Get Your Winter Coats Ready


With winter approaching fast, it’s a good time to organize your coats in the coat closet. (Notice I didn’t say to organize the entire coat closet…just the coats.)

Do you have any that you don’t wear? It’s better to donate unwanted coats now before winter starts so someone else can use them.

Matching hangers create an uncluttered look, and a coat closet is small enough that you don’t need many. Sturdy wooden hangers are nice for heavy coats. Scarves and gloves can be stored in baskets or a hanging shoe organizer.

If you don’t have a coat closet, hang your favorite coat on a hook by the door. Kids tend to do better about hanging up coats if they have hooks instead of hangers.

Have you organized something recently? Give yourself a high five and tell us in the comments!
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  1. Yes, I’m making my way through ALL the kids’ winter clothes now! We have a great set of wooden cubbies in our front entrance and the coats are hanging there happily!


    steadymom´s last post…Steady Thought for the Day

  2. DH’s Ties!!!! He wears one daily and they usually are all over the floor of his office. I donated bunches and then purchased some new. I bought new hangers last night and today is the day to put them where they belong! Love reading the blog, thanks so much!

  3. I really need to organize my DD’s coats!! Not sure she needs 40 winter coats!

    Catie´s last post…Done?

  4. That’s exactly what I’m going to do this weekend! The kids are already struggling to find something to put on in the morning, and our tiny coat closet needs a whole new look. I think a coat of paint and some shelving is in line too!

    Sharon´s last post…Another lightbulb moment, more savings…

  5. This is a nice trick; put a pack of tissues (or a cloth handkerchief)and lip balm in the pocket of your winter coats. This way it’s there when you need it!

  6. You read my mind! I am planning to reorganize and maybe repurpose our coat closet this weekend! And I love Kim’s idea of putting lip balm in all the pockets…
    Have an awesome weekend Rachel!

    Clarissa´s last post…It’s a…Girl!!It’s a Girl!

  7. To store gloves, hats and scarves, I use an over-the-door shoe organizer in our coat closet. (I saw this idea online but can’t remember where) It has been a terrific solution, because it doesn’t take up any hanging space and the accessories are right at-hand.

    lorna´s last post…A request!

  8. Rachel,

    You are a girl after my own heart. Nothing makes me smile, like an organized closet!


    Jacqueline Burch´s last post…Burch Family Photo Session Sneak Peek

  9. I just organized my papers–the things that accumulate before I get around to filing them–and my goodness does that feel good. A couple of folders, simple categories, and it was done. I used to wait until I could have something exactly as I wanted it before I did anything. I’m learning that not being a perfectionist and finding a solution that is good for now–nothing is permanent!–is very freeing and makes my life better right away!

    Jessica´s last post…on food "styling"

  10. Out of pure necessity, I organized the coat closets by the front and back doors. It turned cold here in a hurry and I had to find coats, hats and gloves. Good thing I did before it really gets cold – seems that we have some missing and outgrown gloves!

    Marci@OvercomingBusy´s last post…Put Bookends On Your Day – Sister Wisdom Guest Post

  11. Sadly it’s supposed to be 96 degrees here today…no need for winter coats yet! I did just have a brilliant idea for re-organizing our cleaning supplies/rags/towels in the laundry cupboard though, and am about halfway done making all of that beautiful and organized. I love those big tupperware “drawers”…they make it easy to see what’s what, and make things easily accessible.

  12. The project that really needs doing around our house is swapping out the summer clothes and bringing out the winter clothes. And the paper filing.

  13. This issue is one of my bugaboos, after moving into a house with NO closets on the ground floor. We have a bench (which doesn’t open) and five pegs on the wall just inside the back door (kitchen). Any suggestions on how to handle the hats/mittens issue? We’ve done a basket on the bench, but it’s not ideal. I know! A new house!

    • Would there be some kind of organizer you could hang from one of the pegs?

      Twila´s last post…Anniversary Trip Day 3

    • I have a narrow back entrance so I had a similar problem. I hung a small decorative curtain rod on a couple cup hooks (so it hangs out from the wall a bit). Then I hung S-hooks (used to hang kitchen utensils or pots on a bar)on the rod. The hooks can be used to hang hats and scarves, and long braids or strands of yarn suspended from the hooks, with clothespins at the ends, work for clipping mittens in place. I like how the collection looks on my wall since most of what I have is hand-knit and colourful!

      • Ooh, I like that idea! I did invest in a new, larger basket to set on the bench under the pegs, so my 4yo can reach it. But I’ll have to keep the curtain rod idea in mind . . . .

  14. We are all set for winter here! Winter isn’t just fast approaching, it snowed today!

    Andrea @ The Train To Crazy´s last post…First steps on a first birthday

  15. Brought up the coats from the basement last week – sudden drop to the 30’s. Yuck! Not a fan of winter.

    Then I just did this little ditty with my outrageous number of manuals:

    I am so proud inside. It had been buggin’ me for awhile…

  16. I just organized the kids winter clothes and put the summer things away. The coat closet is next. Each child has their own basket with gloves, hats, scarf and earmuffs, my husband and I share a basket that way everyone knows where there winter things are.

    Rana´s last post…Tidioute Weekend!

  17. I cleaned out my office — hopefully for good this time — so my husband could move his office into the house.

    Happy Little Homemaker

    It’s been a 3 year process! If not more…

    Jen @ Happy LIttle Homemaker´s last post…7 Quick Takes

  18. Scarves…if you have any great ideas for them (different shapes and sizes), I will kiss your feet and name you THE GREAT.

    Evenshine´s last post…I’d be the one answering the phone

  19. I am actually having a garage sale tomorrow, so I’m cleaning out and organizing all of our closets. I’m getting rid of everything we haven’t used in the past year or more. It feels great. And today happens to be one of those nice fall days, a great day to be clearing out all my “stuff”. Which by the way, we have too much of, but not for long. We are on our way to living with less!

    Michelle Traudt´s last post…I Am Second

  20. Our coats are already organized but I had to comment – the idea of the shoe organizer in the coat closet is BRILLIANT. And particularly helpful to me, since I just removed one from my bedroom closet (it took up too much room in my tiny closet, so I’m using an underbed shoe organizer in my room). Thank you so much for this idea!!

    Jaz´s last post…Whole wheat cinnamon chip pancakes recipe

  21. Denise C. says:

    I am *always* organizing SOMETHING in or around my house. My husband and I purchased a town home and moved in 3 weeks ago. I just organized my tupperware drawer (generic tupperware). I leave it low so my daughter can pull it out and occupy herself!

  22. I love the idea of using a hanging shoe organizer for toques (hats) and mitts! Will have to try that one…

    supreme´s last post…Frugal Friday

  23. The coat closet is organized only because we’re also cleaning out EVERYTHING for a yard sale (moved to next week due to New England weather). Mittens and hats in a basket on top of the cubbies in the mudroom. Scarves are in a clear shoebox on one of the shelves. Coats in use are on the coat rack on the cellar stairs, perfect for letting them airdry.

    WorkingMom´s last post…Not the Blogger Flu, But…

  24. I am such a chronic organizer and worse just spent nine months nesting. I am proud to announce I have resisted the urge to organize in the last two weeks. Even worse I have managed to spend days on the couch with our newborn and do nothing – except observe chaos emerging… the first thing I intend to tackle, when my hands free up a bit is all the books that aren’t in height order… they are starting to drive me nuts!!!

    se7en´s last post…We’ve been Gifted…

  25. “Kids tend to do better about hanging up coats if they have hooks instead of hangers.” Um, if you mean by “kids” you mean 42 year olds, you would be so right!

  26. On Thursday I organized underneath my kitchen sink, one of my least favorite places!

    Twila´s last post…Anniversary Trip Day 3

  27. we are still in the in-between weather stages…some cold, some not. So I have fall and winter coats out. Hats and mittens are perhaps a few weeks away. How do you end up choosing coats for your kids? We get all sorts of hand-me-downs, and have to sort through. Some end up being, too puffy for the seat belts, others too long, too short, not warm enough, too warm, terrible color, you-name-it. I end up with 5 coats a kid, and then we usually only use one or two. Tips on how to choose? Great post…personally I am glad the cooler months are on their way! Abbie

    • I choose coats for my kids based on cuteness. Since we live in Texas, coats aren’t such a big decision and we choose one medium-heavy coat and a few sweaters or knit jackets. Maybe someone in a colder part of the country would have more thoughts on it.

  28. i agree with your last sentence. thanks!

    hailey´s last post…Mentor, not Dementor or Tormentor

  29. I organized our linen closet…towels, sheets and a few misc things had found their home in there. It is nice to open a closet and see it organized!!

    Catherine B´s last post…I run for life

  30. I just LOVED the hanging shoe organizer idea. I was using baskets, but with 3 little kids the baskets were not working well for us. I just bought the shoe organizer and it seems like it will work great. The kids can see their things, and they each have a cubbie. I think this was just what they needed, and maybe the hubby too :) I started using hooks last winter for the kids coats and those were a blessing as well. The hooks are low enough on the wall so the kids can reach them, and then I have a mirror above so that the adults can take a quick peek before running out the door. It works really well for our family.

    Thanks for the wonderful idea!

  31. We have a small closet for coats and so I added hung 4 hooks to the wall for more coat space. I would rather keep everything in the closet but…

    ***jeannie´s last post…Medicine Cabinet