Giveaway: Pong iPhone Case & an iTunes Gift Card


Today we have a giveaway from one of Small Notebook’s sponsors, Pong. The winner will receive a Pong iPhone case and a $25 iTunes gift card!

(Maybe a clutter-free gift for someone on your list?)

The case is made from sleek silicone, but what makes a Pong iPhone case different from the rest is that it reduces users’ exposure to radiation from the phone’s antenna, without compromising signal strength or battery life. It is the first product proven by FCC-certified laboratories to reduce cell phone radiation.

As a special offer, Small Notebook readers can receive $10 off each Pong iPhone case purchased by using the code “COOLMOM”.

To enter this giveaway, simply leave a comment in this post. (US residents only please.) I’ll close the comments and announce the winner here after 9 p.m. (CST) on Thursday. Good luck!

***Congratulations to winner Mary Nagle!***
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  1. I would love to win! Thank you!

  2. This would make a great gift for my hubster! He’d love it!

  3. My hubby would be so surprised by this gift. Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  4. i could totally gift this to all the people who have iphones. very cool! thanks!

  5. Catherine says:

    This would make a great stocking stuffer for my husband!

  6. Lisa Roussel says:

    I’m thinking stocking stuffer, too. I know several I-phone users who would love it!!

  7. Deanna Ladd says:

    Very cool-like the color!

  8. I would love one of these and my abused phone would too. I have dropped it several times.

  9. Love the color-and the practicality!

  10. What a cool looking case!

  11. Looks nice, thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Great stocking stuff for myself! :)

    Suzanne´s last post…Guardian Angel

  13. Neato giveaway! Thanks for the chance.

  14. I love it! Hope I win :)

  15. I would love to win this! I’m a new reader, by the way, and I’m loving your blog!

  16. I would love to win this for one of my sisters! (Or maybe keep it for myself :)

    Angie´s last post…Adventures in Low-Carb eating

  17. My iPhone is all scratched up…what a give-away!

  18. How neat that this reduces radiation exposure! very interesting!

  19. That sounds awesome – thanks! I’ve got a giveaway at my place as well today if anyone wants to stop by:


    steadymom´s last post…Grand Finale Giveaway: Win an iPod Nano

  20. My son would love this! He doesn’t know it, but he is getting one for Christmas!

    By the way, you have a lovely website! I have been reading it for quite some time. I really enjoy the simplicity of it and of course the adorable photos. I hope you and your family have a wonderful, blessed Christmas!

  21. Awesome! We would keep the gift card and give the cover as a gift to my nephew, who is getting an iPhone for Christmas.

    Emily´s last post…Salsa – $1.97 and Two Cent Apples

  22. Very cool. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Awesome! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    Mrs. Money´s last post…Carnival of Money Stories #31! Getting Ready for Christmas Edition

  24. i would love to win this, fav color is green!

  25. so fun.

  26. Woo I’d love one, my plain rubbery white case is looking a bit tattered.

    Jessica´s last post…A few of our favorite Thanksgiving photos

  27. We plan to give an ipod to a special person on our list this year, so this would be perfect!

  28. Wow! What a great idea. Thank you for the opportunity to win. I will definitely be on the lookout for these for all phones!

  29. I would love to win–thanks for the giveaway!

    This Thrifted Life´s last post…Slowing down

  30. I love to win one of Pong iPhone Case because they reduce the cell phone radiation and I like to send my nephew the iTunes gift card for xmas so he can grab some iPod Touch games. :)

  31. Chickybeth says:

    Winning would be great, but I might buy one of these for my husband anyway. He needs to reduce all the radiation he’s exposed to before he turns into a bug! :D

  32. Oh I could use a new case, mine is getting ratty :)

    Jenny´s last post…My boys love Christmas card photo time

  33. This would be perfect for my guy! Thanks for a great giveaway!!!

    Jenn @ FFP´s last post…#KmartBLS Teasers for 12/12 and 12/13

  34. What a great giveaway!!
    And green is a great color.

  35. Fabulous! What great gifts!

  36. Sandra Gonzales says:

    Looks like it has an interesting texture. I’d love to win!

  37. Solsticemama says:

    My husband would think this is so cool. Thanks for the opportunity!

  38. What a nice giveaway!
    Yes, I’m joining, thank you.

    ***Jeannie´s last post…Closet Organizing

  39. I love that! I need a case for my poor phone. It has so many scratches from being thrown and dropped. I wish I could say it was always the kids dropping it!

    Andrea @ The Train To Crazy´s last post…The little issue of Santa

  40. this would make a great Christmas gift!! thanks!!!

  41. Mary Nagle says:

    Wow! First I thought great stocking stuffer but then I realized it would have to be my stocking. Thanks.

  42. How great! I would love to win one for the hubs. Thank you!

    Julie´s last post…Happy Thanksgiving!

  43. my case is ripped, this would be awesome!

  44. Cool product, it would make a great gift!

  45. Love that color! Great gift idea.

  46. Jessica L says:

    I would love this gift! And what timing – my husband and I just got iPhones this weekend.

  47. What a great giveaway!

  48. What a fun color and idea!

    Stacie´s last post…1000 Blessings List Continued

  49. Very cool! My iPhone case is so boring and it was cheap–just $7 from a street vendor. But six months later, it’s already starting to fall apart.

    Little Miss Moneybags´s last post…LinkFest

  50. This would be a great gift (for myself)! :)

  51. Penny Murray says:

    Love the pong case! I am getting iphone for Christmas, so this would be the perfect accessory!

  52. Someone on my list will love this!

  53. How awesome!! This is perfect for someone on my gift list!

    Liz´s last post…My TBR List

  54. Oh! What a great giveaway! Thanks for having it!

  55. Cool giveaway! I just stumbled upon your blog yesterday and I really enjoy it!

    Angie´s last post…Winter Wonderland

  56. I’ve been looking for something just like this!

    Veronica´s last post…G-ma & Joe-pa come to visit

  57. Sara Taylor says:

    Definitely a great gift for my hubs! He’s pretty terrified of radiation.

  58. Very cool! I didn’t know such a thing was possible with just the case – interesting! Like others, my iPhone has been dropped by the kids so many times that I am ready for a new case, too. ;)

  59. This is a fun thing to win but mostly have a full wish list on ITunes so love those cards!

  60. i recently found your blog and am enjoying it!

    as many others have said, these would make great christmas gifts!

  61. Throwing the hat in the ring.

  62. Wow!! I love this phone case. The color is fanstastic (so modern and eco-looking) and the safety features are so important.

  63. Thanks so much for a generous giveaway – I would love to win!

  64. that is so cool! My husband would love that. And I’m sure my daughter wouldn’t mind the GC!

  65. Cute case – love the color. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  66. ooooooooo. I would so be in trouble with one of those! I love the green.

    Robin Baker´s last post…Hanukkah is coming

  67. Oh I’ve heard about those cases. That would be lovely–and we could stock up on some over-due Christmas tunes with the gift card. Thanks!

  68. Love the green! So cute and protects the head as well, what could be better?

  69. What a cool case! I’ve never heard of it before, but I love that it protects you as well as your iPhone! Very cool.

  70. I would love to win this! My best friend even sleeps with her iPhone, and uses it as an alarm clock. She needs this! I can’t imagine how much radiation she gets cumulatively over the years with her iPhone.

    Please let me win! She’s the sweetest girl and had a hard year. This year she broke her sternum, is having to move cross-country, and finally saved enough to get her medical debt down to less than 3k.

    But she doesn’t give up! Please let me win so I can give her this gift!

  71. what a great gift just in time for Christmas!

    Jessica @ This Blessed Life´s last post…Yogurt Recipe – It’s Not What You Think!

  72. Ooh Ooh, stay-at-home-dads FTW!

    Ryan´s last post…Looking Back

  73. Julie Anne says:

    would be a perfect addition for under the tree for my hubby!!!

  74. HeatherBee says:

    So Cute! Good luck to me!

  75. I would love to win this for a gift for my husband!

    Green Bean´s last post…Eco Elves

  76. I’d really love to win! Thanks for the opportunity!

    One Frugal Girl´s last post…A Question of Etiquette

  77. how fun! I have been looking for something like that!

    joanna´s last post…Parade of Ornaments

  78. Thanks for the giveaway!

  79. Jennifer B says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  80. Thanks for the giveaway. I just ordered a smart phone and need to get some songs for it :)

    Recovering Procrastinator´s last post…A last-minute St. Nick’s Day

  81. I know it’s Christmas and all, but I’d be keeping that for myself!

    Emily @ The Pilot’s Wife´s last post…A View from the Inside

  82. Awesome giveaway! I’d give the case to my brother-in-law and the gift card to my husband :)

  83. I would LOVE this!

  84. Nice!

  85. What a cool idea. Thanks for offering it.

  86. Great giveaway!

  87. ooh, I LOVE that case!! very cute.

  88. That case is awesome! I was just thinking I needed a new one ;)

  89. Wow, that looks so cool!

    Carrie´s last post…If you register your site for free at

  90. I love your blog…so many wonderful ideas!!!

  91. That’s awesome, would love to have one!

  92. Great stocking stuffer idea for Hubby!

  93. That’s a great giveaway – no clutter and increased safety too.
    I’d love to be the winner!

  94. 1hot&tiredmama says:

    I love that case. I have a case (different brand) that is starting to tear in the corner. (I keep taking it off and on to dock my phone so I can listen to music at home and, apparently, it can’t handle the stress.) I would love to have a new case and that one looks pretty sturdy!

  95. What an awesome giveaway!

    Juice´s last post…I Have Become Elvis To Cecilia’s Priscilla

  96. As an avid iPhone user I would love to have this for me. :)

    Kelly´s last post…I’m the new staff writer at Consumerism Commentary!

  97. What a great giveaway!! Thanks so much.

  98. *fingers crossed*! I NEED a new iPhone case–and this would be perfect!

  99. Fingers crossed!

  100. Oh boy, would I love to give that to my husband! He talks on his WAY too much, so I wouldn’t mind blocking some of the radiation!

  101. Would love this giveaway! I have a 17 yr old nephew that would love an iTunes gift card for Christmas :)

  102. That is such a cute case! I’d love that… an iTunes gift card wouldn’t hurt, either!

    leanne´s last post…The New Portuguese Table Dinner Party

  103. What a fantastic giveaway! and a perfect stocking stuffer!

  104. Perfect Stocking Stuffer- and the iTunes gift card serves everyone in the house!

    Sarah Johnson´s last post…Ten on Tuesday (Vol. 8)

  105. This is great! My iphone is constantly being dropped by the kids so it needs a cover!

  106. Me! I know several people who would love this for a holiday present.

  107. Can I gift it to myself? Hubby always forgets to fill my stocking, so I’d love to find this there Christmas morning. :-)

  108. Nifty case!

  109. I would love to have this for my IPOD. I have been using it for my calendar, carb counting for my diabetic son, email, etc. I can finally keep up with the kids!

  110. I would love the gift card to give to my husband.

  111. I would love to win this!!! Thanks

  112. Great Christmas gift idea! Love getting your “Today’s Feature”. Makes me want to be organized! Merry Christmas from Texas!

  113. Cool iphone case. Love your site!

  114. What a great gift for my hubby!!

  115. Woot! Count me in! Happy Holidays everyone! – Vicky

  116. this would work for two different people on my gift list. thanks for the great giveaway!

    molly´s last post…tiny tim

  117. i want to win! yayy.

  118. Great gift idea!

    PS.. made your talapia recipe last night.. was yummy!! Thanks!

  119. I would love to win this! Money is tight for us this year so this would help me with a present for my daughter! Please pick me!!!

    Thank you!!!

  120. Sharon Taylor says:

    I would love to win this for my grandson. Thanks for allowing me to enter.

  121. Awesome! My husband wants a new iPhone because he cracked his. Maybe this will solve the problem.

  122. I was just looking new phone cases when your email arrived! Had to respond. Would love this from Santa!

  123. such a fun stocking stuffer is what I meant to say. HAHA

  124. Just dropped my iPhone. Time for a new case!

  125. sheri grennille says:

    i love reading your daily blog entries. thanks for a fun contest. hubby asked for an ipod shuffle and i’ve been looking around ebay for a cheap used one. this would be totally cool!
    keep up the inspiration to love life!

  126. I love the case and I love my iPhone!

  127. I love this cover! My current iphone cover is falling apart, would love to win new one for Christmas!

  128. lime green is “my color”
    How cool it would be to win.

  129. Pick me…pick me…pick me… like a five year old with her hand in the air waving frantically! :-)

    Tina´s last post…Winter Has Arrived….Finally!

  130. I didn’t even know they made cases like that, that’s awesome! *crosses fingers for a win*

    V. Higgins´s last post…Slowly creating new language in my heart…

  131. I would love to win. Thanks!

    Annie´s last post…I LOVE this part of being a mom!

  132. Oooh! I know exactly who I would give that case to! And then I’d keep the gift card for myself!

    Heather´s last post…Leggo that Eggo

  133. Cynthia Moore says:

    I love your site! Didn’t know there were giveaways! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  134. This rocks!

  135. what a great gift this would make for my niece

    megs´s last post…Finally SNOW!

  136. Oh, I would love this for my God-daughter who is constantly on her phone!


    Valerie´s last post…Visiting the sheep

  137. Fabulous! I know plenty of people who’d LOVE to get this as a gift this year.

    Kara´s last post…Forever 21 tights speak to my soul

  138. Oh, what a perfect gift for my hubby, who has lived w/o a cell pone so I can have one for safety/security while running the kiddos around.

    LOVE your blog!

  139. Since my daughter absolutely loves my phone, this would be great for me. I’d give the gift card away.

    love your blog!

  140. This would be a amazing gift! However, if I win, I am choosing to keep it for myself!!

  141. It’s even in my fave color (Im sure it comes in other colors).

  142. Oh what a wonderful giveaway! Thank you!

  143. I love that someone finally came up with something like this. Bravo. Would love to win!

  144. HS Computer Teacher says:

    Let’s see more products like this on the market, at competive prices. It should be standard equipment!

  145. My brother has requested one of these for Christmas!

  146. Denise Wickline says:

    Greetings from the other end of the Tollway! Wishing you many joyful, peaceful moments this Christmas with your sweet family. Take it all in and enjoy every one!

  147. Cool giveaway!! Thanks!! :)

  148. This would be great to tuck in my daughter’s stocking. We would both love it!

  149. Would make a great present for my husband

  150. Great give away! Thanks

    Clara S.´s last post…December 8th – day 8 of the DPP

  151. Brilliant protection for the iPhone AND the user!
    Am new to your blog, but I am really enjoying it a lot, thanks!

  152. thanks for the giveaway!

  153. Lori Haynes says:


  154. Kimberly Foster says:

    Love this, as I have a 16 year old about to turn 17 and is planning on purchasing an iphone!!

  155. This is absolutely adorable! Wish me luck!

  156. Shelley Douthitt says:

    Awesome!! I love iTunes!

  157. I’d give this to my husband! Thanks!

  158. This is a GREAT giveaway!! Love the stocking stuffer idea for the case. My itunes library is in desperate need of updating so the gift card would be such a blessing! Thanks for the chance to win :)

    Kristin Dennis´s last post…A Time For Everything

  159. WOW…such a cool case! I just got an iphone in late October and adore it! This would be such a cool case!

    Tammy Wood´s last post…(A VERY long post) Kitchen Pics, A Shimmery Holiday – Dec. 7th & GingerBread Christmas Quickpage/card

  160. I’ve always wondered about radiation from those phones. This is a great idea. Thanks!

    Jessica @ Acting Adult´s last post…It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

  161. Considering I bounced my iPhone off the floor at Starbucks and nearly broke it, I could definitely use this. Thanks for offering it.

    karen´s last post…Stumped again

  162. What a cool looking case! My iphone would look amazing in this. Pick me, Pick me, Pick me! Happy Holiday’s everyone!

  163. Thanks so much for sharing about Pong! I’ve been looking for something like this.

  164. This looks great. Thanks!

  165. Great giveaway! I’ve always thought these cases were so cool — and my husband would LOVE the to have it!

    Rachel´s last post…NYR #22, Twill Tape Ties Tutorial

  166. Michelle Shoemaker says:

    Love the green!

  167. I definetely could use this groovy i-phone case!! Love it.

  168. Sara Meredith says:

    great gift idea

  169. such a great idea! i know the perfect recipient for this!

  170. Very cool giveaway! Crossing my fingers. :)

  171. Great gift idea!

    Becky´s last post…Baseboards

  172. Wow! What a great giveaway!

  173. I just told my husband I wanted a green case, I would keep it for me and give the itunes card to my husband!

  174. This sounds great…perfect Christmas gift!

    Heather´s last post…Snow Bunnies

  175. I would love to win this. Thanks.

  176. Oooo, perfect gift for my oldest who will be getting an iPhone for Christmas.

  177. My granddaughter would love this as a Christmas gift from her special “Grammy”.

  178. I would LOVE to win this for my new iPhone!!!

  179. I agree perfect Christmas gift..I love those cases

  180. I’d love to win this!!

  181. love the green. great giveaway. thanks

    Nina´s last post…a great idea

  182. that’s so cool!

  183. Cool giveaway! I love the green and the whole “less radiation” thing is helpful too! LOL

    Merry Christmas!

  184. thanks for the giveaway!

  185. That’s the most awesome phone accessory.

    asterid´s last post…Here we go…

  186. Crossing fingers. :) Don’t you just love giveaways?

  187. so cool! My husband could definitely use this. And we could all use an iTunes gift card…thanks for the giveaway!

    Jessica´s last post…to the Christmas tree patch! (and a winner, too…)

  188. thanks for the oppertunity!

  189. I would love one to give to my husband for christmas! And maybe keep the gift card for myself. ;)

  190. I always love your posts (the only blog I subscribe to) and would love this as a gift! Thank you,

  191. Hi, I love your blog! Thanks for offering this giveaway…Hope you’re enjoying your little ones today. Mine, (a girl 3.5 yrs. and a boy who is 1) are sleeping right now!

  192. Elaine Gonzalez says:

    This is such a neat giveaway! I would love to put this
    in my own Xmas stocking! :).

  193. We could definitely use the extra help for our Christmas list! : )

  194. This is such a great idea. This is a great blog!

  195. Wow — what a cool idea. My hubby has his i-phone in his pocket 24×7 so this would be such a great gift for him.

    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

  196. I hadn’t heard of this company, very cool!

    Anna´s last post…Holiday Gift Ideas: Part 2 – Gifts for a Man

  197. thanks for the chance to win

  198. Tricia Ortega says:

    This would be a perfect gift for my Hubby and his iPhone!!

  199. What a great gift for my husband! Hope I win it:)

  200. Megan Berka says:

    What a great giveaway! I would love to win.

  201. What a cool giveaway! Please enter me. Thanks!

  202. Sounds fantastic–I would like one !

  203. Please enter me! I would love it! Thanks!

  204. Very cool! Would be perfect for my neice and her new iphone!

  205. Neat — I would love it. I just got an ipod touch from my husband.

  206. I love that it reduces exposure to radiations, very cool.
    I could use some new music from itunes! Christmas music!!

    Amy at New Nostalgia´s last post…Christmas Cranberry Recipes/ Christmas Carnival

  207. Cool! Would be a great gift for my sister-in-law!

  208. I seem to be terribly hard on iphone cases…I’ve broken two now. Maybe this would be the one that works out?!

    Jen´s last post…some light housekeeping

  209. Great giveaways! The phone case would be a gift for my son but the iTunes GC would be a splurge for me :)

  210. Tomorrow is my B’day – I’ll adore this gift.

  211. Angela Miller says:

    I came to Small Notebook from your SIL’s blog. I’m glad I did :)

  212. Just what I need for my new iphone!

  213. Maybe this would help my honey to keep his phone scratch free.

  214. I have loved your simple Christmas blogs this season. I’ve sent links to your page to several family members! Thanks for this giveaway. I’d enjoy being in the running!

  215. What a great giveaway! I’ve only been reading your blog for a few months, but it’s very comforting and welcoming. I’ve already recommended it to a bunch of my friends!

  216. Thank you for the very helpful blog. And thanks for the giveaway!

    Amy´s last post…Another Giveaway Alert

  217. Love the case and itunes gift card is a great gift for anybody and everybody.

  218. Priscilla says:

    Would love to win!!

  219. Thanks so much for the chance to win!!!


    Holly F´s last post…Santa poll

  220. Fun giveaway! Thanks!

  221. I would love to win. I love even more that you don’t have to twitter/blog/facebook/etc to get a chance. Thank you!

  222. Wow, what a great prize!! Thank you for wonderful offer. :)

  223. 25 to itunes= perfect stocking stuffer!

    Zom´s last post…10.3 Holiday Home

  224. I was just looking at these the other day! And itunes gift cards are always welcome in my house!

    Julie´s last post…Picture of the week

  225. I have been reading you often during late night hours when I find it hard to sleep. Thank you!

  226. Oh man! My husband so needs one of these for his new iphone!! Please?? Love your posts!! blessings this Christmas!

    carol´s last post…How can God do that?

  227. So very cool! Thanks for sharing, and !pick me! !pick me! :)

  228. Great giveaway. Thanks so much for the opportunity. Love your blog, btw. Great inspiration.

  229. Thanks for a great giveaway! I didn’t know there was a phone case like that, but I definitely need to look into it. Love your blog!

    Caitlin´s last post…Books to Make the World a Better Place

  230. Oooo…I hope I win! Fingers crossed.

    Nicole Ross´s last post…Advent Season

  231. I need some tunes! Thanks for the giveaway!

  232. Love that case! (and a big fan of your blog)

    foodmomiac´s last post…Plated

  233. This would be a great Christmas gift!

  234. There was actually a study published recently that examined three decades of cancer registries and concluded that cell phone use is not linked to brain cancer (at least not so far – more research is due out soon):

    But, the case is pretty anyway, so consider me signed up. :)

  235. Love this giveaway!

  236. It’s in my favourite color – you HAVE to pick me. :)

  237. Perfect stocking stuffer for my hubby! Thanks for the giveaway!

  238. Wow, what a great giveaway and what a great idea for a gift, it won’t clutter up the house and will make my husband a happy man. Plus the baby likes to watch movies we can get on itunes as well when he has his ‘tv time’ (Yo gabba gabba, anyone? lol).

    What a long list of people wishing for it though…well whether we win or not, it was great of you to offer it here :)


  239. My I phone case is about worn out. I would love to win this!

  240. Christa K says:

    My brother just got an iPhone and this would be perfect!

  241. This would be perfect with my new iPhone!!!!

  242. What a great gift! I had no idea such a case existed. My husband is on his iphone all day long and I worry about that. Thanks for the opportunity to win this and happy holidays to you and your family~

    Catherine B´s last post…Sounds like “life”

  243. Wow! Great gift. My son just got an iphone and is an itunes addict so this would be perfect for him. Thanks so much for the contest. Love your blog.

  244. I would love the itunes gift card. My bill there could use some help!

  245. Love your blog — and would love this to give as a gift! Enjoy the holidays with your little ones.

  246. I enjoy your blog…please count me in for the give away.

  247. My husband needs this!

    Jennifer´s last post…Joy and the Example of Jesus

  248. this would make the best stocking stuffer for my husband!

    amanda´s last post…tuesdays unwrapped | baton rouge child photographer

  249. WOW this is just what I need to get organized. I get all the old hand me down phones!

  250. What a great giveaway! It will make someone happy this Christmas!

    Abby´s last post…Target & CVS Trip

  251. Wow! How have I never seen this case before? Very, very cool! I am a lover of iPhone cases after smashing my sparkly new iPhone touch screen TWO days after activating the phone, which was a birthday gift from my husband. Luckily I had just been paid in cash for my tutoring. (Shhhh…. by the way… he still doesn’t know this is my SECOND iPhone.) I will ALWAYS keep my iPhone covered.

    Emily´s last post…Transition: part three

  252. Just in time for Christmas! Hubby would drool over that one. :D

    .tif´s last post…i think i want snow

  253. Stephanie G. says:

    I’d love to have one! Gift cards are also great to have this time of year! Love your blog, by the way. I read it religiously. :)

  254. yes please!!

  255. The gift looks great…but I want more photos of the wee one!

    Will be reading posts regardless.

    Sarah :D

  256. Oh, yeah!! : )

    mrs. e´s last post…Snow Day Again Tomorrow

  257. I’d love the lime green iphone case! And more itunes…. thanks!

  258. Hello and thank you for the opportunity to win such a wonderful gift. My husband would so love this.

    Btw, I began following your blog about a month ago after reading how you got out of debt in one year. Just wanted to let you know that you’ve really inspired me to become debt free asap. Please keep the budget/finance blogs coming.

  259. I’d love to win! Thanks!

  260. This would be a perfect gift for my sister.

  261. Wow! Great give-away. Would love to win these fab gifts.

  262. Mira Parco says:

    That’s a fantastic giveaway, gotta try my luck!

  263. this is exactly the case i’ve been looking for. thanks for doing the give-away

  264. Jpritchard says:

    Ooohh!!! Just in time for a new christmas playlist!! :)

    Jpritchard´s last post…a brief hiatus.

  265. Love the green apple color! Music is such a great gift too!

    Amy Stark´s last post…Advent/Solstice Candles Part Deux

  266. i just busted my iphone case this week… could really use a new one! :)

  267. My missionary son in the DR has only one thing on his Christmas list, and a large number of us are chipping in to see that he gets his iPhone. Would love to give this to him, too. Thanks so much for this opportunity. Blessings to you and yours!!

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