Good Reads: Snow Day Edition


It’s a snow day here. We spent just as long getting dressed for it as we spent outside. And then, in true Texas style, the snow disappeared by lunch time. All the better for coming inside and doing some reading with a cup of warm tea.

Use What You Have Advent Activity Calendar — from Motherload

How can I be hospitable to my kids’ friends, foodwise? — from Like Mother, Like Daughter

Backyard Field Guide — from Sugar City Journal

Go Small or Go Home: In Praise of Minimalism — from the Art of Manliness

Stay warm, friends!
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  1. PRECIOUS baby boy. I can’t wait to use my ergo again :)
    (the link about computer usage cracked me up! My eldest is 5 and excessive computer usage isn’t an issue for us. Yet. But I may have to try that to get myself to spend less time there!!)

  2. You are lucky! I am in Michigan and have yet to see snow this year. Usually we have a few inches on the ground by now.

  3. oh my gosh…what an incredibly adorable picture!

  4. Now THAT is one sweet looking baby! ;)

    heidi @ wonder woman wannabe´s last post…What would YOU like to receive?

  5. sweet wee one…

  6. Oh my word, Rachel, so adorable!! Thank you so much for linking to our Advent Calendar! I really appreciate it!! Enjoy that sweet baby :)

  7. those are some good links – oh, and I am not just talking about mine : ) I did laugh out loud when I saw it – and I had to show Tallie too!

  8. That is the most precious photo I’ve seen today!

    jill´s last post…25 Days of Christmas : 2

  9. Slackerjo says:

    Okay, don’t take this the wrong way, but Canada is laughing at you. You live in TEXAS! How can you have snow and today it was 8C (46F) outside? It’s like the weather got mixed up!

  10. Amazing photo. Warm thoughts for your holidays.

  11. Could that little lovey be any cozier? Adorable.

    Anna´s last post…Advent and It’s Blessings

  12. Totally love your links… But love those eyelashes resting on those little cheeks even more!!! Stunning photograph!

    se7en´s last post…Se7en Create an Advent Village Calendar…

  13. Awww – precious! Warm and snuggly. Look at those eye lashes!

  14. Thanks for the link! Your photo is beautiful, only, I’m not sure I’m ready for snow! :)

    Leila´s last post…I may never catch up, but that’s okay.

  15. Great reads. I especially liked the backyard field guide and minimalism posts.

    Meg´s last post…Streamlining Gift Wrapping

  16. Wishing we would have had a snow day in our neck of the woods.

    Tina´s last post…From: The Laundry Queen