Conversion Experience: How a Night Owl Became an Early Bird and Liked It

It’s impossible to talk about the day’s routine without mentioning the night before.

I used to be a night owl. About ten o’clock I would get a second wind and want to start working on all of the things that I didn’t have time to do during the day. Going to bed at midnight was the norm for me for many, many years. Sometimes I stayed up later.

After I became a mom and my sleep diminished, I still didn’t go to bed early. In fact, having a baby made me want to stay up even later. Suddenly the night hours were the only time I had to myself. It was quiet, and I could think more clearly. I had time to read and feel inspired, And besides, why should I go to bed if I had to wake up in two hours anyway to nurse the baby?

I knew that the free time gained by staying up late at night isn’t free. It has a cost, and you pay for it the next day.

Every morning I would be groggy and slow. If I had to be somewhere on time in the morning, then I would stress out and feel embarrassed for waking up late. I was at odds with the day and other people. It’s hard to be a night owl. Everyone tells you it’s better to wake up early, and it seems like no one appreciates the things you did while everyone else was asleep.

One night I stayed up until two a.m. working on my own thing only to be woken up at five with a sick kid. It was a difficult day, and I was woefully unprepared.

I also wrote my blog posts at night so it wouldn’t interfere with my family. Then one day I tried writing a post during the morning instead, and I realized that it only took half the time! What did that say about my productivity at night? Maybe staying up late wasn’t as helpful as I thought.

There is a big difference between alertness and productivity. I had tons of ideas, but I wasn’t truly, fully able to act on any of those fresh ideas late at night. What good is inspiration without action?

I started going to bed earlier. It didn’t feel natural; I had to choose to do it.

Some say to gradually set your alarm back a few more minutes each morning to wake up earlier. I went cold turkey and started going to bed and waking up early. If you wake up early for a few days in a row then you’ll be tired at night.

Practical tips are to exercise, avoid caffeine, and have a nighttime routine, but you probably know that already. You just have to decide that it’s worth it to try it for a few days and see for yourself.

Even now, I don’t wake up bright-eyed. It takes me ten minutes or so to get going in the morning… but getting out of bed isn’t painful like it used to be, and I’m ready for the day.

If it’s good for your kids to go to bed early, then why isn’t it good for you too? Be your own mom and tell yourself to go to bed.

Which comes naturally to you? Do you enjoy the mornings or do you like the night life?
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  1. NMPatricia says:

    I always found it to be strange to be a morning person. People have looked at me and continue to look at me like I am crazy. I have met very few people who choose to go to be “early”. I have always been a morning person. As I age, it is harder to get going, but I still love getting up early. However, it does take some effort as you pointed out. But I love getting up and sliding into the day rather than having to rush.

  2. I just wrote about this last Friday. I want to get up early. I see the benefits. It is just hard!! Today was the first day of putting it into practice. I went to bed at a decent time last night. (tossed and turned a little. my body didn’t understand why i was forcing it to go to bed so early!) I still woke up at the usual time, but I had the benefit of actually feeling refreshed. Looks like we’ll try the early thing again tomorrow!

    Marci@OvercomingBusy´s last post…Food As Fuel

  3. I am definitely a morning person. Even when I worked nights for a few months and got “used” to being up late (3 or 4 am instead of 10-ish pm) it was still really hard. Towards the end of the night I start to get really tired and I find it very hard to concentrate on anything, so even in I am getting things done it’s taking me WAY longer and I often end up doing things wrong at night without realizing it until the next morning. It takes me about 20 minutes to really get going in the morning, but even before I’m fully awake it’s 10 times better than at night.

  4. You spoke straight to me this morning. I didn’t go to bed until 3 am on “Saturday night” and woke early for church sunday, then didn’t go to bed until 12 last night. I got a little accomplished saturday night but no where near what I should have accomplished for being up that late. Last I did not nothing, just stayed up. I have three kids and without question the oldest (5) wakes up absolutely no later than 7:20 every day. And the other two are never far behind. I am never ready for them and today (like many days) I wake up with a headache which is not very conducive to getting out of bed. I want to wake up early but going to bed so late every night is not helping. And it completely affects my whole day…and the kids too. Thanks for the encouragement…your’re right, it’s all stuff that I know, but I need to put it into action.

    • Don’t be surprised if it takes a while before you feel rested when you wake up or if you sleep late, even when you go to bed early. You’re most likely sleep-deprived, and it could be a while before your body catches up. It’s worth it though!

  5. Before I had my kids, I was an early riser. There were days I’d be at work by 4:30-5 a.m. After my son was born, within a month we found out he had colic. He would have the hardest time going to sleep, so my husband either both stayed up with him or took turns rocking him.

    After our daughter was born, I was EXHAUSTED. Going to bed in the wee hours of the morning, then getting 2-3 hours before waking up with both kids. It was not a good time. By 2 weeks, our daughter slept through the night, and my husband and I began getting to bed earlier. WOW!!! I am much less grumpier when I get some shut-eye!

    I’ve been wanting to get out and go for a run with the dog early in the morning, but have had a hard time getting out of bed….it’s a goal that I am working on. :)

  6. I was always a night owl until 2.5 years ago when I got a job that starts at 7 am every day. Somehow having to wake up at 5:45 M-F makes me want to be in bed by ten on weekdays, and then on weekends I tend to wake up by about 7-7:30, because I’m used to an earlier schedule now. I feel like I get a lot more out of my day, and my work day goes by a lot faster, probably because I’m half-asleep till about 8:00 am (while I’m doing the mundane morning tasks at work), and then the rest of my day goes by fast! :)

  7. Being an early bird is definitely my desire….in fact I used to be great at it. I’m still up pretty early (between 5:30 and 6:30), but as a family, we start the day much later because of my husband’s work schedule. (the children don’t get to bed until 10-11). So, while I do think it is the ideal to all be early-birds, I would encourage any Moms who can’t because of different life circumstances to extend yourself much grace, trust in God to bring great things from submitting to Him and your current life situation, and pray about being the best steward of the schedule you do have. Of course, if life offers you the early-bird option, GO FOR IT!

  8. Ah…you sound like me. I am in the process of trying to become a morning person. It is SO hard, but I do get a lot more done when I get up early. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Lydia´s last post…Free Sample: Celestial Seasonings Tea

  9. you know what they say – the early bird catches the worm!

  10. Ah, this most made me laugh so hard. Using words like “painful” don’t seem even slightly like exageration when you talk about getting out of bed.
    After a week of broken nights last week (two year old with a BAD cough), I was in bed at 8pm on Saturday night. It wasn’t a hard choice as I literally could not stay awake! Anyway, Sunday was a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed kind of day (crafts with the kids, swimming lessons for all, visit to grandparents etc) so it was definitely worth sacrificing those few grown-up hours of Saturday night.
    Usually, however, it’s hard to make myself go to bed when those child-free hours are SO precious!
    Karen (Scotland)

  11. I used to stay up all hours, but back then I could nap whenever I got home from work. Now, with two kids, I am useless past 10p. Up a few times a night with kids and then for good by 7a. I don’t love it but I am a lot more productive.

  12. I can definitely relate to this post. My mind used to be super busy at night, even when I was in bed trying to sleep. I also used the “baby excuse” and tried to use those quiet hours to get work done. However, I’ve also made the morning conversion, and it’s amazing how much better I feel all day. The key is getting up before the kids.

    Coach J´s last post…Sentimentality at its finest; or, Happy New Year

  13. I’ve always been a morning person. Ever since I was little…my dad was a policeman and had strange hours. So I always got up early to spend time with him. I love being up before the sun and watch it wake up.

    Sleepy Cat Hollow´s last post…New Digs…will be planning a new garden!

  14. I am a night owl by nature, but am working to be ‘reformed’ ;) I’d like to be in bed by 10 and up by 6 idealy.

    I, too, get a second wind at night and get reved up wanting to dive into new projects or just read. I’m not sure where I would fall productivity-wise like you mentioned…may just have to experiment with that!

    heidi @ wonder woman wannabe´s last post…Monday Musings :: on laughter

  15. Ah! I felt like I could have written this myself. Espeically the part about feeling like night is the only time to yourself. I relate completely!

    The hard thing is, I’m undergoing that change right now… it’s hard but I know it will be worth it in the end. Thanks for the encouragement!

    Heather´s last post…Living in the boonies has it’s drawbacks…

  16. Morning person here! No, it’s not always easy, especially this time of year (no such thing as “bright and early”). Since adopting my daughter 3.5 years ago (she’s now 4.5), I’ve found that getting up early doesn’t necessarily mean I get “me” time, though. (Why does she always seem to know when I’m trying to start a new exercise routine?)

  17. Miko's Girl says:

    This describes me to a tea! Thanks for the encouragement.

  18. Good for you! I am definitely more productive in the mornings. I love mornings. Unfortunately, I also love my “productive time” at night. I just can’t do the “me” things I want to when the kids are up. Though, I know I should go to bed earlier. Someone is always waking me up in the middle of the night and the extra sleep would do this mama good.

    Andrea @ The Train To Crazy´s last post…My favorite little top

  19. Katie Fox says:

    This is such a good post, Rachel! I wonder if you have any tips for me. I struggle with this area so much because, first of all, my temperament has always been the night owl, not the early bird. But secondly, the evenings are the only time I have to spend with my husband. Our 2.5 yr old daughter wakes up at 6:30 every morning so I would have to get up pretty early to beat her, which means I would have to go to bed pretty early, which means no time with my husband. As it is now, he usually gets up with her and wakes me at 7:30 when he leaves. Any ideas or suggestions? I am all ears!

    • Oh yes, speaking from experience, wake up at 6:30 with your husband. Even if your daughter is awake too, you can make coffee for him and fix a snack for him to take to work. A lot of kids are calm in the morning, so you might even get a few minutes to talk together. I struggle with this because my husband is an extreme early riser and he leaves for work around five a.m., but on the days that I can get up and do something nice to send him off to work and welcome him home later, he feels so great. It makes his day!

  20. I prefer to stay up at night as well, but know it’s not good for me. So, I am trying to get up early – slacked at it for a while, but started again. At the moment my alarm goes off at 5:30. After sleeping in for three weeks during the children’s winter vacation, this is hard. But if I do not get up, I will not have time to read the Bible and pray before I have to wake up our children at 6:30. It’s definitely worth it, but not always eas.

  21. I was a night owl for 15 years, and then I had a child. I woke up every morning with her around 6am, and revolutionized my life. I was more tired each day, which led me to crave sleep by 10pm. Each morning I wake up amazed at how much more I enjoy the mornings these days than in years past.

    DanielthePoet´s last post…Call Forth the Pastors of Online Ministry

  22. Great post! I’m trying to be better about this. It really does make a difference if I can be up before my girls. I’m a night owl and my husband is too. Since he often works from home, he doesn’t “have” to be up early. And he requires much less sleep than I do anyway. It’s a struggle to balance spending time together (sans children) and my getting up earlier in the mornings.

    Karen´s last post…The Best Gift of 2009

  23. I’m a night owl, but back in December I started going to bed by 11. That is early for me. It has made a difference in how I feel in the morning. I have the energy to get up and exercise, plus I feel like I can tackle whatever my 6year old twins throw at me. Come 9:30 I’m ready for all of us to be snuggled in bed.

    Rana´s last post…Best Face Photo Challenge

  24. Were you spying on me last night? My second wind took me to 5:30 a.m. I got 2 hours sleep, got up for and went to work, came home at 1:30 and slept for another 2 hours. I can’t live like this! The plan is in bed by 10:30 tonight so I can be up before the Oldest at 6:00. The hardest part is that Hubby works second shift; staying up until he gets home is the only time we seem to have together during the week. Guess we’re going to have to burn up the phone lines instead.

    WorkingMom´s last post…Shred-A-Thon 2010

  25. Joan Raskiewicz says:

    I have always been a morning person. An early morning person. I am definitely my most productive in the morning. I get up at 3:00am and start work, then take a break to exercise around 4:00am. I work for home so I have the flexibility to set my own work schedule. The only down side is that I crash around 7:00pm or 8:00pm.

  26. I’ve learned to get up early on the weekends, and it makes a HUGE difference! I get so much more done, and I feel so much more relaxed without all those chores hanging over my head. Besides, sometimes sleeping in only makes me more tired if I over-sleep.

  27. There’s a yoga class I want to take, but the only time I can do it is at 6am. I know it would be good for me to do it, but it’s soooo hard to get up so early!

    I really want to think more about doing what I need to do so that I can get into this habit. I just know I’d love to get an hour of yoga in before I start my work/family day.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Meredith from Penelope Loves Lists´s last post…Chic Page Flags to Zotch Up Those Dull Documents

  28. My story is exactly like yours. Just yesterday I decided that I would definitely have to convert, and have quiet, productive time early in the mornings instead of really, really early in the mornings (midnight to 2am). And so I set my alarm for 6:30am (normally wake up at 8:30am). But my two toddlers woke me up at 5:50am because they woke up extra early. So much for quiet time. But I’ll stick at it.

  29. Wow! I just posted about this today! I read a GREAT and free e-book entitled Maximize your Mornings that made me realize “OK, I just have to do this”. I got up early this morning and what a difference it made in my day! I prayed, read my Bible, exercised and ate breakfast all before my kids got up. I felt prepared instead of blind-sided. I think the e-book is still free.

    Thanks for a little more encouragement to keep it up!

    Valerie´s last post…Maximize your mornings!

    • That is a great e-Book. I’ve read it too and even mentioned it in a post last week. The author Kat and I knew each other in college.

  30. I have always loved sleep and have never been a night-owl, but not exactly a morning person either! I feel like I live between the two worlds sometimes. Although it only takes me a few minutes n a hot shower to wake up, it’s the actually getting out of bed that I find so difficult! Lately we have been hitting the snooze button again and again and again (and sometimes again!) until we are destined to be rushed before the day even starts. I need to get out of this habit! Thanks for the little push :-)

  31. Always a night owl, I am going to bed too late because I love the calm of the night and it feels like much-needed time for myself. But whoo, it comes at a cost. I felt like I sleep-walked through most of today. I have woken up early a few times and loved the feeling of waking with the day, and against it. I really do have to give consistent mornings a chance… Great post, thank you.

    Carol´s last post…A Slow Wednesday

  32. I wish I weren’t a night owl, but I am. But, like you, I’ve had to make a change. With the holidays I slipped back into late nights. This week, I decided to get back on track. So in the evening I often take a warm bath with some eucalyptus bath salts, crawl in bed, turn on some soft music and read until I’m nearly asleep. The next morning, I usually feel so refreshed. I think it is the combination of the warm bath and the calm atmosphere – like going to a spa! That’s enough to make me want to go to bed earlier!

    Amy blogs @ River Rock Cottage´s last post…Multitude Monday #40-#47

  33. did you write this post just for me? my husband and i both struggle to get to bed early/on time. i used to be a person with a reasonable bedtime and had no trouble waking in the morning. our oldest is now 5 and we are going the wrong direction with our schedules. poor sleep wrecks an entire schedule and a person’s health. we are working towards correcting it at our house!

    nicola´s last post…WIP – home

  34. Perfectly serendipitous post!! Just talking tonight with husband about how I can possibly tackle a piece of writing I want to do and we both came to the conclusion that I, too, have to convert! Going to start tonight.

    Thanks. OH. And thanks MUCH for the Evernote tip from long ago. I tried it right away and it grew unruly, but over Xmas break I started over with it, using all tags and no notebooks, and using GTD principles of organization, and it’s lovely.


  35. I actually get up at 6 AM now – a full hour before my kids get up. This is the only time of the day that is my time. I usually use that time to watch the news and just wake up – I like to ease into the day. I used to stay up late and wake up cranky. By the time the kids left for school nobody was happy. It’s much better this way!

    Kim´s last post…Blogging break…

  36. Oh my goodness, I could have written that post myself! I am amazed at how often I read something that you write and how it relates exactly to my situation! I am trying to become a morning person myself and am still finding it hard, but I’m determined to see it through as I know I and my family will be better off for it.

    Thanks for a great post!

    S x

    Sarah Klass´s last post…Merry Christmas to all…

  37. Like many of those who previously commented, I am a mom of two who tries to find my own time late at night after my boys are in bed. Unfortunately our family time together the next day often suffers because I am then tired or feeling out of sorts. I have been thinking about making a change, and your post today is just the extra push I need to give it a shot. So… as I write this comment it’s 10:36 pm my time and I am heading off to bed…about 2 hours earlier than usual! Thanks, and wish me luck!

  38. After a day of homeschooling, preparing meals, getting kids to music lessons/sports, etc., evening is the time I have to get on my treadmill, read, catch up with my husband, etc. I am working on getting to bed by 11 pm or so which still provides me with sufficient sleep but do not have a desire to force myself to bed earlier. If it works for you, why force a change?

    • Some people need only 6 hours of sleep, some people need 8 or 9. If you feel rested, then keep doing what works for you!

  39. I’m neither… I enjoy going to be early and waking up late! Sometimes I feel sluggish if I get too much sleep, but I always feel crabby and anxious if I don’t get enough. I’m an advocate of the eight hour night! Way to go for making the switch, Rachel… you may have inspired my next blog post :).

    Christine´s last post……Before we start all over again!

  40. Oh you are so right… I have been lingering later and later… will someone come and hit me over the head at mid-night every night for a week, or three, so I can get back into the habit of sleeping like a person instead of like a mother-person-robot… Every time I sit down I have a “power nap” wouldn’t I surprise my family if I was actually a “lert”… whatever a “lert” is!!! See I am mad with prolonged lack of sleep!!!

    se7en´s last post…Sunday Snippet: All Things Bright and Beautiful – A GiveAway…

  41. Really well written post! Just what I needed to hear, because I have been getting into some bad habits over the holiday period, so this post is very timely!

    Meeks´s last post…Keeping Fit: Getting out of your comfort zone

  42. After years on the page design desk of a newspaper, working 4 p.m. to midnight at the earliest, I was an absolute night owl. In fact, the only aspect about having kids that really scared me was having to wake up before the clock showed double digits.
    It took a while for me to get it together, but I gradually made the switch to 7 a.m. mornings – now, I’m lucky if I can sleep past 5:30 a.m. (and at 28wks pregnant with #2, it’s not an excess of energy). I’m a morning person of sorts, getting a lot done before my little girl wakes up between 6:30 and 7.

  43. For a long time I was a late sleeper. It was hard on my husband, who would have to see to the kids before going to work. Then I got a diagnosis of celiac disease, went off gluten and my morning sleepiness was gone! Sometimes a medical condition may be keeping us from having the energy we need.

  44. Thanks – I really needed this. I’ve been trying to get up early (as in 5am) for months, but I just can’t get to sleep at night! I guess I will just have to do it several times to get my body adjusted, like you said. Great post!

    Rachel´s last post…Out With the Old, In With the New, and Keeping a Few Good Ones

  45. Thank you for this, I am such a night owl. I always thought you had to be born a morning person, but after reading your post I’ve been inspired to give it a try. I would love to be one of those productive “spazzy” morning people.

  46. Oh Rachel you have clearly been inside my head again this week!

    This is a topic which is constantly on my mind at the moment. With 3 children between 2 and 11 years my days are long and I love the peaceful hours after kids bedtime. But, after 11 years, I don’t think my mind or body can cope any longer and extra sleep is essential. I did get into the routine of 3 early nights a week last year, but slipped back into my old ways. Like you, I’ve now gone cold turkey (2 nights in as I type) and am shattered but know within days, it will be easier to go to bed earlier. Its crazy something so simple is so hard to do. So many of the changes I want to make in our lives will come from having earlier nights, so, wish me luck! x

  47. i’ve been thinking about this lately since i’m anticipating a schedule change at work. i’m excited to use this schedule change to motivate and launch me into a new, tighter schedule. for the past few years, my husband and i have both had the luxury of working from home, so all 4 of us have gotten used to sleeping late, eating a big breakfast together, etc. while these have been fun times, the rest of the world tends to operate a little earlier and the 4 y.o. will need to be on time for kindergarten this fall. i think we’re ready to welcome the “early to bed and early to rise” principle. thank you for your thoughts!

  48. Jackie @ Lilolu says:

    The morning comes more naturally to me but I do not enjoy it. The great thing about waking up early is I get so much done before everyone else wakes up.

  49. Oh my goodness, is it sad to say this post made me cry a little? This is my story! Only I haven’t made it yet to the part where I actually make it work. I’ve seen my days work sooo much better when I get up early and get started before my kids have a chance to wake me up with “Mom, I’m hungry!” first thing in the morning. Doing it on a regular basis is still a goal in process, though, and knowing that others have actually done it is really inspiring – thanks!

    Rachel M´s last post…Something New

  50. Not a night owl!!! And not a morning person either, ha! After many years…I finally get up early to have some “peace” before the storm of my day…I find if I can get going before my family does, have a time of prayer, coffee, etc…I can function so much better!

    Donna´s last post…I’m dreaming…

  51. I wish I could be more of a night owl. I am so tired and worn out by the time my kids go to bed I have to force myself to stay up and be productive. I am very much a morning person~ I wake up and can get tons done. I love your story about embracing the change.

    Catherine B´s last post…Priorities

  52. I have always been a night owl. And I have always been impossible to wake in the mornings. My mother told me that I was late to my first day of kindergarten because I gave her such a hard time getting up!!!!

    Exactly one week ago, I woke with a start at 6:30 (not early for some of you, but extremely early for me!), so instead of going back to sleep, I decided to get up. Like you, I have always stayed up late at night because I enjoyed the quiet time. We have two small children (2&almost 5) so the days are filled with noise and excitement and busy schedules. Who knew the house could be just as quiet at 6 am as it is at 1 am?

    I am definitely a morning person now. I love waking early and getting a little time to myself before I have to wake the kiddos and face the day. It took me 30 years to discover that morning are awesome!

    Cary´s last post…Oops!

  53. I’m a night owl by habit. I had the same thoughts as you: staying up late to get work done after my child went to bed. But my husband and I are trying to become early birds. He’s doing better than I am so far. Last week was good for me (first week of the new year!) but this week I’ve been on and off.

    Kelly´s last post…A New Song

  54. I would love to go to bed earlier, but working full time sometimes I don’t get home until after 6. After walking the dog, cooking dinner, doing housework and trying to squeeze some quality time in with my hubby going to bed early is difficult. Maybe if I just left the house dirty a few days and tried getting up earlier to clean then…oy. Definitely something I need to work on…thanks for the encouragement!

    Kait Palmer´s last post…Wardrobe Challenge Day 1

  55. I am the ultimate morning person, but I married a total night owl! My favorite time of the day is when my night owl hubby gets up early with me. We can talk without interruption, heaven! I love being up and ready before my kids are awake, it gives me a boost for the day.

    Amy Lynne´s last post…Menu Plan for the Week 1-10-10

  56. I started drinking coffee to help my conversion.. hope that’s OK.

    Jena (Organizing Mommy)´s last post…Finally some holiday photos..

  57. Good post! I have a confused circadian rhythm… sometimes I’m a night owl, other times I’m an early bird when the schedule calls for it. Either way, I need lots of sleep and do best when I can get enough shut eye no matter the time or place!

    Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas´s last post…Prayers for Haiti

  58. I have never been a night owl, but now I became a SUPER early bird, getting up at 5am (sometimes even earlier than that) to have some quiet time working on the computer. My 5-year-old only spends 2 hours a day at pre-school, so getting up early really works for me. At night, after I put my son to bed at about 9PM, I’m ready to go to bed myself…LOL Unfortunately, my husband is a night owl – and NOT a happy one, because he resents not spending time with me int he evenings :-(

  59. I just found your blog and love this post! I have always been a night owl too, even since I was a kid. It didn’t matter what time my parents sent me to bed – I would stay up reading a book, by moonlight if I had to. I have a work-at-home job, and my ultimate goal is to get my two hours in *before* my little boy wakes up, so I’m not missing out on spending time with my husband every evening. But it’s a struggle. I hate getting out of bed in the morning. If you can do it though, I think I can too!

  60. I bookmarked this when you wrote it because I knew that everything you said was true and that I am doing everything you used to do. I knew I needed to make a change. It just took me this long to commit to doing it because it is such a huge lifestyle change. But I’ve put it down in writing for the world to see that I’m going to go to bed earlier and get moving in the morning so now I really have to!

  61. I’m always more productive when I wake up early, but it is such a struggle. I like to have some wind-down time when I get home from work (sometimes as late as 11) so its tough to go right to bed. When I don’t absolutely have to be awake Right Then, I’ll lay in bed in that in between awake and sleep for a half hour or more. I know I feel better when I’m consistent and my body can establish a pattern. Thanks for the kick in the pants to get back on track!

    Jo´s last post…Mediterranean Quiche

  62. So good to read that! My husband and myself keep telling me that! I have always been a night owl and loved it: the uninterrupted time when nobody can bother you. Especially as a mom of three wee ones…. But time now shows my lifestyle: I look like a panda bear and people keep asking me if I am sick or something.
    I started a lifestyle change two weeks ago: no more meat and more sports outdoors. I don’t feel a bit better since but <i have the feeling it could be a sign of detoxification. The only thing I would love to add to my routine is to become a morning bird or early bird. This feels good when I do it but there is a lack of discipline when the evening comes. Maybe I should set a goal or reward for me: Me time in the morning – uninterrupted with tea and a treat just for me, reading my favourite book of the moment or my beloved blogs. I will try this tomorrow! This is a promise!

  63. Thanks for the nice article! I was exactly the same, and recently made the transformation to an “early bird” also. I wrote a blog on the same subject:

    Besides the things you mentioned (no caffeine late, force yourself to sleep earlier, etc), I found that I did two very specific things that helped me. Well, before that, I actually put together a list of things that really gave me a desire to get up, along with the confidence that I could do it.

    Then I made a plan and I chose two areas to focus on – first I chose the perfect “wake up” song, and second, I focused on sitting up and putting my feet on the floor as soon as I wake up. These two simple things have allowed me to get up at 7am for a few months, and now 6am for over a month, something which I have struggled with all my life!

    Now I really enjoy the mornings and have lost the desire to sleep in!

  64. Amylouise says:

    I’m on my way to bed now, and it’s midnight. I keep saying I will get to bed sooner and sometimes it feels like I am and then I look at the clock and think “how can it always be midnight.” My 10 mo old is going to want to nurse at 1, so sometimes I stay up for that.