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How do you get your week off to a good start? Some Mondays I feel like I have to hit the ground running. There’s so much to do! I usually do the bulk of my cleaning and laundry on Mondays.

Since I’ve been trying to let Sunday be a day of rest, family, and play time, there’s usually a little more to pick up after the weekend.

My biggest challenge on Monday seems to be staying up too late on Sunday night.

How do you have a successful Monday? What do you do, and what is your biggest challenge?
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  1. Practically speaking I find that when I start the week prepared and well rested it helps to get the week off to a good start. The bulk of my work gets done on the weekend since I work outside the home. Having a meal plan for the week is a big help. I like to have the laundry caught up (though that sometimes doesn’t happen).

    I think much of it is about having a good attitude. It’s easy to think, “ah, another week and so much to do” but I try to focus on the fact that I’m blessed to have another week to do many of the things I love; spend time with my family, work outside our home at a career I love, have the chance to pay bills with money that we are fortunate enough to have. With God’s grace and good sleep, there is little I can’t accomplish :-)

  2. I am really working on keeping Sunday as the day of rest. It’s hard sometimes. In fact yesterday it was definitely not the day of rest because we had an Open House (we are selling our house). I need to work harder to make that a day of rest, and yes, it then creates more to-do’s on Mondays. But I think we then feel more rested and ready to tackle what Monday brings!

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  3. Denise C. says:

    My biggest challenge? Taking my kids to the store. I usually have 1-2 errands to run, and my son (3) is an absolute PISTOL in the store. =(

  4. a good attitude is key. optimism, enthusiasm, energy. i get the house clean, enjoy a good breakfast with the kids and tentatively plan some fun activities for the week.

  5. Having dishes done Sunday night makes the biggest difference for me. Of course last night we had a popcorn picnic in the living room floor with smoothies for dessert and dishes that never got done. So application is key, I suppose :).

    Shannon´s last post…Menu Plan – Mostly Soup

  6. Knowing how I’m going to attack my day has helped. I check my planner, see what appointments and tasks I have and try to begin working right away. However, Monday is also a day to catch up with co-workers so the getting to work right away part doesn’t always happen! :)

    Nicole´s last post…fall weekend ~ part 4

  7. For some reason, even when I plan my week out on Sunday night (meal plan, to-do list, calendar check, homeschool lesson plan) Monday mornings just catch me be surprise. None of us want to get out of bed. So, I usually don’t plan anything other than school and laundry on Mondays. If that gets done, Monday is a success!

    Marci@OvercomingBusy´s last post…Put Bookends On Your Day – Sister Wisdom Guest Post

  8. I’m a church musician by trade, so Sunday for me is my heaviest workday–it’s tricky to negotiate aligning everyone else’s week’s “beginning” with something right smack in the middle of mine. On the other hand, Sunday afternoons once the early-starting-workday is done are pretty family-oriented–we go grocery shopping for the week, have a very loose-and-easy-to-stray-from weekly meal plan set for the coming week, start laundry, and in general just sort of gear up for what’s to come. Plus I have a great family who does a lot while I’m at work, so it’s not all on Mom.

    Even so, Monday hits like a ton of bricks. But it’s a predictable ton of bricks, unlike the erratic schedules of the weekend; I don’t usually have to check my calendar Sunday night to see what’s happening Monday morning, which is helpful. Monday mornings are routine, which is a huge relief.

    And yeah, going to bed earlier Sunday night would help. A lot. But we never seem to manage it…:-)

    Thrilled to have found your blog! (Got here from The Green Phone Booth)

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  9. Starting with that yummy breakfast you have posted would help. I have 2 more weeks of workning full time so I can’t wait to fix my Monday schedule. For the past few months the thing that has helped me most on Monday is to turn off the TV and just get stuff done. If I can get the kitchen mostly clean and the laundry almost done it helps the week a lot. Learning how to just do something, even if it’s a little, helps. I usually look at the mess and become so overwhelmed I do nothing, and that makes it even worse. So I try to make myself do something on Monday to get the week going.

    Tara´s last post…Tough Decision

  10. First, I just want to say that I encourage you to keep up having Sunday as a day of rest. Aside from it being a Biblical principle, I really do believe it helps give you the added boost you need to get through the week. I was lucky enough to be raised in a home that kept the Sabbath…by that I mean, we went to church and did “relaxing” things all day. So it is “habit” for me now. But if we have a Sunday where we are even just busy visiting friends etc. it really does make my week a lot more harried and harder to enjoy.

    For me, if I get up early and dive into my work right away it really helps to get my week off to a good start. So often it is easy to succumb to sleeping in or getting up and poking around. :) Doing something as simple as getting a load of laundry going as soon as I wake up makes me immediately feel like I accomplished something and helps me get into my working mode.

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  11. My secret to Mondays? Don’t expect too much. I used to have grand plans for my Mondays that included cleaning up the whole house from the weekend explosion, getting several loads of laundry done and running errands. Not anymore. I don’t make any appointments (doctor, lunch, etc) on Mondays and I try to keep my kids’ schedules clear as well. We’re sometimes worn out from our weekends so I try to make Monday a nice, calm and errand-free day. I do end up getting to a bit of cleaning and laundry, but I’ve removed the pressure of having to get it all done in one day and it makes my day much more managable.

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  12. I try to keep Sundays calm and as Sabbath-friendly as possible (although I fail on a regular basis – especially whenever the Raven’s have a home game). But taking some time Sunday evening to clear up clutter and get dishes out of the sink makes my Mondays less stressful.

    Juice´s last post…Weekend Flotsam and Jetsam

  13. Oh Mondays!!! Sundays are a day of rest because they have to be!!! I go to bed far too late blogging ahead on Saturdays!!! I make the effort on Friday afternoons to prepare school for the next week, hard as it is – when I really want to collapse and play with the kids… and I feel like such a grinch working!!! But otherwise it sits over our heads the whole weekend… Basically getting through Monday means doing all the boring things beforehand. I avoid the huge Monday pick-up… it is just too much to cope with and the whole back to school thing (every week!!!)… by having a more fun supper on sundays, seriously pancakes or waffles or something fun!!! Basically if everything is picked up and ready for Monday we have our fun supper a huge bubble bath and stories till we can’t read another word… Everyone likes the Sunday evening routine so much that we are all prepared to work a little harder for it!!!

    se7en´s last post…This Week (19 October) At Se7en…

  14. Sundays are for relaxing, hanging out together as a family and making the most of it with a roast dinner, which is so easy to prepare.
    Keeping it simple and having no plans to see where the day takes us is wonderful because we usually very busy during the week, taking kids to school, picking up kids from school,appointments, meals and housework. Meal planning is excellent idea and worked for a while, prepared on Sundays. Keyword: Relax. :)

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  15. I am trying hard not to live for the weekends. That is the biggest challenge. Too many of us view Mondays as 5 days until the weekend. Once when I said, “I wish it was Friday,” a wise man reminded me that I was wishing my life away. He was right. Those 5 days need to be as fun, relaxed, and special as I can make them.

    So now I try to approach Monday as another fun day. It helps if I am rested, if the laundry is done, and if my lesson plans are ready to go. I try to plan a little something special…a walk after school, a glass of wine, or a trip to the library. Successful Mondays? For me it is about organization, my attitude, and something to look forward to.

    mrs. e´s last post…One Year–Time Flies

  16. As long as we maintain our normal planning and chore schedules for each week, Mondays do not feel horrible at all. I don’t do one big cleaning day but, rather, have a couple main chores/day (as do my kids). Sunday afternoon or evening I take some time to see that I’ve been realistic in my plans (homeschool or other) for the upcoming week – I often need to reduce in some area – this of course helps my week run peacefully. And then if I have a particularly busy week I sometimes need to fight the compulsion to do EVERYTHING or get ahead on Monday… the best thing is to focus on what I’ve scheduled just for the day and trust that everything else really will get taken care of. I think the worst thing would be for me to have someone come over on a Monday for a coffee/play date, which would definitely drive me to attempt to make everything “perfect” in my home for them.

  17. I have the same challenge. I stay up way to late, trying to get a head start on Monday. Which leaves me tired and drained when Monday comes around. I’m (slowly) learning to take Mondays slowly, and if I don’t get everything accomplished that I set out to do, there’s always another day. It’s my mantra when I find myself overwhelmed and exhausted.

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  18. Oh, I just love your site. What a treat to have you visit my blog.

    Mondays.. considering that I slept in until zzzz (you don’t want to know) I just assume that getting up earlier would help me get more organized faster. I try to read my Bible even on days when the world is rushing by..

    Jena´s last post…Scrappy Crafts/ scrappy ‘tam.

  19. I usually try to get things done during the weekends like grocery shopping, errands, batch cooking or meal prep (cutting meat, marinating the meats, etc…), visiting the relatives and other stuff so that Monday & the rest of the week will be a breeze. It also helps when I have my week planned out and written down on my planner so it gives me an overview of what to expect during the week and nothing catches up on me by surprise and therefore no stress.

  20. I work at home so while I’m home on Mondays I also have half a dozen little ones here Monday morning by 8 am. I try to keep Sundays restful but the need to have the house ready for work on Monday morning can infringe on that. Two things have helped me start the week with a smile instead of a scowl. First, I try to plan a crock pot meal or a casserole I can throw together on Sunday. That way, no matter what happens supper will be ready and we can at least salvage that part of the day. Second, we do a family clean up on Sundays, usually right after church. It takes no more than an hour for all of us to pick things up, clean bathrooms, empty garbages, vacuum and scrub floors. What a difference it makes come Monday morning. And then no one feels bad about lounging around the rest of Sunday. Most importantly though, I agree with others who have mentioned that attitude can make the biggest difference. There are certainly Mondays that I have to remind myself to quit wishing the week away.

    Josie´s last post…Cooking Lessons

  21. I love that you’re trying to make your Sundays a day of rest! I’d be interested to know what this looks like – I’m sure you probably don’t have a legalistic set of Sunday rules, but in your mind, what things are off-limits on Sundays because they aren’t restful?

    I’ve been trying to move towards resting more on Sundays when I can. We don’t always have that option, becuase my husband is a pastor and Sundays are work days for him, but I’m trying to find a Sabbath in the midst of it all anyway. I’d be happy to hear any advice you have on the subject!

  22. In order for me to have a good Monday (and week), things on the homefront need to be in order. I work outside of the home so for me that means having laundry done, menu planned, groceries bought and the house in some fashion of clean and picked up. With 2 teenage daughters that are involved in sports and school activities, you know what occupies our weeknights. And that’s ok because these years are flying by. I expend a lot of energy on Saturday to get all of this accomplished so that we can go to church on Sunday and then have an afternoon/evening of togetherness. Or naps.

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  23. I have to decide which is better. “Too much Sunday” or “Too much Monday.” Either way one day is stuffed with chores and errands and I use the other for recuperating and sleeping.

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  24. I don’t work a 9-5, and I don’t have kids, so my Monday is never on a Monday. It makes it easier to handle with out the “case of the Mondays” group mentality that everyone seems to have. For me, an abnormal schedule keeps me motivated to make it through every day with equal vigor. (Except my day off!)

  25. shaking off the hang over from fun family activities (from the weekend) is the biggest challenge. psyching-up myself to start chores is the second hurdle. laundry is on mondays too, for me.

  26. I work on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays outside of the home, so Mondays and Fridays are my days to enjoy with my 11 month old son. I’ve been trying not to plan more than one errand per day, just to keep the day enjoyable for both of us. Monday is grocery shopping day and I find that if we get up early and head right out to the store and return early, it feels like we have so much more time together. That way he can nap and we can have some fun time together in the afternoon.

    Greta @ Mom Living Healthy´s last post…From Runner Girl to Fit Family

  27. I get a serious case of Sunday night anxiety, so I try to make a list for Monday with no more than three things on it.

    I also plan something fun for Monday night, so there is something to help me get through that first day of the week– Maybe a show I’ve been wanting to watch,a good book to read, or something yummy for dinner.

    Mary R´s last post…How do you entertain yourself over a rainy weekend?

  28. This is inspiring! I love the idea of choosing to ignore housework for the day. I have houseguests this weekend, but I hope to try this out next weekend. It will inspire me to be productive on Saturday. :)

    Juice´s last post…Sometimes I Regret Being Single

  29. Have meals planned, healthy snack stuff easily accesible, weekly planner filled out and house tided up on Sunday evening help the transition to Monday mornings at our house….

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