Spring Forward a Little at a Time

Early Sunday morning Daylight Saving Time starts, so if that applies where you live, you’ll get to set your clocks ahead one hour.

I love having that hour of light at the end of the day, but it messes up my sleep routine and I feel out of sorts for several days.

Prepare for Daylight Saving Time a little at a time. Go to bed a little early tonight, and tomorrow, Friday morning, wake up 20 minutes earlier than you normally do. On Saturday morning wake up 20 minutes earlier than that. On Sunday morning when your alarm goes off at the regular time it’s just a 20 minute shift instead of an hour. You could wake up feeling rested on Monday morning instead of dragging your feet over the lost hour of sleep.

I’m hoping that my kids who wake up with the sun will sleep an hour later now!

The night before last I didn’t sleep (or even go to bed) at all. The kids took turns waking up every half hour. By four in the morning I reached that crucial decision-making point of whether I should go to bed to get two hours of sleep or stay awake and push through ’til morning.

I don’t think there’s a winning answer to that question. I stayed awake, and it felt like the longest day. What do you do in that situation?

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  1. I’m always tired the first week of time change whether it’s moving forward or backward. Gets me every time. I think I’ll just suffer through again as I can’t imagine getting up earlier than my already early 5:45 a.m. wakeup call….(YAWN).

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  2. That’s the beauty of homeschooling. We get up whenever we want. I am so looking forward to that extra hour of light at the end of the day, though.

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  3. My kids still wake up routinely throughout the night- and they’re 11 and 8! Ususally it’s to come stumbling in our bed. This wakes me up as they try to get under the covers and then throughout the night as they toss and turn. Every night around 5 am I lie there pondering the same thing- do I get up or stay in bed? Most of the time I try to go back to sleep but still need to nap during my lunch hour. If I get up with just a few hours of sleep I am so cranky and miserable. It’s a no win for me!

    Luckily this Monday I am off work to stay home with the kids as they have no school and I’m sleeping in.

  4. I’ve never tried this before, waking up in increments. I’m not sure it will work for us. But it’s always good to try new things. I’m just not that motivated, I guess. I’ve been in the situation before where I haven’t slept, and even if it’s already 4 am and I’m still wide awake, I will still try to get some, however muc I end up getting. I figure at least it’s 2 hours. But I’m still very tired. I just make sure I have my coffee first thing, and lots of outdoors and music to get through my day.

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  5. lay in bed with my eyes closed. but i have insomnia often and thats my normal time of thinking…i just have to rest my eyes.

  6. I actually love the time changes. I like that it marks the different times of the year.

    On nights where my kids have kept me up, I usually play it by ear. I’m incredibly lucky to have a job with a ton of flexibility, so, it I need to nap, I can do it. I usually make it through the day, though I’m not sure how effective I am.

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  7. what a brilliant idea! I always say this is my least favorite weekend of the year, but your strategy could definitely lessen that! thanks!

    as far as sleep…I would probably grab the 2 hours…I get extremely grumpy on no sleep at all LOL

  8. Well, I’m glad to know that I was not the only one who was up all night with 2 little kids who took turns waking up and falling asleep. It was like being on a see-saw. One would fall asleep and just as I crawled back into bed, the other woke up. My philosophy is that once the clock says 5AM then it’s time to get up. My kids are early risers anyway, if they sleep till 6AM, it’s considered sleeping in! Not sure what was going on last night but I’m dreading this weekend and hoping the kids sleep in on Sunday.

  9. Yes, the beauty of homeschooling..! If my kids have been up in the night, they are tired and will sleep late and need a good LONG, EARLY nap! So I sleep late with them and grab a nap if I need to (not usually, unless I’m sick, pregnant, or have a new baby). And they know better than to wake Mom at night (!!), except in case of emergency (i.e. imminent puking) or to try to sleep in our room!

  10. Grab those two hours and be thrilled about them – seriously!!! You don’t know when you are going to get two straight hours again!!! I have had my share of disastrous nights and I know it is tempting to push through but your kids will be rested and you are going to lose every battle – I would definitely grab the hours any time of the day or night!!!

  11. Rachel,

    Sorry for the long night and longer day. On nights like that I usually beg…

    I CRY out God for more sleep. I am amazed at how desperate I can be at those moments. It is as if nothing else matters. I should probably see that for what it is…

    I have had those long nights and days lately. We found out we are expecting #3 (Surprise!!!) and everything about this pregnancy is different than the others. I had a headache last night. In the back of head, going down my neck. I probably need some sort of adjustment…

    …but if I could only just stop and have a coherent thought so I can figure out a chiropractor to call and how we will pay for that…which is so hard to do anyway (thinking that is!) but lately NOTHING in regard to food appeals to me. Nothing. So I force feed what I can and walk around a bit weak and very nauseated. And my mind is Fuzzy. With a capital F. Fuzzy.

    Not much is going on right now. I am just getting by. I need lots of grace. Lots of grace!

    In the middle of all of this I’m super excited. And a little perplexed about how different I feel this time around.

    I had no idea the time change was approaching. How do I miss things like that? Glad I saw this. With no TV and news casts to warn us…and considering my fuzzy brain and my super busy husband…we would have been a mess on Sunday morning. We probably will be anyway!!!

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    • I understand missing the time change due to not watching the news on TV. I didn’t know the Olympics were on TV until I noticed other people blogging about it.

  12. definitely go to sleep!! two hours is better than nothing. my freshman year of college, i was such a night owl that i feared being able to get up on time for my 7am English final. 7am felt like the middle of the night to me in those days! i decided that i’d rather stay up all night than risk sleeping in. lol i made it through the exam but felt like my head was going to cave in. we were so smart at 18, weren’t we? ha.

  13. Denise C. says:

    I have to stay awake. If I was in your situation (and have been many of times with my munchkins), I found if I get even a tiny bit of sleep it throws everything off. I try to catch up the following day with naps and an early bed time.

  14. It’s so hard to tell if those extra 2 hours will help or not. Sometimes I get a good solid stretch of sleep, and still wake up exhausted, while other nights it’s a little spottier, but I somehow get rested. I think that if I knew I could get 2 more solid hours of sleep, I would take them while I could. Much easier to do it than to risk feeling like your body is shutting down in the middle of the afternoon and there’s no way to go lay down then.

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  15. Oh my that was tough! I would probably take the 2 hours, then invite the kids into bed to have cuddles when they wake up. I know…a recipe for disaster…but I already know I make rash decisions when I am sleep deprived.

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  16. Last year it took me forever to get my body clock back on track. I’m going to try what you suggest and see how it goes.

    Rana´s last post…First signs of Spring!!!

  17. I completely forgot to go to sleep early last night! By the time I went to bed it was basically 2 am. Darn. Plus, my little one decided to wake up at 8 am, when he only went to sleep at 10:30pm. And by the way, I’m one of those who’ll lay in bed until whenever if I get the chance. If I get one or two hours, yep, I’ll take it. I’m not one to just stay up. Uh, not since college anyhow.

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  18. Rachel I can honestly tell you right now, for me, pushing through with the help of coffee was the best thing I could do today. In addition to the US daylight savings time I was on a plane to the UK where I’m on holiday. I’ve been up for over 32 hours and while I don’t have young children to attend to I’m certainly exhausted. Good luck sleeping through tonight.

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