Clean Coffee Stains from Your Favorite Cup


If hot tea or coffee left rings inside your favorite mug, you can remove those stains and make it look brand new again.

Sprinkle some baking soda inside your mug and wipe it around with a damp cloth. Stains from coffee or hot tea will quickly disappear.

This might be Baking Soda Quick Tip #5,312. What’s your favorite household use for baking soda? I like using it to clean my sink.
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  1. I never thought of using it for this! I just scrub and scrub and scrub until I get tired and pretend to accept the stain.

  2. Denise C. says:

    I use baking soda for everything! I love how it removes odors from the garbage disposal (mixed with a bit of vinegar.)

  3. Sandra Gonzales says:

    Baking soda is the only thing that can get my white kitchen counters clean. It’s also a miracle cleaner for my daughter’s Converse.

  4. If you boil a little water mixed with baking soda in a pot or pan that has stuff stuck on it, the stuff (no matter how black!) will come off. Especially useful when your husband makes rice and doesn’t stir it. There’s also a trick for cleaning tarnished jewelry, but I forget the specifics. Will have to get back to you on that one….

    Anna´s last post…Holiday Gift Ideas: Part 1

    • the tarnished jewellery trick is to mix vinegar with baking soda, the fizzing action removes the tarnish…

  5. I just used white vinegar to clean our coffee cups and they look just like new!

  6. Hay nice to see you!!! I always keep a cup in the fridge to gather smells – it works so well for everything!!! Have a good day!

    se7en´s last post…Se7en visit the Foresters Arms…

  7. I use baking soda (and vinegar and soap) everywhere in the house. I’ve completely stopped using detergents for 2 years now and I love it!
    1. Mixed with green soap flakes and boric acid in equal amounts is a great machine laundry detergent
    2. With vinegar it desinfects the toilet area inside and out
    3. To scrub pots and pans, sinks and counters
    4. I always keep a small container with bs in the fridge to eliminate odors
    5. sprinkled on a carpet for a few hours and then vaccumed it freshens it


    I also use it to brush my teeth, wash my hair, exfoliate my skin and as a deodorant. As for the house, I use it to scrub out grunge on the dishes and my sink and it works well sprinkled in the carpet and then vacuumed up. I can never have enough baking soda in my house. I love it!

  9. I buy it in bulk at Costco! I use it for everything, including home made deoderant, and I put it in with the soap when I wash my cloth diapers.

    Tara´s last post…Breastfeeding Heroes

  10. I recently found out that it gets nasty soap scum off glass shower doors. Nothing else worked and we tried every expensive, toxic, smelly concoction on the store shelves. The doors were a mess, I had just about given up. The baking soda worked like a charm and no toxic smell. I won’t be using harsh chemicals to clean the bathroom anymore.

    Danielle´s last post…Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

  11. I love it for scrubbing the bathtub.

    Meg´s last post…Italian Wedding Soup

  12. I LOVE baking soda when it comes to coffee stains. It works wonders for getting out the stains from the coffee pot with no hard scrubbing. Total saver!

    Oh, I haven’t tried it for the bathtub or shower doors. Going to have to give that a try. The wonder stuff! ;)

    Money Funk´s last post…Tales of a Travelling Mum

  13. Great Tip!!! I use BS the most to get burnt on stuff off the bottom of my pans…I have a tendancy to burn stuff :-S

  14. If you knit or crochet you can make a scrubbie using acrylic yarn. Use it to wash your cups, sink, pots, etc, and it works like a magic sponge. No need to even use baking soda and cuts down on the need for dish soap.

    Leanne´s last post…Awakenings

  15. I’m with Sandra and use it to keep my white kitchen counters clean- especially the white grout.

    Jessica´s last post…Holgas

  16. Baking soda is some AMAZING stuff, isn’t it? I love the ideas here, and I do have some coffee mugs that need sprucing up. I go through phases where I use it to wash my hair, then I backslide and start using my trusty Burt’s Bees shampoo again. *blush* I have found it makes a fantastic scrubber for most anything that needs a good scrubbin’!

    Megan at Simple Kids´s last post…An Uncomplicated Holiday: Three Most Important Things

  17. This is a great and overlooked tip. Baking soda, in this instance, acts as a very mild scouring powder to get out the stain, without hurting your cup. I especially like using baking soda for cleaning things dealing with food because ingesting it is not harmful — so it is better to use than some industrial strength stain remover that could harm you if ingested. Thanks for the tip!

    Taylor at´s last post…Removing A Fabric Softener Stain From Fabric – Step By Step Instructions

  18. Can you use bs to get crayon marks off walls in the house? :)

    • Valerie R. says:

      I would try it! It removed crayon from off of plastic tupperware at my house recently.

      I love baking soda!

  19. I used it with great success recently to clean the bottom of my oven, after my husband cooked lamb burgers that spat grease everywhere. (Oh-how I wished he’d BBQd them!)

    Anyway, I sprinkled it generously and sprayed with water till damp. I resprayed with the water again a few hours later and then left it overnight. The next morning, all the burnt on goo just wiped right off. I did use an old store card to shift some of the stubborn patches. But I was so glad not to have to resort to a toxic oven cleaner

  20. I love baking soda and vinegar for cleaning! I dump baking soda down my drains regularly to eliminate odors – let it sit for about 10 minutes and then rinse it out with hot water.

    Steph @ Problem Solvin Mom´s last post…Countdown to Christmas: Activity garland

  21. Baking soda is a must have in every house. Great for cleaning the bath and shower screen, also for ovens and cooktops. Sprinkle liberaly on the area (I use a shaker used for dusting icing sugar) and spray with white vinegar, there is a neat chemical reaction as it all bubble and lifts the grime.

  22. Geez! I had no idea…I mean I had ‘some’ idea since my sister owns a greener cleaning business…but these are some really great ideas..I am going to go and try it on my stove top right now.

    Tina´s last post…The Magic of Christmas

  23. I just washed my hair with baking soda – I love it. I don’t do it all the time but once a week seems to clean up all the build up and such on my hair. I love all the ideas listed so far – seems like a bit of a must have item!

    Catherine B´s last post…Your gonna miss this…

  24. Baking soda removes bad smells, from car seats, like, for example, vomit, the kind of smells that don’t come out even when you’ve washed the cover 3 times in the washing machine, and the seat belts still smell bad because all you can do is dab at them with dishwashing soap and hope for the best…don’t ask me how I know this.

  25. I’ve used it for several of the reasons listed here… to clean converse and to wash my hair. Once a week, or when my hair looks dull, I add a half teaspoon of baking soda to a half tablespoon of shampoo and condition as usual. It works really well! :)

  26. ohhh, i so needed to learn this trick! i’ll try it tonight, thank you :)

    francesca´s last post…Flat Irons – beginners guide