Welcome 2010!

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The New Year always brings with it a resolve and readiness to get organized. Maybe it’s all the projects that were back-burnered during the holiday preparations, and maybe it’s the clean slate. Regardless, for those who are ready to get your house back to normal, I’ve found some favorite posts for inspiration in the archives.

A Solution for Lost Papers and Late Bills

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The Spice Cabinet Cleanout

The Lost Rule of Organizing

Prioritizing Goals and Letting Some Go and Staying Balanced While Life is Full

Me? I’m going to sit here and pretend it’s the holidays for just a little while longer. I have a big organizing project coming, but honestly it’s a loo-loo and I’m not ready to face it yet. I’ll reveal it in a couple of weeks when I can finally work up some guts.

(Also, our DIY Robot is showcased at Simple Kids this week.)

How about you? Are you getting projects done or enjoying your pj’s today?
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  1. Right now I’m in my pjs thinking about all the little projects I am going to do this weekend. My husband is working on our bedroom which is turning into a bigger project than we both expected!

    Rochelle´s last post…why…

  2. I’m just being slow and lazy and haven’t fixed my hair yet!! =)


    steadymom´s last post…A New Year’s Journal

  3. Happy New Year, Rachel! I am lingering somewhere between those two… and as always looking forward to your posts, among others to jump-start my day ;D

    Santhi´s last post…2010 is here! – Plans and Goals

  4. Happy New Year!

    Mrs. Money´s last post…2010 Financial Goals

  5. Still in pj’s gearing up for some projects. Have a great weekend!

    Rana´s last post…Winter Walk!

  6. Happy New Year to all! I’m dressed,but only because I had to! LOL
    I am thinking of all the projects I want to do and will get a list of some sort written up soon.But today is just for thinking of all the possibilities ahead! Darlene

  7. I look forward to the reveal! You have a lot of great ideas for organization…

    Happy New Year!

    Sharon´s last post…A New Year, a new financial plan…

  8. Happy new year! I am having a peaceful start to it too…knitting and bank holiday tv and a good cup of tea…!

    rachel´s last post…Happy 2010!

  9. Something about the New Year that inspires us to organize– or at least shuffle. I’m off to check out a few of those posts! Thanks for sharing! And Happy New Year!

    mrs.e´s last post…The Dawn of 2010

  10. for us it’s a little bit of both…still in the pj’s but cleaning out & cooking at the same time…seems like a good balance of productivity & holiday all at the same time!

    jodi´s last post…Christmas in review

  11. I’m splitting my day in half: first half, work and projects,(the biggest of which is to file our 2009 financial documents), second half, movie with the family.

    It’s my way of easing myself out of the holidays and into “work mode”.

    Meredith from Penelope Loves Lists´s last post…Goals for the New Year (not a list of resolutions, because I suck at resolutions)

  12. making cookies!!!

  13. Read a book!

    Our Lives´s last post…Be anxious for nothing

  14. Hi Rachel

    I’m so glad I found your blog…really enjoying reading your thoughts on things! I am inspired for the new year!

    Hope you have a fantastic 2010, full of God’s love, peace, grace & presence!

    Kathi Kelly´s last post…Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

  15. I am pretending it is holiday time for a good while, we finished up our school year on Christmas Eve and we are on summer vacation!!! Even though “the father person” goes back to work on Monday we are on Summer holiday and have lots of absolutely nothing planned!!! So we are roaming, snacking, napping, reading, feasting, sleeping… repeat…

  16. lulubird6 says:

    First off, I want to say thank you for such an inspiring blog! It never fails to bring a smile to my face and a wealth of ideas to help make my home a happy, nurturing place.

    We were able to take time off this break and since we opted to stay home, got lots of projects done, despite being committed to only relaxing and getting lots of nothing done. This weekend, we plan to do more of the getting lots of nothing done, with the exception of adopting our new guinea pig.

    Thanks again and a very, happy new year to you and your lovely family!

  17. Happy New Year !
    -I am finishing a Full day – it’s 11:40 in Illinois.
    Lots more “pickup’ to do + then i get some free time to read
    todays paper. today . before it’s OLD. * Peacefull * Prayerfull
    -I will stop in and visit when i can – I start work again Monday only part-time – but still time consuming. * Soul FullFilling.
    -I will follow your blog (+so many friends) looking for NEW ideas for this OLD gal- and laugh along with you all. * JOYFUL
    -I started today 8am.+ 6* COLD: Yes! got dressed in 4 layers + started the Icey+Frozen car and headed to Lake front – for the Polar Bear Plunge. Just to watch. Take Pics. *True Friendship.
    * the Mom of 3 Boys in No. Illinois & Thankful for you all!!

  18. Happy new year.

    Pooja´s last post…Goals Of 2010

  19. Very motivating! … And stunning photo of the cardinal!

    Anna´s last post…Breakfast in Mama’s New Pan

  20. Jackie @ Lilolu says:

    I’m still in my jammies but feeling very motivated today. Thanks for the links.

  21. Happy New Year! I am back to work now, no more PJs for me, but just wanted to say hello – I’ve been reading you for awhile and really appreciate all you have to share.

    Lisa´s last post…Love for Pottery Barn