TV Off for a Silent Night

Tired of loud commercials?

Can’t bear to hear one more “He went to Jared’s” line?

darth on tv
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  1. Yesterday my husband was reading a book in the living room and as I was standing in the kitchen he said “the average American watches 4 hours of television per day.”

    I actually gasped. But then I thought for a minute. Growing up that’s about how much television I would watch in the evenings when I did not have any activities. Plop down at 6 after dinner and quit at 10 when the news came on.

    We have made the choice not to have a television in the house. I can’t believe how much more interactive and creative we are as a family as a result of it. Once or twice a week my husband and I enjoy a DVD from (a Christian version of netflix) or the library after our boys go to bed. It’s a good way to spend time together after an exhausting day.

    At first it was hard for me because I have been a tv junky my whole life. I am now surprised at how little I miss it. I’m also surprised when people come into our home and reprimand us for not having one :).

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  2. I would like to turn off the cable to go cold turkey on my addiction–the Mr. says absolutely not. He would die without the sports. My compromise (though it saves no $$) is to turn the tv off when he isn’t home. Maybe one of these days I’ll convince him!

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