The Chocolate Notebook


Isn’t it hard to start writing in a brand new notebook? Best to write or draw something on the first page right away, so you don’t have to be intimidated by the blank pages anymore.

This is my newest one and I already love it. It’s a collection of chocolate bar wrappers and what I was doing when I ate them.


Do you keep any notebooks?
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  1. Confession time: I LOVE notebooks! I carry one with me that keeps grocery lists, ideas for my home, goals and everyday to do items.
    Since I have a hard time choosing colors, I tend to buy 2 at once and keep them as “back-ups”. Notebooks are a healthy obsession for me! :)

  2. I keep a notebook for church. I write down sermon notes as well as names of people sitting need me (since I so often forget names!). When I participate in a bible study I use the same notebook. So I guess it’s my God notebook!

    Juice´s last post…Something Is Harshing My Mellow

  3. This post makes me smile! I love notebooks and have them in different places according to what I need…I have one in my purse at all times for errands/shopping, I have one at work for ideas and inspiration, another at work for children’s books I have read or want to read, one at home that I use for blog ideas/inspiration, and one that I keep for project or task to-dos. I buy lots of them but always seem to find a use!

    Nicole´s last post…pretty piano

  4. I have a journal fetish…I’ve got moleskines in my purse…I keep a prayer journal that I write in almost every morning…and I’ve recently been altering mini composition books that are perfect to keep in my purse! I have a small stack of blank journals on hand…mainly becuase when I find a good deal I stock up. Because I’m also frugal and the journals MUST be on sale. It makes it easier to write in them…! I love your idea of keeping chocolate bars and documenting what you were doing when you ate them. That is so funny to me! I made a little book for my husband for Valentine’s Day one year and used a 1/2 chocolate bar wrapper as the cover…folded in half. It was pretty cute. xoxo

    Michelle´s last post…Slow and steady.

  5. I love notebooks too. I use them for notes, ideas, lots of lists, etc. I also have a journal that I try to write in everyday. It’s great to get out all the thoughts I have in my head, list prayer requests, and what I hear from God. It’s also fun to go back and read in those journals and notebooks.

    Michelle Traudt´s last post…Do The Right Thing, Because It’s The Right Thing…

  6. just started. now I need me a chocolate bar to go with it.

  7. that is adorable to have a chocolate notebook! I love it! I have a hard time starting in on new blank pages too!

    Tarena´s last post…30-Day Encouragement Challenge: Day 29

  8. What an amazing idea, Rachel! I am a huge fan of notebooks and journals and seem to always have one with me wherever I go.

    I like to record my daily (or weekly!) blessings in one of my favorites – it has an inscription of one of Abraham Lincoln’s speeches on the cover.


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  9. Oh my gosh – we are SUCH kindred spirits!!! I think the chocolate bar journal is a GORGEOUS idea.

    I have to say I do love my notebooks, but most of mine are just that – books of notes. Plans, lists, etc. I wish I could do those gorgeously illustrated journals that other people create, but mine are pretty utilitarian. I love them all the same.

  10. I have a notebook devoted to all things random. I write anything that pops into my mind – a recipe, an idea for one of my blogs, anything related to the novel I’m writing, books I see that I want to read, etc. Sometimes, if I’m somewhere waiting, I’ll pull out my random notebook (I should come up with a creative name for it) and just start writing a part of the chapter in my novel I’m working on. The only problem: I have words and phrases that I wrote quickly (sometimes, in the middle of the night) and I can’t remember what it’s related to. My newest notebook plan: I want to get a moleskine and every day write a few sentences about how I saw the hand of God bless my family that day. Your post reminded me that I need to start that new project – thanks!

    Heather´s last post…Lovely Links

  11. yessssss I love this chocolate journal idea! And that chocolate bar wrapper reminds me of Star Wars for some reason. Wasn’t there a “dagoba system” or something like that? lol!!!

    The Damsel in DisDress´s last post…Rejuvenate Your Skin ~ The Asprin Mask

  12. I love journals too. A friend just gave me one on Friday as a thank you for helping her get organized this past summer before she had knee surgery. I call it my kiss from God because it has my favorite verse on the front (ps. 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart). My friend had no idea ps.37:4 was my life verse. I had been debating about starting my own organization business and this journal sealed the deal. I’m going to use this new one to journal the story of my new business.
    I have multiple journals going at once ~ one for each area of my life ~ prayer, homeschooling, organization, recipes, etc…
    love ‘em!
    Chocolate is one I had never thought of ~ great idea!

  13. What a fun idea in every way. Right this moment, I have a nice fresh sketchbook that is freaking me out by the limitlessness of its potential…

  14. I have a notebook- a moleskin, in my handbag, which is used for little reminders, notes and times when waiting for appointments I am flicking through magazines and find interesting websites and jot them down.
    I like the satisfaction of being prepared with notebook in tow.
    I have a notebook for daily living, thoughts, ideas with a coloured hard cover which is purple.
    I found a supply of notebooks at a cheap price from a stationery in town.
    I own a notebook for work which comes with a pen holder in the front and pocket inside the front cover. Very handy for jobs I must do and planning and notes.
    Another notebook is one with watercolour paper which I create my mini art.
    Lastly, my softies notebook, full of designs of future sewing projects.

    Tracy9´s last post…Lippy Space Savers

  15. Too funny! I just did a review of Dark Chocolates on my blog yesterday, so this is really neat! Ive just learned to like Dark Chocolate and its to neat to see that Im not the only one studying them!

  16. That is just the loveliest chocolate idea ever. I used to have moleskins everywhere all for different purposes but this year I have had just one – the moleskin diary – and I have kept absolutely everything in it – kids shoe sizes, birthdays, blog ideas, to do lists – everything! It is the best diary I have ever kept without actually being a diary!

    se7en´s last post…This Week (9 November) At Se7en…

  17. I love this post! You have the cutest ideas and I smiled when I read all the other comments :) I don’t have any notebooks currently, but I should! I seem to start notebooks, but not finish them…

    Greta @ Mom Living Healthy´s last post…Menu Plan Monday

  18. I have about three notebooks going at once I love them so much. I try to keep the content separate for all of them- one for getting my feelings out, one for ideas of fun things I want to do , restaurants to try, books to read, etc, and one for inspirations I have during the day to capture that idea immediately. lately, I’ve found that I just happen to grab whatever notebook is nearby, so I have a sprinkling of everything all over the place. It’s a bit untidy, but feels more natural somehow… and I so enjoy reading over them after a little time has passed.

    Mary R´s last post…How Has Travel Shaped You?

  19. LOL. I am glad to know I am not the only person with a notebook love. I can spend hours looking at them and I have many of them. I use them for journalism, drawing, church, poems, whatever.
    I love simple covers or very cushy covers. There has to be a perfect cover/paper relationship.
    Currently, I am in this graphical line phase-I am using plain black notebooks. A small moleskin and a bigger no name. My journal is a brown suede number.
    It does take me a while to finish them but I do(mostly).

    keishua´s last post…Noun: Music

  20. If I was to keep a journal of every time I ate chocolate I would need one of those fat 5 subject spiral notebooks! But I do love the idea. When my mom died several years ago I was especially sad when I realized that I did not really “know” many of the small details of her life that made her the woman she was. What movie could she watch over and over again? Did she have a favorite sweater? Did she dust or vacuum first? :) Paper or plastic :)

    One of the reasons I started blogging was so my children would know I have a fetish for beautiful paper napkins, that the only fountain Coke I’ll drink is from Chick-Fil-A, and that I own 21 white shirts.

    I think journals like you’re suggesting will be a double treasure. Once for us, and once for those who read them after us.

    (I feel like I need to apologize in advance in case you end up going to my blog. You’ll notice I linked to you….And if you’re really observant you’ll notice that I had a bad attitude the day I wrote it. Nothing personal. You were just the scapegoat. Can I blame it on the fact that I have 11 children, and too much homework?)

    Debbie @ Cheaper by the Bakers Dozen´s last post…At least someone has blog time…

  21. Well this couldn’t be any more wonderful if it tried.

    Zom´s last post…9.3 Golden Autumn

  22. I read a lot of books and I am pretty good at remembering characters, plot lines, even passages of dialog. But I often forget the title of the book. So in June 2006, I decided to write a review of each book so I would have a record of the book (rather than keeping the book, I have a memory of the book) and if anything, to remember the damn title. The first page of the journal is filled with beautiful script or printing and of course by the last page, it’s chicken scratch.

  23. I love you chocolate notebook so much. Now I need a chocolate bar! I keep a notebook with all the lists that don’t seem to have a practical place elsewhere: movies I want to see, restaurants I want to try, books that have been recommended, books I need to return to their owners, etc. Sooooo nice to have them all in one place. Love your blog!!

    Anna´s last post…What is Work Wear Today?

  24. what a fun idea! my notebooks: calendar, to do lists, a book of all those other lists i keep, grocery list/menus, inspiration during church/meditation, and i need to start a food journal, too. i’ve been planning that out in my head for a while.

  25. love the idea of your chocolate notebook.

    i keep one for my morning pages, one for parenting issues that i come across in books and magazines, and one for random lists (usually books i want to check out from the library).

  26. I just love your chocolate notebook. I keep a sketch book with me at all times…especially at my bedside, or in the bathroom after a shower, so I can jot down crafty ideas that pop into my brain at any time.

  27. I love notebooks, journal, to-do-list, important reminder and I make notebook journal for each of my kids, to be given when they are 21. :-) Let’s see how it pans out, as it is loooooooooooooong way away.

    Zengirl´s last post…13 ways to be compassionate

  28. Oh, what a fun idea!! Yes, I love notebooks too!

    Jena (Organizing Mommy)´s last post…Bible Study Tackle part II

  29. oooo I think you have inspired me to go back to a notebook that I bought earlier that was TOO PRETTY to write in!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Juggling Motherhood´s last post…Q&A: Discovery Dates

  30. Chocolate I have loved! Adorable!

  31. How brilliant!

    Anna´s last post…I’ve Become Quite Ruffled

  32. I bought some plain moleskins and stamped the covers with groovy rubber stamps and gave them to friends as inexpensive (and hopefully useful) holiday gifts.

    Birkenmommy´s last post…Tomatoes and Soy – who knew?

  33. i love pretty notebooks and pens! i have several notebooks:
    1. where i jot down my favorite quotes, poems, prayers.
    2. list of the gifts my children received, their gift money
    3. planner
    4. business notebook, where i jot down business ideas, marketing plans, etc.
    5. a journal long forgotten.:) i use this to write down my feelings, 3 memorable things for that particular day, one thing to be thankful for, bible verse for the day & my reflections.

  34. What notebook did you use? I love Dagoba chocolate…mmm

    Linda´s last post…Just another ordinary day.

  35. Hah! I love it! I have a blog (besides my main one) called One New Notebook ( that was completely dedicated to the wonderfulness of new notebooks and all of their possibilities (but I don’t do hardly anything with it now). This idea is one of the best I’ve seen! I’m totally adding a link to it in my Notebook blog. :)

    Crystal´s last post…Oh yeah, Thanksgiving.

  36. I know I am late posting here but it’s great to see that i’m not the only notebook/journal lover. I keep my moleskin with me all the time, to write down things i’ve heard or seen, things i see in magazines, websites, names of books I hear about, and my pastor’s weekly sermons. I love my moleskin. I have always been an ‘in the box’ person, so your idea of documenting candy bar wrappers is so creative! It’s opening my mind to other possibilities!

  37. Charlotte N.J.D. says:

    I have a journal addiction. My most resent purchase is a lovely black journal that says note on the front and book on the back. The letters are multicolour, and it is so pretty!!!

  38. I love notebooks. I have filled so many journals. My main reasoning for notebooks are writing my prayers to God. It really helps get everything out!

    I just bought another notebook today, which I am using for a Bible study!

    Kassie´s last post…Conviction

  39. Yoana @ Work From Home as a Virtual Assistant says:

    In Cuba, candy is so rare, that whenever you get a piece, you flatten out the wrapper and put it in a book in between the pages. It’s almost like a trading card game, once you have 2 of one wrapper, you can trade it for a different one and you can show off your “collection” to your friends.

    I miss that :-) I tried to start one in the US when we first got here back in ’92, but there were too many different candies and it wasn’t as fun/valuable!

    Your chocolate notebook reminded me of this :-)