Coming Out of Survival Mode


It’s been a sweet vacation of rest and procrastination. Of low expectations due to having a newborn, and wondering just how long I can use that as an excuse to let things go undone? I’ve been taking care of babies, food, and laundry, but that’s pretty much it.

Everyone says to take care of yourself and make sure to get plenty of rest, and that’s great advice… but it doesn’t get the bathroom clean or the bills paid. After a few weeks I just don’t know how much longer I can look at all the stuff that hasn’t been done yet. Each night as I think of the things I didn’t do, I wonder, “well, maybe tomorrow…”

As we’re coming out of the first weeks with a newborn, I don’t anticipate the next few months (or years!) becoming much easier. I need to learn how to live with the added demands while still being somewhat productive.

Seriously, doesn’t this little guy just make you want to get to work and tackle your to do list?


No, no he doesn’t. It’s why I have so many unanswered emails.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far to ease back in:

1. Take care of me. Essentially: Rest. Eat. Take vitamins.

2. Reassess goals. Recently I’ve changed my perspective to focus more on how I do my work instead of the actual list. This means:

  • I will have a sweet and gentle attitude instead of a surly one.
  • I will get my energy from healthy food instead of caffeine and sugar.
  • I will not give in to let my three year old watch movie marathons so that I can concentrate.

3. Do one thing that won’t immediately be undone. Something other than the dishes, laundry, or picking up. Even if it’s just the first step of a larger task, it feels like progress, which can give you momentum.

4. Pray. Thinking about God’s promises helps me to not feel beat down.

“The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases;
his mercies never come to an end;
they are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.”  (Lam 3:22-23)

Help me out, what do you suggest to cope with challenging circumstances without feeling like you’re in survival mode?
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  1. i will truly try number 2 and 2a. im such impatient and un-gentle sometimes. thanks for this, again!

    hailey´s last post…Mail Came today from our 7-year Old

  2. Oh isn’t he darling!!! I so understand survival mode… and I have to say that somehow one does emerge out of it simply because it just feels right to do a little bit more… as long as you feel you are forcing it you are probably just not ready… trust me on this!!! Energy and enthusiasm return just when you need them… meanwhile just enjoy the contentment of the moment. As long as I don’t feel ready I aim really low… next meal, at least the idea of it, some sort of laundry activity (washer on, hang it out, fold it, pack it)… and one household task… I am intending (whahaha) to post on “How to get anything done with a newborn” … next week… or the week after… or even the week after!!! But as I am just surviving it may take a while to get it out!!!

    se7en´s last post…How Se7en became Se7en + 1… Another Home-Birth Story!

  3. Karen van Zon says:

    The biggest part is acceptance that things have changed. I had three kids under three and everyone used to ask how I ever coped. I would say seriously that I had low expectations of myself but I didn’t mean it to be critical. Everyone was washed, fed and the house was hygienic enough and that was all I asked of myself – not much socialising, no late nights, no big projects. The hardest part is accepting that life does have to slow down a bit with multiple wee ones.
    On top of that, I would set myself a goal each day of just one thing (rarely written down). It might be as simple and pleasurable as “Make it to Mothers and Toddlers today” or slightly more mundane like “Get into town centre to stock up on toiletries.” If I achieved it – then, yeay me – I was an over-achiever for the day!

    Your little one looks delicious – love the wool nappy cover. Never used wool but it looks so cosy!

    Karen (Scotland)

  4. I SO need to work on 2a…surly…
    My first month was truly survival mode for me with my baby but at the end of week 4 my BFF said “you HAVE to get out now and start going for walks”, so we did. Stroller walks cleared my head and gave me perspective and got me away from looking at all the stuff that I needed to do…at least for an hour :)

    Tara´s last post…Wordless Wednesday

  5. OK, that little guy would make me want to do nothing but cuddle! I love those baby days.

    Are we all needing to work on surly attitude? I thought it was just me! I say we blame it on barometric pressure!

    mrs. e´s last post…Pink Thoughts

  6. What a beauty he is! It’s such an adjustment at first having two. Once he can hold his head up, it gets so much easier. Now, my older one plays with the younger one (now 4 months) while he is in his exersaucer or sitting in the Bumbo seat. She “reads” him books (she is only 3), and that gives me just a few minutes to check emails, or wipe down the kitchen countertops.

    Enjoy him, I’m sure Lane is a wonderful big sis!

    Elizabeth´s last post…Wordless Wednesday

  7. I can so relate to survival mode. My husband travels a lot for work, for up to 5-6 days at a time. With four kids ages 1 to 8, I’m in a constant state of fight or flight.
    My current memory verse is Isaiah 33:6, “And he shall be the stability of your times, a wealth of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge; the fear of the Lord is his treasure.”
    I have to rely on His stability…..because I lost all of mine somewhere between kids #2 and #3, hee, hee.
    BTW, that picture is precious….soooo makes me want another baby!

    Danielle´s last post…When the cat’s away…..

  8. Laundry and dishes is what I always say. And then whatever must be done in order for you not to get kicked out of your house (like bills!)

    I’ve found that after three months “the new normal” begins to appear all on its own – so I really wouldn’t worry about it too much at this stage. There really still is plenty of time, but that little guy will only be so cuddly for a certain length of time.

    You’re doing great!


    steadymom´s last post…How to Teach Your Sons to Express Emotion

  9. I say enjoy that pure sweetness of newborn baby!!!! They grow entirely too fast. I miss feeling how they just melt in your arms, their smell, the sounds, the softness of their skin, etc. I don’t regret one second of the time I spent in the rocker just holding, looking at and loving on my babies. It was if I wanted to imprint that time into my brain.

    But if you feel that you must, figure out your priorities and what needs to be adjusted for YOUR family. Delegate out what you can. Be realistic in expectations. It’s ok to “slack” in some areas. Before you know it, your kids will be older and you will have more time to do whatever you decide your priorities are (or they will be old enough to delegate it out to them).

  10. Adorable pics. What IS that thing he’s wearing on his lower half?

    Taking care of yourself is primary. For me, leaving survival mode always included a great leg shave, a manicure or haircut (with grandma watching the kiddos) and perhaps a totally frivolous magazine to peruse while undergoing said treatment.

    And vitamins. That too. :)

    Evenshine´s last post…Silence

    • That’s a Disana wool cover to go over a cloth diaper. I can’t even describe how soft and cuddly it is.

  11. Katie Rae says:

    I think one of the the hardest things about life is knowing which of the thousands of things we could be doing are the ones we are called to do in the season we are in. Try not to pressure yourself for all the “neglected” activities your mind will dream up. Remember that life is all about seasons. For every season, a different focus. In this VERY short season, so few weeks, it is your delightful duty to fawn on a tiny newborn and bring baby into your family’s daily life. That is it. Do what you have to do to get by, and otherwise, mind your mission for this season! And let yourself enjoy it. : ) (He looks delicious!)

  12. Delurking to let you know (as if you need it!) that your baby is gorgeous!
    Thank you for your wonderful advice – useful to all of us, whether we have a newborn or not!

  13. When our 2nd one arrived 13 years ago I realized that the expectations that I set for myself, our home, etc. were too high. Unrealistic. I finally (after dragging my feet or maybe it was more like trying to be super woman) realigned my priorities. If the bathrooms needed cleaned, I might do the sink and the mirrors but that might be all I had time to do before someone needed my attention. And that was fine. Dinner some nights may have been soup from a can instead of a homemade pot of stew that had been simmering all day. You get the idea. In general, realizing that life has changed. It will never be the same. It will be better. More to love. More laughs to share. More memories to make. It’s all good. Family life is always changing. Even with 2 teenagers I realize that what was once normal is no longer; like the fact that I can’t have everyone around the dinner table every night due to sports, school activities, etc. We find a new normal.

    Nancy´s last post…31

  14. What an adorable little boy!! :D So sweet!!

    Such great advice, too! Thanks so much for all your insight! (I need to work on having a sweet attitude, as well!! Thanks for the reminder!!

    Love your blog!

    Catie´s last post…Making Bread

  15. i knit. honestly, whenever life gets challenging, i plunk myself down with yarn and needles and knit until i feel like i’ve stepped away from the edge and can face the challenge.

    speaking of knitting – where did you get those adorable baby shorts! and is there a pattern?!?!

    robyn´s last post…i always forget to mention …

    • I just bought that one, but I know you can find several knitting patterns if you google “wool soaker pattern.”

  16. Sweet, sweet baby boy!
    I have 4 kids – 3 boys who were once 3 and under. (Oldest is 12 now)Here is are a few things I learned:

    Repeat your meals! Make a grocery list, map out your meals for a week or two and keep it simple.

    Don’t try and do anything too big. Right now is not the time to throw the “Martha Stewart esq” baby shower. Say no or put major limits on your commitments out side of family. Things get easier and more manageable astime goes on. This is a season of babies. (Best advice I ever got!)

    Sleep. Don’t stay up. How you care for yourself now will absolutly affect your future health. Shoot for as much as possible. Yes, this means letting a few things go for awhile.

    Play. Even a 15 minute round of gin rummy with my husband was a repreive from a crazy day.

    Much joy to you!

    Dana´s last post…Skills & Babies

  17. I feel like I live in survival mode. I work full time with 3 kids (4 years, 2 1/2 years, 6 mo). I work days my husband works evenings. I need too use some of your ideas about no sugar and healthy food. I too love knitting and adore the soakers! Where did you buy them from? My goal right now is to learn how to prioritize. I want to have a list of the “have to’s” and the “it can wait”. Taking better care of me will help me bless my family, and making the time to be with God needs to be #1 which I’m horrible at. Thanks for the encouraging posts they brighten my day!

    Tara´s last post…Oh, I forgot I had a blog ;)

    • So much love for the wool soaker! This brand is Disana and it’s available at several online diaper shops.

      Abby’s Lane
      has the best price I’ve seen so far on it.

      Other shops such as Tiny Bird Organics carry other colors.

      I lanolized it a few times before using it, but I love that I rarely have to wash it. I just hang it up during the day to air out before using it at night.

  18. I think you’ve summed up what it took me three babies to learn. It’s all about readjusting and appreciating where you are at … because it will all change soon enough.

    Cheers to you and yours.

    Anna´s last post…The Project is Almost Done

  19. Nancy, in a comment above, speaks such wisdom. It is harder to get things done with the 2nd baby, but I think that is due in great part to our unrealistic expectations of ourselves. Get the basics done around the house. Don’t try to be superwoman. Cuddle the babies. They don’t stay little very long!

    Marci@OvercomingBusy´s last post…Resources for Overcoming Busy

  20. My son is eight months old and I am just now feeling like I’m exiting survival mode. It’s the little accomplishments…like charging my phone regularly, or staying ahead of the game with dishes. I haven’t been able to do extra curricular “me” stuff yet, like sewing and crafts, running. But I finally am in a place where I feel ready for that next challenge for progress instead of just wondering from one thing to the next. For me, it’s just getting that routine in place. I’ve never been one to have a routine even before I had a baby. But now I know that for me to be the kind of mother, wife, housewife I want to be that routine has got to be there.

  21. What a cutie! We just welcomed a little one to our family, and it does take time to get back on your feet. Good for you for taking care of yourself and not rushing things.

    I think that for me, it makes a huge difference to try to get up, get dressed, and get ready for the day before the babies are up (not too early, just about 15 minutes!). That way, when they’re up, I’m not scrambling to get the “essentials” taken care of. I can get them dressed, fed, and outside to play to start our day on a high note.

    It sounds like you’re doing great!

    Adele´s last post…A Delectable Gift Idea

  22. I love, LOVE the “try to do one thing that will not be immediately undone”. Great idea! A few days ago I cleaned my washer and dryer. It seemed kind of silly, clearing off and wiping down the surfaces, while surrounded by piles of laundry waiting to be done. But that’s precisely WHY the washer and dryer were so dirty to begin with. Any time spent in the laundry room was for doing laundry, and I always thought, “I’ll clean them after the laundry is done.” Well…of course…the laundry is never done. There is always more. So I ignored the piles of laundry for about ten minutes, cleaned the machines, and am so very glad I did. What a difference.

    Holly´s last post…1

  23. You are on the right track by looking at your priorities and thinking about them differently. And focusing on God’s truths. That is what gets me through the hard days. If my sink is full of dishes sometimes, and we are almost running out of clean clothes. I just wake up and try to fit it in the next day. I do the minimum on crazy days, and the most I can on slow days. It will all get done as needed. Taking care of yourself and your family are most important. And God can help us through it all.

    Michelle Traudt´s last post…I’m Thankful for Our Kids

  24. I don’t have kids, so my to-do list can’t even begin to compare, but here’s how I’m coping with teaching + grad school this year: basically, I am just carving out every few minutes I have to get things done. If I have a couple of minutes, I’m reading or writing or planning or grading. Not the same, I know, but it’s been keeping me sane this year.

    Little Tom is pretty much the cutest baby I’ve ever seen in my life. Lane is also one of the cutest kids ever. You’ll have a couple of heart-breakers, for sure! :)

    liz´s last post…birthday tutu

  25. well my goodness, he is stinkin’ adorable. I’ve lived my whole life in survival mode having been raised in an abusive and neglected home. however, I am working on not doing that. so…I stop and see the good. I do little things. helped me a few years ago (I don’t follow it religiously but it helps to get a good mindset about cleaning) and I do things that help me to be less stressed. for example, I have two routes to drive home – one is a 65mph people are crazy, construction, everyone is going 80 or more. the other is a scenic route – adds maybe 5 minutes but its 55 mph and I can go for miles without seeing anyone…the last week I’ve decided to drive this…both ways…it starts our (my son commutes with me) day out right. my horn is honked much less! :)

    Nina´s last post…a stroller giveaway

  26. It is so temporary – my baby is almost two and I know that survival mode – I lived it and really loved it. I said no to just about everything that was asked of me by anyone outside of my family and I started making lists and tried to cross at least one thing off every day. Slowly I was crossing off more things and then I realized that I wasn’t in survival mode anymore. You’ll get there – it just happens.

    Becky´s last post…Make a List and Check It Twice

  27. God bless, I’m sure you are doing the best that you can and it sounds wonderful that you have taken this time just to be.

    I don’t have a baby but I do have chronic health issues, so I am very used to things not getting done as I would like. Since most days are days that I don’t feel good, I’ve had to learn over the years to just do what I can.

    Something that really helps me is to do things with a timer. Kind of like my own FlyLady plan, really. There are many days that I only do some tasks for 5 minutes at a time, but it still makes me feel good to know that I did something. Honestly, 5 minutes on a task can often really make a difference!

  28. I try not to be too hard on myself. I repeat my mantra, “Sometimes ‘good enough’ is good enough.” I also try to focus on what I have done rather than what I have not done.

    In short, perspective helps me cope with challenging circumstances without feeling like I’m in survival mode.

    Meg´s last post…Yesterday’s Library Haul

  29. I understand survival mode. For me, it’s been a way of life. I have five children under 9, moved 8 times, built a house, and homeschool. To keep up my spirits, I would list for the day what I have accomplished: changed a diaper 10 times, nursed 8 times, fixed everyone’s food, picked up toys, etc.

  30. That is the cutest baby I think I have ever seen. The pose, the little smile–scrumptious!!!

    “Do one thing that won’t be immediately undone” Great goal! This is the source of much of my stress on my bad days—that I know much of what I have done is going to be undone in an hour or two. I don’t have any little ones anymore and my youngest is already 8. But I have been having some very busy stressful days lately from trying to do too much and be too much to too many people. This post has given me good focus. Thanks for sharing.

    Jenn V´s last post…joy

  31. That picture of Tom is unbelievably sweet.

    Sally Parrott Ashbrook´s last post…And Just Like That

  32. awesome list! Thanks for the ideas, I think I’ll adopt all of yours.

  33. how CUTE is your little boy!! i would hand my hubby the bills and cuddle him all day. that diaper cover looks soft. i have never seen one of those. is it the new cool product or am i really uninformed still after 2 kids?

  34. I’m so glad I’m not the only one struggling with this right now! I’m in the first trimester of my first pregnancy, and it’s so frustrating to get home to a messy house and not have the energy to do anything about it.
    I like your list – I think I’ll have to make one of my own today.

  35. i totally am trying to do the same thing. i just had my little girl 3 weeks ago and watching “cars” is now a part of my 21mo old’s morning routine. i *really* need to get out of the habit…but man is that little bit of quiet time nice :-) i should really focus on number 1 as well. congrats on your little one; he is so gorgeous!

  36. i have bookmarked this to come back to in a couple months when my “little distraction” arrives. great advice…. love it! :)
    i also want to try to get my energy from healthy food and end my reliance on sugar and caffeine…..great advice :)

    carly smith´s last post…Olive Hope Polinder

  37. One thing I learned was to be humble, and let people help me. When we had our first, a friend came to see our new baby, and while she was talking to me, she cleaned the stove! At first I was mortified (it really needed it) but then I was able to see it for the gift it was. She understood, having had her child the previous year, how something like that distracts you daily. If someone offers to help, have them really do something – an errand, run the vacuum, etc.

    The second is to find a “mother’s helper”, a young girl not quite old enough to babysit, to play with your oldest and give her some lovely one-on-one attention while you take time for yourself in another room. Or to go with you to the park so you can relax on a bench with your youngest and the helper can run and play games with the older. I actually do this for my younger (she is 4) because she needs so much attention and I can’t get to anything else sometimes.

    Lee´s last post…Heavenly Hydrangea: From Garden to Table

  38. Look at him! Who could get anything done with all that cuteness in the house!!!

    My philosophy after having number two has been “They are only this little once so slow down and enjoy it.” I don’t try to do too much (some days I forget and pay for it with a fussy baby and grumpy toddler for a couple of days). They household chores can wait (for the most part) as I take the time to enjoy my littles!

    Congrats on your new addition!!!

    supreme´s last post…Product Review – Super Yummy Teether from Discovery Toys

  39. I really like the tip “do one thing that won’t be immediately undone.” Even though I don’t have a newborn, it feels like I’m constantly doing those things that won’t accomplish anything but making more work in the future.

    Thank you – and thanks for sharing a pic of that gorgeous little one. So sweet!

    Jessica @ Acting Adult´s last post…I’m horrible at Rock Band!

  40. You have such adorable children. Thats the key to remember…they are your children and my child is now 11 soon to be 12. They grow up so fast and hindsight is a wonderful thing or if only I didn’t worry so much about trying to keep everything and everyone together.
    You have probably heard of this so many times.

    Enjoy, relish, savour those moments…breathe in and out.
    I agree with the idea of getting out and walking, taking in the fresh air, sunshine, nature and weather with what ever it may bring.
    I got a puppy when I was pregnant, what a lovely distraction that can be from the hustle and bustle of nappies, cleaning and cooking.

    Peace be with you. ;)

    Tracy9´s last post…Lippy Space Savers

  41. Ditto to all those that advised you enjoy every moment with him – it does go by too fast! I learned one truth when I had the Baby 3 weeks early by c-section: you expect more of yourself than anyone else. My girlfriends came by to see the Baby and most were amazed that I had showered and was in a sweatsuit during the day! Do what you can and ask for and accept ALL the help you can get.

    WorkingMom´s last post…And I Thought I Hated Housecleaning

  42. Oh, he is a sweet little guy!

    I love your number 2 and 3, what great ideas (especially the idea of doing something that can’t be immediately undone). As for myself, my biggest help is meditation. When I’m more centered, everything flows better than usual.

    Wendy´s last post…Contest Winner and Potato Foot

  43. My life pretty much runs itself. If you can set up autopay for your bills, I highly recommend it! (And use your bank account number rather than a credit card number, if possible, in case you ever lose a card and need to cancel it). I do find it helpful to have a mental list of which things are still going to matter in a week or a month, and also a few mental categories– things I can get done in 5 minutes, 20 minutes, etc. I think long and hard before agreeing to any responsibilities that are going to take me more than 20 minutes or have to be done at a specific time or in several steps.

    I NEED fun time, and if I indiscriminately accept invitations, I find that I do a lot of things that aren’t really relaxing or fun. I try to be honest about which activities/people make me feel good and which ones are energy drains. I rarely agree ahead of time to do anything on the weekend, but make a lot of last-minute plans, and I love that.

    I also sometimes panic about how much I have to do and stop being efficient. When I realize that’s happened, I make myself stop, close my eyes, and take 10 deep breaths. Even if I’m in the middle of reading something, wrist-deep in cake batter, or stuck in traffic.

  44. Oh my heavens. I could just scoop that baby up and kiss on him forevah.

    The Nester´s last post…31 Days to A Better Dressed Nest :: Day 9~ List Something on Craigslist

  45. Tom is super cute!!

    To answer your question, I was in survival mode with our twins (now almost 4) for a long time. The most important steps for me were to realize that I can neither do it alone, nor I can do everything perfectly. In other words: ask for help. When I finally did, everything started to fall into place. For instance, when my sister came over to give me a hand, I had to be organized enough so that I could give her a task that 1. needed doing; 2. had time to complete; 3. I could actually ask her to do. It doesn’t seem much, but when you sleep 8 hours during the curse of a week, for several weeks… well, it becomes one.

    I am glad to report that even the most difficult starts end eventually. You settle into a routine and you can enjoy the ride. I know, I do!

  46. oh, rachel, i am not sure what fog i am coming out of, but my congratulations on tom’s arrival are more than a month overdue. what a cutie he is, i love his name (he shares it with my late father in law and a best friend’s husband), and you sound and look wonderful. congratulations.

    nicola´s last post…house keeping

  47. i also want to add (only if you care to hear one more bit of input!)…the first 6 months with 2 were really hard for me, but it really does get better and easier. (i was also adjusting to changing from a working mom to a stay-at-home-mom, so i don’t know how much of my stress was that change and how much was the growing family.) i also can safely say that we underestimate just how intensely sleep interruptions and deprivation can affect us. go easy on yourself. having two does make you realize just how much free time you still had with one, doesn’t it?

    nicola´s last post…house keeping

  48. Rachel, you’re probably done reading these comments but I’ve been thinking about this post all week. What I’ve found useful during times of added stress and change is to seriously lower my expectations. That way I feel like I’m accomplishing things and not just surviving. (I see from perusing the comments this is a common theme).

    When I had little ones, my 3rd child was born when my oldest was 3.5, my daily goals were very simple – meals, a walk with the kids, afternoon naps (for all of us), a load of laundry, supper. I spaced out my other chores on different days of the week. Monday I planned the menu and went shopping at night when Damien was home (that was always a hard and full day but then most of the work was done). Another day I baked (but not with a newborn!), another day I payed bills etc…

    I had a few creative outlets I could do with children by my side, a little sewing and sometimes I would scrapbook one night a week while Damien took care of the kids ~ but this was when the baby was a bit older.

    I guess to wrap this up… like everyone else has said lower expectations and you’ll feel like you’re on top of things and not just getting by. I live by this mantra, even to this day, with no babies in the house anymore.

  49. I NEVER wanted a boy (like never – and I got two little girls). But that beautiful picture of your little guy made me rethink – he is absolutely the most adorable little boy I have ever seen. Don’t do anything but love that little bundle!!! I just want to eat him up.

  50. I’m coming up for air here from my own survival mode to comment :). Advice? Well, I’m right there with you right now, though I think you are handling it better than I am. I try to keep the living room, kitchen, and bedroom picked up at least one point in the day. Sometimes I will take a shower and watch a show I really like or get out for an hour or two on my own on the weekend just to get some air.

    But what I’m wondering is how do you spend time appreciating all the cuteness of a newborn when his sibling is running around, sometimes crying because they want you to hold them, or getting into things that they shouldn’t be getting into. I’d love to just sit and enjoy my own new little one, but it really feels hard when I have a two-year-old who needs attention too.

    Jenni @ Life from the Roof´s last post…3 weeks old

  51. What an adorable little baby!!! I have one myself (4 weeks) and 2 girls, all under 4. Over the last 2 months I realized that having 3 littles in that span means that I have no time for pushing piles from one table to the other, continually rearranging toys, piling magazines, etc… I’m a terrible, terrible piler and I keep entirely too much stuff for sentimental reasons. And just trying to figure out what to do with all my stuff and how to store it was taking up a lot of mental time and killing my energy (well, what little I have).

    So in the last several weeks I decided to get rid of 50% of what I own, and I’ve culled through toys and books and clothes and given a ton away to charity, to our church, to Goodwill, etc… I ditched most of my “keeper” books left over from my previous purge, saving just a few and vowing to go to the library from here on out. I tossed half of my clothes and am swearing to not ever buy clothes from Target again — they do not fit me, ever! I tossed loads of things I bought thinking I’d wear them… and never did. My drawers are half-full, my closet is lightened up, my shelves are clean, my bathroom is purged of half-used lotion, makeup and expired meds. (This is SO not me.) And I am loving it.

    I have loads more time to hang with the kids, make simple meals, and don’t spend a dog’s age looking for items, trying to contain piles, or remember where I last put things. It’s amazing how energizing it is to look at actual counter space with nothing on it! :-) And it’s MUCH easier to clean a room without a ton of extraneous stuff that you have to sort or move around before cleaning. I still have some things to revisit, but it’s really opened up my outlook and helped me regain some time.

  52. Sweet mother of Pete that baby is just darling!

    Here are some ideas to help you ease back.

    Make the beds everyday.
    Be realistic about just how much time outside of feeding, bathing, changing, loving the baby you actually have. Understanding that you have three solid hours prior to dinner to accomplish non-baby things will help you be realistic about what can and cannot be accomplished.
    Try as hard as you can to wake up at least 15 minutes before he does. Babies do not make great alarm clocks, and even 10 minutes of quiet with your thoughts does wonders.

    The Countess of Nassau County´s last post…The Royal Family Visits the Cancer Factory – Part II

  53. Congratulations on your adorable newborn.
    My sons were born 20 months apart, and I have to say what I remember most is many people commenting that you could not even tell that babies lived in the home.
    The home was neat and in place, and I absolutely sang, played read, prayed, walked, ran, and enjoyed life with them.
    But I never slept.
    So which would I sacrifice if I could do it again… the to-do-list and the house. Now that they are 12 and 13, I do not think I have rested since before they were born, because I have always been trying to be everything.

    Ba Hum Bugh to that! Have a ball, relish in it all. Time will avail itself, and take care of the day to day joys and needs for now.

  54. Keep your perspective! That’s what I’m trying to do. This has been a rough transition from one kid to two, but I’m trying to remember that this is temporary…

    Rachel´s last post…The Adventures of Sally

  55. Have people over to visit. Hopefully they will bring food :) Sit while they visit too. And go outside and get sunshine. It does wonders for the sleeplessness and surliness

    katiek´s last post…Spiritual

  56. I just nominated you for an award on my blog! :) Thanks for sharing your life!!

    Catie´s last post…Blog Awards :)

  57. Being a parent is a hard work but I think that it also has some advantage. I don’t know exactly those advantage since I am still single right now.

    Palabuzz´s last post…Paloma on Maxim Philippines – October issue

  58. I agree, how in the world can you get anything done when you have such a cutie pie to stare at all day?

    You will get back into the swing of things, just ease into like you are doing. Your list sounds very smart to me.

  59. What lovely pictures. The tabs on the little rainhat present an abundance of cuteness!
    My two oldest are 22 months apart. It was definitely life changing. We all three spent a lot of time on the floor. I would put the baby on a blanket, and the toddler would sit next to me and we’d play with legos or something. Or he would talk and I would listen and try very hard not to shut my eyes. I saved the videos for when things were so bad I was near tears. That helped me, because I always had a trick up my sleeve.

    As far as advice on how to get things done, I didn’t. I was also dealing with having just moved to a new state and knowing no one, and my husband’s job had him working 12-16 hour days. I didn’t start “doing things” like making regular meals or sending out Christmas cards or cleaning the toilets until the baby was at least 2 months old.

  60. That is the sweetest baby picture I’ve ever seen. I keep coming back to your blog to look at it because it makes me feel so warm and happy.

  61. Sandra Gonzales says:

    You’re gonna give Anne Geddes a run for her money with these cute baby pics!

  62. What a precious baby! And your Bible verse is just perfect for this situation. Though it may feel like “survival mode”, it really is “healing mode”. Do the absolute minimum for six weeks. If friends offer to do something, take them up on it. This time is to nourish your body, get as much rest as you can and feed your baby. I teach childbirth classes and devote a good chunk of time on this very topic. When you enter back into housekeeping, pace yourself. A friend gave me a housekeeping service as a gift. A deep clean to reenter. I walked around singing when they left!

  63. What a doll!

    Thank you for your comment about the tv. At this point I just beat myself up for letting him watch tv, but limiting to 10am I can do. That’s enough time to get my chores done and be ready to handle my very energetic 2 year old. I know tv isn’t great but as you mentioned unpaid bills(or dinner from McDonald’s) isn’t a better option. In all things moderation!

  64. Oh, how sweet your little baby is! And how fast it goes by! My youngest is 10 months old now and he still doesn’t sleep much (so obviously, neither do I!)…something I have found that helps me is this: I have a standard size wire-bound notebook that I keep everything in (grocery lists, to-do lists, etc). Every night before I go to bed, I take a few minutes and write out a plan for the next day. Even if it is only basic things, like “do a load of laundry” or “fold and put away the laundry” or “spend 10 minutes cleaning up the counter top clutter”, whatever I feel I need to do. I also write down what I will make for meals and snacks that day. Then, every morning I check that list first thing. I love being able to check off each thing as I accomplish it, no matter how small those accomplishments may be to the outside world…when you are a mother with a new baby, getting a shower is a huge accomplishment:-) I break my bill-paying and budget planning up into several days so that it is not so overwhelming. I have many interruptions and it would not be possible to get it done in an hour like some people may be able to do. This is just a season of life, it will change, and some day we will miss it and wish it back!

    shelmom2seven´s last post…Blog Hopping