Made With Love from Gloves


This puppy used to be a pair of gloves. I sewed him up with some brown thread, added a button, and stuffed him with cotton balls.

puppy-2The instructions are in a book called Sock and Glove, by Miyako Kanamon. It has photos and instructions to make all kinds of small soft animals from old gloves and socks.

Guess what! Two of the projects from the book are available online from Martha:

If you want a handmade knit gift, without the knitting, then this one is for you. I learned how to knit a few weeks ago, and I can see why people like it. It’s definitely a soothing process. But knitters are very patient people, and this little guy was quicker.


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  1. Oh, this is so cute! I’d like to learn to knit too, it seems like such a practical skill to know.

    Greta @ Mom Living Healthy´s last post…Workout Wednesday: Community Education Classes

  2. I bought that adorable book probably a little over a year ago. Have I made anything from it yet? No, of course not. But this might be a push in the right direction… ;)

    Minnesotamom´s last post…I Heart Faces – Autumn Beauty

  3. how absolutely adorable.

  4. So sweet – you’re a talented mama.


    steadymom´s last post…The Balancing Act

  5. Sandra Gonzales says:

    Too cute! The puppy looks like he has a personality.

  6. Yours is way cuter than the ones shown in the book at amazon! He looks to me like a future treasured heirloom made with love. :) I want one like him…to bad I threw out our torn up gloves…oh well.

    Renee Alam´s last post…Giveaway at Grosgrain

  7. Oh my! He’s so cute. I especially love his little belly button. It looks like Lane likes him too.

    Meg´s last post…Giveaway Reminder

  8. I like the idea of something that can be pulled together easily!
    It must be so lovely to see your daughter appreciate your efforts ;)

    Juggling Motherhood´s last post…What do you cherish most?

  9. Love, love, love.

    Megan at Simple Kids´s last post…What We’re Reading: Catherine Gilbert Murdoch’s Dairy Queen (and more!)

  10. I need something made from just one glove. I keep holding on to them thinking that I will find the mate eventually. It is a lost cause!
    That last picture is just adorable!

    mrs. e´s last post…The Mr.

  11. Very cute project! I “learned how to knit” a couple of years ago and after several unsuccessful attempts at a scarf (the think kept growing wider and wider and looked like a giant triangle)a very nice old lady at the hospital where my husband works told him after he regaled her with my knitting woes, “Honey, that girl has to COUNT those stitches!” Problem solved! I started “counting” the stitches and learned I was dropping, adding and otherwise mutilating my stitches into a hodge podge mess. I finally ended up with a respectable scarf…sadly…it’s of a wool that is so itchy I can’t stand to wear the thing! Next step is to felt it and morph it into something else….live and learn…and learn…and learn :)

    Lisa´s last post…No Gift Christmas … Too Much Stuff .. and Fun with Nature

  12. I smiled with I saw this post, because we received just such a dog from a friend when our first was born– such a sweet project, and very doable– a prerequisite for any craft project I might endeavor. ;-)

    Adele´s last post…Birthday Crown

  13. That is such a great idea! Looks so great as well.

    Zengirl´s last post…Are you a silent Vegetarian?

  14. So cute!! I just love that you stuffed the little guy with cotton balls! I never thought of that for stuffing. And I just love the last pic. both faces are adorable.

  15. They are gorgeous – almost enough to make me change my self imposed craft-ban! Hey – are you doing a non-planned Christmas again, I love your posts from last year about it and wanted to know if you still feel the same way?

    Gypsy´s last post…Take my advice – I’m clearly not using it

    • I didn’t know I was pregnant as I wrote that series last year, so I definitely have more energy this year. I’ve found that I need to do a little more planning for anything now that I have a new baby, but things will still be simple and easy. I think we will keep a short shopping list like last year. We’re going to decorate more, but I want to use stuff from around the house instead of buying a bunch of cheap decorations. We spend a lot of time at home, so I want there to be good stuff to eat and fun things to do, but nothing that seems complex. I’m limiting myself to one sewing project so I can enjoy it and not feel rushed.

  16. So sweet! Did you use a sewing machine or hand stitch?

    I’m doing the homemade gifts thing for Christmas this year, so thanks for the inspiration. :)

    Juice´s last post…Cecilia Goes For A Walk

  17. I’m so excited to try this! My mom makes those cute, traditional sock monkeys and I love them. This just takes it a step further in my mind. One of my new year resolutions is to be more crafty and I think I’ll start with one of these adorable creations…

    Heather´s last post…Lovely Links: Weekend Before Christmas Edition