one every two days or so. Are you going cold turkey? Are you starting today?

    I’ll partner with you in this. It’s definitely time for me to drop this habit!

    Megan at Simple Kids´s last post…Storytelling Day: The True Story of Hey, Diddle Diddle

  9. I am seriously addicted to Mello Yello, though I’ll have a Sunkist every once in a while too. I know how bad it is for me (caffeine and sugar), but I crave it. I don’t even really love the taste, but I need it sometimes!

    I have been trying to not buy it as often, but find myself drinking sweet tea in place of it!

    Maybe I will start with you, too, to kick the habit!

    Kristina´s last post…Day-long Birthday Date

  10. Good Luck! I gave up soda a long time ago (it was making me not fit into my jeans!) Root beer is probably my all time favorite and will have ONE once in awhile. We live near Old Dominion Brewing Co. (Virginia) and they make the BEST root beer (sweetened with honey).
    I am in the process myself of making goals.
    Hope life with 2 little Munchkins is treating you well. :)

  11. Ugghhh Diet Pepsi, I know this stuff is really bad for you, just look at the ingredient list. I have gotten better with not drinking as much. Growing up if and when we got soda it was a real treat, now it was a staple in my house, my grocery cart was full of more stuff to drink then food.(Sad) I guess what really made me start thinking this habit had to go was when pop prices went up and I was pregnant(definitely not a health food), and I watched my 7 year old and 13 year old think that they were “entitled” to have soda on a daily basis. Then I started to look at some of the bottles, which were 16 to 24 ounces, and realizing I could have easily drank three or more of them a day, my kids were asking and begging for pop all of the time, I realized it had to start with me by not buying it. Who says this stuff is not addictive! It is hard to drink just plain water sometimes though, I am not sure what it is, the taste, caffeine, or what makes me want to have something “flavored or fizzy” to drink.

  12. Used to be a hard-core soda girl myself, but no more! So you can do it, too!

    Hope you guys are enjoying life as a family of four…


  13. There’s nothing like publicly drawing a line in the sand that you are not going to cross. Its scary, but sometimes its just the motivation and accountability we need! Good luck!

    Marci@OvercomingBusy´s last post…Menu Plan Monday – Sept 21, 2009

  14. I have one diet coke a day. Maybe 2 on a weekend. I don’t drink coffe though so in my mind that’s a fair trade. If I was a coffee AND soda drinker…well, that would be a different story. Good luck with your goal. You know we’ll all be watching, right?

    Nancy´s last post…on the menu

  15. I gave up Diet Pepsi last spring and blogged about it, too. For 3 months I didn’t drink it at all. I’ve had a few since then, but I still drink more water than anything else. And iced tea is a good substitute, too. Good luck. (And you’re right…the soda is very addictive! I had to taper off rather than go completely without the caffeine. The headaches can be crippling!)

    Sounds like your little family is doing well!

    mrs. e´s last post…Out of the Mouths of My Babes

  16. My name is Sherry & I’m addicted to Diet Coke!! I feel like some of us are coming out of the closet with our addiction & others have kicked it!! I need a sponser!! I have a serious addiction to DC…as I typed this I have a nice coooool DC on ice….ummmmm, soo good! Honestly, I don’t mean to equate my DC addiction to those with serious substance addiction, but I just can’t live without it.

    I keep coming up with excuses as to WHY I “shouldn’t” quit. But I think this post is going to be my public outing!! So…can I at least finish the rest of my 12 pack? Then there will be no temptation around? I really have to give this some thought…

    • Sherry, Diet soda addiction is a pretty severe substance addiction… its just more tolerated and socially acceptable! My doctor told me to quit my Diet Pepsi/Coke kick when I was having heart palpitations and sleep apnea! Told me to research Aspartame/Equal detoxification and addiction! HOLY Smokes! Scary stuff! Aspartame is a success because of its addictive properties! I spoke with a doctor who said, if you have a 12 can a day habit – 144oz, expect your withdrawal to be similar to kicking a heroine addiction, 6 can a day 72 oz. expect it to be like quitting smoking. The first time I tried to quit, I almost ended up divorced… I became a monster! Second time I tried, I stepped down and did much better. Still got physical responses – the sweats, shakes, agitated, irritable and moody in addition to the horrible headaches! I’ve been off Aspartame for 4 months and I sleep better, have more mental clarity and no heart palps! So, you aren’t crazy or simplifying your habit…. what you are feeling is real!

      The real corker was that I read some information that said Aspartame was invented by the same food company that held the rights to Saccharine, but when they realized aspartame had addictive properties to it, they ordered the saccharine “cancer studies” to move the marketplace away from Saccharine (still never showed any signs of cancer in humans – to this day) and towards Aspartame! I sound like a conspiracies freak, but I was shocked when I learned all this. Today, there are significant links between Diabetics and high incidence of Alzheimer’s, but some scientists believe the missing link is the Aspartame consumption, not the blood sugar issue since Diabetics are always ingesting sugar substitutes – #1 being Aspartame!

      Sorry, didn’t mean to hijack the thread, just wanted to encourage you and others on your quests to kick the diet soda habit!

      Feel free to email me if you have questions, comments, etc.

      • Cara~

        Thanx….see my post below…couldn’t figure out how to email you….I clicked on your name & nothing came up….

  17. Good Luck! I also have an addiction to Diet Dr Pepper and I am trying to cut back. I will be interested to see how you do!

  18. I once went over 18 months without buying soda except maybe when we went out to dinner. It was wonderful but only took a weekend to get the habit again.

    I started by cutting the caffeine, then switched to clear before finally cutting it out completely. I’ve been thinking of kicking the habit again so I’ll join you as soon as this pack is gone.

  19. I stopped drinking soda when I found out I was pregnant. I drank ICE cold water. I would freeze half a bottle of water in the plastic bottles (that I have reused for 6 months I believe) and top it off with room temp water. I would down a liter at a time!!! YUMMY.

    Since having munchkin I NEED caffeine to start my day. Coffee was just to much. It gave me crazy headaches. I started up 1 pop a day. Sometimes 2. I drink my sweet tea as well as water still.

    Good luck on your journey…

    Jennifer´s last post…Quotable Thursday #22 Random Quotes

  20. I gave up soda a few months ago – i don’t like tea or coffee anyway, but drank diet soda every day. when i had my son (who is now 11 months) i gave up the diet versions and switched to sugar, but i was worried about my teeth, and the empty calories.

    plus i didn’t want to explain to my son further down the line that i didn’t want him to drink it every day, but it’s ok for me. So i stopped. And to be honest, i feel great. I had cut down anyway so i didn’t have any headaches when i quit, and even though my son isn’t a great sleeper, i feel *so* much more awake, even after a bad night.

    everyone is different and not getting caffeine from other drinks (just a bit from chocolate – though i’ve cut down on alot of that too!) has definately helped me.

    i guess i’m saying – go for it! it really worth doing.

  21. Throwing my hat into the ring! Also giving up the diet soda. Here is my effort at keeping some iced tea ready for those moments when I am craving it:
    It is working so far!

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  22. I used to drink 5 Pepsi Max’s a day (argh!) at school, and after i gave up i became kinda sensitive to caffeine. So now, i simply cannot sleep if i have caffeine (soda or coffee or whatever) after about 4:30pm. That really helps to kick the Dr Pepper because there’s no decaf version. I drink decaf Coke but not much (it’s no Dr Pepper), decaf tea and decaf coffee.
    If i can cut back without too much pain, and i’m the biggest sugar-freak ever, then hopefully it won’t be too bad for for you either! And cutting back really makes those once-weekly (for me) Dr Pepper’s such a fantastic treat. Nothing like an ice cold Dr Pepper and a Cornish pasty on a Sunday lunchtime. :D

  23. Thanx for all the support & resources….I’m down to 4 cans of the 12 pack….

    I thought I would do the math…I’m drinking about 4-6 DC a day over a 16 hour period. Often I will pour a glass (Costco red cup) at work & find it very diluted an hour later…so I drink it anyway. Diluted or otherwise, I know I need to kick it.

    So…I’m going to give it a try. Going to “permit” myself to have 1 in the AM & 1 in the late afternoon. Which is 1/2 of what I’m drinking right now. I agree that going down in steps may be more pleasant for everyone involved!!

    My only concern (I know this is going to sound like an excuse) is we are going to Mexico in early November…soda is sometimes the only safe thing to drink…so, should I wait until I come back? I know that sounds crazy, but I have to tell you…every time I have stopped drinking soda I have:

    1. Got giardia from water (fountain)
    2. Got the GI flu (nothing to do with the soda)
    3. Hurricane came thru (could only drink soda’s/bottled drinks d/t contaminated water) efforts at quitting have not been great. I did quit sugar all together & felt great (switched from regular to diet sodas at this time)….so I know I will feel better….

    I’m going to give it my best!

    Thanx for all your support!!

  24. Just stumbled upon your blog. Great site!
    I used to be a heavy DP drinker–about 9 years ago. Fat, unhappy, and prone to several serious sinus infections each year, I decided to give it up one year for Lent. (not Catholic, but our church had a challenge, so we took it.) I have not had one DP in all that time. Other lifestyle changes have taken place as well, and now I am never sick, have lost 115 lbs, and look and feel younger. That is some wicked stuff, so you will be doing your body a serious favor by getting off of it.

    Orneryswife´s last post…I Regress…

  25. Congratulations on the new little one! I hope you’re able to “baby” yourself, too: get lots of sleep, eat good food, and cuddle that baby! They are so precious.
    I’m very impressed that a Texan would give up Dr. Pepper. Good for you!

    Rachel´s last post…The Adventures of Sally

  26. Giving up Diet Pepsi was one of the hardest things to do. I suffered the moodiness, headaches and constant ache in my belly for it. But I knew it was something I had to do being diabetic. I fall off the wagon once or twice a month but nothing like the serious addiction I had for 20 some years. I feel better. I drink a lot of water now. With lemon juice. That’s the only way I can get it to go down. Good luck in giving up pop.

    don_mae´s last post…23rd Day: Another Headband Update