DIY Glass Bubble Chandelier

When we desired a new light to go over the dining table, I wasn’t thinking about making one. Then I remembered designer Jean Pelle’s instructions to make a chandelier at ReadyMade.

A chandelier would be much nicer than our old light fixture.

The original design for the chandelier used porcelain sockets and coiled string. We used galvanized pipe and IKEA.


Total cost: $70


1. Use scissors to cut the floral wire into 1.5″ lengths, and then bend a small loop.

2. Tie fishing line through the wire loop, and push it into the hole in the glass ball. Now you can hang it.

3. The cords run through the pipe and join at the top.

Is the light off-center over your table? No problem, you can extend it as far as you need. You can also paint it. We like the industrial look.

(Don’t be confused by the change in wall color. Our lease says we can only paint one accent wall per room, so the ceiling and other walls are apartment-beige.)

4. You can see how the lamp cords come out the bottom. Start tying the glass balls to the end of the pipe.

5. Keep adding more until you think you have enough.

And that’s it! We like it, so we made a smaller, easier version for the nursery too.

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  1. I love it! It is so cool looking.

    Andi´s last post…A Sign

  2. Pat on the back for you guys! Never seen anything like it! Must create a lovely atmosphere at dinner time! yay for you!

    Meeks´s last post…Discovery Date: Teaching myself how to crochet a beanie!

  3. Wow, that is totally cool! Now I want one for my office. Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. Money´s last post…Is Phantom Electricity Draining your Bank Account?

  4. Jenni at My Web of Life says:

    Okay that is just cool! Very clean and beautiful.
    It is amazing what can be done when we stop to think outside the box and try to save a few bucks. I made a chandelier in our old home that consisted of a twig, a strand of twinkle lights and a dimmer switch.
    I need to think about where I could place one like you made. I love it!

  5. That is beautiful!

    I love seeing all your creative ideas, Rachel–I need to hire you to come work at my house, where I usually seem to be in the corner with a book instead of tackling projects!


    steadymom´s last post…Get Creative with Photos

  6. very brilliant!

  7. that is soooo cute. i need to save this for our next home!

  8. That is just too cute! Kudos for being creative! We have the same light fixture, and I’m laughing at the “guests getting a tan”

  9. Very cool! I could use one of these to replace the 1970’s-trailer-park-looking light above our dining room table!

  10. Nice! Love your “get dinner and a tan” scribble :)

  11. Absolutely stunning!

  12. It is rad. Thanks!

  13. Rachel,
    When I was at your apartment I thought the new chandleir was beautiful. I didn’t think that you had made it. I thought it it had come from some expensive designer shop. I should have known that you and Doug would have come up with a new and frugal idea. (by the way this comment is from Rachel’s mom and the proud Gran of Lane and Tom)

    Sarah´s last post…The New Me

  14. Very cute! We are looking for just such a chandelier for our nursery. Thanks for sharing.

    Adele´s last post…February 16: I love

  15. Nifty! and super cute! Wish we could swap out the cheap gold-colored one that’s in our condo!

    Kait Palmer´s last post…Challenge Days 28-33 & St. Boniface Haiti Foundation

  16. Seriously cute!

    Vicki´s last post…The Rusted Chain giveaway

  17. Your post is so timely because the other day I googled bubble chandelier and found these instructions on ReadyMade! I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to try to make one, but your step-by-step photos are so helpful. Your chandelier is beautiful!

    Lisa´s last post…Etsy Favorites {No. 36}

  18. beautiful – simple and minimal. thanks for the instructions, too!

    geri´s last post…via pisana

  19. Love it! You guys are so ambitious. You made it look easy!

    Lisa @ lists in my pocket´s last post…On My Nightstand/Prayer Request

  20. Awesome idea! Very IKEA-esque.

    By the way, I’m currently doing my own spin on your “no spend month”. It was way inspiring to me!

    Christine´s last post…No Spending!

  21. Love it!

    Jessica´s last post…Momma wants a Brand New Bag

  22. Very nice! I love the way the light bounces off of all the glass.

    Farmer Gal´s last post…Days of Our (Nine) Lives

  23. I LOVE this idea!!! I might try hanging the glass balls off a small embroidery hoop and then attach it to our existing ceiling lights. Thanks for the creative inspiration (:

    Michele´s last post…Nourishing Traditions Class

  24. love your chandelier
    i made one myself for my living room above the dining table

    see pics here

    emmeline´s last post…Argh!

  25. You know no idea how much I love this, Rachel. So beautiful!

  26. Love the idea! The use of glass bubbles to spruce up the lighting never occurred to me, and I confess I’m going to adopt this!!

    Sonia´s last post…Glass Gems Earrings- Modpodge Does it Again!

  27. I love this idea. Could I steal a photo so I can point to your post from my blog?

    Shannon´s last post…Scrapbooking the summer with your kids

  28. Ohhhh!! There is someone on Etsy selling similar ones & I had been trying to decide what would be the best way to do this myself for our dining room. So excited that I found this. I was unsure what to use for the balls. And had been thinking about getting clear christmas ornaments. And I like Michelle’s comment about adding a hoop.

  29. Too bad the Ikea Hemma lamp cords aren’t also white where the bulb screws into. Do you think it’s safe to spray paint it white (just the outside)? It would disappear better among the clear balls.

  30. love the idea,its so cute!

  31. Some things missing. On the bill of materials the pipe and the lamp sockets aren’t mentioned. Also in the method it doesn’t say how to put sockets (if you have them) into the bulbs and how to connect them electrically. I’d like to try it if you would give out this information.


  32. Here’s my version…

    Thank you SO MUCH for this gorgeous idea!

  33. I wish i had seen your tutorial before making mine! Your use of floral wire is genius! Check out my version here using paper clips!

  34. This is so pretty! Thanks for sharing how to make one!

  35. i don’t understand how the sockets (cord sets) are connected the the ceiling outlet? i could be wrong because i know nothing about electric work, but most ceilings do not have outlets, right?

  36. I absolutely love this idea. I’ve been searching for new lighting ideas for my open kitchen and I think this would work perfectly. I hate the builder grade flourescent light that’s currently flush mounted to the ceiling. I think I understand your explanation on the wiring. You cut the plug ends off, split them and twisted each cord together and wired it the way chandeliers and other lighting are done into the ceiling. Visually, I feel as though I can picture doing this since I’ve split a wire or two in my day. Thanks for the inspiration and instructions!!! I may have to tweek it to match the decor of my kitchen. Love it!
    Nina´s last post…1st Birthday Party- DIY Popcorn Cup Favors

  37. This is really neat!
    Van´s last post…Today,

  38. This is beautiful and something I’m looking to make myself. Did you have any issues with the glass bubbles overheating coming in contact with the light bulb? I am afraid if the light is left on too long it may crack and break some of the glass…

  39. hi rachel i was wondeirng if its risky to use this , like for example i always keep my lights on for hours and hours, is it gona overheat causing the glass to explode?

    what if i dont use that glass bubble that u posted, cause i am not in the u.s.