Good Reads – the Staying Warm Inside Edition

For the record, I am never wearing a Snuggie, no matter how cold it gets.

Just can’t do it.

My strategy is hot baths and hot tea instead. What’s your strategy?

Let’s read:

Our Journey Towards Saving 100% Down For Our First Home: Part 1 and Part 2 — from Money Saving Mom

Do-it-yourselfing — from New Urban Habitat

Simple Solutions for Everyday Issues — from Nesting Place

Grocery Shopping With Kids Tips — from New Nostalgia

9 Ways To Encourage Your Kids to Live Simply — from Simple Mom

If You Give a Girl New Cabinet Knobs… — from Remodeling This Life

Enjoy your weekend!
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  1. HATS! I have an “indoor” winter hat. It’s one layer of bulky grey wool, ribbed, knitted and short (it goes about half way down my forehead). It’s cute and keeps me super warm all day long.

  2. what an encouragement to find a link on this post, to my blog. i truly appreciate it, especially on a day where life feels a bit overwhelming, and i wonder what the heck i am doing writing a blog!:) i am now reminded how wonderful it has been to find such great women like yourself in the blogging community, and how much joy i get from writing and sharing life experiences.
    thank you, thank you.

    Amy at New Nostalgia´s last post…Grocery Shopping With Kids- Tips

  3. Well, I have to admit as I was shivering at the sink last night doing dishes, I kind of DO want a Snuggie, no matter how ridiculous they look! Instead of buying one, I’m just making do with draping one of Dacey’s fleece blankets over myself . . . Snuggie-style. ;)

    Great reads as always. Stay warm and stay safe!

    Megan@SortaCrunchy´s last post…this is us.

  4. Hot coffee. Yum.

  5. On days like this, it’s my favorite pair of flannel pants and warm fuzzy socks. A pot of tea is the perfect companion! Since I don’t give the little princess tea, she gets warm broth in a teacup. She is so gentle with them because she knows they are “Mama’s special teacups”. Of course, I let her use the non-antique ones but, they look the same so she is happy.

    I am with you on the “Never ever gonna wear a Snuggie” opinion!! One thing I think is pretty funny is that I have been seeing them at the thrift stores these day. Seems a lot of people got them for Christmas and felt the same way we feel about them! LOL

    Diann @ The Thrifty Groove´s last post…"Beautiful Pink"

  6. I’m totally with you with the whole Snuggies the thing. Their commercials ruined it for me. Everyone in the commercial is all, “Woo hoo! Raise the roof for Snuggies!” It’s just too stinkin’ silly.

    Coach J´s last post…Turning Japanese (but not in a good kind of way, and not voluntarily, and I want it to stop)

  7. I’m with you on the snuggie! I will never wear one!

  8. Hot tea and my “no sew” blankets – each family member has one :)
    I am with you on the Snuggie for sure~

    Catherine B´s last post…27 Ways you can help (when cancer strikes)

  9. I agree- hot baths and hot tea! <3

    Mrs. Money´s last post…Is Being Frugal Always Being Different?

  10. Thanks for linking to me! Oh my, I’ve never heard of the Snuggie. How funny. I’d definitely prefer a nice hot cup of tea next to the fire.

  11. Anything non-snuggie works for me. I call them trip-ee’s or ugli-ees, not snuggies. I just like to snuggle with my dog, hubbie and son! Body warmth!!

  12. Baking cookies. It warms up the house and creates a nice inviting smell.

    I have to admit the Snuggie sounds good to me. I don’t have one, though, probably because they have an ugly name here in the UK — The Slanket. Who could spend hard-earned money on something with a name like that?

  13. Ok…I was one of those who would never be caught using a Snuggie. Apparently, my hubs and son did not hear me announce that, so what did I get for Christmas?…Yep! Snuggie! I didn’t know what to say…I couldn’t hurt their feelings , so I had to wear it a few times. The concept is good, but the fabric creates so much static and you cannot wash them because they will ruin your dryer. HMMM?? Someone did not think that one through far enough. SO NO MORE SNUGGIE FOR ME!!! LOL!

  14. I will never wear a snuggie or a slanket or anything of the like. A good book and a hot cup of tea is all this girl needs to be cozy. Granted, I live in Florida :)

    Thanks for linking! :)

  15. I heat up one of those buckwheat-hull heating pads in the microwave. (I think they come with rice in them, too.) Then I either drape it around my neck or put it on my lap. Super cozy!

  16. Hot cocoa and cozy socks pretty much do it for me.

    Holly´s last post…FEATURING…

  17. Flannel sheets on the bed… snifter of brandy… slippers. That pretty much takes care of the chills here :)

    Adrienne´s last post…Happy Sunday!

  18. I love these! Great reads is right.

    Meredith from Penelope Loves Lists´s last post…Announcement: Big Ideas Notebook Giveaway winner

  19. Hi Rachael,
    My visit to here and your blog is pretty cool with some good reads. hehe…you are talking about the coldness and the minimum temp in our area is like 24 degrees for the entire year. But I’d like to enjoy the snow :) . I’m from Sri Lanka.

    Have a nice day ! I’ll be coming back soon.

    vikum´s last post…Developing the achievement muscle

  20. A big warm fire, big furry dog and a big hairy hubby keep me warm!

    Good reads on the Saving for the First Home. We’ve been married 2 years and are beginning to think about that…we even went apartment hunting today looking for a place with less rent. Reading the book Visioneering by Andy Stanley has helped me hone my focus as well.

    Kait Palmer´s last post…Challenge Days 12,13, Ode to Le Creuset and Krochet Kids

  21. AlaskanAndi says:

    As soon as you put your feet into some nice hot water, your chill to the bone coldness melts away. I’ve been so cold, though, I didn’t notice the water was scalding hot. Not boil burn but pretty darn toasty. It gets cold here. Real cold. Hot chocolate and hand warmers make it better too.

  22. So with you on the Snuggie thing. I can’t understand it. Great links.

  23. Snuggie = Just Say No

    A pot of herbal tea made in my Gram’s brown betty teapot, the afghan that my Mom made for me, a warm puppy snugged next to me on the sofa = blissful warmth!

    Juice´s last post…What I Did This Weekend

  24. Hand-knitted woolie socks and one of mine or my great-grandma’s quilts to wrap up in…with my two kitties, Leo and Lucy, to cuddle with.

    Sleepy Cat Hollow´s last post…Baby quilt finished…used the Threadbanger

  25. Here in Minnesota I warm up with wooley socks and a hot water bottle!